Vol 61, No 2 (1980)

V. I. Lenin on the social and hygienic foundations of the socialist way of life

Azutkin D.A., Lavrenko V.P.


In his study of the laws of social development and the problems of the formation of a comprehensively developed personality, V.I. He paid unremitting attention to the issues of the socialist way of life, its social and hygienic foundations in the field of work, everyday life, consumption and cultural communication.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):1-4
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Behind the line of the biography of V.I.Lenin

Stegunin S.I., Razumov V.I.


The biographical chronicle of V. I. Lenin is being replenished with more and more new volumes. Volume IX of the Biographical Chronicle of V.I.Lenin contains more than 3 thousand materials reflecting the activities of the leader from June 10, 1920 to January 22, 1921. Published facts and documents, among which more than 700 new, previously unpublished, make a significant contribution to the study great Leninist heritage, arouse great interest among the scientific community and readers.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):4-6
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Kazan State Pedagogical University named after V.I.Lenin 60 years

Bilyalov M.S., Nizamov I.G.


One of the oldest institutes for the improvement of doctors in the country - the Kazan State Pedagogical University named after V.I.Lenin - was organized in accordance with the resolution of the ceremonial meeting of the Kazan Provincial Executive Committee (April 22, 1920), dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the birth of V. I. Lenin.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):7-8
pages 7-8 views

Questions of pathogenesis and clinical picture of drug allergy

Burnasheva R.H., Tolpegina T.B.


The etiological structure of drug allergy manifestations and its clinical variants were studied in 121 patients. Various forms of lesions were identified that were associated with the action of drugs (urticaria, Quincke's edema, bronchosp

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):9-12
pages 9-12 views

Organization of specialized groups for children with allergies in preschool institutions

Shamova A.G., Romanova N.A.


A variant of organizing specialized groups for children with allergies in preschool institutions has been proposed. Methods of selecting children for a specialized group, the form of organizing systematic observation of them and the principles of conducting therapeutic and prophylactic measures are described. As a result of the stay of children in specialized groups, it is possible to achieve remission in 80-90% of patients with skin manifestations of allergy, as well as to reduce the overall morbidity by 2 times.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):12-14
pages 12-14 views

Blood groups of the AVO and MNSS systems in children with allergic dermatoses and mothers

Garifullina D.I.


The study of group relationships between mother and child according to the ABO system and MNSs in allergic dermatoses in 240 children and 75 healthy children made it possible to establish a certain dependence of the frequency of allergic diseases on isoserological relationships. Children from heterospecific serologically incompatible pregnancies, who have blood group A, type M, are more likely to suffer from allergic dermatoses, while a group of children who did not have an intrauterine conflict with the ABO system and with blood type N are less likely to suffer from these diseases.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):14-17
pages 14-17 views

Antiviral antibodies in children with rheumatoid arthritis during immunosuppressive therapy

Lozovskaya L.S., Mitchenko A.F., Desyatkova R.G., Hairetdinova T.B., Shigina O.M.


In 136 children with rheumatoid arthritis, including 50 in the course of treatment, blood serum was tested for antibodies to rubella, influenza, adeno and parainfluenza viruses. Overproduction of antibodies to rubella virus was detected in patients with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis along with decreased titers of antibodies to influenza B, adeno and parainfluenza viruses types 2 and 3 compared to the age norm.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):17-21
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Immunodepressants of anabolic steroids in rheumatism and rheumatoid polyarthritis

Polishuk A.A., Haritonova V.V., Sergeeva N.M., Vahrusheva G.V.


Complex treatment was carried out, including the use of immunosuppressants and immunosuppressants in combination with anabolic steroids against the background of conventional antirheumatic therapy, in 62 patients with rheumatoid arthritis and 43 patients with rheumatism.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):21-23
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Clinical and immunological characteristics of acute respiratory viral infections in children

Caregorodcev A.D., Malusheva L.M.


