New method of surgical treatment of glaucoma
Kurbanov S.A., Gabdrakhmanova A.F., Gaynutdinova R.F.
Evaluation of osteopathic treatment of patients with distal tibia fractures in the late postoperative period
Egorova I.A., Dyupin A.V., Liverko A.A., Chervotok A.E., Filimonova M.N.
Kimura's disease
Matchin A.A., Matz E.G.
Treatment of narcological patients in the territory of Tatarstan (to the 45th anniversary of the ­Republican Clinical Narcological Dispensary of the Ministry of Health of Tatarstan)
Shaydukova L.K., Utkelbaev R.I., Khaeva R.F.
Two-stage orthodontic treatment outcomes of children with dentoalveolar class II malocclusion
Ayupova F.S., Khotko R.A.
Justification of treatment and possible outcomes of severe COVID-19
Khamitov R.F., Andreicheva E.N., Hairullina A.R., Mingaleeva G.F.
Results of osteopathic treatment of infants with psychomotor developmental disorders
Veber V.R., Egorova I.A., Zinkevich E.R., Chervotok A.E.
Duodenogastric reflux and features of its treatment in chronic gastroduodenitis in children
Mazurin A.V., Vasadze R.G.
Structure of the drug treatment adherence in elderly patients with mild cognitive impairment and psychopathological symptoms
Kovtun O.P., Sidenkova A.P., Izmozherova N.V., Serdyuk O.V., Vikhareva A.A., Melnik A.A., Rezaikin A.V.
Surgical method of treatment of patients with thromboangiitis obliterans of the lower extremities
Medvedev V.N.
The use of vetrazine for the treatment of cor pulmonale
Ashbel S.I., Reznik N.D.
The therapeutic effect of Siberian adonis in case of circulatory failure
Akhmetova B.K., Lazareva D.N., Maksyutova S.S.
Experience in the diagnosis and treatment of acute intestinal obstruction
Rosengarten M.Y.
New in the classification and treatment of genital infantilism
Khamadyanov U.R.
Therapeutic tactics in colonic diverticulosis complicated by bleeding
Sakhautdinov V.G., Mehdiyev D.I., Timerbulatov V.M.
Treatment of acute cholecystitis complicated by obstructive jaundice
Masharov G.B.
Therapeutic efficacy of pertussis hyperimmune gamma globulin
Sukhareva M.E., Bulatov N.M., Petrova M.S., Mukhutdinova R.G., Zorina L.M., Akhmadullina G.G., Gritsenko G.P., Elmanova M.I., Isachenko L.I., Dudyshkina E.V., Akhmetova M.G., Akhmetzyanova N.S.
Sensitivity and specificity of the treatment methods included in the standards of health resort treatment
Agasiyev A.R.
Treatment of patients with hyperchronic fibrous-cavernous pulmonary tuberculosis on an outpatient basis
Eisayev B.A.
Tactics of the maxillofacial surgeon for head injuries
Ivanov V.V., Valeev E.K., Davudov I.A., Savkin G.V., Nafikov R.A., Livshits G.I.
Long-term results of treatment of patients with Dupuytren's contracture
Mikusev I.E., Rozovskaya T.P., Maksimova T.A.
The effectiveness of treatment of malocclusion with function regulators
Mannanova F.F., Dubivko S.A., Demner L.M.
Analysis of the effectiveness of medical and laser treatment of patients with diabetic retinopathy
Kuzovnikov V.V., Nevmerzhitskaya V.A., Lazarenko V.I.
Comparative evaluation of treatment of acute caries with inlays and fillings
Davletshin A.M., Kovyazina S.B.
The use of methotrexate for the treatment of ectopic pregnancy
Maltseva L.I., Kapelushnik N.L.
Treatment of patients with benign tumors and tumor-like diseases of the skeleton
Akberdina D.L., Takhavieva D.G.
Intertrochanteric osteotomy with the formation of a canopy according to Girgolav in dysplastic coxarthrosis
Gimmelfarb A.L., Akberdina D.L.
Research on adherence of elder patients with cardiovascular diseases to surgical treatment and assessment of the endovascular treatment clinical efficacy
Goloshchapov-Aksenov R.S., Rukodaynyy O.V., Volkov P.S.
Laparoscopic hypothermic lavage of the omental bursa in the treatment of acute pancreatitis
Evdokimov N.P.
The effectiveness of conservative treatment of congenital clubfoot in children
Gafarov K.Z.
Treatment of children with acute confluent infiltrative pneumonia in the conditions of the pediatric surgical department
Rokitsky M.R., Akinfiev A.V., Grebnev P.N., Girfanov I.V., Shatunov V.N., Kuchinskaya A.I.
Intestinal bleeding and perforation with typhoid fever
Galeeva R.K., Khairieva M.B.
Errors in the diagnosis and treatment of acute pneumonia
Panfilov Y.A., Movilovich B.L., Kalyachkin R.S., Bystrova I.R.
Correction of hemodynamics of the pelvic organs in patients with uterine myoma
Tebelev B.G.
