Vol 62, No 5 (1981)

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Predicting treatment outcomes for uncomplicated closed fractures of the thoracic spine

Tinchurina S.G., Kamalov I.I.


The long-term results of conservative and surgical treatment of 200 patients with closed uncomplicated fractures of the thoracic spine were analyzed and tables of the frequency of signs that characterize this group of patients were compiled. Based on the data obtained, tables were compiled for the computational prediction of the outcomes of closed uncomplicated fractures of the thoracic spine with conservative and surgical treatment. The use of computational prediction tables in the practice of medical institutions will make it possible to objectively assess the condition of the victim, determine the effectiveness of a particular treatment method and recommend the most appropriate one.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):1-6
pages 1-6 views

The use of hemosorption in liver failure

Sitnikov V.A., Trusov V.V., Lysenko V.A., Ivanenkov A.A.


The hemosorption method was applied in the treatment of 20 patients (30 hemosorptions). Indications for hemosorption were severe cholemic intoxication and liver failure in obstructive jaundice of gallstone and tumor etiology, hepatic coma in serum hepatitis, cholemic intoxication and liver failure in biliary cirrhosis, eclampsia and renal-hepatic failure. The efficiency and possible complications of hemosorption have been analyzed.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):6-9
pages 6-9 views

Dynamics of the restoration of the bioelectric activity of the brain in persons who have undergone mechanical asphyxia

Yakupov R.A.


The results of clinical and electroencephalographic examination of 72 victims who underwent mechanical (strangulation) asphyxia are presented. The electrical activity of the brain was restored as the condition improved (normalization of respiration and cardiac activity) in the process of resuscitation. The dependence of the frequency-amplitude characteristics of the electroencephalogram on the duration of asphyxia has been established.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):9-12
pages 9-12 views

Method for determining the volume of cardiac muscle necrosis in patients with myocardial infarction

Ardamatsky N.A., Bakhmetyeva N.M., Perepelov A.M.


A method is proposed for determining the volume of cardiac muscle necrosis in patients with transmural, subendocardial and subepicardial myocardial infarctions using the ECG method. To facilitate calculations, a table of the volume of myocardial necrosis has been compiled. The technique was tested on 160 patients.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):12-14
pages 12-14 views

The effect of prednisolone on the course of myocardial infarction

Khasanov Z.S.


85 patients with large-focal myocardial infarction aged from 38 to 72 years were examined. All patients received complex treatment, and 42 of them received additional prednisolone at a dose of 20-25 mg per day by mouth in the first 6-8 days from the onset of the disease. Studies have shown that the inclusion of prednisolone in the treatment complex has a beneficial effect on the course of myocardial infarction: it accelerates the normalization of protein SH-groups, protein fractions, serum enzymes, electrolytes in the blood and catecholamines in daily urine, gives a diuretic and natriuretic effect without causing an increase in caliuresis.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):14-18
pages 14-18 views

Possibilities of classification of clinical stages of coronary heart disease by systems of informative indicators of hemostasis

Grybauskas P.S., Dimshene V.I.


The results of classification of 868 patients (809 with various manifestations of coronary artery disease, 17 with drug allergy and 40 with discoid lupus erythematosus) by systems based on informative parameters of plasma and vascular-platelet hemostasis are presented. The accuracy of class division was achieved in the range of 43.8-100.0%, depending mainly on the clarity of the clinical picture of the disease (concomitant diseases and developed complications). The fundamental possibility of using data on the state of hemostasis in general and particular classifying and prognostic systems to determine the severity and stage of the disease is shown.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):18-21
pages 18-21 views

On the tactics of penicillin treatment for patients with pneumonia

Smirnov G.A.