The study of the dynamics of the content of immunoglobulins (Ig) in 140 children with different variants of the course of ARVI showed that the specific immune response in uncomplicated ARVI is an increased synthesis of Ig A during the recovery period. Ig G content is largely associated with the severity of the disease. With complicated ARVI, the immune response is expressed in an increase in the level of Ig G, A and M, but depends on the period of the disease and the severity of the bacterial complication. In children with a burdened premorbid background, the level of Ig G increases slightly, which is reflected in the incidence of ARVI complications in this group of children.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):24-26
pages 24-26 views

Clinic of salmonellosis in adults

Stanovskaya M.V., Ahmetova M.G.


The case histories of 400 patients with salmonellosis were analyzed. The proportion of this pathology among acute intestinal diseases was about 2%. The etiological structure is dominated by S. typhimurium. The most common forms of salmonellosis in adults are gastrointestinal.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):26-27
pages 26-27 views

Yersiniosis cases

Pogorelova N.P., Burkin V.S., Macugina T.P., Juravleva O.V., Putilina N.G.


Purposeful bacteriological studies were carried out to identify patients with yersiniosis. Five observations of the disease caused by Yersinia enterocolitic are described. Due to the polymorphism of the clinical picture and the low awareness of doctors about yersiniosis, the patients were initially hospitalized with the following diagnoses: acute dysentery, gastroenteritis, adenovirus infection, acute respiratory disease. In all 5 patients, the causative agent of the disease was isolated from the feces.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):27-29
pages 27-29 views

Experience of the office of infectious diseases for the prevention of dysentery in a rural area

Efimov V.A.


The experience of the infectious disease doctor in the foci of intestinal infection is generalized. Due to the more complete and timely identification of patients and the rational organization of treatment and prevention work, a significant decrease in the incidence of acute intestinal infections, in particular dysentery, has been achieved.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):29-30
pages 29-30 views

Epidemiological and economic efficiency of different methods of treatment of children with mild form of dysentery zone

Yakobson D.A., Shahanina I.L., Harutdinova A.N., Bulaeva R.M.


Comparative clinical and epidemiological observations in family foci were carried out for 423 children who had recovered from a mild form of Zonne's dysentery and were treated in an infectious hospital with chemotherapy drugs (group 1), antibiotics (group 2), or their combination (group 3). It was found that the terms of complete clinical recovery and bacteriological cleansing of the body (observation duration - 6 months) did not differ significantly in different types of treatment.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):30-33
pages 30-33 views

Cellular manifestations of immunity in recurrent dysentery

Sorokin A.A., Bashirova D.K.


The state of the cellular immune response was studied in the reaction of specific and nonspecific transformation of lymphocytes in vitro with repeated dysentery (1st group of examined - 30 people), primary dysentery (2nd group - 54 people) and 3-6 months after the disease (3rd group - 32 people).

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):33-35
pages 33-35 views

Alkaline phosphatase activity in patients with viral hepatitis

Lagutina M.V.


The activity of alkaline phosphatase (ALP) was studied in 136 patients with viral hepatitis. The highest ALP values were found in children under 1 year of age with severe serum hepatitis. In children from 1 to 14 years old, in the icteric period, the alkaline phosphatase activity exceeded the control by 3 times with mild and 3.5 times with moderate form of viral hepatitis.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):35-37
pages 35-37 views

Correction of the acid-base state in patients with severe hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome

Hunafina D.H.


The diurnal dynamics of acid-base balance (ACE) indices was studied in 22 patients with severe HFRS. In the period of hemorrhagic and renal manifestations, metabolic acidosis of a subcompensated and uncompensated nature was revealed. The inclusion of a 4% sodium bicarbonate solution into the treatment complex promoted the fastest normalization of the ROC and renal function. Re-infusion of sodium bicarbonate solution during the day is recommended to be carried out under the control of the study of indicators of the KOR.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):37-38
pages 37-38 views

Media from cabbage-casein-yeast hydrolyzate for research on meningococcus and accompanying flora

Ruzal G.I., Nikitina V.A., Dunaeva N.N.


