Vol 52, No 4 (1971)

The social conditioning of cardiovascular disease

Chikin S.Y.


The structure of morbidity and mortality in the population depends on many circumstances: the well-being of one or another strata of the population and their general culture, the level of development of medical science, the degree of accessibility of medical care, the organisation of healthcare, working conditions, housing conditions, quality of nutrition, etc. In view of this circumstance, it can be said at once that under the conditions of capitalist society, where material wealth is available to different classes in different ways, the structure of morbidity and mortality among the various social groups will not be identical.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):1-7
pages 1-7 views

Electrocardiogram in terminal states and resuscitation in patients with myocardial infarction

Goldberg G.A., Tatarchenko I.P., Suryadnova B.A., Silina T.K., Krasnoryadtseva E.F., Shatilova N.V.


We used ECG examination data of 35 patients with myocardial infarction, who were in a terminal state. ECG in so-called clinical death was taken in 16 patients with ventricular fibrillation and in 4 with ventricular flutter, in 9 with myocardial rupture and subsequent tamponade, in 5 with cessation of electrical activity. In addition, ECG examination was performed in the terminal period in 5 patients with rapidly progressing collapse and in 1 with mainstem pulmonary embolism. Nine patients were resuscitated, of whom in 3 patients resuscitation proved to be stable (life expectancy over 2 months).

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):8-14
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Complications and side-effects of electropulse therapy for atrial fibrillation

Arleevsky I.P., Romanova N.A., Chizhevskaya S.I., Voitsekhovich G.S., Latypov A.G., Podolsky A.N.


The use of high-voltage capacitor discharge for sinus rhythm reversal has been one of the most significant advances in antiarrhythmic therapy in recent years. There is still no consensus on the indications for atrial fibrillation, but it is already clear that the new method has a number of undeniable advantages over conventional medical treatments.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):14-15
pages 14-15 views

Clinical and electrocardiographic parallels in different variants of cardiac pain syndrome

Epstein R.S., Veprintseva L.Y., Babaeva V.V.


We studied 262 hospitalized patients (134 men and 128 women) aged 16 to 74 years old to find out peculiarities of ECG changes in patients with various manifestations of cardio-pain syndrome. All patients were conventionally divided into groups according to the nature of pain in the heart area.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):16-17
pages 16-17 views

Hypertension and diabetes mellitus

Germanov A.I., Sorokina V.I.


A considerable number of papers have been devoted to the study of changes in various organs and systems in hypertension. The possible combination or complication of hypertension with diabetes mellitus, however, is poorly addressed in the literature.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):18-20
pages 18-20 views

Some correlations between secretory and enzyme-forming gastric functions and basic electrolyte balance in peptic ulcer disease

Chugunov V.K.


The aim of our work was to investigate the correlations between hydrochloric acid (HC1), pepsin in gastric juice and Na and K concentrations in blood and in gastric contents in peptic ulcer sufferers with different secretory and acid-forming functions of the stomach.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):20-22
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Pathogenetic rationale for the use of RR and B1 vitamins in peptic ulcer disease

Oparin G.G.


Among the various regulatory disorders of metabolic processes in the body, which play a role in the pathogenesis of peptic ulcer disease, an important place belongs to a change in the balance of vitamins, in particular PP and B1. These vitamins, being prosthetic groups of coenzymes nicotinamide adenine nucleotide (NAD) and thiamine pyrophosphate (cocarboxylase), exert great influence on regulation of certain functions of gastro-intestinal tract, on implementation of neurohumoral and metabolic processes. At the same time it is known that the fate of the vitamins entered into the body depends to a large extent on the state of the stomach.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):22-24
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Effect of enteral oxygen therapy on gastric motility in patients with atherosclerosis and hypertension

Lebedeva Z.G., Ivanov Y.M.


Atherosclerosis and hypertension often develop ischaemia or hypoxia of different organs with varying degrees of functional impairment. As atherosclerotic vascular changes develop, tissue hypoxia increases. Often in elderly people and patients with atherosclerosis gastrointestinal dysfunction is not due to inflammatory changes, but to ischaemia due to insufficient mesenteric circulation.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):24-25
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Morphological changes in gastric mucosa in diabetic patients

Radbil O.S., Vainshtein G.G., Zabusov Y.G.


