Changes in the morphological composition of blood under the influence of muscular movements
Dryagin K.A., Inyushkin N.V., Dryagina O.N., Mokeev A.M.
Sinuses structure of lymphatic nodes in norm and in metastatic spreading process of cancer
Tsyplakov D.E., Shamsutdinov N.S.
Sputum cytology and its diagnostic value
Kramov N.A.
Impaired platelet haemostasis in patients with myelodysplastic syndrome
Shitikova A.S., Belyazo O.E., Ushakova E.A., Kuraleva V.V.
On the use of histamine in the diagnosis and therapy of gastric diseases
Osipov P.N.
Keloidosis. Schridde (Klin. Woch., 1928, No. 13)
Board E.
Kafka paraffin reaction in cerebrospinal fluid
Hodos H.G., Gorev N.N.
Origin of the inflammatory infiltrate. Вusse-Grawitz (Med. Welt, 1928, No. 2)
Board E.
Etiology and basics of laboratory diagnosis of influenza
Vyaseleva S.M.
Magnetoresonance tomography in differential diagnosis of focal lesions of the liver
Bakhtiozin R.F., Ilyasov A.V., Ibatullin M.M., Chuvashaev E.R., Zinin V.N., Ilyasov K.A., Safiullin A.G.
X-ray diagnosis of blind skull wounds
Faizullin M.K.
Use of anapriline for radiopaque diagnosis of sphincter Oddy spasm
Novakovsky A.R.
Electromyographic analysis of motor units in patients with post-stroke hemiparesis
Bogdanov E.I., Faskhutdinov R.R., Galyamov D.L.
Method of autovenous graft preparation
Medvedev V.N., Mirolyubov L.M., Izosimov V.G.
Yiatrogenic complications of laparoscopic cholecystectomy and their prevention
Chugunov A.N., Fedorov I.V., Dmitriev E.G., Slavin L.E.
Enzymatic diagnosis of coronary heart disease
Latfullin I.A., Sviridkina L.P., Aglullina E.I., Ivanova S.V., Izosimova L.A., Duleeva T.V.
Method of videothoracoscopic parasternal lymphadenectomy in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer
Segal E.I., Khamidullin R.G., Nagumanov E.V., Gubaidullin H.M.
Intensive radiology diagnosis in urgent urology
Snopchenko S.O., Dubrovin V.N.
The place of roentgen computer tomography in the diagnosis of endophytic carcinoma of the stomach
Gorshkov A.N., Akberov R.F.
New instrumentation for autovenous graft preparation
Salikhov I.A., Mirolyubov B.M., Abdulyanov V.A.
Express method in determination of CO2 content in the exhaled air
Zhungin P.D., Prokopyeva S.N.
Some New Opportunities in the Treatment of Patients with Atherosclerosis
Vogralik V.G., Saltseva M.T., Vogralik M.V., Amineva I.V., Merinova I.V., Runova A.A.
Peculiarities of formation and course of pulmonary hypertension in patients with chronic obstructive bronchitis
Kokosov A.N., Neklasov Y.F., Matkovsky S.K., Kachan L.V., Alexandrov A.L.
Peculiarities of immunoregulation in patients with hepatitis B
Malysheva E.B., Zaitseva G.A.
Pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of acute tonsillitis
Potapov I.M.
The effect of antireticular cytotoxic serum on the aorta elasticity in sclerous systolic hypertension
Titov V.I., Shchukina F.F.
Immunological disorders in mechanical jaundice and their reversibility
Kuznetsov V.A., Rakhmatullin I.M., Agafonov A.A., Kharitonov G.I.
Chronicle. Vol. 24, No. 8 (1928)
Board E.
New approaches то the study of stomach pathology in patients with chronic inspecific pulmonary diseases
Kochetkov S.G., Kryukov N.N., Uglova M.V., Erkina V.M.
On the morphological variability of Obermeier's spirochetes
Aristovsky V.M., Geltzer R.R.
Treatment of hypertension depending on the effect of beta-adrenoblockers on blood serum lipids and lipoproteins
Tikhonov V.P., Umurzakov E.U., Statsenko M.E., Nemchuk F.A.
