Analysis of postoperative prognostic factors in patients with long bones metastatic lesions
Wang J., Kharchenko N.V., Karpenko V.Y.
Long-term results of surgical treatment of thyroid adenomas
Artyukhin S.O., Aristarhov V.G., Puzin D.A.
Chronic bacterial prostatitis associated with androgen deficiency
Zubkov A.Y., Antonov N.A.
Laser technologies in the management of patients with complicated forms of sexually transmitted infections
Misbakhova A.G., Abdrakhmanov A.R., Belyaev A.R.
Effectiveness of preoperative orthodontic therapy of an adolescent with skeletal form of mesial occlusion according to X-ray profilometry
Ayupova F.S., Gayvoronskaya T.V., Mikhaylyuk V.A.
An integrated approach to treatment of patients with complicated forms of gastroesophageal reflux disease
Moroshek A.A., Burmistrov M.V.
Analysis of the effectiveness of medical and laser treatment of patients with diabetic retinopathy
Kuzovnikov V.V., Nevmerzhitskaya V.A., Lazarenko V.I.
Sensitivity and specificity of the treatment methods included in the standards of health resort treatment
Agasiyev A.R.
Сorrection of patients’ immune status with human intravenous immunoglobulin
Romanenko N.A., Bessmel’tsev S.S., Chechetkin A.V.
The choice of surgical treatment method of patients with bacterial liver abscesses
Tolstikov A.P.
Arterial stiffness as a cardiovascular events risk marker and possibilities for its downregulation by contemporary antihypertensive medications
Zagidullin N.S., Zulkarneev R.K., Scherbakova E.S., Safina Y.F., Zagidullin S.Z.
Severe pneumonia in clinical practice
Khamitov R.F., Pal’mova L.Y., Sulbaeva K.R.
Comparative evaluation of the effect of different methods of surgical treatment of chronic pancreatitis on the quality of life of patients
Karpachev A.A., Parfenov I.P., Khlynin A.Y., Yarosh A.L., Soloshenko A.V., Polyanskiy V.D.
Significance of risk factors correction for treatment and prevention of arterial hypertension in outpatient conditions
Agayev A.A.
Analysis of the results of different treatment methods for patellar dislocation
Kotel'nikov G.P., Ryzhov P.V., Lartsev Y.V., Kudashev D.S., Zuev-Ratnikov S.D., Pirogova N.V., Shmel'kov A.V.
Features of intracardiac hemodynamics disoders in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease complicated by the chronic pulmonary heart disease development and methods for their medical correction
Aidargalieva N.E., Teleusheva A.Z.
Cardiac masses due to tumors (diagnosis, clinical manifestations and surgical treatment)
Kranin D.L.
Late stomal complications and their surgical correction
Timerbulatov M.V., Ibatullin A.A., Gaynutdinov F.M., Kulyapin A.V., Aitova L.R., Kyzylbaeva A.I., Abdeev A.A., Fatkhullin A.S.
Determining the efficacy of complex conservative treatment of chronic constipation in children
Polukhov R.S.
Introduction of modern surgical methods of treatment of patients with fractures of the proximal femur
Akhtyamov I.F., Kovalenko A.N., Shigaev E.S., Moiseyev M.Y., Khakimov M.R., Gatina E.B.
Optimizing antibacterial treatment in acute pancreatitis (experimental and clinical research)
Zainutdinov A.M., Malkov I.S.
Boerhaave syndrome in emergency abdominal surgery
Chikaev V.F., Bondarev Y.V., Mavzyutov A.L., Sorokina E.S.
Results of surgical treatment of cardiac myxomas
Korostelev A.N., Kiprensky A.Y., Kiprensky Y.V., Gerasimov A.N.
Acute urinary retention management in department of emergency urology
Abdurakhmanov A.K., Kopylov V.A.
Improving the efficiency of treatment of inflammatory periodontal diseases in professional athletes
Safaraliev F.R.
Personalized approach to the ovarian cancer treatment
Savinova A.R., Gataullin I.G.
Quality of life as part of the diagnostic and treatment process in patients with uveal melanoma
Panova I.E., Mochalova A.S., Vlasova O.S.
Analysis of the frequency of radiation therapy complications in patients with prostate cancer
Isaev I.G., Guliev F.A., Akperov K.S., Alieva N.R.
Analysis of the effectiveness of rehabilitation measures for dental caries
Shaikhutdinova A.I., Gilyazeva V.V.
Assessing treatment efficiency in patients with hepatic encephalopathy
Kutepov D.E.
Medico-economic performance of treatment of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchial asthma in case of emergency admission
Ishmurzin G.P.
Features of ophthalmic disorders in patients with chronic viral hepatitis C before and after antiviral treatment
Akberova G.E., Saifullina F.R., Khaertynova I.M.
Experimental ground for high-intensity laser wavelength choice for chronic hemorrhoids low-invasive surgical treatment
Shakhrai S.V., Gain Y.M., Gain M.Y., Ryabtseva S.N.