It is known that the secretory function of the stomach in (diabetic) patients is reduced. The reasons for this are inhibition of gastric secretion due to hyperglycemia, dystrophy of the nervous apparatus of the stomach, shifts in the relationship between endocrine glands and the resulting lolydyshormonosis, disruption of hydrochloric acid synthesis at the cellular level as a result of altered metabolism, etc. It is possible that degenerative and inflammatory phenomena in the gastric mucosa itself play an important role.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):25-26
pages 25-26 views

Changes in the resorptive function of the small intestine in some diseases

Leshchinsky L.A., Trusov V.V., Plastinina R.A., Ryabov V.I.


The problem of resorption in the digestive apparatus has attracted wide attention of researchers.
To assess absorption function of small intestine, L.A. Leschinsky and V.I. Ryabov (1959) injected potassium iodide (20 ml of 2% solution) directly into duodenum through duodenal probe and recorded the moment of iodine appearance in saliva by means of iodine-starch reaction. Further (additions were made in the form of quantitative analysis of iodine in saliva. This variant made it possible to determine the so-called "volumetric rate" of KJ absorption, i.e. to judge not only the time of the first portions of the test agent (qualitative iododkali assay) entering through the intestine, but also the amount of resorbed indicator in certain periods.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):26-33
pages 26-33 views

The role of splenectomy in the treatment of cirrhosis

Korolev B.A., Gagushin V.A.


Splenectomy without combination with various types of portocaval anastomoses is almost universally abandoned. The appropriateness of its use together with vascular and organ anastomoses is disputed. It seems to us that for the treatment of patients with portal hypertension due to liver cirrhosis this issue cannot be considered finally resolved.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):33-35
pages 33-35 views

Liver function and cortisol metabolism in Icenko-Cushing's disease

Vasyukova E.A., Yasko A.A., Skvortsova R.I.


The influence of glucocorticoids on the development and course of pathological conditions in the liver has received increasing attention. Numerous clinical and experimental studies have shown that an excess of glucocorticoids leads to significant changes in the functional activity and morphological structure of the liver.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):35-38
pages 35-38 views

Dynamics of serum iodine content in goitre patients

Gazimov M.M., Gazimova M.K.


Protein-bound iodine (PBI) in plasma and its thyroxine fraction extracted with butanol iodine (BIO) is becoming common in the study of the functional state of the thyroid gland. These values reflect the level of thyroid hormone circulating in the blood. Therefore, we decided to share our observations on the study of SBI and BAY of blood serum of patients with different functional activity of the thyroid gland at admission to hospital, after surgery and in the distant terms after surgical treatment of goiter.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):39-39
pages 39-39 views

Fate of oral sulphamonomethoxin

Ashbel S.I., Gil R.G., Sokolova V.G., Pertsovich I.K.


We studied the fate of sulphamonomethoxin in 92 patients in the clinic for infectious and inflammatory diseases of the bronchopulmonary system and the biliary tract. There were 44 men and 48 women. Most of the patients were between the ages of 32 and 55. The patients were each given one tablet of sulfamonomethoxin (0.5 g) and its content in blood, urine, bile and sputum was determined at various intervals by the modified Prebsting and Gavrilov method.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):40-41
pages 40-41 views

Diagnosis of an accessory valvular vein by fluorography

Shendrik Y.G., Bratel I.N., Faizullin A.M.


An accessory lobe of the unpaired vein represents an anomaly of pulmonary tissue development that occurs in the right lung due to the unusual passage of v. azygos. According to our data it was detected in 0.34% of cases. An accessory valvular lobe has a characteristic radiological picture and can be seen quite clearly on large-frame fluorograms in the direct anterior projection. 

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):41-43
pages 41-43 views

Autocoagulogram of blood of patients with hemophilia

Kotovshchikova M.A., Abramov V.S.


The autocoagulogram has not yet found widespread use in laboratory practice in the clinical examination of patients with clotting disorders. Meanwhile, this test is very easy to perform and is valuable because it uses only oxalate plasma from the patient and "haemolysate" from erythrocytes of the same plasma, i.e. it excludes the influence of biological reagents added in many other reactions, such as in the thromboplastin generation test.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):43-46
pages 43-46 views

Peridural anaesthesia technique

Zakharova G.N., Ioffe I.L., Takhtamysh A.I.


Despite the known advantages of peridural anaesthesia, it has not become widespread due to the technical difficulties involved. This applies primarily to the technique of peridural penetration, which is directly related to anatomical features. Although most authors applying peridural anaesthesia have paid attention to the anatomy of the peridural space, this aspect cannot be considered exhaustive.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):47-51
pages 47-51 views

Preventing reactive syndrome in the experiment

Shamsutdinova R.A.


