Vol 53, No 1 (1972)

Biological and therapeutic value of stigmasterol (vitamin m)

Anisimov V.E.


In 1936, the American zoologists Wulsen and Bars in animal experiments came to the conclusion about the existence of a new antirigid factor, or elasticity factor. Guinea pigs kept for several months on a scurvy regime (peeled millet or barley, warm skimmed milk, table salt, carbonic lime), but with the addition of tomato or orange juice, developed a characteristic pattern of defeat.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):1-6
pages 1-6 views

Changes in phonocardiograms with atrial fibrillation

Radbil O.S., Danovskiy L.V., Kolchina E.I., Krasnovskiy U.M.


It is known that atrial fibrillation most often occurs in mitral heart disease, cardiosclerosis and thyrotoxicosis. Atrial fibrillation not only complicates the clinical course of these diseases, but also significantly complicates the differential diagnosis. In some cases, clinical laboratory and ECG data cannot fully resolve diagnostic doubts about the origin of changes in the myocardium that caused atrial fibrillation.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):6-8
pages 6-8 views

Analysis of electrophonocardiographic and radiological data of patients with mitral stenosis

Sigal N.I., Melnichnov V.I.


We observed 121 patients with rheumatic mitral heart disease with a predominance of stenosis of the left venous foramen, who underwent mitral commissurotomy in the department of chest surgery of the 6th city hospital.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):8-11
pages 8-11 views

Diagnosis of heart defects in children

Hodorovskaya I.K.


We compared the clinical diagnosis with the diagnosis of the referring institution in (who were in the surgical clinic from 1956 to 1969 on examination or treatment of children and adolescents (481 people), in whom, during a clinical study, changes in the cardiovascular system of rheumatic etiology with a defect or no heart defect.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):11-13
pages 11-13 views

Clinical evaluation of nitroglycerin test for angina pectoris

Gaidash S.G.


In the modern understanding of the pathogenesis of pain manifestations of ischemic heart disease, structural changes in the coronary arteries of the heart and a violation of their regulation are combined.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):13-15
pages 13-15 views

Phagocytic activity of neutrophils as an indicator of reactivity in the dynamics of the rheumatic process in children

Podkolzina N.A.


All researchers who studied the phagocytic activity of leukocytes noted a deviation of this reaction from the norm with an active rheumatic process.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):15-16
pages 15-16 views

On the pathogenesis of headaches in patients with secretory gastric insufficiency

Erohina L.G., Rinskaya I.U.


In patients with secretory gastric insufficiency, the most frequent and constant complaints of headaches. In the literature, there are a number of clinical descriptions of cephalgia in patients with "anacid gastritis" [2, 4, 12-15, 17, 19]. Most authors associate the pathogenesis of headaches in these patients with reflex or intoxication effects.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):16-19
pages 16-19 views

Diagnosing Chiari Disease

Smirnov V.N., Kilmatova F.F., Egorova L.D.


One of the rare and most difficult to diagnose among liver diseases is Budd-Chiari disease - primary obliterating endophlebitis of the hepatic vein, followed by thrombosis and portal hypertension.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):19-21
pages 19-21 views

Colon polyposis as a compensatory-adaptive response

Malushev U.I., Isaev V.R.


The present work is an attempt at a theoretical understanding of the essence and some features of a rather rare and clinically severe disease - colon polyposis.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):21-25
pages 21-25 views

Features of iron metabolism in premature babies

Sultanova G.F.


The importance of iron deficiency in the development of early anemia of prematurity is controversial. Hematologically, some researchers characterize it as hypochromic, others as normo- or even slightly hyperchromic.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):25-30
pages 25-30 views

Long-term results of treatment of children with chronic angiocholecystitis in the sanatorium department of the hospital

Cherkasova N.A., Nigmatulina B.T., Savenkova N.S.


The origins of diseases of the biliary tract in adults should be sought in childhood. According to authors studying the pathology of the biliary system in children, angiocholecystitis is a fairly frequent suffering and requires a lot of attention. In this regard, pediatricians face the task of thoroughly treating sick children. The success of therapy depends not only on the use of complex measures in the hospital, but also to the same extent on the implementation of staged treatment, including sanatorium.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):30-31
pages 30-31 views

Probeless study of gastric acidity in children in the clinic

Lubke I.G., Erman L.V.