A comparative test of media prepared on cabbage-casein-yeast hydrolyzate and on Hettinger's digestion (control) with reference strains of meningococci, streptococci, staphylococci, diphtheria bacillus and during the examination of 364 persons was carried out. The experimental environments were not inferior to the control ones in terms of growth qualities. The pathogens retained their properties. The availability and low cost of cabbage-casein-yeast hydrolyzate give reason to recommend its use at. studies on meningococcus and accompanying flora.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):38-39
pages 38-39 views

Morphological characteristics of the colon mucosa in chronic opisthorchiasis

Moiseenko A.V., Ginovker A.G.


Biopsy specimens of the colon mucosa from 79 patients with chronic opisthorchiasis were studied morphologically, histochemically, morphometrically. In all biopsies, stromal infiltration was increased with a partial increase in the number of eosinophils and plasma cells, the thickness of the mucosa was significantly reduced, in colonocytes and goblet cells, the content of acidic glucosaminoglycans increased with a simultaneous decrease in the level of neutral glucosaminoglycans, RNA and glycogen. The revealed changes were regarded as latent structural mucosal insufficiency.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):39-41
pages 39-41 views

Malformations of newborns

Belogorskaya E.V., Aleksandrova L.Y.


The medical histories of 86 newborns with developmental abnormalities were analyzed. In the structure of the overall morbidity, congenital malformations amounted to 2.3%. The 1st place among various developmental anomalies is taken by the defects of the cardiovascular system, the 2nd - by the defects of the osteoarticular system, the 3rd - by the disorders of the central nervous system.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):42-43
pages 42-43 views

Clinical forms of iron deficiency and their recognition

Gulyaev E.A.


Clinical forms of iron deficiency are considered. Among the methods for its detection, special attention is paid to the study of non-heme serum iron and transferrin fractions. Epidemiological data on the prevalence of latent anemic conditions in categories of people with increased iron expenditure are presented. As a measure to prevent the occurrence of iron deficiency in the population, prophylactic prescription of its medications is proposed.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):44-45
pages 44-45 views

Orthostatic ilio-lumbar spasm

Popelyanskiy Y.U.


On the basis of a clinical analysis of 5 observations, a nosological form was identified, characterized by the impossibility of normal implementation of the act of standing and walking due to the progressive violent tilt of the trunk forward, accompanied by discoordination of the lumbar, abdominal and respiratory muscles and a number of autonomic disorders. Unlike torsional dystonia, it is not lordosis, but kyphosis, which occurs. The disease is treatable with gymnastic exercises and the effect on the concomitant local foci of irritation.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):45-49
pages 45-49 views

Secondary muscle-tonic syndromes of spastic torticollis

Ivanichev G.A.


In 21 patients with acquired spastic torticollis, according to clinical and electrophysiological data, the syndrome of the inferior oblique muscle of the head, the syndrome of the anterior scalene muscle and the scapular-rib syndrome were identified. In the later stages of the disease, these syndromes significantly alter the primary clinical picture and in some cases are leading. The main pathogenetic link in the formation of secondary syndromes is local myodystrophic shifts of tonically contracted muscles with the acquisition of the properties of a peripheral subordinating factor.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):49-51
pages 49-51 views

Formation and development of pathological craving for alcohol

Klassen I.A.


The formation of a pathological craving for alcohol was studied in 136 patients with alcoholism. It is shown how the use of alcohol is at first “symbolic”, later mediated by the desire for emotional contacts with the environment, then it becomes the motives of need, and subsequently acquires the character of passion, which determines the motives of behavior and includes components of the psychological, mental and physical plan in its structure.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):51-53
pages 51-53 views

Features and effectiveness of rehabilitation of the mentally ill in a suburban psychiatric hospital

Abramov D.A.


