Vol 46, No 6 (1965)

Stimulation of reparative regeneration by drugs and its practical significance

Lazarev Y.V., Gershanovich M.L.


The enormous importance of reparative regeneration for the existence of the organism does not require proof, and yet, in pharmacology, the need to influence this process is not given enough attention. This, in particular, is evidenced by the fact that for the first time the chapter on the pharmacology of regeneration (I.F. Sin) appeared only in the collective manual on pharmacology, published under the editorship of N.V. Lazarev in 1961.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):3-6
pages 3-6 views

Atherosclerosis and heart failure

Schwartz L.S., Krushinskaya N.T.


Among the terrible manifestations of atherosclerosis, heart failure occupies an important place and is the leading cause of death of patients. We focused our attention on identifying those hidden mechanisms of heart failure, the timely impact on which will prevent its progression. It is known that the defeat of blood vessels by atherosclerosis leads to a decrease in their elasticity and the ability to convert the energy of the release of blood into the energy of movement (GF Lang, NN Savitsky), and this negatively affects the kinematics of the functions of the heart.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):6-8
pages 6-8 views

Diagnostic value of vector cardiography in coronary atherosclerosis

Sulimovskaya N.A., Tron M.M.


One of the methods of studying the heart's biological currents is vectorcardiography (in KG). According to Russian and foreign authors, it is especially valuable for the diagnosis of hypertrophy of the heart muscle (M. I. Kechker, M. B. Tartakovsky, V. S. Gasilin, etc.).

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):9-11
pages 9-11 views

On the content of biotic electrolytes in the blood of patients with various forms of coronary atherosclerosis

Arleevsky I.P.


In the complex pathogenesis of atherosclerosis, great importance has recently been attached to disorders of enzymatic processes in the vascular wall.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):11-14
pages 11-14 views

Diagnostic value of the reaction of blood serum with Lugol's solution in acute coronary insufficiency

Eselev M.M., Varshamov A.L.


It has been established that a simple and easily feasible reaction with Lugol's solution (RLR) has diagnostic value in myocardial infarction (M. M. Eselev, M. G. Saltseva and N. Yu. Voloshin). The present study is devoted to the study of the nature of HRD in various forms of acute coronary insufficiency. It is known that with disorders of the coronary circulation, changes in the content of the carbohydrate-protein complex of the blood are observed, the degree of which can be judged by the level of total glucoproteins in the blood, in particular, an increase in the level of total glucoproteins in the blood serum during myocardial infarction is noted (A.N.Bakulev, E.P. Stepanyan and R. V. Merkurieva). The change in their concentration in the blood serum, according to our observations, is a sensitive indicator of the severity of coronary circulation disorders. Since HRR is an indicator of pronounced dysproteinemia, we compared HRR data with the results of determination of total serum glucoproteins in patients with various forms of acute coronary insufficiency. Analyzes were performed simultaneously on 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60 days of illness.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):14-15
pages 14-15 views

Changes in prothrombin index during the treatment of sodium warfarin in patients with coronary insufficiency

Zhivoderov V.M., Pinkevich N.M.


Thromboembolic complications arising from myocardial infarction not only complicate the clinic and aggravate the course of the disease, but in some patients determine the outcome of the disease.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):16-18
pages 16-18 views

Determination of uropepsin in atherosclerosis

Ivanov Y.M.


The activity of the internal organs is largely due to their blood supply, which can be disrupted by atherosclerotic lesions of the corresponding arteries. In this regard, there is a certain clinical interest in studying the functional state of the gastrointestinal tract in patients with atherosclerosis, especially since there are almost no special studies on this issue at the present time. As A. L. believes. In the elderly, if they have atherosclerosis of the aorta and coronary arteries, long-term digestive disorders often occur not as a result of inflammatory diseases of the stomach and intestines, but are caused by ischemia of the gastrointestinal tract due to atherosclerosis of the aorta and the abdominal arteries that depart from it.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):18-19
pages 18-19 views

Hypertension in young people

Saltseva M.T., Rogova D.A., Lezina V.A.


Literary data on what level of blood pressure should be considered as evidence for essential hypertension are rather contradictory.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):19-22
pages 19-22 views

On the activity of the rheumatic process in children

Gataullina L.D.