The effectiveness of intramuscular administration of usual (800 thousand units per day) and increased (12 million units per day) doses of benzylpenicillin in 281 patients with acute, prolonged and chronic pneumonia was studied. Increased doses of the drug had a therapeutic effect in 80% of patients in whom its use in usual doses was unsuccessful. When using higher doses, the dependence of the effect of penicillin on the resistance to it of the coccal flora isolated from the sputum of patients was leveled. The high efficiency of penicillin therapy led to the conclusion that gram-positive cocci play a decisive role in the etiology of pneumonia. It was concluded that it is advisable to prescribe higher doses of benzylpenicillin intramuscularly in the absence of the effect of using it in usual doses, only if the intramuscular administration of high doses of benzylpenicillin is unsuccessful, one should switch to intravenous infusions or use semisynthetic drugs.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):21-24
pages 21-24 views

Risk factors for respiratory viral infections in newborns

Pikuza O.I., Kuznetsova L.A., Aleksandrova L.Y.


The study of the clinical features of acute respiratory viral infections and pneumonia in 320 newborns made it possible to identify a group of children with an increased risk of an unfavorable course of the disease. A negative effect on the prognosis of acute respiratory diseases in newborns is exerted by toxicosis, acute diseases of women during pregnancy, the impact on the expectant mother of occupational health problems, a burdened obstetric history, prematurity of the newborn, natal trauma of the central nervous system. Specific regimens have been developed to complement the conventional medical history that can facilitate the management of risk conditions and a differentiated approach to the newborn.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):24-26
pages 24-26 views

Clinical efficacy of thyroid-parathyroid complex allotransplantation

Bredikhin T.F., Bredikhin V.T.


Alloplastic transplants of the thyroid-parathyroid complex were performed under the cover of immunosuppressants (6-mercaptopurine and hydrocortisone) and without them in 15 patients suffering from thyroid-parathyroid insufficiency. Transplants were performed on the vascular pedicle according to Bogoraz. The results were tracked over periods from several months to 14 years. A more favorable clinical effect was noted in the postoperative period in those patients who received immunosuppressants.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):26-29
pages 26-29 views

Experimental Substantiation of the Optimal Needle Design for Translumbar Aortography

Zamaletdinov A.A.


The incidence of aortic injury during experimental aortography depends on the design of the puncture needle. It is more expedient to perform translumbal aortography with a needle having a blind end and one lateral outlet directed along the aortic lumen.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):29-32
pages 29-32 views

Diagnostics and correction of adrenal insufficiency in patients with toxic goiter

Bluvshtein G.A., Lagun M.A., Magomedov M.V.


704 patients with toxic goiter were examined. A test with a dosed irritant revealed adrenal insufficiency in 50.7% of patients. The use of glucocorticoid therapy is recommended at all stages of treatment of patients with toxic goiter.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):33-34
pages 33-34 views

The use of electro-gustometry to assess the functional state of the adrenal glands

Halfen E.S., Tryapyshko A.D.


Comparison of electro-gustometry data and the results of blood glucose studies, sodium and potassium content in saliva and blood, daily excretion of 17-ketosteroids in healthy and sick patients showed that electro-gustometry can be used as a simple approximate method for detecting adrenal insufficiency.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):34-36
pages 34-36 views

Surgical diagnosis of gastric lesions

Abdullin A.S.


Methods for studying the stomach in transmitted light throughout the operation have been developed: reverse transillumination fibrogastroscopy, targeted forward and reverse transillumination angiography, and pigmentary injection transillumination angiography. The studies were carried out during the operation and on removed preparations. Of the 464 operated patients, 346 had stomach cancer, 45 had peptic ulcer disease, 43 had polyps, and 30 had non-epithelial tumors. Features of angioarchitectonics of the stomach are important for the recognition of initial lesions - erosions, ulcers, polyps.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):36-40
pages 36-40 views

Mobilization cholangiography

Kochnev O.S., Biryaltsev V.N.


Determination of the state of the biliary tract and the terminal part of the common bile duct is one of the most difficult issues of intraoperative diagnosis in complicated cholecystitis. Currently, none of the surgeons doubts the need for intraoperative cholangiography and its value. It is she who allows to identify in many patients the presence of calculi in the biliary tract, to determine the degree of expansion of the common bile duct and bile hypertension, the state of the terminal part of the common bile duct. However, the analysis of radiographs performed during 170 surgical interventions for various degrees of stenosis of the large duodenal papilla showed that even this most reliable method of intraoperative diagnosis has a significant drawback.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):41-42
pages 41-42 views

Intramural circulation and complications during operations on hollow organs

Sigal Z.M.


