Women's gonorrhea on railway transport
Romanova M.A.
Incidence and injuries with disability at industrial enterprises in Kazan in 1932
Nimtsovitskaya M.A.
On the treatment of croupous pneidonia
Stepukhovich D.M.
Cavernous ford pulmonary tuberculosis and kumis therapy
Kramov N.A.
Human cases of Bang disease
Podobansky V.K.
Populationally genetic analysis of neurogenic syncopes
Ismagilov M.F., Gainetdinova D.D.
Modern classification of the disease of the appendix
Gantsev S.K., Seryak A.N.
Leiomyoma of the stomach
Ivanov A.M., Oberman M.L.
The use of osteal transplants in microsurgery
Bogov A.A., Topyrkin V.G., Akhtyamov I.F., Plakseichuk A.Y.
Consumer goods in the service of preventing blindness
Preobrazhensky V.V.
The method of renal colic cupping with simultaneous regional stimulation of ureters for expulsion of concrements
Kochnev O.S., Safin G.M., Biryaltsev V.N., Girfanov V.S.
Advanced aspects of oncogyneco- logy
Slepov M.I., Mavlyutova Z.V., Moroz I.P., Minullin M.M.
Device for the correction of proxi-mal part of femur
Akhtyamov I.F., Gafarov K.Z., Andreev P.S.
Premature Ventricular Excitation Syndrome
Arleevsky I.P.
Hospital business - at the level of tasks set by the government and the party
Board E.
Extrarenal accumulation of blood waste
Lepskaya R. ., Mogilevsky E.R.
Treatment of traumas of proper patellar fold using elizarot’s apparatus
Pankov I.O., Nigmatullin K.K., Valitov I.A.
Clinical and pathophysiological aspects of disseminated intravascular coagulation
Litvinov R.I.
Indices of unspecific protection in children with vegetative disturbances
Korshun Y.V., Ismagilov M.F., Pikuza O.I.
The level of use of biometric methods in Russian periodicals
Tukshaitov R.K., Nedzvetskaya Z.A.
Sketch of the work of the scientific and clinical sanatorium Tsusstrakh named after Lenin
Verbov M.A.
Efеcacy of manual and acupunctural therapy in patients with chronic obstructive bronchitis
Ivanichev G.A., Bogoyavlensky V.F., Gainutdinov A.R.
Electrocardiography of 10000 Patients at the Massachusetts General Hospital from 1914 to 1931
White P., Sprague H.
The relationship of transport proteins and some hormones in polycystic ovary syndrome
Eremkina V.I., Ozol S.A., Karpova T.V., Makarova S.A.
Zubairov D.M.
Probabilistic etiologic diagnosis of acute pneumonias
Valimukhametova D.A., Novozhenov V.G., Khamitov R.F., Yakupova Z.N., Serdyuk R.F.
Participation of alveolar macrophages in pathogenesis of tuberculous inflammation
Tukhvatullin R.M., Zubairova L.D.
Duodenogastralic reflux in relapse of peptic ulcer of duodenum and stomach after vagotomies
Ermolov A.S., Abikulov K.A., Upyrev A.V., Almambetov A.G., Vasilieva V.M.
Modification of the Rodnyansky-Gupalov device for the surgical treatment of scoliosis
Миронов V.S.
Identification of objects and processes of forensic medicine
Pashinyan G.A., Romodanovsky P.O., Ayub F., Belyaeva E.V., Sahakyan E.S., Barinov E.K., Alimova R.G., Tuchik E.S.
New gas analyzer for continuous determination and registration of CO2 percentage in exhaled air (type GUF-1)
Abdrakhmanov M.I., Trofimovsky M.R.
The first department of allergology and the allergological service of the Republic of Tatarstan is 30 years old
Board E.
Morphofunctional features of the liver in shock
Kharin G.M.
Compression-destruction osteosynthesis for fractures of long bones
Khabibullin A.G.
On the question of acid diathesis in ulcerative patients
Yakimova V.F.