The experience of introducing complex rehabilitation measures in the treatment of mentally ill patients in a suburban psychiatric hospital is generalized. The economic effect of occupational therapy and its features in rural areas are shown. As a result of rehabilitation influences, the duration of stay of the mentally ill on inpatient treatment is reduced. The introduction of rehabilitation increases the economic efficiency of the use of hospital beds. Key words: mentally ill, rehabilitation.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):53-55
pages 53-55 views

Immunological status of patients with benign and borderline "epithelial" ovarian tumors

Kolcova G.N.


As a result of the study of the parameters of humoral and cellular immunity in patients with benign and borderline "epithelial" tumors of the ovaries, it was found that the most indicative changes in the immunological reactivity of the organism in this group of patients are defects in the T-system of lymphocytes. In the system of humoral immunity, an increase in the content of Ig A was revealed in all groups of patients; in the postoperative period, all patients showed a decrease in the Ig G content.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):55-57
pages 55-57 views


Gilyazutdinova Z.S., Karimova T.A.


The long-term outcomes of surgical treatment of patients with prolapse and prolapse of the genitals were studied. There were used 2 methods of operation: vaginal extirpation of the uterus with fixation of the bladder and plastic of the vagina; anterior and posterior plastic surgery of the vagina with levatoroplasty. More effective was transvaginal extirpation of the uterus with plastic surgery on the vagina and perineum, which makes it possible to recommend this operation in practice, in some cases in combination with urethroplasty.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):57-59
pages 57-59 views

The use of microsurgery for the extraction of swelling cataracts

Hasanova N.H., Amirova F.S.


The study of the results of swelling cataract extraction without the use of a microscope and under a microscope showed that the latter method of extraction is less traumatic, postoperative complications occur much less frequently, and functional outcomes are better. The hospital stay was almost half that of patients operated on without a microscope.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):59-60
pages 59-60 views

Features of diphtheria during the period of its elimination

Ivanov N.R., Maksimova N.A., Sklyarova E.M., Gordeichuk A.F., Gagina G.F.


Over the past 10-15 years, only a few cases of diphtheria have been reported in the Saratov region. Along with a sharp decrease in the number of patients with diphtheria, their age composition has also changed. Since 1963, adults and adolescents have predominated among those with diphtheria. In 1978, 4 people aged 20 to 39 were ill with diphtheria.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):60-61
pages 60-61 views

The course of measles in vaccinated

Gordeichuk A.F., Maksimova N.A., Rujova N.N., Popova A.A.


We have studied the features of the clinical course of measles in 239 children vaccinated with a live corea vaccine and who fell ill through contact with patients with measles. All children received treatment at home, were under the supervision of local doctors and assistants of the Department of Children's Infectious Diseases.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):61-61
pages 61-61 views

Isolation of non-pathogenic Neisseria in patients with meningococcal infection

Perlina L.Y., Sabirova R.A.


Despite the extensive literature on meningococcal infection, we did not find a description of the clinical picture of the disease caused by non-pathogenic microbes of the genus Neisseria.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):61-62
pages 61-62 views

Successful treatment of a patient with severe botulism

Davudov V.Y., Valitov S.A., Usupov F.S.


V., 36 years old, was admitted to the 1st infectious diseases hospital in Kazan on 30 / X 1978, on the 5th day of illness, with complaints of muscle weakness, decreased vision, diplopia, anorexia. The patient is conscious, a state of moderate severity, temperature 37 ° C. There is no rash on the skin. The right pupil is wider than the left one, ptosis of the left eyelid, muscle tone is reduced, but reflexes are uniform on both sides. There is no sensory disturbance. Vesicular breathing, 28 per minute, somewhat weakened, no wheezing. Heart sounds are clear, no noise.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):62-63
pages 62-63 views

Diagnostic value of Australian antigen determination in viral hepatitis

Batkaev H.H., Lushnikova A.Z., Gaidukova L.B.