Effectiveness of preoperative orthodontic therapy of an adolescent with skeletal form of mesial occlusion according to X-ray profilometry
Ayupova F.S., Gayvoronskaya T.V., Mikhaylyuk V.A.
The experience of neural network prediction of the need for surgical treatment in patients with the diseases of hepatopancreatoduodenal zone
Lazarenko V.A., Zarubina T.V., Antonov A.E., Sood S.
Experience of treatment of forefoot pain syndrome of various genesis
Privalov A.M.
Analysis of surgical treatment results of macular holes in the Samara region
Petrachkov D.V., Zolotarev A.V., Zamytskiy P.A., Karlova E.V., Kazakov I.S.
Medico-economic performance of treatment of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchial asthma in case of emergency admission
Ishmurzin G.P.
Scrotal and penile epidermoid cysts
Prokhorov A.V.
Clinical and morphological characteristics of generalized purulent peritonitis in the terminal stage
Arsent’ev O.V., Kemerov S.V.
Features of ophthalmic disorders in patients with chronic viral hepatitis C before and after antiviral treatment
Akberova G.E., Saifullina F.R., Khaertynova I.M.
Diagnosis and surgical treatment of heart valve non-mixoma tumors
Kiprenskiy A.Y., Nechayenko M.A., Kuznetsova L.M., Fyodorov D.N.
Experience in the treatment of opium withdrawal syndrome with naloxone under general anesthesia
Verkhnev V.A., Krasnoschekova N.N.
A novel algorithm for shock treatment in patients with injuries
Kotel’nikov G.P., Trukhanova I.G., Shabanova A.Y.
Experimental ground for high-intensity laser wavelength choice for chronic hemorrhoids low-invasive surgical treatment
Shakhrai S.V., Gain Y.M., Gain M.Y., Ryabtseva S.N.
Small cell lung cancer: effectiveness of different treatment regimens, long-term results and prognosis
Ramazanova M.S., Kislichko A.G.
Clinical features of chronic hepatitis C and efficacy of antiviral treatment in Caucasian and Mongoloid patients
Malov S.I., Dulguun B., Malov I.V., Stepanenko L.A., Miroshnichenko I.A., Nymadawa P.
Odontogenic osteomyelitis of the jaws and their complications
Khamitov F.S., Epstein Y.Z., Ediger M.P.
Staged medical care for combined injuries of the chest and spine
Liechtenstein A.O., Altunin V.F., Kamalov I.I.
Clinical and immunological aspects of the spa treatment of patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Trofimova R.I.
Behavioral risks of student dental health
Safarov D.A.
Analysis of the results of different treatment methods for patellar dislocation
Kotel'nikov G.P., Ryzhov P.V., Lartsev Y.V., Kudashev D.S., Zuev-Ratnikov S.D., Pirogova N.V., Shmel'kov A.V.
Bacteriophage use in the focus of hospital-acquired shigellosis
Kurakin E.S.
Ocular dirofilariasis: case reports
Zumbulidze N.G., Khokkanen V.M., Kasymov F.O., Marchenko O.A., Yarovoy D.A., Chudinova O.V.
Cardiogenic syncope in therapeutic practice
Abdrakhmanova A.I., Amirov N.B., Tsibul’kin N.A., Frolova E.B., Mikhoparova O.Y., Oshchepkova O.B.
Features of intracardiac hemodynamics disoders in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease complicated by the chronic pulmonary heart disease development and methods for their medical correction
Aidargalieva N.E., Teleusheva A.Z.
Modern approaches to local treatment of pyo-necrotic complications of the diabetic foot syndrome
Slavin L.E., Godzhaev B.N., Zamaleev A.Z.
Optimizing the treatment and preventive measures in poor patients with secondary edentulism
Dyumeev R.M., Bulgakova A.I., Islamova D.M.
Complex rehabilitation of patients with cleft lip and palate at the Kemerovo center of maxillofacial area congenital pathology prevention and treatment in children
Bulgakova E.A., Te IA I.A., Ahapkin S.M.
Cardiac masses due to tumors (diagnosis, clinical manifestations and surgical treatment)
Kranin D.L.
Correction of stress urinary incontinence in women using a free suburethral loop
Neymark A.I., Razdorskaya M.V., Neymark B.A.
Psychological aspects of choosing between active and conservative treatment tactics in cases of liver echinococcosis with small sized cysts
Abdullaev A.M., Koychuev R.A., Akhmedov I.G.
Role of endothelial dysfunction and metabolic syndrome in interventional treatment complications development in patients with coronary heart disease
Arsenitcheva O.V., Omeljanenko M.G.
Late stomal complications and their surgical correction
Timerbulatov M.V., Ibatullin A.A., Gaynutdinov F.M., Kulyapin A.V., Aitova L.R., Kyzylbaeva A.I., Abdeev A.A., Fatkhullin A.S.
Mathematical model for predicting the length of hospital stay after performing high-tech operations for arrhythmia correction
Basova L.A., Karyakina O.E., Kochorova L.V., Martynova N.A., Kalinin A.G.