Disorders of intramural blood flow are observed in mechanical disorders of the patency of extraorganic vessels caused by thrombosis, embolism, ligation of certain branches, metastases to regional lymph nodes. The latter was noted as an anatomical substrate of ischemic enteritis, gangrene of the affected ileum in carcinoid tumors [12]. The second type is such disorders of blood flow, in which the patency of the vessels is preserved. There is reason to consider stress ulcers as a consequence of non-occlusive gastric ischemia. In their pathogenesis, a violation of microcirculation in the mucous membrane plays a role; more often they occur in the proximal stomach.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):42-44
pages 42-44 views

Development of criteria for the effectiveness of acupuncture of lumbar osteochondrosis

Tabeeva D.M., Bilalova A.S., Veselovsky V.P.


The dynamics of vertebral, neurodystrophic and neural syndromes in 116 patients with lumbar osteochondrosis was analyzed. The results of the study made it possible to single out individual criteria for the effectiveness of acupuncture for compression-radicular and neurodystrophic syndromes.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):44-45
pages 44-45 views

Intestinal bleeding and perforation with typhoid fever

Galeeva R.K., Khairieva M.B.


Stabilization of the frequency of intestinal complications in typhoid fever was noted. With typhoid perforated peritonitis, symptoms of peritoneal irritation may not be detected.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):46-48
pages 46-48 views

On the issue of surgical treatment of patients with scleropolycystic ovary syndrome

Benediktov D.I.


A retrospective analysis of the results of wedge-shaped ovarian resection in 60 patients with scleropolycystic ovary syndrome showed that the effectiveness of the operation depends on the clinical variant of the syndrome. Strict indications must be determined for the choice of surgical treatment. A method of suturing a wedge-shaped resected ovary is described, which prevents the formation of adhesions around it.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):48-50
pages 48-50 views

Clinical examination of patients with genital endometriosis

Shinkareva L.F., Sabsay M.I., Serebrennikova K.G., Kravchuk T.A., Tetelyutina F.K.


Based on ten years of experience in treating patients with genital endometriosis, a three-stage system of clinical examination of this contingent of patients is recommended (reception and examination by a gynecologist-endocrinologist, examination and preparation of a treatment program in an equipped gynecological hospital, observation and treatment by a gynecologist at the place of residence). Active dispensary observation and treatment in the 3rd group of dispensary registration contribute to the most complete rehabilitation of patients with genital endometriosis.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):51-52
pages 51-52 views

Two-channel internal hysterography technique

Abramchenko V.V.


The technique of two-channel internal hysterography, indications and contraindications for its implementation, hydrodynamic justification, and the area of practical use are described. This technique can be more widely used in obstetric practice in the study of abnormalities of labor, in the early diagnosis of weakness in labor, prevention of birth trauma, in the study of various drugs used in childbirth.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):53-55
pages 53-55 views

About necrotic processes in the oral cavity in chronic cardiovascular insufficiency

Yamashev I.G., Mikhailova A.K., Epstein Y.Z.


Treatment of patients with circulatory failure with ulcerative necrotic lesions in the oral cavity should be carried out in a therapeutic hospital. With local treatment, it is not recommended to inject ulcers with a solution of penicillin with novocaine and excision of necrotic areas.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):55-56
pages 55-56 views

Some indicators of autonomic reactions in applicants and students when passing exams

Yapeev R.S., Kotlyarevsky E.V., Khamitov H.S.


The study of the state of humoral reactions among applicants during entrance competitive examinations and among students during exams during their studies at a university was carried out. Indicators - the content of catecholamines and steroid hormones in the blood and their excretion in the urine, hemodynamic and some biochemical data can be used as objective criteria for the level of emotional and mental tension of applicants and students.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):56-59
pages 56-59 views

Laser phototherapy

Bogdanovich U.Y.