In outpatient practice, doctors often resort to the study of gastric juice obtained by probing. Doctors-laboratory assistants who carry out these manipulations know very well that when a gastric tube is inserted, especially in young children, we get inadequate, more often increased reactions, cause unpleasant or painful sensations.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):31-33
pages 31-33 views

About diagnostic and tactical errors in acute appendicitis in children

Yakovlev A.Y., Shihatov N.N., Sadamkin V.A., Munin G.A.


We analyzed the causes of death of 48 children from acute appendicitis in hospitals in the region for the period from 1961 to 1970.Based on our belief that death in this disease is always associated with diagnostic, tactical and other errors, we also tried to identify the most frequently encountered among them in order to develop measures to prevent them.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):33-36
pages 33-36 views

Clinical forms of human pseudotuberculosis infection

Sobolev I.N.


On a relatively small number of observations by foreign authors described "appendicular" (mesenteric lymphadenitis), intestinal, septic-typhoid [5] forms of pseudotuberculosis, as well as forms in the form of erythema nodosum, conjunctivitis, splenomegaly, lymphadenopathy, septicemia [6].

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):37-38
pages 37-38 views

Influence of operations on the organs of the subphrenic space on external respiration

Aidarov M.A.


Access to the organs of the subphrenic space is a difficult surgical problem. The approaches associated with penetration through the pleural cavity or with the dissection of the costal-cartilaginous obstruction and the sternum are traumatic. They are associated with additional trauma to the patient.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):38-41
pages 38-41 views

About transillumination in breast diseases

Baibulatov R.S.


For the first time a transillumination study of the mammary glands was proposed and carried out by Kutler (1929). Later, N. N. Kukin (1949) was engaged in questions of transillumination of mammary glands. The authors note the effectiveness, great simplicity of this method and harmlessness to the patient.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):41-42
pages 41-42 views

Surgical treatment of purulent complications of the epithelial coccygeal passage

Aleksandrov V.B., Kamurzaev T.T., Rivkin V.L.


Operations for fistulas of the sacrococcygeal region on the basis of the epithelial coccygeal passage at first glance do not present any particular difficulties. They consist in excision of the primary opening of the course itself and all secondary purulent fistulas under the control of fistulography and intraoperative marking of purulent passages with methylene blue.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):42-44
pages 42-44 views

Surgical treatment of purulent complications of the epithelial coccygeal passage

Morozov V.G., Izmailov G.A., Gafarov V.S.


We have sufficient clinical observations that convincingly show that doses of penicillin taken in hospitals in our country in general purulent surgical processes often do not provide the expected therapeutic effect.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):45-47
pages 45-47 views

Pain relief by the method of prolonged electrification. application of transistor generators

Plorkin V.I., Meshkova A.G.


The analgesic effect of a weak electric current has been known for a long time. According to modern biophysical concepts, it is associated with depolarization of pain receptor membranes, with a decrease in their sensitivity [7]. Depolarization of membranes occurs mainly during the passage of an electric current or exposure to voltage. Consequently, the effect of various kinds of short-term electro-procedures is most likely a manifestation of the aftereffect of depolarization.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):47-49
pages 47-49 views

Hearing impairment after antibiotic use

Gukovich V.A.


Hearing damage as a result of side effects of medicinal substances has been known for a long time, but they remained sporadic for a long time and did not cause much alarm for this reason. With the introduction of new drugs into clinical practice, especially antibiotics, cases of toxic damage to the organ of hearing began to increase.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):49-52
pages 49-52 views

Tenoscleroplastic lengthening of the muscle with strabismus

Vurgaft M.B., Smirnov V.A.


Among the surgical methods of treating concomitant strabismus, an important place is occupied by operations aimed at weakening the "strong" muscle.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):53-55
pages 53-55 views

Immediate outcomes of a caesarean section performed for a narrow pelvis

Yakupova R.M.