In 400 children aged from 1 year 9 months to 14 years with the active phase of rheumatism, treated in 1959-1964 in the children's clinical hospital, the activity of the process was evaluated according to A. I. Nesterov.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):22-23
pages 22-23 views

Topography as a method for early diagnosis of primary glaucoma

Nesterov A.P.


Despite the abundance of diagnostic tests, an intensive search for new effective tests for the early diagnosis of glaucoma continues at the present time.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):23-25
pages 23-25 views

The value of electrography of the ureters in nephrolithiasis

Kuzmina V.E.


Diagnosis of nephrolithiasis, as a rule, does not cause any particular difficulties. The topical diagnosis is established by X-ray examination. Determination of the functional state of the organs of the urinary system in some cases is difficult. To identify functional disorders of the urinary tract in nephrolithiasis, we used electrography as an additional method. The research methodology is described by us in the journal "Urology" (1958) and in the proceedings of the Crimean Medical Institute (1959).

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):25-26
pages 25-26 views

Influence of dysentery intoxication on redox processes and external respiration

Davydov V.Y.


The study of the nature of redox processes in the patient's body makes it possible to delve deeper into the pathogenesis of the disease and approach a targeted and scientifically based pathogenetic treatment.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):26-30
pages 26-30 views

To the diagnosis of tumors of the ventricular system

Grinberg S.A.


Diagnosis of tumors of the ventricles of the brain is one of the most difficult chapters of neurooncology. These tumors are rare. According to the Moscow Neurosurgical Institute. N. N. Burdenko (OS Uspenskaya), tumors of the lateral ventricles account for 0.64% of all brain tumors, tumors of the third ventricle - 1.8%, tumors of the fourth ventricle - 4.5-6%.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):30-31
pages 30-31 views

Efficiency of ligation of the external carotid arteries in radiation treatment of facial skull tumors

Vakker A.V.


As you know, ligation of arteries, increasing the sensitivity of the tumor and lowering the sensitivity of the skin to radiant energy, allows you to achieve better results of radiation treatment of the tumor. However, the opinions of various researchers about the advisability of ligation of the adductor vessels during radiation treatment of common tumors to date differ.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):31-34
pages 31-34 views

Thyroid cancer in childhood and adolescence

Lyubina N.I.


A number of foreign authors indicate an increase in the incidence of malignant tumors of the thyroid gland in children over the past 15 years (from 6.5% to 11% of the number of adults operated on for malignant tumors of this localization - Duffy and Fitzgerald, Diley and Lindsay, Horn and Ravdin , Bacwalter).

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):34-36
pages 34-36 views

About the combination of tuberculosis and lung cancer

Neimark I.I., Naimark D.A.


Until recently, there is no consensus of views on the frequency of combination of lung cancer and tuberculosis.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):36-37
pages 36-37 views

Treatment of profuse bleeding in gastric cancer according to the experience of domestic authors

Svedentsov E.P.


Until now, even a brief historical review of the works of domestic authors on the treatment of bleeding gastric carcinoma is lacking in the literature.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):38-40
pages 38-40 views

Reverse portocaval anastomosis with the direction of blood flow from the inferior vena cava to the portal

Sharafislamov F.S.


The inferior vena cava is often the object of surgical intervention for its injuries and lesions. The wall of the inferior vena cava is damaged during blunt trauma and wounds of the abdomen and lumbar region, during the operation of lumbar sympathectomy, liver resection, etc. However, the most common cause of surgery on this vein is tumors originating from the kidneys, adrenal glands, paraaortic paraganglia, etc.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):40-42
pages 40-42 views

Testosterone therapy for patients with dysfunctional uterine bleeding

Sidorov N.E., Zalevskaya K.F.


Dysfunctional bleeding is a common form of uterine hemorrhage. These bleeding are observed in puberty, menopause, and puberty (A. A. Lebedev). Clinical experience convinces that the latter are not so rare in practice and sometimes represent a difficult task for treatment.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):42-44
pages 42-44 views

Changes in the placenta during post-term pregnancy

Voronin K.V., Gurevich P.S.