For the purpose of laser phototherapy, helium-neon lasers with a wavelength of 632.8 nm and an output power of 15-25 mW are most often used today. For the treatment of patients with long-term healing wounds, trophic ulcers and bone fractures, the "Clinic" device was made on the basis of a carbon dioxide laser with a wavelength of 10.6 μm, in which two LG-23 generators are used, which makes it possible to simultaneously irradiate two affected areas of the body or two sick.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):59-62
pages 59-62 views

Determination of intestinal viability in acute intestinal obstruction

Podkamenev V.V., Shatunov V.N.


In determining the intestinal viability, errors leading to fatal outcomes range from 16.4 to 22.1% [1, 4, 8]. Therefore, the search for ways to objectively assess the state of the ischemic area of ​​the intestine is relevant.
Morphological changes in the intestine in this pathology have been studied in sufficient detail. It was found that the basis for the violation of intestinal viability is hemocirculatory disorders, which cause necrosis of the intestinal wall. The latter, as a rule, begins with the mucous membrane and gradually spreads to all layers. Severe dystrophic changes in nerve cells develop, leading to a persistent disorder of the intestinal motor function. Already after 6-9 hours, deep changes in the choroid and nerve plexuses appear in the restrained loop of the intestine.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):62-64
pages 62-64 views

Foreign body of the esophagus, complicated by retropharyngeal abscess and mediastinitis

Baityakov V.V., Fedotov V.V., Bocharov A.I.


T., 55 years old, choked on a fish bone while eating. After 2 days, she was admitted to the ENT clinic with complaints of sore throat, hoarseness, sharp difficulty in swallowing and breathing. The general condition of the patient is severe, the neck is enlarged due to edema of soft tissues, the skin is pale, on the anterior surface of the chest there are massive subcutaneous hemorrhages. The patient retains a forced position, cannot lie on the couch on her own. Palpation of the neck and interscapular region causes severe pain. Temperature 39.3 °.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):64-65
pages 64-65 views

To the question of lethal outcomes in surgical and odontogenic sepsis

Medvedovskaya G.D., Maksudova R.K.


We studied the case histories of 33 patients (20 men and 13 women) who died of sepsis in the surgical and maxillofacial departments of the city hospital for the period from 1967 to 1977. 19 of them were treated in the surgical department, 12 in the maxillofacial department. facial surgery, 2 - alternately in both departments.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):65-66
pages 65-66 views

Complicated severe closed chest injury

Sorokin R.A., Shirshin S.A., Televitsky A.S., Ermakova I.A.


We present an observation of severe concomitant closed chest trauma complicated by traumatic pneumonia, bilateral hemopleuritis, heart contusion, hemopericarditis, kidney contusion, post-hemorrhagic anemia. K., 61 years old, a driver, fell from the body of a car, hitting his back on the asphalt. I didn’t lose consciousness. There was no hemoptysis. I was able to get to my garden plot on my own and worked there for some time. In the evening, chest pains intensified, shortness of breath appeared.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):66-67
pages 66-67 views

Traumatic rupture of the left dome of the diaphragm with massive protrusion of the abdominal organs into the pleural cavity

Ivanov A.M.


K., 26 years old, 3 / XI 1973 during a car accident was pressed down by the steering wheel of the car to the seat. 15 minutes after the incident, he was removed from the cabin and taken to the district and then to the regional hospital. Two days after the injury, he was transferred to the thoracic department of the 2nd city clinical hospital

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):67-68
pages 67-68 views

Isolated damage to the gallbladder in blunt trauma of the abdominal cavity

Sukhodolov V.P.


We present two observations of isolated damage to the gallbladder in blunt abdominal trauma. 1. K., 24 years old, fell out of the 5th floor window. Delivered to the trauma department in 30 minutes by the ambulance service with a diagnosis of blunt trauma to the abdomen with damage to internal organs: Fracture of the right hip; alcoholic intoxication.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):68-68
pages 68-68 views

Strangulated intestinal obstruction with extensive necrosis of the small intestine in an elderly patient

Krasilnikov D.M., Dzamukov A.D., Yunusov R.V.


