Microflora of carious milk teeth and pathologically altered tonsils as foci of infection
Enikeeva V.I.
Economical lung resections
Rokitsky M.R.
On the effect of low concentrations of unsaturated hydrocarbons С2-С5 on the electrical activity of the cerebral cortex
Krasovitskaya M.L., Terekhov Y.A., Sukhotina K.I., Malyarova L.K.
On the issue of laboratory diagnostics of the activity of the tuberculous process
Glozman О.S., Astrakhanov A.I., Belokopytova E.N., Demidova Z.G.
Neurological manifestations of a single head injury in boxers
Kravets R.Z.
On the level of antidiphtherial immunnity in population of Tatarstan Republic
Shafeev M.S., Zorina L.M., Sadykova D.G., Yakupov I.F., Ibragimov A.K., Zabirov H.G., Vakhitov S.M., Ismagilova Z.M., Andreeva T.N., Iskhakova S.K., Lukatkov V.M., Galeev A.G.
Experience in determining sodium and potassium in whole blood, erythrocytes, blood plasma, saliva on a flame photometer of the PPF-UNIIZ type
Arleevsky I.P., Razumov V.A., Aydarov T.K.
Fibromyalgic syndrome - a defect in the program for the construction and execution of movement
Ivanichev G.A.
On the physical development of children who have undergone asphyxia at birth
Fedorov M.I.
Treatment of syndactylia of the hand
Mikusev I.E., Latypova N.A.
Bronchographic parallels in chronic pulmonary suppuration
Radbil O.S., Lichtenstein A.O., Filippova I.G.
Outpatient pneumonia: A comparative analysis of case records
Vizel A.A., Dzugaeva I.N., Novosyelov E.A., Gataullina T.F., Kirshina E.A., Fakhrutdinov R.A.
Vegetative disorders in children with congenital heart diseases of pale type
Khasanova D.R., Medvedev V.N., Nikulin N.L., Vergasov E.A.
Treatment of patients with myocardial infarction
Latfullin I.A.
Inhibitors of proteolysis and plasminogen of blood serum in parturient women with an uncomplicated course of the postpartum period
Semenkov N.N., Gorin V.S., Zhabin S.G., Renge L.V., Potekhin N.G.
New methods of organopreservation surgery of gastric and duoden ulcer
Naumov V.F., Mustafina Z.Z., Shpalinsky G.V.
Angina pectoris with peptic ulcer, stomach cancer and duodenum
Kokosov A.N.
Validity and efficiency of in gacort treatment of patients with chronic obstructive bronchitis
Sukhov V.M., Kuzmin A.Z., Chernysheva N.S., Wiesel A.A.
On the dependence of the frequency of dental caries in children Zelenodolsk from fluorine content in drinking water
Petukhov N.I., Ivishna V.A.
Use of selective catheterization of the lobar bronchus through minitracheostomy in the intensive therapy complex of unilateral bronchopulmonary pathology
Bulashova O.V., Shalimov V.N., Saetgaraev А.K., Bikmuhametov A.F., Nazipov А.А.
Medical bioethics as a science and teaching subject
Amirov N.H., Albitsky V.Y., Nezhmetdinova F.T.
Acupuncture for endarteriosis and atherosclerosis of the lower extremities
Zaitsev G.P., Vykhovskaya A.G., Poryadin V.T.
Differential diagnosis of chronic cardiac and pulmonary insufficiency according to the functional ventilation test with berotek
Kozlov V.P.
Formation of humoral immune response in atopic dermatitis in children
Agafonova E.V., Malanicheva T.G., Shamov B.A.
Surgical treatment of the knee joint for meniscus injuries
Ananiev I.A.
Electroimpulsive therapy in the treatment of cardiac rhythm disorders
Arleevsky I.P.
Blood clotting with emotional excitement
Tepper P.A., Chernysheva L.N., Volgina A.S., Bratchik A.M., Kamensky A.I., Makarenko N.A., Syurin A.A., Urbanyuk K.G.
About the mechanism of atrioventricular heart block in healthy women in labor
Lebedeva L.I., Orlov R.S.