In post-term pregnancy, the placenta undergoes significant macroscopic and microscopic changes, which are highlighted in the works of E. Ya. Stavskaya (1949), F. Boy (1950), A. S. Devizorova (1961), O.S. Egorova (1962), Yu . Wenzel-Cruels (1963) and others.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):44-45
pages 44-45 views

Clinical Evaluation of Ventral ECG Leads

Medvedev U.I.


To clarify the localization of pathological changes in the diaphragmatic parts of the heart, in addition to the generally accepted (standard, reinforced from the extremities, unipolar chest leads), “ventral leads (Vе—Vео — Vо ) with the imposition of an active electrode on the anterior abdominal wall (Vе - under the xiphoid process, Vео - half the distance between the xiphoid process and the navel, Vо - above the navel). The active electrode of the ventral leads is closer to the diaphragmatic parts of the heart than that of the unipolar leads. The ventral lead lines do not line up with the lead lines of the unipolar chest leads.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):45-46
pages 45-46 views

About postinfarction syndrome

Videeva V.I.


Recently, a kind of deposition of acute myocardial infarction continues to attract the attention of clinicians, characterized by a cyclical course, low-grade fever, the occurrence of pain in the chest, joints, the development of pleuropericarditis, pneumonia with accelerated ROE, leukocytosis, eosinophilia. This complication was first described in 1955 by Dressler, who called the entire sum of symptoms associated pathogenetically postinfarction syndrome.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):46-48
pages 46-48 views

Diadynamic currents in complex therapy for endarteriosis and atherosclerosis of the vessels of the extremities

Dobrova A.M.


It is well known that in obliterating processes in the arteries of the extremities, the outcome of the disease depends on the state of the collaterals. Therefore, all measures ѵ of such patients are aimed at stimulating roundabout blood circulation. However, a large number of proposed methods of treating these conditions are far from always effective.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):48-50
pages 48-50 views

About coelomic cysts of the pericardium

Popovyan I.M., Koshelev V.N.


Tumors and cysts of the mediastinum account for about 3% of all tumors in humans. Among them, the most common are dermoid cysts, teratomas, neurogenic tumors, and thymomas. Cysts of the pericardial shirt, being a consequence of a violation of the formation in the embryonic life of the pericardial coelom, are more rare forms.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):50-53
pages 50-53 views

The use of a vacuum extractor in obstetric practice

Kushnirskaya E.S.


We have developed childbirth histories of 66 women in labor, in whom a vacuum extractor was applied under regional (ischio-rectal) anesthesia.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):53-54
pages 53-54 views

Treatment of cervical erosion with dry air banks

Kornienko T.G.


The lack of sufficiently effective conservative methods of treating cervical erosion prompted us to apply the treatment proposed by V.V. Tretyakov with dry air banks.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):55-55
pages 55-55 views

Surgical treatment of purulent lesions of the uterine appendages

Kalashnikova A.G.


Until now, there is no consensus on the treatment of purulent lesions of the uterine appendages. Some use conservative treatment, others insist on surgical treatment.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):56-56
pages 56-56 views

Serious sarcoma of the uterus

Dasaeva A.M.


Sarcoma of the female genital organs is rare. The tumor is mostly localized in the body of the uterus (85-90% according to KF Slovyansky). Sarcoma of the cervix is, according to VF Wambergski, 13.5% -20.5% of all cases of uterine sarcoma.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):57-57
pages 57-57 views

Serum proteins and lipoproteins in healthy and atherosclerotic residents of Yakutsk

Afanasyeva A.D.


Total protein in healthy people aged 17 to 60 years is 8.1%, albumin - 51%, globulins: a1 - 6.3%, a2 - 10.2%, ß - 14.1, Y-globulins - 18 ,four%. The studies were carried out in winter, spring, summer (June).

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):57-57
pages 57-57 views

Panarteritis nodosa in combination with adrenal pheochromocytomas

Nesterov E.N.


Recently, there has been an increase in cases of nodose panarteritis (periarteritis). By 1959, 230 cases of this disease were described in the domestic literature (OM Vinogradova, 1962).

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):58-58
pages 58-58 views

Primary parotid cancer

Nugaeva N.H.