Diagnosis and treatment of acute intestinal obstruction is extremely difficult, especially in elderly and senile people. I., 90 years old, was admitted to the surgical department on 14 / ІХ 1980 at 21 hours with complaints of severe abdominal pain of a constant nature, vomiting of bile, stool retention, severe weakness. Suddenly fell ill on 13 / IX: at 9 o'clock there were severe cramping pains in the abdomen, vomiting, severe weakness. Over time, the pain became constant, vomiting did not stop. Within 36 hours before admission to the surgical department, the patient was repeatedly examined by emergency doctors. In 1970, the patient underwent surgery for gangrenous appendicitis. Such an attack marks the first time.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):69-70
pages 69-70 views

Radiological method in the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy

Shitova E.M., Mironova T.A., Lozovoy A.A.


An radiology examination of 59 women with ectopic pregnancies was carried out. 44 of them (group 1) had a tubal pregnancy in the ampulla, 8 (group 2) had a non-developing pregnancy in the accessory horn of the uterus (pregnancy duration from 12 to 20 weeks) and 7 (group 3) —Abdominal pregnancy (in 6 — secondary at 16 to 24 weeks and in 1 — primary with a full-term dead fetus in the subhepatic region). The diagnosis of abdominal pregnancy was confirmed by X-ray examination using fractional cervicohysterosalpingography. Iodolipol, urotrast, and verografin were used as contrast agents.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):70-70
pages 70-70 views

Effect of plasma substitutes on acid-base balance and electrolyte balance in patients with foodborne toxicoinfections

Rashchinsky M.I.


The purpose of our work was to study the electrolyte balance and indicators of acid-base balance (ACB) in foodborne toxicoinfections (IPT) depending on the severity of the disease and to assess the effectiveness of such infusion therapy means as solutions of quartasalt, trisalt and sequential administration of quartasalt and hemodesis.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):70-71
pages 70-71 views

Toxic epidermal necrolysis (Lyell's syndrome)

Michurin V.A.


In recent years, descriptions of cases of toxic epidermal necrolysis - Lyell's syndrome in children - have increasingly appeared in the periodical literature. Most authors consider this disease as a toxic-allergic reaction to various medicinal substances: antibiotics, sulfa drugs, etc. Cases of Lyell's syndrome in children after administration of measles and tetanus toxoid are described. The prognosis of the disease is difficult: 30% are fatal. Patients die from toxicosis at the height of the disease or from septic complications.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):71-73
pages 71-73 views

Individual hyperbaric oxygen intolerance

Davydkin N.F., Drovyannikova L.P., Kuznetsov V.M.


The toxic effect of prolonged inhalation of oxygen under high pressure has been known for a long time. The relevance of this issue is currently due to the widespread use of hyperbaric oxygenation in clinical practice. In this connection, two of our observations may be of interest.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):73-74
pages 73-74 views

A case of an allergic reaction to gold

Khitrov V.Y., Zabolotny I.I.


We have seen an allergic reaction to a single gold crown. P., 40 years old, complained of pain and edema in the upper lip, which arose 2 weeks after the gold crown was reinstalled on the central upper incisor. The same changes on the lip have already been observed once, and their appearance also coincided with the establishment of a gold crown on the same tooth.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):74-75
pages 74-75 views

Influence of corneal opacities and leucorrhoea on tonometry readings

Vurgaft Y.M.


There is no consensus in the literature on how to measure intraocular pressure (IOP) in case of leucorrhoea. We set ourselves the goal of finding out in a clinical setting the effect on the data of applanation tonometry of the size, intensity and location of corneal opacities and, taking into account the information obtained, to develop the most rational method for assessing tonometric indications for leucorrhoea.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):75-76
pages 75-76 views

About the atypical course of intracerebral ependymoastrocytoma

Danilov V.I., Sarymsakov R.V.


Intracerebral tumors early cause intracranial hypertension, especially in temporal lobes. However, this course of the disease is not the rule. This is confirmed by our observation. In Sh., 29 years old, in early 1973, shortly after general hypothermia, there appeared minor epileptic seizures in the form of absences, accompanied by anxiety and a feeling of unpleasant odors.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):76-77
pages 76-77 views

On the precursors of carcinogenic N-nitroso compounds

Belyaev I.I., Gimadeev M.M., Baikovsky V.V., Rastorgueva E.I.