Liver condition in pyloroduodenal ulcerative stenosis and its changes after vagotomy with drainage operations
Volkov A.N., Mizurov N.A., Sokolov S.S.
Clinical and radiological diagnosis of obstruction of the digestive tract in newborns and infants
Akberov R.A., Morozov V.I., Aynullov Z.S.
Anatomical institutes of Western Europe
Ternovsky V.N.
Congenital arachnoid cysts
Shulman K.M., Dyudin L.P., Obydennov S.A., Solomatina A.K., Tumakaev R.F.
Peculiarities of diagnosis and treatment of mushroom poisoning
Khalitov F.Y., Mukhametzyanov S.A., Maksimov O.N.
Acceleration of wound healing under the action of a new pyrimidine drug xymedon
Izmailov S.G., Izmailov G.A., Podushkina I.V., Garaev V.N., Kedrin M.Y., Gorbunov S.M., Tereshchenko V.Y., Reznik V.S., Izmailov A.G., Lazarev V.M., Muslinkin A.A., Evranova G.B., Gerasimov M.K., Bodrov A.A.
Society of Physicians at Kazan University. Vol. 24, No. 8 (1928)
Board E.
Thermal imaging assessment of the colon in patients with acute dysentery
Ryaboshapko A.I.
The structure of the cerebral arterial system in individuals related by blood
Bik V.I.
New modification of foot root arthrodesis
Friedland M.O.
Computer tomography in the examination complex of gynecologic patients
Valiullina A.T., Tukhvatullina L.M., Akberov R.F., Dmitriev O.Y.
New design of an external fixation apparatus for the treatment of patients with open fractures of the forearm bones
Aydarov R.B., Lushnikov E.V., Khafizov F.F.
Natural feeding
Klivanskaya-Krol E.
On the use of histamine in the diagnosis and therapy of gastric diseases
Osipov P.N.
Successful outcome of surgical treatment of gastric ulcer bleeding against the background of acute renal failure
Galimov O.V.
Modern medical technologies in pediatric oncology: organ-preserving treatment for malignant solid tumors
Durnov L.A., Goldobenko G.V., Sharoev T.A., Polyakov V.G., Ivanova N.M., Kazantsev A.P.
Treatment of chronic urticaria with dimephosphone and histamine antagonists
Tsibulkina V.N.
Primary lung cancer in young patients
Vorontsov A.Y., Terentiev I.G., Ozherelyev A.S., Pavlunin A.V.
In vivo diagnosis of pericardial mesothelioma
Valimukhametova D.A., Leonova V.N., Reznikova F.A., Kureneva M.M.
Mechanisms of destabilization of erythrocyte energy metabolism in the acute period of myocardial infarction
Golovacheva T.V., Zakharova N.B.
Classification of microvascular lesions in chronic diffuse glomerulonephritis
Nenasheva T.M.
Professor Nina Lazarevna Kapelyushnik
Board E.
Possibilities of studying respiratory biomechanics on domestic pneumotachographs
Pyrgar D.P.
New Instruments for Laser Application in Proctology
Itskovich L.N., Belousova T.M., Vasiliev E.M., Malofeev V.A., Zwick A.M.
On the Distribution of Contraceptives in the Population
Bykov S.G.
A case of hereditary angioedema
Burnasheva R.K., Fassakhov R.S., Khramov V.V., Voitsekhovich G.S., Reisman S.M.
Clinical and radiological assessment of pulmonary hydration in acute myocardial infarction
Kats I.M., Sapranov B.N.
Health and work: the search and achievements of occupational medicine at the turn of the two centuries
Amirov N.K.
125th anniversary of the founding of the first department of medical chemistry and physics in Russia
Zubairov D.M.
Swimming pool and sauna in comprehensive spa treatment of hypertensive patients
Pimenov L.T., Sviridova L.K., Shinkareva I.A., Kalinnikova Z.A., Veselkova E.V., Sviridova L.M.
On the restoration of the auricle in toto
Gusynin V.A.
Toward prevention and treatment of postoperative pulmonary complications
Znamensky M.S., Sychev V.V.