In recent years, the diagnostic value of the detection of the Australian antigen, which is a marker of serum hepatitis, has been widely discussed in the literature. Taking into account the contradictory data of various authors and the difficulties encountered in the diagnosis of hepatitis, we decided to conduct a comparative study of the detection rate of Hbs Ag in acute hepatitis and in donors. Hbs Ag was determined using a gel precipitation reaction and the method of counter immunoelectrophoresis.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):63-63
pages 63-63 views

Clinical and laboratory characteristics of chronic viral hepatitis in adults

Fatkulova M.S.


We analyzed the case histories of 200 patients with chronic viral hepatitis who were inpatient treatment at the 2nd infectious diseases hospital over the past 5 years (166 men and 34 women, of which about 80% were aged from 26 to 55 years). 170 patients (85%) had chronic persistent hepatitis and 30 (15%) had aggressive. 85 patients (42.5%) had acute viral hepatitis in the past, 115 (57.5%) had no history of this. The latter group of patients also did not have chronic diseases (tuberculosis, malaria, brucellosis, etc.) that could cause hepatitis syndrome.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):64-64
pages 64-64 views

Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of influenza

mamon A.P., Mustakova V.L., baikova N.A.


We studied the clinical features of influenza in patients who were hospitalized at the 4th clinical hospital in Ufa during the 1975 epidemic outbreak.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):64-65
pages 64-65 views

Complications from the nervous system with influenza

Yakimaha G.L., Tihaya G.A., Punina V.P.


For 1970-1977. 2542 patients with influenza were treated in our clinic. Damage to the nervous system was noted in 41 of them (1.6%) - in 21 men and 20 women aged 16 to 63 years. 29 patients were hospitalized in the first 3-4 days of illness with influenza, 6 - on the 5-6th day of illness, and the remaining 6 - at a later date. Patients were admitted to the clinic with diagnoses: influenza (20), meningococcal infection (15), influenza, meningoencephalitis (2), influenza, encephalitis (2) botulism (1), hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (1).

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):65-66
pages 65-66 views

Informative value of clinical symptoms and morphological changes in peripheral blood for differential diagnosis of acute respiratory infections and pneumonia in newborns

Karimova D.U.


We examined 136 full-term newborns with acute respiratory diseases (ARI), including 62 children with pneumonia, which complicated the course of ARI. A comparative analysis of individual clinical symptoms and indicators of peripheral blood in ARI and pneumonia was carried out, as well as determination of the frequency of each symptom and indicators of peripheral blood in ARI and pneumonia, as well as determination of the frequency of each symptom and ranges of fluctuations of the studied indicators with subsequent calculation of its informative value (I) and diagnostic coefficients (DC) by the method of sequential Wald analysis.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):66-67
pages 66-67 views

Intracellular enzymes of blood leukocytes in protracted pneumonia in children

Kolesnikova M.B., Myakisheva L.S., Killina M.M.


Под наблюдением находилось 120 детей (возраст — от 6 мес до 3 лет) с затяж­ной пневмонией. У всех детей наряду с тщательным анамнестическим, клинико- лабораторным, рентгенологическим и бронхологическим исследованием определяли активность сукцинатдегидрогеназы (СДГ) и альфа-глицерофосфатдегидрогеназы а-ГДДГ) в лимфоцитах с подсчетом гранул формазана (продукта реакции) на 1 лимфоцит; активность щелочной и кислой фосфатаз нейтрофилов (ЩФн и КФн), кислой фосфатазы лимфоцитов (КФл) ; активность миелопероксидазы (М) нейтро­филов и содержание фосфолипидов (Ф) в нейтрофилах в динамике от 2 до 3 раз. Контрольную группу составили 50 здоровых детей того же возраста. Результаты исследования обработаны статистически с применением метода корреляции.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):67-67
pages 67-67 views

Clinical study of the fibrinolysis system in protracted pneumonia

Levitan B.N.