Due to the fact that carcinogenic N-nitrosamines have the ability to be synthesized both exogenously and endogenously from the so-called precursors (nitrites, nitrates, secondary amines), a study was carried out of drinking and waste water, as well as some products in samples taken in a number of areas of the Upper Volga basin. The amount of nitrites that a person can get from drinking water and food containing precursors of N-nitrosamines has been calculated.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):77-79
pages 77-79 views

Treatment of patients with hammer-like deformity of the first toe

Gafarov K.Z.


Our proposed method for the rapid elimination of hammer-like deformity of the first toe is illustrated by the figure. The tendon of the long flexor of the first toe 1 is exposed in the projection of the main phalanx 2 from the skin incision 5 along the plantar surface, then it is cut off at the site of attachment and passed through the bony canal 4 drilled closer to the base, a tendon loop 3 is formed on the main phalanx 2 .. the interphalangeal joint is arthrodesised 6 and fix the needle 8, passed through the end phalanx 7.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):79-80
pages 79-80 views

On the ethics of doctors in capitalist countries

Chikin S.Y.


In 1977, the US Congress published statistics on the operation of surgical clinics in many cities in the country. These materials cannot be read without a shudder. They once again proved that American doctors are no different from businessmen in their passion for profit. The report's conclusion was very sad. He testified that up to three million unjustified surgeries are performed annually in the United States. Naturally, they are not undertaken for the sake of the patient's health, but in order to present a more weighty bill to the patient, because the cost of the simplest surgical intervention is now estimated at at least $ 1000.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):80-83
pages 80-83 views

Professor Leonid Ivanovich Omorokov

Popelyansky Y.Y.


1981 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth (29 / ІѴ 1881) and 10 years since the death (30 / ІІІ 1971) of the outstanding Soviet neurologist Leonid Ivanovich Omorokov. The history of his life and work is remarkable in many ways. In 1904 he voluntarily left the student's bench at the St. Petersburg Medical-Surgical Academy and went as a military doctor to the front in Manchuria. After graduating from the academy (1907), under the leadership of V.M.Bekhterev, he carried out a clinical and experimental study on gas exchange in mental illness.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):83-84
pages 83-84 views

A. Sugar, J. Banozzi, I. Rat, K. Shallai. Diseases of the oral cavity. Budapest, 1980, 383 pages

Gasimov F.G., Khitrov V.Y., Khamidullina K.A.


The monograph begins with an interesting historical background on the origin and formation of the medical specialty in periodontal and oral mucosa diseases. Chapter 1 "Biology of the oral cavity" is presented taking into account modern knowledge of embryology, anatomy, histology and physiology. Most of it is occupied by the characteristics of the immune system of the oral cavity, based on the latest data from immunology. The authors present the oral cavity as a well-coordinated, harmoniously functioning system.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):84-85
pages 84-85 views

A.V. Vinogradov. Differential diagnosis of internal diseases. Volumes 1 and 2. Moscow, Medicine, 1980. Circulation 30,000 copies, 816 pages.

Bogoyavlensky V.F.


The peer-reviewed manual is essentially the first Russian monograph devoted to the most important problem - the differential diagnosis of internal diseases. Previous similar editions (M. Mattes, 1929, R. Hagglin, 1965) were translated and, naturally, did not reflect the main provisions of the doctrine of the Soviet therapeutic school. In the preface, written by Academician E.I. Chazov, it is rightly noted that the system of thinking proposed by the author attracts attention by its full compliance with the daily diagnostic work of a doctor at the patient's bedside.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):86-86
pages 86-86 views

P.N.Demidkin, A.I.Shnirelman. X-ray diagnostics in obstetrics and gynecology. M., Medicine, 1980, 424 p. Circulation 10,000 copies.

Mikhailov M.K., Gilyazutdinova Z.S.


The book consists of 18 chapters, a preface and a conclusion. It describes various X-ray methods for examining the genitals: hysterosalpingography, pneumopelvigraphy, phlebography, lymphography, etc. In our opinion, one should not include X-ray research methods that are not directly related to obstetric and gynecological practice, especially since they are described briefly and relate more to general pathology or pathology of the urinary system.

Kazan medical journal. 1981;62(5):86-87
pages 86-87 views

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