The frequency of caesarean sections performed for a narrow pelvis, according to different authors, is very variable. According to Franz, I. A. Pokrovsky, it is produced in 24.6-21.4% of narrow cans, while according to A. F. Palmov, A. Pronyaeva, V. Shtekkel - in 4.8-1.2% of all women in labor with a narrow pelvis.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):55-58
pages 55-58 views

About the diagnosis and treatment of post-abortion acute renal failure

Kuvalkina T.A.


Community-acquired abortions in many cases are accompanied by various complications that lead not only to long-term disability, but often to death. The most common cause of death is sepsis, which causes acute renal failure.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):58-60
pages 58-60 views

The use of gravimuna for the diagnosis of early pregnancy

Sabirov F.M., Fazleeva V.F.


The biological methods of Ashheim - Tsondek and Galli - Mainini used for the diagnosis of early pregnancy, due to their rather high sensitivity and accuracy, enjoy well-deserved recognition in obstetric and gynecological practice. Unfortunately, these methods are mostly owned by clinical institutions.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):60-61
pages 60-61 views

The influence of meteorological factors on the blood coagulation system in hypertension and atherosclerosis

Subotin A.V.


Many patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system are sensitive to changes in the weather. In unfavorable weather, they often have cerebrovascular accidents.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):61-62
pages 61-62 views

Post-transfusion complication in a patient with a defective type of blood group

Muhutdinova L.I., Kuleeva M.F.


Blood transfusion, provided that the appropriate instructions are followed, is usually not accompanied by pathological reactions of the body. However, it should be remembered that even with all the tests, complications are occasionally possible (according to LIPK-1 per 600,000 blood transfusions). In some cases, such complications are explained by the presence of isohemoagglutination variants in the blood of the donor or patient.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):62-63
pages 62-63 views

About a diagnostic error in a penetrating wound of the heart

Gorbunov E.I.


Yu., 31 years old, was admitted on 15/1 1970, 1.5 hours after injury, in serious condition, with complaints of pain in the upper abdomen and in the right arm. The skin and mucous membranes are pale.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):63-64
pages 63-64 views

Complete transverse heart block in tuberculous myocarditis

Smirnova U.M., Kurashova M.V., Egorova. I.V.


We observed a patient whose cause of complete atrioventricular block with Morgagni-Adams-Stokes attacks was miliary tuberculous myocarditis.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):64-64
pages 64-64 views

On determining the activity of the tuberculous process

Shebueva R.V.


One of the most relevant in modern phthisiology is the question of establishing the activity of the tuberculous process. In the literature, various research methods are often cited that, in combination with clinical and radiological data, to one degree or another, solve this problem.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):65-65
pages 65-65 views

Bronchial carcinoid flowing under the mask of bronchial asthma

Danilyak I.G., Romasheva N.I., Sarkisyan R.S.


One of the causes of broncho-asthmatic attacks can be hormonally active bronchial carcinoid. Bronchospasm, sometimes being the only clinical manifestation of a carcinoid tumor, simulates a picture of bronchial asthma. Here is our observation.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):65-66
pages 65-66 views

About acute aspirin gastrointestinal ulcers and gastric bleeding

Kurevich T.Z.


We observed a patient in whom the use of aspirin caused gastric bleeding, and 2 patients in whom it led to the formation of ulcers.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):66-66
pages 66-66 views

Perforated stomach ulcer in a child

Mokshin V.P.


Perforated stomach ulcers are extremely rare in children. We observed gastric ulcer perforation in a 1.5-month-old child.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):67-67
pages 67-67 views

To the question of kumis treatment of patients with gastric ulcer

Baimbetov L.G., Shamaev A.G.


Since 1967, the Yumatovo sanatorium has been monitoring the effectiveness of complex treatment of patients with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer with the use of kumis. In the literature there are indications of the action of kumis in case of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. In a number of cases, in case of peptic ulcer disease, kumis was considered contraindicated, while the therapeutic effect of kumis on the gastrointestinal tract was noted by many researchers.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):67-68
pages 67-68 views

Duodenal ulcer disease complicated by its separation from the stomach

Karimov H.K., Drujkov B.K.


D., 34 years old, was admitted to the surgical department with a diagnosis of duodenal ulcer, bleeding from an ulcer (?).