On the problem of possibilities of x-ray computer tomography in the diagnosis of endophitic tumors of the stomach
Gorshkov A.N., Akberov R.F.
On the origin of Cheyenne-Stokes' breathing
Teregulov A.G.
Functional state of the pineal gland in women of reproductive age
Fattakhova F.A.
"Kazan Medical Journal" -100 years: past and present
Zubairov D.M., Davydov V.S., Zakirova A.S., Fatkullin F.K.
Multiple fractures and combined injuries
Bogdanovich U.Y.
Mobility of large joints of the lower extremities and the spine in patients with lumbar osteochondrosis
Vasilevskaya O.V.
Bernard-Soulier disease
Shitikova A.S., Fedorova Z.D., Belyazo O.E., Shlyapochnikova G.P., Papayan L.P., Denisova L.A., Egorova V.A., Popova T.I.
Mammary gland tumors in men
Ivanchenko A.I.
Society of Radiologists and Radiologists of Kazan. Vol. 24, No. 8 (1928)
Board E.
Surgical treatment of rectal prolapse
Eiber S.M., Tkachenko I.O.
Associate Professor Irshat Zakirovich Mukhutdinov
Board E.
Activation of factor XII clotting
Baishev I.M.
Professor Midhat Kharisovich Fayzullin
Board E.
Epidemiological study of headache in students
Batyasov Y.I., Batyasov V.Y., Gabdrakhmanova D.F.
Surgical treatment of transverse plantar deformity of the foot with valgus deviation of the first toe
Voronchikhin V.A., Baranova T.S.
Toward questions about tropical malaria sub partu and congenital malaria
Magid M.I.
On mesenteric tumors
Georgievsky A.A.
To the clinical picture of nanism
Ginzburg E., Arkushenko V., Kuznetsova N.
Crisis causes and necessity of public health reform in Russia
Amirov N.K., Albitsky V.Y.
Development of babies delivered by cesarean section
Akhmadeeva E.N.
Fibronectin content and cellular composition of peritoneal exudate in peritonitis
Kochnev O.S., Veliyev N.A., Harrasov A.F., Litvinov R.I., Zinkevich O.D.
On temporary pacing after heart surgery under cardiopulmonary bypass
Medvedev V.N., Yusupov F.S., Kuznetsov S.V., Dronov M.V., Lukanikhin V.A., Kharitonov G.I., Kurmaev S.M., Islyamova V.D.
MRI morphometric signs of impaired cerebrospinal fluid circulation in patients with syringomyelia
Mendelev E.G., Chuvashaev I.R.
Changes in the microcirculatory bed of regional lymph nodes during cancer metastasis
Tsyplakov D.E.
Caverns and pseudocaverns in X-rays and their clinical significance
Gasul R.Y.
Sarcomas of the nose. Khristianov (Vestnik RLO, 1927, No. 6)
Board E.
On pulmonary syphilis and its combination with tbc
Zhuravleva V.I.
New apparatus for determining the basic metabolism (AOV type)
Abdrakhmanov M.I., Logvinov I.A.
X-ray diagnosis of functional changes in the gastrointestinal tract due to birth injuries of the spine and spinal cord
Akberov R.F.
Diagnosis and treatment of external colonic fistulas
Rodkin S.A.
Tuberculosis epidemiologic situation analysis in Tatarstan for 1980-1984 and 1990-1994
Arslanov S.S., Wiesel A.A., Galiullin A.N., Guryleva M.E.
The pathogenesis of polyuria in diabetes insipidus
Rakhlin L.M.
Peculiarities of functional state of pituitary-adrenal system in patients with hypertension
Kryukov N.N.
Treatment of peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum with helium laser
Murzanov M.M., Sakhautdinov G.V., Khasanov A.G., Urazbakhtin I.M.
Dynamics of cellular and humoral immunity parameters in children under the influence of specific immunotherapy with food allergens
Potemkina A.M.
Some data on the antagonistic action of mustard gas and calcium chloride
Popov P.I.
X All-Union Congress of Therapists
Predtechensky A.M.
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