Clinical-social and psychological-pedagogical approaches in the prevention and treatment of obesity and metabolic syndrome in children
Dudareva V.A., Shikaleva A.A., Maksimov M.L., Dyadikova I.G., Shulaev A.V.
Biochemical markers of the severity and emergence of non-smooth progression of pseudotuberculosis in children
Nosareva O.L., Pomogaeva A.P., Stepovaya E.A., Shakhristova E.V., Karpov R.M.
Influence of hemoperitoneum in spleen injury on the formation of peritoneal adhesions in intact peritoneum
Pikalo I.A., Podkamenev V.V., Titov E.A.
Neutrophilic phagocytosis in influenza in children
Pikuza O.I., Mayansky A.N., Fayzullina R.A., Khabibullina S.K.
Features of the immune and metabolomic profile in overweight children associated with polymorphic variants of the IL-1B and TP53 genes
Dolgikh O.V., Zaitseva N.V., Nikonoshina N.A., Alekseev V.B.
Spondyloptosis in children, adolescents and youth age patients
Skryabin E.G.
Two-stage orthodontic treatment outcomes of children with dentoalveolar class II malocclusion
Ayupova F.S., Khotko R.A.
Candida albicans adhesion on buccal epitheliocytes as an indicator of microbiota homeostatic balance in children with chronic gastroduodenitis
Pikuza O.I., Fayzullina R.A., Zakirova A.M., Samorodnova E.A.
Duodenogastric reflux and features of its treatment in chronic gastroduodenitis in children
Mazurin A.V., Vasadze R.G.
Creation of a regional register of children with latent tuberculosis infection
Slashcheva D.M., Brynza N.S., Kicha D.I., Reshetnikova Y.S., Petrushina A.D., Pirogova N.D., Tsvetkov A.I.
Immunoglobulins E in the clinic and outcomes of viral hepatitis B in children with allergically altered reactivity
Kalagina L.S., Nagimova F.I.
Anesthesia of dental surgical interventions in children with trimecaine
Kreshetov E.V.
Isozymes and total activity of lactate dehydrogenase in erythrocytes of children with overt and latent diabetes mellitus
Enikeev R.G.
On the importance of premorbid conditions in the onset of acute pneumonia in young children
Svyatkina K.A., Yakubova S.N., Tazetdinova F.G., Shoshina N.K., Ziatdinov I.G., Kulakova G.A.
Laparoscopy in emergency surgery in children
Finkelson E.I., Grannikov O.D., Petlakh V.I.
Features of aerobic glucose oxidation and the functional state of the myocardium in pneumonia in young children
Oparina T.N.
Risk factors for developing epilepsy in children with cerebral pals
Mammadbayli A.K., Taghiyeva M.R.
Analysis of disability of the children due to the ear diseases and mastoid process in St. Petersburg
Goryainov I.V., Vladimirova O.N., Goryainova M.V.
Indicative role of membranolysis markers in the prognosis of uncomplicated community-acquired pneumonia in children of school age
Pikuza O.I., Suleymanova Z.Y., Samorodnova E.A., Zakirova A.M.
Prevalence of anomalies of dentoalveolar-facial system among school children residing in rural area
Tikhonov V.E., Mitin N.E., Grishin M.I.
Anthropometric features of physical development of modern metropolis schoolchildren
Gavryushin M.Y., Berezin I.I., Sazonova O.V.
The results of dismembered flap pyeloplasty for hydronephrosis in children
Sizonov V.V., Kogan M.I.
Experience of the Republic of Tatarstan in the implementation of early intervention model to support infants with developmental disorders and disabilities
Farrakhov A.Z., Ignashina E.G., Sadykov M.M., Zubova E.P.
Clinical features of bacterial dysentery caused by shigella flexneri and associated with severe neurologic disease
Khaliullina S.V., Anokhin V.A., Khaertynov K.S., Urmancheeva Y.R., Sushnikov K.V., Alatyrev E.Y., Valiullina A.N., Khasanova E.A.