Predicting treatment outcomes for uncomplicated closed fractures of the thoracic spine
Tinchurina S.G., Kamalov I.I.
Children's health status after tonsillectomy
Okulova E.M., Tsaregorodtseva L.V.
Surgical treatment of acute abscesses and gangrene of the lungs
Wagner E.A., Subbotin V.M., Firsov V.D., Cherkasov V.A., Ilchishin V.I., Kubarikov A.P.
Laser treatment of chronic central serous chorioretinopathy with a point of leakage in the subfoveolar zone without fluorescein angiography
Samoylov A.N., Korobitsin A.N.
Improving the efficiency of treatment of inflammatory periodontal diseases in professional athletes
Safaraliev F.R.
Modern classification, progression factors, treatment and outcomes of primary mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis
Sigitova O.N., Kim T.Y., Sharipova R.R.
Posttraumatic heterotopic ossification of the elbow
Karalin A.N., Ovechkin L.A., Lavrent’ev A.V., Lushin A.V., Ivanov A.P., Natural’nyy I.A., Kazenov S.A.
Surgical tactics in patients with pancreatic necrosis and its complications
Krasil’nikov D.M., Abdul’janov A.V., Zajnullin I.V., Borodin M.A., Zefirov R.A., Imamova A.M.
Personalized approach to the ovarian cancer treatment
Savinova A.R., Gataullin I.G.
Diagnosis and treatment of snoring and sleep apnea syndrome
Batyrshin R.G., Shagiakhmetova L.Y., Batyrshin T.R., Gaysina T.A.
Features and role of lipid peroxidation in patients with chronic hepatitis C (genotype 1b) before and after antiviral therapy
Konstantinov D.Y., Suzdal’tsev A.A.
Improving medical care in patients with chronic catarrhal gingivitis while using fixed orthodontic appliances
Khaliullina G.R., Blashkova S.L., Mustafin I.G.
Quality of life as part of the diagnostic and treatment process in patients with uveal melanoma
Panova I.E., Mochalova A.S., Vlasova O.S.
Diagnostic program and tactical approaches to treatment of patients with obturative colonic obstruction of tumor genesis
Malkov I.S., Toltoev M.M.
Fast track surgery - a multimodal strategy for managing surgical patients
Mazitova M.I., Mustafin E.R.
Regarding the issue of abdominal drainage
Salakhov E.K.
Clinical and immunological studies of periodontal inflammatory complications at orthodontic treatment using fixed appliances
Khaliullina G.R., Blashkova S.L.
The state of some indicators of hemostasis and kallikrein-kinin system in patients with atherosclerotic occlusion of the arteries of the lower extremities
Rzaev N.M., Kazieva N.K., Sultanova T.I.
The experience of the medical council in the examination of the results of treatment of trauma patients
Takhavieva D.G.
Treatment of purulent wounds
Sazhin V.P., Korovin A.Y., Kravtsov V.P.
Dynamic circlage in case of retinal detachment
.Khasanova N.K., Valimukhametova N.A., Fedorova N.V.
Features of etiology and pathogenesis of acute deep vein thrombosis in children of different age groups. Results of a prospective cohort study in parallel groups
Nurmeev I.N., Mirolubov L.M., Batyrshina L.I., Nurmeev N.N., Gilmutdinov M.R., Nurmeeva A.R.
Features of clinical course and treatment principles of endodontic-periodontal lesions
Moroz P.I., Iordanishvili A.K., Prohodnaya V.A., Maxyukov S.Y., Safronenko A.V., Gulyaeva E.S.
Сorrection of patients’ immune status with human intravenous immunoglobulin
Romanenko N.A., Bessmel’tsev S.S., Chechetkin A.V.
First experience of lymphoscintigraphy use in early stages of breast cancer
Vatankha S.S., Aliev F.Y.
Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of acute gastrointestinal bleeding of various etiology
Malkov I.S., Nasrullaev M.N., Zakirova G.R., Khamzin I.I.
Comparative analysis of sarcoidosis treatment efficiency in clinical practice settings
Vizel A.A., Vizel I.Y.
The choice of surgical treatment method of patients with bacterial liver abscesses
Tolstikov A.P.
Oral mucosa lichen planus: clinical forms, treatment
Chuykin S.V., Akmalova G.M.
Influence of GSTM1, GSTT1 and GSTP1 xenobiotic metabolism genes polymorphisms on treatment efficiency in patients with chronic hepatitis C
Ostapchuk E.V., Godovan V.V.
The rational method of orthodontic treatment in rural school children
Shaydulin I.M., Khamitova N.K.
Arterial stiffness as a cardiovascular events risk marker and possibilities for its downregulation by contemporary antihypertensive medications
Zagidullin N.S., Zulkarneev R.K., Scherbakova E.S., Safina Y.F., Zagidullin S.Z.
Features of infusions and tranfusions within the complex treatment in patients with multisystem trauma
Chikaev V.F., Vdovin V.A., Galyautdinov F.S., Ibragimov R.A.
The use of double catheter epidural anesthesia in the lumbar segment of the spine during surgical correction of funnel chest deformity
Safin R.R., Anisimov O.G.
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