Vol 63, No 4 (1982)

Protection of mothers and children in the TASSR

Bardina G.A.


The Soviet state system of child health protection is being improved from year to year. It concentrates in itself all the best that has been achieved as a result of the preventive work of our health care. Thanks to the complex of medical and preventive measures taken and the constantly increasing level of social and economic conditions, the health status of children in the republic has been significantly improved.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):1-4
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Adaptive capabilities of newborns depending on the conditions of intrauterine development

Efimova E.A., Nesterov S.L., Yashina N.L., Shakurova T.K., Novikova V.A., Razzhivina R.V.


Clinical, cytochemical, and rheological features of the neonatal period were studied in 460 children from mothers suffering from rheumatism or having suffered late toxicosis of pregnant women. On the basis of impaired adaptive reactions, changes in the enzymatic spectrum of blood cells and disorders of microcirculatory mechanisms, children at risk were identified. 50 of them underwent preventive therapy in the neonatal period. The follow-up indicates a lower infectious index during the first year of life in children who received preventive therapy.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):5-7
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Respiratory Disorders in Children with Natal Injuries of the Cervical Spinal Cord

Saidova M.V.


An analysis of the clinical features of pneumonia that developed in 120 children with the consequences of natal trauma of the cervical spinal cord was carried out; peculiar clinical symptoms of neurogenic respiratory failure were found. In 16 children, radiographically revealed paresis of the dome of the diaphragm on the side of the natal injury.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):7-9
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Pneumonia of premature babies

Alexandrova L.Y.


The analysis of the clinical features of pneumonia that developed in 120 premature infants was carried out. The role of the pathology of the perinatal period in the pathogenesis of pneumonia is shown. Recommendations for the treatment of patients are given.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):9-11
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Allergic altered reactivity in the early neonatal period

Shamova A.G., Bakhtiarova R.M.


In 138 newborns with toxic (allergic) erythema, the mediation of allergic reactions by social factors was established. On the 2nd day of life, an allergically altered reactivity is clinically manifested, which is also expressed by an altered picture of peripheral blood (eosinophilia, lymphocytosis) and indicators of the enzymatic activity of leukocytes.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):11-13
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Prevention of rickets in children with different sizes of a large fontanel

Shoshina N.K.


The dynamics of the development of 68 children born with a small fontanelle was observed. The level of their physical and mental development was the same as that of the children of the control group. Some of the examined patients showed signs of rickets (32.5% in children with small fontanelles and 35.3% in the control group). The problem of prophylaxis of rickets in children with small frontal fontanelles is discussed.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):14-16
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Myocardial contractile function in children with phosphate diabetes and de Toni - Debreu - Fanconi disease

Tereshchenko F.M.


A comprehensive clinical, X-ray, biochemical, polycardiographic examination of 15 patients with phosphate diabetes and children with de Toni — Debre — Fanconi disease was carried out. There was a violation of myocardial contractility, the degree of which was determined by the nature and severity of metabolic changes. The study of the contractile function of the myocardium is of practical importance in assessing the severity of the disease, the effectiveness of therapy and in adjusting patients to surgical correction of bone deformities.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):16-18
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The incidence of intestinal dysbiosis in children

Zryachkin M.I.


Examination of 145 healthy children aged 1 month to 2 years was carried out. In 101 (69 6%) children, intestinal dysbiosis of varying severity was revealed. The frequency of detection and the degree of its severity depend on the age, type of feeding, the period since the last illness, and the number of antibacterial drugs taken earlier.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):18-19
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Diagnosis of pyelonephritis in children

Zemlyakova E.I., Kamalova R.G.


According to the World Health Organization, urinary tract infections are the second most common after acute respiratory infections. It is known that pyelonephritis is not always diagnosed in a timely manner, has a tendency to persistent flow, is difficult to treat, sometimes causing severe complications. Often it is necessary to decide on the origin of the disease, since the tactics of treatment and observation in primary and secondary pyelonephritis are different.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):19-21
pages 19-21 views

Difficulties in diagnosing chronic glomerulonephritis and renal failure in children

Makovetskaya G.A., Fedrushkova I.N.