From 1945 to 1961, we observed 112 patients with tumors of the parotid gland, of which 16 had primary cancer (14%).

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):58-59
pages 58-59 views

Three-fold recurrence of a tumor of the mesentery of the small intestine

Zhupan V.F., Pomosov D.V.


We could not find any reports on recurrence of tumors of the mesentery of the small intestine in the literature available to us. Here is our observation.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):59-60
pages 59-60 views

Malformation of the uterus with simultaneous congenital absence of the right kidney

Razumovsky Y.K.


This malformation depends on the unfavorable conditions affecting the body during intrauterine life (malnutrition, gas exchange, chemistry), as well as on the infectious-toxic effect on the fetus.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):60-60
pages 60-60 views

Primary ureteral cancer

Grigoriev N.G.


Primary tumors of the ureter are rare forms of urinary tract pathology. The first description of a tumor of the ureter was made in 1839 by J. Reier.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):60-61
pages 60-61 views

Primary epithelial tumors of the renal pelvis

Sultan N.N.


The earliest symptom of tumors of the renal pelvis is hematuria, followed by pain and palpable swelling (enlarged kidney).

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):61-62
pages 61-62 views

Spontaneous delay in the development of sarcoma of the lower extremity with preservation of working capacity

Smetanin B.F.


F., 24 years old, was admitted to the clinic with complaints of a tumor on the dorsum of the left foot, which had appeared two months ago at the site of the abrasion on the birthmark. The tumor grew rapidly and ulcerated.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):62-63
pages 62-63 views


Bikmulina S.K.


Here is a description of a clinically unrecognized osteoblastoclastoma. B., 42 years old, was admitted to the surgical department in serious condition with paralysis of the lower extremities, disorder of the pelvic organs, with complaints of general weakness and pain in the lumbar region. With a diagnosis of tuberculous spondylitis, the patient was transferred to the hospital of the tuberculosis dispensary. The diagnosis of phthisiatricians was rejected, and the patient was again referred to the surgical department. During a three-month follow-up with the participation of radiologists, she was diagnosed with myelomatosis with lesions of the thoracic spine. From the joined bilateral large-focal pneumonia by the end of the third month, the patient died.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):63-64
pages 63-64 views

Hematological indicators of allergy in rabies vaccination of humans

Tsareva V.Y.


The vaccinated (82) were between the ages of 18 and 68. The Fermi vaccine was used, according to the instructions of the USSR Ministry of Health.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):64-64
pages 64-64 views

Disease of the skin of the hands of milkmaids from cows infected with smallpox vaccine in humans

Levkov A.A.


In the summer of 1962, ulcerative lesions appeared on the skin of the hands of milkmaids and the udders of cows in one livestock farm. It turned out that about a month ago, among the children vaccinated with smallpox, there was a child of one of the milkmaids. About 10 days later, papules appeared on the udders of one of the cows his mother milked. After a few days, bubbles formed on their surface, which turned into pustules with an umbilical depression in the center.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):64-65
pages 64-65 views

Mental and nervous disorders in hypotonic conditions

Stankevich E.S.


It is well known that symptoms of nervous and mental disorders occur both in atherosclerosis and hypertension, and in hypotonic conditions. However, hypotonic conditions are not always diagnosed, they often pass under diagnoses of vegetative neurosis, general asthenia, menopause, heart neurosis, dystonia of the nervous system, chronic gastritis, biliary dyskinesia, less often spastic chronic colitis. In reality, hypotonic states sometimes cause severe not only functional, but also organic brain damage (M. M. Aleksandrovskaya and GI Markelov).

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):65-71
pages 65-71 views

Itsenko-Cushing's disease and pregnancy

Kalinin A.P.


In the literature, there are no comparative data on the incidence of Itsenko-Cushing's disease in the groups of pregnant and giving birth women and women who have not had pregnancies. The development of the disease after childbirth or abortion has been repeatedly noted.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):71-74
pages 71-74 views

About clinical examination of patients with coronary insufficiency

Gofman L.I.