The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of a number of drugs on the course of the reactive syndrome in order to develop measures to prevent it. Control experiments were performed on 12 chinchilla rabbits.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):51-52
pages 51-52 views

Some electromyographic indicators in pre-school children

Yablonskikh M.A.


The data available in the literature on the side of muscle damage in scoliosis are contradictory. Even a seemingly accurate study, such as morphological examination, gives an ambiguous characterisation of the muscle condition in this disease.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):53-54
pages 53-54 views

Mistakes in the diagnosis and treatment of hand injuries

Rozovskaya T.P.


We analyzed the results of treatment of injuries to the flexor and extensor tendons of the fingers in 271 patients. Most of these patients were initially treated in district hospitals as well as in hospitals and clinics in Kazan.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):55-55
pages 55-55 views

Effectiveness of traction treatment for lumbar osteochondrosis

Usmanova A.I.


We examined 50 patients (25 men and 25 women aged 31 to 61 years) in the course of treatment and 33 patients before and after traction on the traction table. The control group consisted of 30 practically healthy people, including 10 patients examined before and after traction. The patients were divided into three groups: Group 1, with L5 and S1 radicular compression syndrome alone or in combination, 21 patients; Group 2, with non-radicular lumbodynia or lumboschialgia syndrome, 11 patients; Group 3, with pear-shaped muscle syndrome, 18 patients.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):56-57
pages 56-57 views

Clinical variants of chronic verbal hallucinosis syndrome

Mendelevich D.M.


The research of clinicians and neurophysiologists for the last years convinces us that along with the features reflecting nosological belonging of syndromes, regularities independent of an essence of illness are found also. The latter can be caused by general pathophysiological disturbances of higher nervous activity in similar psychopathological states. In particular, verbal hallucinoses of various etiologies are thought to be based on a local organic lesion of the brain, which is a source of constant pathological impulses.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):57-59
pages 57-59 views

On the particularities of the clinical pattern and course of alcoholism in women

Romanova M.V.


We studied the clinical manifestations and peculiarities of the course of alcoholism in women at the psychoneurological hospital and dispensary in Saransk. We studied 150 women and 150 men suffering from chronic alcoholism. Alcoholism in women presents a number of peculiarities both in its rate and timing of its formation, in correlations between various pathogenic influences, as well as in specificity of clinical manifestations, course and response to treatment measures.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):60-61
pages 60-61 views

Long-term results of hydrocortisone treatment of persistent forms of chronic prostatitis

Kobelev A.A.


Two approximately equal groups of patients (298 in total) who had received various etiotropic and pathogenetic treatments for a long time without effect were followed up. The duration of previous treatment usually coincided with the duration of the disease. They were: in 21.7% of patients up to a year, in 27.3% of patients up to 2 years, in 31.4% up to 3 years, and in 19.6% more than 3 years.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):61-63
pages 61-63 views

Non-donation rate in maternity hospitals in Kazan

Yakubova Z.N., Shamova N.A., Safina S.G., Gracheva Y.P., Miftakhova F.A.


Non-pregnancy is considered to be a serious obstetric problem. The overall success of modern obstetric care has had little impact. The incidence of prematurity, according to different authors, currently ranges from 10 to 13%. The loss of premature babies reaches enormous figures, among those who die antenatally it ranges from 43 to 73%, and intra- and postnatally from 40 to 78%.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):63-65
pages 63-65 views

Experience in predicting the course and outcome of childbirth

Arkhangelskaya N.V., Leifer L.G., Foy A.M.


We have set ourselves the task of developing a system for quantifying multiple obstetric factors, suitable primarily for the purposes of practical obstetrics. We have therefore proposed the Prognostic Scale for Determining the Course and Outcome of Labour, to be used at the beginning of labour. This scale is an attempt to comprehensively assess, at the beginning of labour, the combination of a number of factors that affect the course and outcome of the birth act in one way or another. The school's definition of these attributes and the scoring of each of the attributes, as well as their definition in clear terms, ultimately yields a sum of scores which serves as a basis for assuming a normal or pathological course of the forthcoming birth.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):65-67
pages 65-67 views

Impact on the fetus of the combination of late gestational toxicity and diabetes mellitus

Becker S.M., Ugoleva S.V.