The main reasons for the late diagnosis of chronic kidney disease in children are analyzed. Two clinical observations are given that clearly show that the sources of errors in pediatric nephrology are, firstly, insufficient attention of the doctor to the slightest signs of kidney dysfunction or their incorrect assessment; secondly, the difficulties arising in chronic glomerulonephritis, proceeding in the form of the so-called primary chronic forms of illness, the onset of which cannot be accurately established according to the history of the disease; thirdly, situations associated with chronic disease are extremely difficult in the differential diagnostic plan kidneys, which are observed in some cases.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):21-23
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Kallikrein-kinin blood system in hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome

Stepanov V.P.


The content of the kinin system components in 102 patients with severe and moderate forms of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome was studied. The patterns of activation of the kinin system were revealed depending on the period and severity of the disease. The question of the involvement of vasoactive polypeptides in the pathogenesis of acute renal failure in this disease is discussed.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):24-26
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Kallikrein blood system in acute respiratory diseases with bronchial obstruction syndrome in children

Anokhin V.A.


The activation of the kinin system of the blood in diseases of the respiratory system leads to an increase in the inflammatory response in the respiratory tract, causes bronchospasm to a large extent, and has an inhibitory effect on the function of the ciliated epithelium. There are no unequivocal judgments about the therapeutic effect of prednisolone in obstructive bronchitis and bronchiolitis in the literature. There is a negative answer to this question. At the same time, the beneficial effect of corticosteroids on pulmonary mechanics in bronchiolitis was noted.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):26-29
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Topical issues of perinatal neurology

Ratner A.Y.


The data on disorders of the nervous system of newborns as a result of birth injuries are presented. The issue of regular neurological examinations of such children is being considered. Perspective problems of pediatric neurology are discussed.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):30-32
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The state of the microvasculature in children with vegetative-vascular disorders of the pubertal period

Ismagilov M.F., Alyavetdinov R.I.


When studying various pathological conditions, the method of studying microcirculation is being increasingly used. There is evidence that the state of small vessels can serve as a diagnostic sign of changes in the tone of the macrovascular system. This report presents the results of studying the microvasculature of the conjunctiva of the eyeball in children with autonomic syndromes of puberty, in which vascular disorders are practically an obligatory component. We have not come across similar information in the available literature.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):32-35
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Age features of the progenic ratio of the dentition

Lati Z.P., Zhuravskaya V.F., Kretova Y.R.


We analyzed 105 profile teleroentgenograms of the head of patients at the age of milk, replaceable and permanent bite with progenic closure of the dentition. On the basis of cranio-, gnato, and profilometric studies, the average angular and linear measurements of teleroentgenograms were calculated for each age group of patients, with which the average data of the age norm were compared. It was found that in the period of milk bite, dentoalveolar forms of progeny prevail. In a removable and especially permanent bite, there is a violation of the proportionality of the ratio of the upper and lower jaws and a sharp discrepancy between the length of the body and the height of the branches of the lower jaw, that is, the signs of progeny increase.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):35-38
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Errors in the diagnosis and treatment of intestinal intussusception in children

Podkamenev V.V., Shatunov V.N., Bulashov V.I.


The analysis of errors in the diagnosis and treatment of 49 children with intestinal intussusception is carried out according to the case histories. The most common causes of diagnostic errors are incorrect assessment of bloody discharge from the rectum, insufficiently careful examination of the patient, poor use of additional research methods, neglect of preoperative preparation in a serious condition of the child, inappropriate choice of anesthesia method and improper postoperative management of patients.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):38-40
pages 38-40 views

Specific resistance of blood and plasma in pregnant women

Tukshaitov R.H., Baytiryak I.K.


The mean values and limits of variability of blood and plasma resistivity were studied in 116 pregnant women. It was found that the previously proposed value of blood resistivity is significantly overestimated and distorts the value of the stroke volume.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):40-41
pages 40-41 views

Lipid spectrum of breast milk and blood serum in women with different functional activity of the thyroid gland

Salimova L.Y., Chukanin N.N.