Genetic predictors of theophylline efficacy and safety in children with bronchial asthma
Kantemirova B.I., Starodubtsev A.K., Sychev D.A., Griganov V.I.
Effect of dynamic electroneurostimulation in treatment of community-acquired pneumonia in preschool children
Ibragimova Z.R., Pikuza O.I., Vahitov K.M.
Experience of transosseous osteosynthesis in the treatment of nonunited fractures, pseudoarthrosis and bone defects of the lower extremities in children
Murugov V.S., Plakseichuk Y.A.
Clinical efficacy of a screening approach to the differentiated prescription of antibiotic therapy in children with acute tonsilopharyngitis
Pikuza O.I., Zakirova A.M., Moroz T.B.
X-ray spectral microanalysis of the sternum in patients with congenital pectus excavatum
Shamik V.B.
Study of medico-biological, medico-social and organizational factors influencing the morbidity of school-age children
Khuzikhanov F.V., Mukhametdinova A.A.
Utility of autoantibodies in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitu
Akhmedov G.A.
Influence of fluorinated and iodized salt on mineral composition of deciduous teeth formed in biogeochemical deficiency of fluoride and iodide
Ahmedbeyli R.M., Safarov A.M., Mamedov F.Y., Ahmedbeyli C.R., Kononkova N.N.
Surgical correction of severe forms of hypospadias in children
Kagantsov I.M.
Peculiarities of the functional state of external respiration of primary school children during adaptation to different efforts
Zayneev M.M., Ziyatdinova N.I., Zefirov T.L.
Indicators of mental health of pre-school children in Irkutsk amid the wide introduction of information technologies
Tkachuk E.A.
The role of eye diseases in disabilities of children population
Kagramanova L.F., Agaeva K.F.
Current clinical features and treatment of acute enteric infections in children
Shadzhalilova M.S.
Errors in the diagnosis and treatment of intestinal intussusception in children
Podkamenev V.V., Shatunov V.N., Bulashov V.I.
Results of orthodontic treatment of a child with asymmetrical micrognathia and the congenital mandibular condylar hyperplasia
Ayupova F.S., Khotko R.A., Vinichenko E.L., Lovlin V.N.
Modern problems of organizing vaccination of children in children's clinics
Alekseeva A.V.
Early and long-term results of surgical treatment of Hirschsprung's disease in children
Polukhov R.S.
Comparative analysis of children’s physical development in different age groups in Voronezh region 15 years apart (1997-1999 and 2011-2014)
Zhdanova O.A.
The study of immune system state, substance P, hemostasis and interrelation between these systems in respiratory diseases in frequently ill children
Kerimova M.K.
The status of element homeostasis in children and adolescents with essential arterial hypertension
Makarova T.P., Khabibrakhmanova Z.R., Sadykova D.I., Chilikina Y.M.
The influence of air pollution on children’s eye
Amirov A.N., Saifullina F.R., Plotnikov D.Y.
Diagnosis and treatment of chronic colostasis in children with dolichosigmoid
Akilov K.A., Saidov F.K., Hodjimukhamedova N.A.
Modern view on the problem of children and adolescents physical development assesment
Izotova L.D.
Social pediatrics: scientometric analysis
Albitskiy V.Y., Ustinova N.V.
Difficulties in diagnosing chronic glomerulonephritis and renal failure in children
Makovetskaya G.A., Fedrushkova I.N.
Bactericidal capacity of oral neutrophils as a marker for clinical course of inflammatory ­respiratory diseases in children
Pikuza O.I., Fayzullina R.A., Zakirova A.M., Suleymanova Z.Y., Rashitova E.L., Volyanyuk E.V.
Evaluation of the effect of breastfeeding duration on child health
Yur'ev V.K., Moiseeva K.E., Alekseeva A.V., Harbediya S.D.