Features of clinical course and treatment principles of endodontic-periodontal lesions
Moroz P.I., Iordanishvili A.K., Prohodnaya V.A., Maxyukov S.Y., Safronenko A.V., Gulyaeva E.S.
Comparative analysis of sarcoidosis treatment efficiency in clinical practice settings
Vizel A.A., Vizel I.Y.
The rational method of orthodontic treatment in rural school children
Shaydulin I.M., Khamitova N.K.
Community-acquired pneumonia treatment: predictors of fatal outcomes
Khamitov R.F., Malova A.A., Grigorieva I.V.
Evaluation of efficacy of treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 with the use of different treatment schemes
Mekhdiev S.K., Mustafaev I.I., Mamedov M.N.
Methods of orthopedic treatment developed during the great patriotic war and post-war years by the orthopedic dentistry department Staff of Kazan State Dental Institute
Yudina G.N., Saleeva G.T., Saleev R.A., Degtyarev I.M.
Diagnosis and treatment of chronic colostasis in children with dolichosigmoid
Akilov K.A., Saidov F.K., Hodjimukhamedova N.A.
Behavioral risks of student dental health
Safarov D.A.
Cardiogenic syncope in therapeutic practice
Abdrakhmanova A.I., Amirov N.B., Tsibul’kin N.A., Frolova E.B., Mikhoparova O.Y., Oshchepkova O.B.
Complex rehabilitation of patients with cleft lip and palate at the Kemerovo center of maxillofacial area congenital pathology prevention and treatment in children
Bulgakova E.A., Te IA I.A., Ahapkin S.M.
Role of endothelial dysfunction and metabolic syndrome in interventional treatment complications development in patients with coronary heart disease
Arsenitcheva O.V., Omeljanenko M.G.
Early and long-term results of surgical treatment of Hirschsprung's disease in children
Polukhov R.S.
Possibilities of laparoscopic technologies in diagnostics and treatment of patients with generalized peritonitis
Salakhov E.K., Salakhov K.K.
Orthoses in diabetic foot treatment and prevention
Klyushkin I.V., Koreyba K.A.
Probit-analysis for assessing the effectiveness of various treatment methods for chronic liver failure
Kutepov D.E.
An imported case of tropical malaria in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
D’jachkovskaja P.S., Slepcova S.S.
Clinical cases of mastocytosis in clinical practice
Rakhmatullina N.M., Garifullina G.Z.
Mediastinitis after cardiac procedures via median sternotomy: comparative analysis of outcomes
Gorbunov V.A., Dzhordzhikiya R.K., Vagizov I.I., Abdulyanov V.A., Abdulyanov I.V., Mukharyamov M.N., Omelyanenko A.S.
Laser treatment of chronic central serous chorioretinopathy with a point of leakage in the subfoveolar zone without fluorescein angiography
Samoylov A.N., Korobitsin A.N.
Surgical tactics in patients with pancreatic necrosis and its complications
Krasil’nikov D.M., Abdul’janov A.V., Zajnullin I.V., Borodin M.A., Zefirov R.A., Imamova A.M.
Improving medical care in patients with chronic catarrhal gingivitis while using fixed orthodontic appliances
Khaliullina G.R., Blashkova S.L., Mustafin I.G.
Regarding the issue of abdominal drainage
Salakhov E.K.
Microbiological study of root canal content in dynamics of treatment of destructive forms of periodontitis
Kogina E.N.
Fournier’s gangrene
Prokhorov A.V.
Organ-saving treatment of invasive bladder cancer
Sitdykova M.E., Zubkov A.Y., Nuriev I.R.
Polycystic ovary syndrome - modern concepts
Azizova M.E.
Analysis of surgical treatment results of macular holes in the Samara region
Petrachkov D.V., Zolotarev A.V., Zamytskiy P.A., Karlova E.V., Kazakov I.S.
A novel algorithm for shock treatment in patients with injuries
Kotel’nikov G.P., Trukhanova I.G., Shabanova A.Y.
Features of etiology and pathogenesis of acute deep vein thrombosis in children of different age groups. Results of a prospective cohort study in parallel groups
Nurmeev I.N., Mirolubov L.M., Batyrshina L.I., Nurmeev N.N., Gilmutdinov M.R., Nurmeeva A.R.
Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of acute gastrointestinal bleeding of various etiology
Malkov I.S., Nasrullaev M.N., Zakirova G.R., Khamzin I.I.
Influence of GSTM1, GSTT1 and GSTP1 xenobiotic metabolism genes polymorphisms on treatment efficiency in patients with chronic hepatitis C
Ostapchuk E.V., Godovan V.V.
The use of double catheter epidural anesthesia in the lumbar segment of the spine during surgical correction of funnel chest deformity
Safin R.R., Anisimov O.G.
Features of obesity treatment in patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease
Andreeva E.I.
Prevention of compartment syndrome after abdominal surgeries
Salakhov E.K., Salakhov K.K.
Results of adding metformin and orlistat to complex treatment of stable angina associated with metabolic syndrome
Dashdamirov R.L.
Diabetic macular edema. Epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, clinical features, treatment
Amirov A.N., Abdulaeva E.A., Minkhuzina E.L.