To learn about acute leukemia
Lyubimov N.M.
All-Union Rheumatology Conference (14-16 / XII 1964 Moscow)
Shcherbatenko S.I.
Antithrombin III in shock and disseminated intravascular coagulation
Vinazzer H.A.
Chelicobacteria infection of the mucous membrane of stomach and duodenum in various diseases of the gastroenteric tract
Pozdeev O.K., Fartdinova M.V., Lapshina G.N., Bakirov R.R., Morozova L.G.
Experience of mass revaccination of BCG in rural areas terrain
Ginzburg E.A., Kotelnikov V.M., Korde T.V., Poletilo E.V., Plotnikova L.M., Rapoport P.N.
Analysis of injuries in large-panel construction and ways of its prevention
Shvalev L.N., Shvalev N.V.
Towards the doctrine of acute leukemia
Lubimov N.M.
Qualitative and quantitative cuanyes of lipids in experimental peritonitis
Trofimov V.A., Vlasov A.P., Minnebaev М.М.
Effect of sizes and functional characteristics of the left auricle on the peculiarities of the course of auricular fibrillations
Leshchinsky L.A., Tyulkina E.E., Guseva E.V., Dobriyan E.N., Minakov I.V.
On the intravital diagnosis of the subaortic stenosis of the heart
Zlochevsky P.M.
The use of regexon in patients with essential hypertension
Legostev B.I., Sibirkin N.V.
On recognizing congenital failure tricuspid valve (Ebstein's disease)
Goldstein M.I., Iskhakova E.Z.
To the clinic of atrioventricular disorders conduction for rheumatism
Krasnoperov F.T.
Pathomorphological changes in the placenta, umbilical cord and membranes during late toxicosis of pregnancy
Abaimov M.P.
Polycythaemia myelopathica (splenomegalica)
Goryaev H.V.
Professor Irek Makhmudovich Rakhmatullin
Zubairov D.M.
Luria R. A. "Internal picture of the disease and iatrogenic diseases"
Rakhlin L.M., Vylegzhanin N.I.
Mathematical modeling and prediction of tissue properties in the treatment of pseudarthrosis
Arshin V.M.
Comparative characteristics of methods bacteriological study of water survey data from some superficial reservoirs of Kazan
Tretyakova S.I.
Board E.
Role of x-ray examination methods in the diagnosis of endophytic stomach carcinomas
Gorshkov А.N., Akberov R.F.
Combined endotracheal anesthesia during a cesarean section in a woman in labor with acute pulmonary heart failure
Stolyarova V.S.
Angiotensin II antagonist valsartan in the treatment of arterial hypertension
Galyavich A.S.
Army and tuberculosis
Idelson E.M.
Protocol of the meeting of the society of doctors at the Imperial Kazan University December 9, 1910
Team E.
On the danger of surgical interventions in the presence of status thymico-lymphaticus
Vasiliev J.H.
Professor Leopold Matveevich Rachlin
Arleevsky I.P., Zubairov D.M.
Tabular method for express diagnostics of concussion and minor contusion of the brain
Troshin V.M., Likhterman L.B., Krol M.P., Frolova S.M.
On the prevention of allergic diseases
Lozanov N.N., Akimov V.N.
Carcinogenic and mutagenous effects of the influence of industrial environment factors
Amirov N.K., Sitdikova I.D.
Clinic of gastritis with preserved and increased secretory function of the stomach
Badylkes S.O., Kudashevich V.Z., Eingorn E.O.
Caesarism with castration with osteomalatic pelvis
Vladimirov V.V.
To the clinic for pancreatic stones
Shapiro V.A., Volchek V.M.
Use of ximedone in patients with pollinosis
Tsybulkin A.P., Khasanova M.I., Tsibulkina V.N.
The case of surplus liver
Popov V.A.
Treatment of epidemic hepatitis at the present stage
Sorinson S.N.
Immunity indices in patients with late localized forms of postnatal infection
Gorin V.S., Semenkov N.N., Yasinskaya N.N., Renge L.V., Zhabin S.G.