Proand anti-inflammatory cytokines in children with various clinical forms of chronic glomerulonephritis
Beglyarov R.O.
Assessment of the state of lipid peroxidation and antioxidant system in children with nephrotic form of glomerulonephritis
Beglyarov R.O.
Modern surgical approaches in treatment of simple solitary, multilocular, multiple cysts and polycystic kidney disease in children
Akramov N.R., Baybikov R.S.
The role of serotonergic system in cardiovascular diseases development in children
Sadykova D.I., Nigmatullina R.R., Aflyatumova G.N.
Complex rehabilitation of patients with cleft lip and palate at the Kemerovo center of maxillofacial area congenital pathology prevention and treatment in children
Bulgakova E.A., Te IA I.A., Ahapkin S.M.
Metabolism of quantity elements and essential trace elements in patients with essential arterial hypertension in different ecological settings
Khabibrakhmanova Z.R., Makarova T.P., Sadykova D.I.
Clinical and epidemiological features of acute intestinal infections with hemorragic colitis in children
Khaertynov H.S., Semenova D.S., Sushnikov K.V.
Influence of some hormones and collagen metabolism on gastroesophageal reflux disease pathogenesis in children
Butorina N.V., Vakhrushev Y.M., Zaprudnov A.M.
Possibilities of the Health Utilities Index questionnaire in assessing the quality of life of children with disabilities
Vinyarskaya I.V., Terletskaya R.N., Chernikov V.V., Antonova E.V., Fisenko A.P.
To substantiate the tactics of immunoprophylaxis of infectious diseases in modern conditions
Khisamutdinov A.G., Kolpachikhin F.B., Grigoriev V.E., Khromova L.I.
Clinical and economic analysis of dental caries prevention using fluorine-containing sealants
Shaymieva N.I., Khasanov R.S., Olesova V.N.
Diagnosis of pyelonephritis in children
Zemlyakova E.I., Kamalova R.G.
Eczema herpeticum in a child in the first year of life: a clinical case report
Vahitov H.M., Makhmutova A.G., Ziyatdinova L.M., Pospelov M.S.
Features of etiology and pathogenesis of acute deep vein thrombosis in children of different age groups. Results of a prospective cohort study in parallel groups
Nurmeev I.N., Mirolubov L.M., Batyrshina L.I., Nurmeev N.N., Gilmutdinov M.R., Nurmeeva A.R.
Hepato-pancreato-biliary system pathology among children with atopic dermatitis
Pakhnova L.R., Bashkina O.A., Samotrueva M.A., Kokuev A.V., Pakhnov D.V.
Efficacy of combined antipyretic drug in the treatment of acute respiratory diseases
Pikuza O.I., Fayzullina R.A., Zakirova A.M., Vakhitov K.M.
Modern possibilities of homeostatic reserves indication in bronchitis in children
Pikuza O.I., Vahitov H.M., Generalova E.V.
Myocardial hypertrophy in infants in pediatric practice
Basargina E.N., Ermolenko V.S., Sil’nova I.V.
The level of vitamin D and parameters of calcium and phosphorus metabolism in primary school children living in the south of Bashkortostan
Bikmetova E.R., Golovatskikh I.V., Kuznetsova E.V., Kozlov V.N., Ivanov V.G.
Prevalence of atopic dermatitis symptoms and its relation to respiratory allergy in preadolescent children
Shamov B.A., Safiullina I.G., Beshimova A.B.
Motor disorders and hip joint dysplasia in newborns and infants
Zharova E.Y.
Secondary premature loss of baby teeth in children who had seek for the orthodontic aid
Ayupova F.S.
The incidence of intestinal dysbiosis in children
Zryachkin M.I.
The impact of the number of children in the family on the breastfeeding duration and vaccination coverage
Alekseeva A.V., Berezkina E.N., Moiseeva K.E., Kharbediya S.D.