The functional state of the kidneys in obesity (according to the data of radioisotope renoangiography)
Glazer Y.Y., Popova Y.P.
Stages and advances of the development of the forensic medical service of Tatarstan Republik
Kalinin Y.P.
Prophylaxis method of mediastinitis after median sternotomy
Medvedev V.N., Ibatullin I.A., Bilalov I.V.
Sarcoidosis: etiology, pathogenesis, clinical picture, diagnosis and treatment
Wiesel A.A.
Transposition of muscles in the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis
Stolyarov E.A., Soloviev A.V.
Determination of controversial paternity by means of the polimerasic chain reaction and examination of polymorphic alleles locuses
Faizov T.K., Medvedeva N.M., Kotlyarevskaya E.E., Perelman M.V., Chistyakov D.A., Nosikov V.V., Alimov A.M.
Experience of preventive examination and clinical examination of women with the aim of early detection of breast cancer
Levin I.M.
Possibilities of doppler echocardiography in heart diseases
Galyavich A.S., Oslopov V.N.
Synovioma of the palm
Pushkarev N.I.
Clinical significance of antibiotic resistance of microflora of healthy skin, foci of pyoderma and some dermatoses
Yasnitsky N.N.
Chronicle Volume 29, No. 5-6 (1933)
Board E.
Lung diffusion capacity, hemodynamics of the small circle of blood circulation and microcirculation in patients with primary rheumocarditis
Tagirov I.S.
Complex therapy of circulatory insufficiency with protein hydrolysates, retabolil and strofantin
A. A.A., Leshchinsky L.A.
Inflammation of two vermiform processes in one patient
Shaimukhametov T.G.
Differentiational correction of muscles of external rotators of femur in congenital dislocation
Gafarov K.Z., Akhtyamov I.F., Andreev P.S.
Blood clotting system and natural anticoagulants
Zubairov D.M.
To the method of lavsanoplasty of knee ligaments
Karpov S.V.
Professor I. S. Aluf
Kuchnina T.M., Vitkova E.L., Latypova R.F.
Clinical and echocardiographic comparisons in the diagnosis of mitral prolapse
Oslopov V.N., Singatullina F.Z., Nefedova A.I., Osipov G.L.
Mitotic disorders in diphtheria intoxication
Gazizova G.R.
Radiation diagnostic centers in the healthcare system
Bakirov R.S., Yarullin A.K., Zaripov R.A.
Clinical significance of determining the ion-transport functions of cell membranes in hypertension and its cerebral complications
Oslopov V.N., Zabbarova A.T., Bogdanov E.I.
Detection of hemocoagulative activity of leukemia cells in acute myeloid leukemia and chronic myeloid leukemia
Zubairov D.M., Andrushko I.A., Zubairova L.D., Svintenok G.Y., Akhmadeev A.R., Grigoriev V.N., Nekhoroshkova Z.M.
Experience of the prophylactic use of penicillin in surgical practice
Akhtyamova Z.S.
Experimental and clinical substantiation of the use of xymedon as an antioxidant in the complex treatment of patients with chronic osteomyelitis
Malyshev K.V.
Contact activation of the Hageman factor
Fedorova Z.D., Petrova S.I., Papayan A.V.
Laser multifunctional equipment for physiotherapy, reflexology and surgery
Laryushin A.I.
Diabetes mellitus and pregnancy
Rybkina N.F.
Experience in the surgical treatment of chronic pulmonary suppuration in children
Libov S.L., Erintseva E.P.
The role of microbial factor in the development of complications after lung resection for tuberculosis
Fattakhova R.M.
Modern possibilities of drug treatment of atherosclerosis: the use of drugs with angioprotective, antithrombotic and immunomodulatory effects
Ibragimov O.B., Bogoyavlenskiy V.F., Kamburg R.A., Garaev R.S.
Some aspects of endoscopic surgery
Safin R.S., Knubovets S.Y., Valeev I.I.
Circulating immune complexes in children with rheumatoid arthritis
Romanova N.A., Alimova N.Z.