The paper presents the results of a study of the lipid spectrum of breast milk and blood serum in 48 women with different functional activity of the thyroid gland. A decrease in certain lipid fractions in blood serum and in breast milk in women with altered thyroid function was established. A definite regulating effect of the thyroid gland on the lipid composition of breast milk and blood serum was established.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):42-43
pages 42-43 views

The value of rheo and phlebography in the diagnosis of chronic nonspecific adnexitis

Sabirov F.M., Kapelyushnyk N.L., Kazantsev F.N., Belopukhov V.M., Dunaev D.G., Sagitova D.H., Katanova S.I.


Examination of 22 patients with secondary infertility was carried out. All of them had chronic nonspecific adnexitis in remission. Rheography revealed a deterioration in the blood supply to the pelvic organs and an increase in vascular tone. With the help of phlebography, narrowing of the ovarian and uterine veins was established.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):44-45
pages 44-45 views

The serotonin-monoamine oxidase system in women in labor using electroanalgesia

Kuritsyna L.K.


The serotonergic blood reaction was studied in three periods of childbirth in 89 women in labor (50 patients with heart disease and 39 healthy women in labor). Of these, 49 women in labor (30 patients and 19 healthy ones) received electroanalgesia in the 1st stage of labor. Electroanalgesia in childbirth helps to ensure minor fluctuations in the serotonin content in the blood, reduce the intensity of labor pain, stabilize the functional state of the mother's cardiorespiratory system, shorten the duration of labor, reduce the amount of drugs administered and prevent bleeding in the 3rd stage of labor. The effectiveness of electroanalgesia is significantly increased when combined with electrosleep treatment c. period of pregnancy. The simplicity and availability of electroanalgesia, its effectiveness and the absence of side reactions make it possible to recommend its use not only in healthy people, but also in women in labor with cardiovascular pathology

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):45-49
pages 45-49 views

Splenogastrectomy with distal pancreas resection in gastric cancer surgeries

Segal M.Z., Taziev R.M.


Splenogastrectomy with resection of the pancreas was performed in 111 patients with gastric cancer for appropriate indications. In 75 patients, this operation was combined with resection of other organs and anatomical structures. Complications after surgery were observed in 60 people. Postoperative mortality was 20.8%. Out of 76 patients after surgery, 15 people lived for 3 years or more, 6 - over 5 years.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):49-52
pages 49-52 views

The state of humoral immunity in patients with congenital heart defects of the "Blue" type

Matyushin I.F., Ovsyanikov V.Y., Petrova T.D., Pankrashkina S.G., Razzhivin A.P.


In 46 children with heart defects of the Fallot group upon admission to the hospital and on the operating table, the concentration of the main classes of immunoglobulins M, G, A was studied in the blood serum by the method of radial immunodiffusion. It was found that according to the content of immunoglobulins, patients can be divided into 3 groups: with normal, decreased and high immunological indicators. During their stay in the hospital prior to the surgical correction of the heart defect, no improvement in the content of immunoglobulins was observed. On the contrary, in patients with reduced immunological parameters, there was a further decrease in the amount of IgG.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):52-55
pages 52-55 views

Structural-dynamic analysis of verbal hallucinosis in organic brain lesions

Mendelevich D.M.


In 191 patients with organic psychosis, traced over 10-15 years, the most significant structural and dynamic features of verbal hallucinosis for differential diagnosis and prognosis were examined. According to the complexity of hallucinatory speech, elementary, complicated and complex hallucinosis were distinguished, and according to the number of hallucinatory voices - mono and polyvocal hallucinosis. In the course of the disease, paroxysmal, undulating, hundred, bile hallucinosis are described.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):55-58
pages 55-58 views

The influence of mebikar on physical and mental performance

Zimakova I.E., Karpov A.M., Camburg R.A.