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):68-69
pages 68-69 views

The volume of surgery for a cyst of the common bile duct

Elyashevich B.L., Arinin V.A.


The common bile duct cyst is a rare bile duct abnormality. The first to describe this pathology in 1723 was Fater, and in Russian literature - in 1898 by M.I.Rostovtsev. The size of the cystic enlarged common bile duct can be significant, with the head of a person and more. AA Ogloblin (1927) describes a cyst containing 7 liters of bile.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):69-70
pages 69-70 views

The effectiveness of plantaglucide in inflammatory diseases of the biliary tract

Nujina V.S.


Plantaglucid is a total preparation from the leaves of the large plantain, proposed by the Kharkiv NIHFI. According to experimental and clinical data, plantaglucid has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, slightly enhances the secretion of gastric juice, practically does not cause side effects and is well tolerated by patients.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):70-71
pages 70-71 views

On the transfer of patients with diabetes mellitus from simple insulin to the prolonged type "Lenta"

Talantov V.V.


Insulin zinc suspension (ICS) "Lente" is a mixture of 70% crystalline insulin zinc suspension (ultralente) and 30% amorphous insulin zinc suspension (semilenta).

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):71-71
pages 71-71 views

Features of the course of chronic pyelonephritis in old and senile age

Kamaeva L.M., Balahonova N.G., Shahov E.V.


We studied the features of the course of pyelonephritis in old and senile age in 127 men and 111 women. At the age of 55-59 there were 74 patients, 60-74 years - 124, 75-90 years old - 40.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):71-72
pages 71-72 views

Changes in the intraorgan lymphatic network during infection with avian mycobacteria

Ahmetzyanov A.A.


We studied the morphology of internal organs and the state of the lymphatic network of the trachea, lungs, gallbladder, small intestine with its mesentery and vermiform appendix in rabbits, intravenously infected with the causative agent of avian tuberculosis.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):72-73
pages 72-73 views

The role of neurotransmitters in the regulation of respiration

Bazarevich G.Y.


In the literature on the regulation of respiration, a relatively small number of works can be found that show the effect of neurotransmitters on respiration, although the fact of changes in respiratory movements when adrenaline is introduced into the bloodstream has been known for a long time [37, 44, etc.].

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):73-78
pages 73-78 views

Epidemiological characteristics of dysentery in Kazan over the past 30 years

Vaiman E.I.


Over the past 20-30 years, significant changes have taken place in the etiology, clinic and epidemiology of dysentery. Less often, the classic form of the disease began to be recorded. Mild forms began to prevail, cases with a protracted, chronic course appeared. At the same time, there were changes in the epidemiological nature. Gone are the large epidemic outbreaks that had characterized dysentery in the past. Currently, there are (under special conditions) localized outbreaks in individual groups.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):78-80
pages 78-80 views

The first Kazan pediatrician teachers

Shakirzyanova R.M.


Kazan pediatricians professors N.A.Tolmachev, P.M.Argutinsky-Dolgorukov, V.K.Menshikov, A.F. Agafonov, E.M. Lepsky, E.N. Korovaev made a significant contribution to the development of domestic pediatrics. A number of articles are devoted to the scientific and pedagogical activities of Kazan pediatricians if T.E. Abramova's dissertation work (1964). However, the life and work of the first teachers of the Department of Pediatric Diseases of Kazan University LB Mandel'shtam, A.I. Podbelsky, I.A.Klimov and A.S.Dogel are not sufficiently reflected, and their names are little known to wide medical circles.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):80-82
pages 80-82 views

Emergency care for acute coronary and heart failure

Shartz L.S.


The first of 8 chapters of this very compactly written book is devoted to the organization of specialized cardiological care in Sverdlovsk, all the rest - to the practical issues of emergency care for hypertensive crises, angina pectoris, preinfarction conditions and the onset of myocardial infarction.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):82-83
pages 82-83 views

General allergology

Rahmatulin I.M., Tolpegina T.B.