New surgical options functional urinary incontinence in women according to D.N.Atabekov
Urazaev A.Z.
Age peculiarities of the change of the local morphofunctional status of the small intestine after anastomosis formation
Markosian S.A.
Hemolytic disease of infants caused by abo-conflict
Sadykov B.G., Abdrakhmanova L.R.
A few words about local anesthesia eikain B.
Gerken N.A.
Protocol of the appointment of the Society of Physicians at the Imperial Kazan University November 12, 1911
Team E.
Psychiatry: Unresolved Problems and New Approaches to Them
Mendelevich D.M.
Screening of child health reserves by the local immunity indices
Amirov N.K., Sadykova D.I., Pikuza O.I.
Acute drug allergy in large industrial city
Reshetnikova I.D., Voitsekhovich G.S., Khramov V.V., Makarova L.V., Fassakhov P.S.
New ways in the treatment of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer
Daikhovsky Y.I.
Treatment of patients with functional uterine bleeding
Radionchenko A.A., Konischeva O.E.
Scientific session of the Leningrad Sanitary and Hygienic Institute dedicated to staphylococcal infections (14-18 / ІХ 1964)
Krasnoshchekova E.E., Gritsevskaya E.V.
Dynamics of the changes of luminoldependent chemoluminescence of blood in patients with heart diseases operated in artificial blood circulation
Medvedev V.N., Kharitonov G.I.
Peculiarities of lipid homeostasis in rural population of Bashkortostan republic
Kildebekova R.N.
About gas bubble correction with artificial pneumothorax
Stankevich V.E.
On the use of research on protein, glucoprotein fractions and sialic acid levels acids for differential diagnosis of asthmoid syndrome and bronchial asthma
Novichkov V.I.
Clinical illustration of the syndrome of autonomic-dyskinetic jaundice
Zvonitsky N.S., Yurina A.I.
Some features of the clinic of acute pancreatitis
Karashurov E.S., Trunin M.A., Ostrovsky A.G.
Tooth decay and allergic reactions of the salivary glands
Sayfullina H.M.
XI International Neurological Congress (11-16/IX 1977, Amsterdam)
Dyakonova I.N.
Liver condition with hyperbaric oxygenation
Shlyapnikov V.N., Rossiyskaya V.V., Uglova M.V., Sarkisova O.I.
Pyrimidine derivatives as regeneration stimulants
Bilich G.L.
"Rural doctor" V. A. Alekseev, A. M. Aminev. Chuvash book publishing house. Cheboksary, 1977, circulation 8000 copies
Bregadze I.L.
Clinical and radiological characteristics pulmonary tuberculosis
Anastasiev V.S.
On the use of polymers for plastics of the inferior vena cava above the renal veins in the experiment
Komarov N.I., Sharafislamov F.S.
Comparative evaluation of macro- and micromethods of serological diagnosis of salmonellosis and shigellosis in the hemagglutination reaction
Sharifullina D.M., Shagidullina N.Z., Lapshina G.N., Kuryaeva N.Y.
On the question of the composition and properties of lipohepine
Lastochkin P.N.
Incidence of bronchoobstructive syndrome in patients seeking phthisiopulmonologist
Wiesel A.A., Yaushev M.M., Khalfiev I.N.
Changes in venous pressure due to the hydrostatic factor of carbon dioxide baths
Vilkovysky A.L., Levin M.A.
Board E.
On the classification of chronic pneumonia, adopted by the All-Union Symposium of Physicians on May 12 in Minsk
Nikulin K.G.
Diphenylamine reaction in chronic pneumonia in children
Amosova A.S.
About reflex epilepsy
Bobkov I.P.
State of some indices of laser doppler flowmetry in norm and in gingivitis in children
Mirgazizov M.Z., Khamitova N.K., Mamaeva E.V.
The course of myocardial infarction in old and senile age
Gurevich T.Z., Karmazin I.Y., Rovinsky V.I.
Experience in the treatment of epilepsy with a combination of anticonvulsants
Levyatov V.M.
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