Reconstructive surgery for multiple renal arteries
Nikoshin L.I., Galeev R.K.
Experience of using adapted dysentery bacteriophage in complex treatment of adult patients with chronic dysentery
Perelstein S.B.
Opisthorchiasis and pseudomphistomiasis in the Republic of Tatarstan
Khamidullin R.I., Fomina O.A., Sultanaeva E.G., Khamidullin I.R., Mingaleev A.A., Volchkova N.S., Klimova N.A.
A case of scapular avulsion with upper limb
Mikusev G.I., Khaidarov F.F., Gainullin R.U., Akhmetzyanov N.N.
Phenotype of peripheral blood lymphocytes in angina
Mustafin I.G., Fazylov V.K., Baryshnikov A.O.
The effect of sharply increased motor activity on the heart of a growing organism
Abzalov R.A., Vasenkov N.V.
The use of xymedon in surgical practice to increase the body's nonspecific resistance to infection
Izmailov S.G., Zinkevich O.D.
Resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) of March 15, 1931 on the report of the Presidium of the Communist Academy ("Pravda" from 18/III 31)
Board E.
The clinical significance of coal preparations
Rossiyskiy D.M.
Methods of work of a health center in dairy and livestock sovkhozes
Yavnel A.Y.
Prediction of the level of allergic diseases in children in accordance with the change of atmospheric pollution extent
Shamova A.G., Galyamov A.B., Malanicheva T.G.
Some problems in forensic medical examination of inviolent death cases
Zabusov Y.G., Khromova A.M.
From the practice of recognizing congenital heart defects
Goldstein M.I., Zaitsev V.M.
The study of cerebrospinal fluid for the diagnosis of traumatic foci of crushing of the brain
Shulman H.M., Yagudin R.I., Tumakaev R.F.
Some questions of the clinic, bacteriology and treatment of chronic cholecystitis and angiocholitis
Solovyova N.F.
Surgical treatment of umbilical cord hernias
Bogolepov S.V.
Application of the new "Trilan" device for trilene analgesia in obstetric and gynecological practice
Kostin E.D., Kostyuchek D.F., Abramchenko V.V., Lantsev E.A., Kotras R.L.
Bacillemia in tuberculosis
Panina A.I.
Surgical anatomy of internal thoracic vessels and their branches in newborns
Nicoshin L.I., Mingazov R.G.
Needle for intraosseous infusions
Kulavsky V.A., Utkin E.V., Kosovan L.I.
Angiography in the diagnosis of kidney disease
Galeev R.H.
Features of the treatment of deformities of the dentition and bite before prosthetics
Romanenko A.G., Kovalenko T.I., Almaev V.P.
Diagnosis and treatment of patients with chronic cor pulmonale
Andreev V.M.
On the treatment of patients with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer with ganglion blocking drugs
Ischenko I.K.
Effect of adenosine on the course of experimental pulmonary edema
Ovchinnikova A.G., Eliseev V.V., Krylova I.B.
Preparation and study of polycomplex matrix systems containing ibuprofen
Mustafin R.I., Vasilyeva E.A.
II All-Russian School-Seminar on Immunohistochemical Diagnosis of Tumors
Hasanov R.S., Shamsutdinov N.S.
Recovering treatment of extensive defects of hand nerves
Rozovskaya T.P., G. G.G., Latypova N.A.
To the question of the reltogenicity and immunogenic activity of staphylococcal toxoid in the subcutaneous intranasal method of donor immunization
Grigoriev V.E., Khisamutdinov A.G., Akatov A.K., Minakova L.V., Ulanova A.A., Bychenko V.D., Kamalov F.Z., Sidoruk E.A., Budnikova T.A., Markova S.A., Ferofontova S.L., Uronova A.V., Yurchenko P.I., Mindubaeva R.A., Ismagilova Z.M.
Doctors who treated the Ulyanovs
Evdokimov P.P.
Professiogram of a tractor driver
Reznikov A.B.
Mechanisms of squeeze of the neck by the parts of unarmed person’s body
Mishin E.S., Podporinova E.E.
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