Primary prevention of the main dental diseases in children at different stages of orthodontic treatment with bracket systems
Bril’ E.A., Moiseenko S.A., Galonskiy V.G., Shishkov N.Y., Pustoshilova A.S., Bril’ V.I.
Determining the efficacy of complex conservative treatment of chronic constipation in children
Polukhov R.S.
Drug correction of functional constipation in children
Bulatov V.P., Ziganshina A.A., Kamalova A.A., Nizamova R.A.
On the evacuation of the Imperial moscow educational home to Kazan during the Civil war of 1812
Albitskiy V.Y., Sher S.A.
Organization of specialized care for children with cardiovascular diseases at the republican heart center in Republic of Bashkortostan
Nikolaeva I.E., Rayanova R.R., Yakovleva L.V., Shaybakova L.R., Onegov D.V., Khabibullin I.M.
Diagnostic value of vascular endothelial growth factor determination in chronic pyelonephritis in children
Bazarny V.V., Averchenko M.V.
Assessment of pancreatic secretory function in children with cystic fibrosis in the Republic of Tatarstan
Timoshenko J.V., Rylova N.V.
Diagnostic value of cystatin c urine level as an early marker of diabetic nephropathy in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus
Senatorova A.S., Muratova E.G.
Male reproductive status after the classical inguinal hernia repair
Akramov N.R., Omarov T.I., Gimadeeva L.R., Galliamova A.I.
The role of risk factors in the development of speech and language disorders in preschool children
Volgina S.Y., Ahmetova A.R., Shaidukova L.K., Zhurkova N.V., Kulakova G.A.
Gastrointestinal diseases in children caused by opportunistic microflora
Nadyrova G.G., Podryadnov G.S., Ustimenko L.M., Pahorukova T.D., Semenova T.S., Nikolaeva V.K., Nizamova F.F.
Children and adolescents’ obesity is the 21st century health problem
Bocharova O.V., Teplyakova E.D.
The effect of pharmacological correction with vitamin D on the cytokine response in children with atopic bronchial asthma
Allakhverdiyeva L.I., Sultanova N.G., Dzhafarova A.O.
Efficacy of Sodium deoxyribonucleate in community-acquired pneumonia in children of school age
Pikuza O.I., Fayzullina R.A., Suleymanova Z.Y., Zakirova A.M., Serdinskaya I.N.
Comparative analysis of physical development parameters of children with stages 1 to 3 of chronic kidney disease
Nastausheva T.L., Zhdanova O.A., Nastausheva N.S., Stahurlova L.I., Grebennikova I.V.
Williams syndrome (syndrome of idiopathic hypercalcemia)
Fayzullina R.A., Shoshina N.K., Galimova R.M., Moroz T.B.
Prevalence of traumatic brain injury in children of Russian Federation: epidemiology and economic aspects
Valiullina S.A., Sharova E.A.
Morbidity and prevalence of the genitourinary system diseases in children in the Udmurt Republic
Strelkova T.N.
Problems of healthy lifestyle forming in children and young students
Yakovleva T.V., Ivanova A.A., Terletskaya R.N.
The need for treatment of complicated caries of deciduous teeth in children
Shiryak T.Y., Saleev R.A., Urazova R.Z., Anisimova O.Y.
Individual prediction of allergic diseases in children
Shamova A.G.
Predictive value of opsonic reserve in children with pyelonephritis
Makarova T.P.
Issues of children with disabilities registered as disabled
Sadykova D.I., Solov’ev N.A., Kulakova G.A., Kurmayeva E.A.
State of health of children in Russia, priorities of its preservation and improving
Baranov A.A., Albitskiy V.Y.
Species spectrum of microflora of upper digestive tract mucosa and its effect on the development of pathology in children
Kazakova M.A., Pozdeev O.K., Valeeva Y.V., Morozova L.G., Fayzullina R.A.
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