The tranquilizer mebikar in patients with neuroses, in healthy people, as well as in an experiment on animals, does not reduce muscle strength and physical performance and does not disturb coordination of movements. In persons with initially reduced mental performance, mebikar normalizes them. Single and course administration of the drug insignificantly affects blood pressure and pulse rate. According to the set of indicators, the difference between the effects of mebicar and benzodiazepine tranquilizers was established, which makes it possible to determine the place of the drug in differentiated psychopharmacotherapy.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):59-61
pages 59-61 views

Clinical tolerance of single doses of ethionamide in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Smirnov G.A., Zamaletdinova L.T., Mikhailovskaya V.A., Latypova S.I.


The tolerance of ethionamide was studied in 851 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. The drug was administered at 0.75 g at a time. Side effects were noted in 31% of individuals, and complete intolerance - in 6.6%. For the rest, adverse reactions disappeared after a short break in taking the drug or when it was administered at night. In a number of patients, to remove side effects, it was necessary to reduce a single dose of ethionamide to 0.5 g or give it 0.25 g three times. More often, side complications occurred in persons with chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as in elderly and senile patients.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):61-63
pages 61-63 views

The condition of the veins of the femoral-iliac segment in patients with varicose veins of the lower extremities

Mamaev V.E., Musin M.F., Malinovsky M.N.


In 70 patients with varicose veins of the lower extremities, the state of the venous bed of the femoral-iliac segment was studied by methods of proximal pelvic and retrograde-femoral phlebography. The characteristic radiological signs of varicose veins were found: ectasia of the iliac and femoral veins, failure of the valve of the sapheno-femoral anastomosis with reflux of the contrast agent into the great saphenous vein, aneurysmal dilatation of the mouth of the great saphenous vein, partial or complete insufficiency of the valves of the femoral vein. It was found that in 35.7% of cases, the cause of the development of hypertension and varicose veins of the saphenous veins was segmental narrowing of the veins and compression of the femoral vein in the region of the pupar ligament, various extravasal compression of the main veins of the femoral-iliac segment with bone protrusions, a cross-passing artery, and an enlarged uterus. It is recommended, when studying the venous hemodynamics of the lower extremities, simultaneously with the use of distal phlebography, to carry out a contrast study of the pelvic veins

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):63-66
pages 63-66 views

Complicated course of acute pneumonia in children (causes and long-term outcomes)

Kirshin G.I., Grishkin I.G.


The study of the causes of the complicated course of pneumonia in children is an urgent problem of modern pulmonology. We carried out a comprehensive clinical and instrumental laboratory examination of 130 young people (15–39 years old) who had suffered acute pneumonia with an unusual course in childhood. At the same time, their medical history from the very beginning of the disease is carefully analyzed.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):66-67
pages 66-67 views

Dysentery in children with allergic reactivity

Romanova N.A.


We tried to find out what effect the previous allergization of the body has on the relationship between allergy and immunity in children with dysentery. To solve this problem, two groups of children with dysentery were examined - with allergic (1st) and unchanged (2nd) body reactivity. In parallel to the study of the features of the clinical course of the disease, cellular factors of increased sensitivity (blast transformation of lymphocytes, leukocytolysis reaction), indicators of humoral immunity (Ig M and G) were determined and a skin test with dysenterin was performed.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):67-68
pages 67-68 views

Intestinal microflora of newborns with purulent-septic diseases

Volkova Y.V., Romanova N.A., Chvanova N.P.


The aim of our work was to study the characteristics of the intestinal microflora in newborns, depending on the premorbid background and the nature of the course of the purulent septic process. Under observation were 73 children aged 3 to 16 days, hospitalized in a specialized department for newborns of the children's hospital No. 7 in Kazan in 1979-1980. 19 children were admitted directly from maternity hospitals, 54 children from the pediatric area.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):68-70
pages 68-70 views

Clinical features of intestinal coli infection in children caused by EPEC 0-142

Nadyrova G.G., Petryanin A.Y., Semenova T.S., Podryadnov G.S., Petrova N.V., Iskanderova Z.Z., Anisimova V.V.


In the children's infectious diseases hospital in Kazan on inpatient treatment in 1980-1981. there were 46 children with intestinal coli infection 0-142. Their late admission to the hospital should be noted. So, out of 46 patients in the first 3 days from the onset of the disease, 16 children were admitted, from 4 to the 6th day of the disease - 18, later than the 6th day from the onset of the disease - 12 people.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):70-70
pages 70-70 views

Diagnostic value of the composition of bile in biliary dyskinesia in children

Cherkasova N.A., Bulatov V.P.