Ocular dirofilariasis: case reports
Zumbulidze N.G., Khokkanen V.M., Kasymov F.O., Marchenko O.A., Yarovoy D.A., Chudinova O.V.
Optimizing the treatment and preventive measures in poor patients with secondary edentulism
Dyumeev R.M., Bulgakova A.I., Islamova D.M.
Psychological aspects of choosing between active and conservative treatment tactics in cases of liver echinococcosis with small sized cysts
Abdullaev A.M., Koychuev R.A., Akhmedov I.G.
Experience of treatment of purulent wounds using ozonated solutions and decamethoxin solution
Musaev A.I., Kenzhekulov K.K.
Risk factors and clinical features of recurrent stroke in the Tyva Republic
Mongush K.D., Ondar A.B., Chylbak-ool R.C., Balchir M.B., Mongush C.O.
The nature of the course of the retention period in adolescents after orthodontic treatment depending on the state of the autonomic nervous system
Singatullina D.R., Khamitova N.K.
Neoadjuvant chemoimmunotherapy for inoperable ovarian cancer
Nerodo G.A., Zlatnik E.Y., Novikova I.A., Ardzha A.Y., Verenikina E.V., Nikitina V.P., Kravtsova O.E., Bondarenko E.S., Zolotareva E.I.
Infusion-transfusion therapy in the treatment of patients with acute bleedings from the upper gastrointestinal tract
Khalikova G.R., Malkov I.S., Fattakhov V.V., Nasrullaev M.N.
Experience of drug therapy in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Shaposhnik I.I., Bogdanov D.V.
Endoscopic and morphological features of chronic subatrophic gastroduodenitis in children
Nikiforova E.M., Malyuzhinskaya N.V., Chueva M.A., Alferova V.V., Solov’ev E.N.
Posttraumatic heterotopic ossification of the elbow
Karalin A.N., Ovechkin L.A., Lavrent’ev A.V., Lushin A.V., Ivanov A.P., Natural’nyy I.A., Kazenov S.A.
Features and role of lipid peroxidation in patients with chronic hepatitis C (genotype 1b) before and after antiviral therapy
Konstantinov D.Y., Suzdal’tsev A.A.
Fast track surgery - a multimodal strategy for managing surgical patients
Mazitova M.I., Mustafin E.R.
Application of adaptive tools in relaparotomy wound surgery
Izmaylov S.G., Ryabkov M.G., Leont’ev A.E., Beschastnov V.V., Izmaylov A.G., Lukoyanychev E.E.
Quality assessment of orthodontic care for adolescents by developing individual dento-somatic profiles
Kalinichenko Y.A., Lugansky D.E., Sirotchenko A.A.
Influence of concomitant diseases on health resort treatment in patients with coronary heart disease
Agasiev A.R.
The need for treatment of complicated caries of deciduous teeth in children
Shiryak T.Y., Saleev R.A., Urazova R.Z., Anisimova O.Y.
Experience of treatment of forefoot pain syndrome of various genesis
Privalov A.M.
Clinical and morphological characteristics of generalized purulent peritonitis in the terminal stage
Arsent’ev O.V., Kemerov S.V.
Experience in the treatment of opium withdrawal syndrome with naloxone under general anesthesia
Verkhnev V.A., Krasnoschekova N.N.
Clinical features of chronic hepatitis C and efficacy of antiviral treatment in Caucasian and Mongoloid patients
Malov S.I., Dulguun B., Malov I.V., Stepanenko L.A., Miroshnichenko I.A., Nymadawa P.
First experience of lymphoscintigraphy use in early stages of breast cancer
Vatankha S.S., Aliev F.Y.
Oral mucosa lichen planus: clinical forms, treatment
Chuykin S.V., Akmalova G.M.
Features of infusions and tranfusions within the complex treatment in patients with multisystem trauma
Chikaev V.F., Vdovin V.A., Galyautdinov F.S., Ibragimov R.A.
Treatment of ischemic stroke caused by dissection and occlusion of internal carotid artery in a young patient
Sazanov G.V., Belokon’ O.S., Krasnov A.Y.
Studying the microbial landscape of peritoneal exudate in acute diffuse purulent peritonitis
Kemerov S.V., Dorzhieva T.S., Stepin D.A., Kemerova Z.S.
Clinical and epidemiological features of imported malaria in the Republic of Crimea for a twenty-year period (1994-2014)
Karimov I.Z., Los’-Yatsenko N.G., Midikari A.S., Gorovenko M.V., Arshinov P.S.
Dental status of school children with physical development disorders who live in rural areas
Shaydullin I.M., Khamitova N.K.
Bacteriophage use in the focus of hospital-acquired shigellosis
Kurakin E.S.
Modern approaches to local treatment of pyo-necrotic complications of the diabetic foot syndrome
Slavin L.E., Godzhaev B.N., Zamaleev A.Z.
Correction of stress urinary incontinence in women using a free suburethral loop
Neymark A.I., Razdorskaya M.V., Neymark B.A.
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