The monograph of one of the leading allergists of our country, academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, prof. AD Ado is devoted to the pathophysiological generalization of the current state of the theory of allergy. The author called his work "a guide for doctors", and indeed, the book under review is the first systematic generalization of information on this issue in the domestic literature. The book contains a huge original material on the study of the mechanisms of allergic reactions, as well as a number of clinical data obtained under the leadership of A. D. Ado in the first clinical allergological institution in our country - the research laboratory of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):83-84
pages 83-84 views

Acute internal diseases. Clinical essays

Leshinskiy L.A.


The problems of emergency therapy deservedly attract special attention of practitioners and clinical scientists of various specialties. This interest is due not only to the high frequency and specific gravity of urgent pathology in modern clinics, but also to the truly vital importance of skillful medical actions, quick orientation and very clear measures to be performed in these conditions, and, finally, the rapid progress of scientific development and practical the use of diverse and very effective methods of emergency therapy and resuscitation in recent years.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):84-87
pages 84-87 views

Methodical materials for the study of issues of rural health economics

Brjevskiy V.C.


The author of the brochure, the chief physician of the Kanash central regional hospital of the Chuvash ASSR, provides sufficiently detailed information about the most relevant works on the economics of health care that have been published recently, gives not only their main provisions, but also a scheme, for example, determining the cost of treatment and keeping patients proposed by R. Yu. Zhuravel-Yakobson and R.D. Kuznetsova.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):87-88
pages 87-88 views

Professor Lazar Ilyich Shulutko


On December 2, 1971, after a serious and prolonged illness at the age of 75, one of the country's leading traumatologists-orthopedists, Honored Scientist of the RSFSR and TASSR, Head of the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of the Kazan State Pedagogical University named after I. V. I. Lenin professor Lazar Ilyich Shulutko.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):88-89
pages 88-89 views

Some results of the xxiv congress of the international society of surgeons and the x international congress on cardiovascular diseases

Medvedev N.P.


This report contains only some of the results of the Congress, which are of the greatest general medical interest.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):90-92
pages 90-92 views

V Congress of Pediatric Surgeons of the German Democratic Republic

Rokitskiy M.R.


The Congress was attended by prominent pediatric surgeons Professors Meissner “Schmitt, Wellmann, Tischer (GDR), D. Arnaudov (Bulgaria), V. Toshovsky (Czechoslovakia), Rebein (Germany), Hartl (Austria) and others. A delegation of USSR pediatric surgeons took part in the work of the congress: Cand. honey. L. M. Kondratieva (Moscow), prof. P.V. Zavyalov (Omsk) and prof. MR Rokitsky (head of the delegation).

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):92-93
pages 92-93 views

All-Russian conference on the use of physical and spa factors in obstetrics and gynecology

Kornienko T.G.


The conference was organized by the Ministry of Health of the RSFSR, the All-Russian Scientific Medical Society of Physiotherapists and Balneologists, the Central Scientific Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy M3 of the RSFSR, and the Central Council for the Management of Trade Unions Resorts.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):94-94
pages 94-94 views

The first republican conference on medical and sanitary services for schoolchildren in Tatarstan

Hakimova A.M.


The conference was organized by the Ministry of Health of the TASSR. Among schoolchildren there is an increase in the number of children exempted from exams for health reasons. The bulk of the repeaters consists of children with disabilities. Compared with normally trained children, such children suffer from rheumatism 5 times more often, tuberculosis - 4 times, endocrine disorders - 8 times. The percentage of children enrolled in the mentally retarded group is high, especially among primary school students.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):93-94
pages 93-94 views

The first republican conference on medical and sanitary services for schoolchildren in Tatarstan (part 2)

Molchanov N.N.


On 26-28 / X 1971, Kazan hosted the first republican conference of surgeons and pediatricians dedicated to urgent diagnostics and surgery of children. The conference was opened by the Deputy Minister of Health of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Ya. G. Pavlukhin. The conference was attended by surgeons, pediatricians and pediatric surgeons from all regions of Tatarstan and Kazan. The guests of the conference were the chief pediatric surgeons and surgeons of the Ulyanovsk region and the Mari, Udmurt, Chuvash and Mordovian ASSR.

Kazan medical journal. 1972;53(1):94-94
pages 94-94 views

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