Prevention and treatment of coronary circulation disorders is one of the most difficult and challenging tasks of the therapeutic service. Literature data on this problem, as well as their own observations (L.S. Schwartz et al., 1958) testify to the insufficient effectiveness of the generally accepted treatment of this disease. Obviously, more advanced forms and methods of preventive treatment of coronary insufficiency are needed and their widespread introduction into the practice of polyclinics, medical units and medical centers of industrial enterprises.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):74-76
pages 74-76 views

From experience in the field of pediatric gynecology

Kapelyushnik N.L., Pliner F.M.


In the prevention of dysfunctions of the genital organs of an adult woman, prevention, timely diagnosis and proper treatment of diseases of the genitals of girls play an important role. However, in the work of gynecologists in antenatal clinics, sanitary-preventive and medical care for girls is still not sufficient.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):76-77
pages 76-77 views

Gynecological care for children

Dunaeva V.G., Pleshkova N.S.


The objective of this work is to analyze the activities of the newly organized office of pediatric gynecology on the basis of the association of maternity hospital No. 6 in Kazan for the period from June 1963 to 1965.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):77-78
pages 77-78 views

To the centenary of the Department of Pathological Anatomy of the Kazan Order of the Red Banner of Labor of the Medical Institute (1865-1965)

Nepryakhin G.G., Poryvaev N.F.


An independent department of pathological anatomy at the Faculty of Medicine of Kazan University was formed in December 1865, 61 years after the opening of Kazan University and 51 years after the organization of the Faculty of Medicine.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):78-80
pages 78-80 views

On the advantages of determining the residual lung volume using Azotograf A-1

Abdrakhmanova R.S.


In our work, we present a method for determining the residual volume using an A-1 azoographer of the Kazan design (SKTB-medfizpribor).

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):81-81
pages 81-81 views

On the use of the PT-2 heart rate monitor to determine the pressure in the arteries of the fingers

Panchenko E.N.


Determination of pressure in the digital arteries in most cases is carried out according to the method of Gertner, which has serious drawbacks: both Gertner himself and other researchers (M.V. Yanovsky, A.M. Naumov) in a number of cases determined the pressure in the finger arteries equal to or exceeding brachial, which indicates the incompatibility of the data obtained with sphygmomanometry according to Gertner and according to Korotkov: arterial pressure in the distal parts of the vascular line can never be equal or higher than in the proximal.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):82-82
pages 82-82 views

"Handbook of Oncology". "Medicine", 1964

Konevalov R.V.


The book was created mainly by employees of the Institute of Experimental Pathology and Cancer Therapy, the director and scientific supervisor of which is the President of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, full member of the Academy, prof. N. N. Blokhin.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):83-84
pages 83-84 views

Conference on atherosclerosis dedicated to the 80th birthday of Academician N.N. Anichkov

Golikov A.P.


More than 1000 scientists and practitioners from 40 cities of all Union republics took part in the conference.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):84-86
pages 84-86 views

New instruments and methods for gas analysis

Bogoyavlensky V.F., Abdrakhmanov M.I.


The conference was attended by delegates from 16 cities of the country. The conference participants unanimously came to the conclusion that Kazan is becoming the center of pulmonology.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):86-87
pages 86-87 views

Scientific and Practical Conference of Blood Service Workers

Epifanov N.S.


The conference was organized by the branch of the Leningrad Research Institute of Blood Transfusion in Kirov, Kazan State Institute for Advanced Training of Physicians named after V.I. Lenin and the Kazan Medical Institute of the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):88-89
pages 88-89 views

Associate Professor Gaziza Zinatovna Ishmukhametova


On August 5, 1965, a member of the CPSU since 1941, head of the Department of Propedeutics of Internal Diseases of the Kazan Order of the Red Banner of Labor of the Medical Institute, Associate Professor Gaziza Zinatovna Ishmukhametova, died suddenly.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):89-90
pages 89-90 views

Associate Professor Aron Samuilovich Vinogradov


On September 1, 1965, the chief therapist of the Kazan City Health Department, the head of the therapeutic department of the hospital No. 11 in Kazan, the Honored Doctor of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Associate Professor Aron Samuilovich Vinogradov, died.

Kazan medical journal. 1965;46(6):90-90
pages 90-90 views

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