One of the most common forms of cholepathy in children is biliary dyskinesia. We have studied the levels of sialic acids, cholesterol, bilirubin and bile acids in portion B of bile depending on the type of dyskinesias in 50 patients with cholepathy.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):70-71
pages 70-71 views

Features of toxicosis in hypervitaminosis D

Loseva A.G.


Hypervitaminosis D is one of the serious complications that can result from the treatment or prevention of rickets in young children. Along with the lungs, they emit moderate and severe toxic forms of the disease. Mild forms often go unrecognized; patients with a severe form, as a rule, are sent to the hospital.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):71-72
pages 71-72 views

The reaction of the soft tissues of the anterior abdominal wall to various suture material

Nefedov V.P., Ramazanov R.M.


The healing processes of sutured wounds of soft tissues in most cases depend on the type and quality of the suture material. Any kind of suture material in the tissues of the body is a foreign body that causes various reactive changes from the tissues. The nature of these changes, all other things being equal, is mainly determined by the type of suture material, its thickness and the method of sterilization of the tissues on which the sutures are applied, the trauma of surgery, the infection of the wound and the irritating effect of the threads on the tissues.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):72-74
pages 72-74 views

Sinusoidal modulated currents in the complex treatment of children with syndromes of damage to the central and peripheral nervous system of the perinatal period

Gizzatullina G.Z.


Sinusoidal modulated currents (SMT), the basis of which is an alternating current with a frequency of 5000 Hz, in turn modulated into pulses with a frequency of 10 to 150 Hz and a depth of 0 to 100%, have a deep penetrating effect without causing strong irritation and burning under the electrodes , which allows them to be used in young children (from 1 month after birth). Exposure to these currents improves the functional state of the neuromuscular apparatus, in particular, increases its pathologically reduced electrical excitability, and in case of spastic paralysis, lowers muscle tone for several hours.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):74-75
pages 74-75 views

A case of marble disease

Zaripov M.M., Volkova N.H., Guryanova J.H., Tsaregorodtseva L.V.


Marble disease (familial osteosclerosis, Albers-Schoenberg disease) belongs to a group of rare diseases. Children suffering from marble disease are admitted to the hospital with various referral diagnoses: acute leukemia, hemolytic anemia, hypoplastic anemia, etc. Under our supervision since 1974, there were three children sent to the hospital with a diagnosis of acute leukemia, congenital hemolytic anemia. We believe that the combination of marble disease with a hemolytic process is of practical interest.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):75-76
pages 75-76 views

The importance of the severity and intensity of labor in the formation of morbidity

Oshchepkov V.I.


The degree of functional stress of the body in the conditions of modern production is determined primarily by the severity and intensity of labor, in connection with which these factors and their influence on the incidence of illness with temporary disability in 1449 female workers of mechanical shops in the mass production of motorcycles who worked on the same worker were studied. place for at least 4 years.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):76-77
pages 76-77 views

Epidemiological and microbiological characteristics of meningococcal infection in Kazan

Ruzal G.I., Galeeva O.I., Shamsutdinova F.S., Aishina L.H., Simonova Z.Е., Khabibullina I.H., Shakirova M.A., Vakhitova T.A., Maksudova F.G., Zorina L.M.


Observations of the epidemiological process of meningococcal infection over the past 10 years on the scale of a large city and its districts made it possible to note a decrease and subsequent stabilization of the incidence; to identify differences in the course of the epidemiological process in the city districts characterized by population migration, social, demographic and other characteristics. In addition to other epidemiological features inherent in the period of decline in incidence, changes in the pathogenic properties of pathogens were found. It is recommended, along with other markers of bacteriological surveillance of meningococcal infection, to use the assessment of the cytopathogenicity of the latter by their effect on the cell culture.

Kazan medical journal. 1982;63(4):77-79
pages 77-79 views

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