Many researchers have investigated which factors contribute to the onset of toxemia in diabetes. Some authors link it to hormonal abnormalities (increased chorionic gonadotropins and decreased estrogens and corpus luteum hormones), others to the severity of diabetes and its duration; most authors attribute crucial importance in preventing late-onset toxicity to proper management of diabetes, systematic monitoring of pregnant women by an obstetrician and endocrinologist and strict adherence to a prescribed regime and diet.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):68-70
pages 68-70 views

Glucocorticoid function of the adrenal cortex in patients with post-abortion sepsis

Makatsaria A.D., Bunyatyan A.F.


It is now known that the biological effect of glucocorticoids is determined by the concentration of free, biologically active forms of corticosteroids in the blood, the level of which is determined by the secretion of the adrenal cortex and the processes of their binding to plasma proteins. The determination of the content of free forms of hormones allows a more complete characterization of the secretory capacity of the adrenal cortex in any pathological condition, including the post-abortion septic process.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):70-71
pages 70-71 views

Electrochemical method for diagnosing cervical cancer

Kulikov A.G.


The easy recovery of oxygen in tissues, simplicity and accessibility of the research method and its registration led us to the idea of testing the method in the diagnosis of cervical cancer and pre-cancerous conditions. To register oxygen in cervical tissues using the electrochemical method, we used an M-95 type microammeter with a measuring range of 0.1 to 1.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):71-73
pages 71-73 views

Micronutrients in water and food in the Udmurt Republic

Vakhrusheva V.A., Myakisheva L.S.


According to zonal biogeochemical zoning, the Udmurt Republic belongs to the taiga-forest non-black earth zone, characterized by the lack of Ca, P, K, Na, J, Co, Cu and sufficient concentration of Mn in the environment and foodstuffs. At the same time, the content of these elements varies in different areas of this territory.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):73-74
pages 73-74 views

Errors and complications in the surgery of acute appendicitis in the elderly

Bayteryakova E.R.


Lethality in acute appendicitis has ranged from 0.1 to 0.2% in the USSR in recent years, but is much higher among the elderly and the elderly, averaging 2%. The cause of high lethality is late surgical intervention due to late hospitalization and errors in diagnosis.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):74-74
pages 74-74 views

On isolated injuries to the pancreas

Ageev A.F., Novikov F.V., Kurbanaeva S.S.


Isolated pancreatic injuries in closed abdominal trauma are relatively rare. Only isolated cases have been described in the national and foreign literature. The attention of surgeons is attracted by the difficulties of diagnosis and treatment. The clinical picture of closed pancreatic injuries is mainly dominated by the symptoms of shock, relatively rapidly developing peritonitis, and internal bleeding.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):74-75
pages 74-75 views

"Belly button symptom" in liver injuries in children

Shapkina A.P.


The diagnosis and treatment of liver injury in children is still an urgent issue in surgical practice. The diagnosis of liver injury in young children is sometimes difficult because of the inability to obtain a medical history and to ask the child about pain sensations.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):75-76
pages 75-76 views

Liver function in traumatic brain injury

Lakirovich G.Y.


The aim was to study hepatic dysfunction in acute traumatic brain injury. We determined bilirubin, total protein and protein fractions by agar electrophoresis, blood prothrombin index, plasma fibrinogen and cholesterol as indicators of liver function.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):76-77
pages 76-77 views

Dermoid ovarian cysts bursting into the bladder

Shvetsov P.E.


Perforation of pustules and dermoid cysts from the uterine appendages into the bladder is rare. One of the main methods of diagnosing this perforation is cystoscopy.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):77-78
pages 77-78 views

Dynamics of formation and excretion of unoxidised metabolic products in dysentery

Sultanov P.S.


We studied the quantitative content of unoxidized metabolic products in circulating blood and urine in dysentery and experimental dysentery intoxication. In patients with dysentery studies were carried out at different forms of severity and at different stages of the disease. In experimental intoxication different doses of dysentery bacillus Grigoriev-Shig toxin were used, which gave different severity of intoxication. The content of under-oxidised products was judged by the amount of oxygen vactate in the urine and blood. To determine renal activity, clearance was calculated in relation to the oxygen vate.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):78-78
pages 78-78 views

About peptic ulcer disease in adolescents

Pushkarev N.I.