In recent years, protracted pneumonia has attracted more and more attention from pulmonologists. Due to the massive use of antibiotics in clinical practice, mortality from acute pneumonia has sharply decreased, but there is a continuous trend towards an increase in sluggish, protracted and chronic forms resistant to conventional treatment.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):67-67
pages 67-67 views

Enzymatic status of leukocytes in pyoinflammatory diseases

Sungurova E.V.


In recent years, the classic course of purulent-inflammatory diseases has changed significantly. Therefore, at present, surgeons are especially in dire need of informative tests that help in the diagnosis, prognosis and assessment of the effectiveness of treatment. The attention of clinicians and researchers is increasingly attracted by the study of the enzymatic status of circulating leukocytes, which is one of the most informative indicators of the body's protective potential, a very sensitive test that subtly and quickly responds to changes in homeostasis.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):68-69
pages 68-69 views

About breast tuberculosis

Krueva H.H., Kalyamova R.A.


Tuberculous lesion of the mammary gland belongs to a rather rare form of extrapulmonary tuberculosis. Currently, the diagnosis of breast tuberculosis is made on the basis of a comprehensive examination. First of all, an anamnesis should be carefully collected, with special attention should be paid to previous tuberculosis or contact with a tuberculosis patient.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):69-70
pages 69-70 views

Side effects of antibiotics

Cherkasova N.A., Zagidullina N.L., Pokatilo M.-.


We carried out observations on 1836 children who were treated in a hospital for pneumonia, sepsis, ARVI. Side effects of antibiotics were identified in 110 of them (age - from 1 month to 7 years).

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):70-71
pages 70-71 views

Excretion of estriol in pregnant women and women in labor with anemia

Sadukova V.A.


The aim of this work was to study the excretion of estriol in pregnant women with anemia who were admitted for the threat of termination of pregnancy. Along with this, we determined the excretion of estriol during labor in this category of women.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):71-71
pages 71-71 views

V.I.Rudnev - translator of hippocrates

Aminev A.I.


Numerous works of the founder of ancient medicine Hippocrates, since the Middle Ages, have been repeatedly, more than 60 times, translated into many European languages, but they were very little known to Russian, Soviet doctors, since in the last century they were published in translation into (Russian only two small Vladimir Ivanovich Rudnev decided to fill this gap.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):72-72
pages 72-72 views

Use of a logical structure graph for teaching and monitoring students' knowledge in practical classes and lectures on microbiology

Usmanova S.A.


The results of the application of the logical structure graph at the Department of Microbiology are analyzed. A significant difference in the assimilation of educational material in practical classes and lectures in comparison with traditional methods of teaching and control has been demonstrated.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):73-75
pages 73-75 views

Atrial fibrillation

Anisimov V.E.


Книга рассчитана на широкий круг врачей. В первой главе с современных позиций освещены этиология и патогенез мерца­тельной аритмии, которая часто осложняет течение ревматических пороков сердца и атеросклеротического кардиосклероза.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):75-76
pages 75-76 views

The role of the endocrine glands in the adaptation of the human body to surgical trauma

Talantov V.V.


The monograph consists of 6 chapters, in which the author, comparing his observations with literary data, gradually brings the reader to a modern understanding of the endocrine reactions that arise in a patient in response to an operational injury.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):76-77
pages 76-77 views

Ways to improve medical care in the perinatal period

Galkov V.M.


In the article "Some ritual issues of modern obstetrics and ways to solve them" (Kazan medical Zh., 1978, 4) prof. SM Becker put forward for discussion 3 aspects of the problem of reducing maternal and child morbidity and mortality, each of which is of great importance, requires discussion and further scientific developments. In this regard, I would like to dwell on the first two issues, which are largely interconnected.

Kazan medical journal. 1980;61(2):77-79
pages 77-79 views

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