Sh., 15 years old, admitted to the department on 17/X 1970 with a diagnosis of acute abdomen. He had been suffering from gastritis since 1962; his condition had worsened sharply 6 hours previously. Respiration was rapid, shallow, heart tones muffled, pulse 104, BP undetectable, tongue dry with brown plaque; anterior abdominal wall tense throughout; Schetkin-Blumberg symptom positive; peristaltic murmurs not audible.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):78-79
pages 78-79 views

Experience of treating varicose veins with sclerosing solutions

Zhukov B.N., Golovachev V.L., Gorlov A.K.


We observed 186 patients (148 women and 38 men) with varicose veins of the lower extremities. There were 18 patients under 20 years of age, 83 patients between 20 and 30 years of age, 52 patients between 30 and 40 years of age, and 33 patients older. In 89 women varicose veins of the lower limbs had developed either during pregnancy or during the postpartum period; in 36 patients the disease could be related to heavy physical labour, in 42 patients - to prolonged standing on their feet, in 19 patients the causative factor could not be identified.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):79-79
pages 79-79 views

Intestinal obstruction according to the district hospital

Kovalenko G.G., Muradinov E.M., Seyukov N.N.


Over a period of 5 years, 274 patients were admitted to the surgical department of Bugulma Central Regional Hospital with a diagnosis of intestinal obstruction. In 49 (15%) patients the diagnosis was not confirmed. Intestinal obstruction was simulated by the following diseases: coprostasis - in 32 patients, appendicitis - in 6, uterine cancer - in 3, gastritis - in 1, hemorrhoids - in 3, adenoma of prostate - in 2, appendicular infiltrate - in 2.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):79-80
pages 79-80 views

Outpatient treatment for children with elbow fractures

Kupryashina T.G.


From 1964 to 1969, 240 children (boys-167 and 73 girls) under 15 years of age with fractures of the elbow joint were under our observation. The most frequently observed fractures were peremicondylar fractures, fractures of individual epicondyles, fracture-dislocations and contusions.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):80-80
pages 80-80 views

On the issue of avulsion fractures of the ankles

Stolyarov E.A.


Ankle fractures are one of the most common types of injury and account for 43.3%-60% of tibia fractures. Among ankle fractures, three ankle fractures (17.6-28% of all ankle fractures) are the most severe.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):80-81
pages 80-81 views

Microflora of the middle ear in acute otoantritis in children

Leontieva T.N.


We performed bacteriological studies of purulent secretions in 67 children with acute purulent otantritis (age from 1 to 4 years). Nineteen children had pus from the ears on admission to the hospital, and 48 had otitis without otorrhea, and the pathological secretion was obtained by paracentesis under aseptic conditions. In both cases the pathological material was inoculated on a dish with 5% blood agar and Kitt-Tarozzi medium with 0.1% agar agar, incubated at 37° for 24 hours and the isolated microorganisms were studied.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):81-81
pages 81-81 views

Sexual pathology in the pathogenesis of jealousy delirium

Gataullin M.M.


The delirium of jealousy has long and until recently attracted the attention of researchers. However, it has to be stated that the structure of this delirium and its pathogenetic mechanisms have not been sufficiently studied. A large number of authors have pointed to the role of sexual pathology in the pathogenesis of jealous delirium, but the question of in what capacity sexual pathology is involved in the structure of the delirium remains controversial.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):81-82
pages 81-82 views

About secondary sciatica

Kipervas I.P.


A clinical symptom complex known as sciatica; isolated in the 18th century by Catuño. For a long time, infection was considered to be the main cause. Over the past decade, science has established the view that this syndrome is associated with spinal osteochondrosis. However, the lesion of the sciatic nerve itself cannot be explained by this pathology.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):83-83
pages 83-83 views

A combination of gigantism and acromegaly

Khuzin G.K.


The combination of gigantism and acromegaly in the same patient is rare. Here is our observation. B., 20 years old, was hospitalized from 12/XII 1968 to 1/I 1969 and from 5/II to 3/III 1970.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):83-84
pages 83-84 views

Death from a drug-induced illness

Evdokimov P.P., Koifman B.I.


In the last 5 years the prophylactic department of Ulyanovsk regional hospital No. 1 has registered 15 cases of drug-related deaths. The deceased included 4 children and 11 adults, of whom 2 were men, the rest being women aged between 28 and 65.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):84-85
pages 84-85 views

Belloidum poisoning

Evgenov G.I.


G., 43 years old, on 13/1 1969 at 10.30 a.m., was taken by ambulance in a comatose state. The patient was taken in an ambulance in a comatose state at 10.30 a.m. The patient went to bed in the evening and was found unconscious in the morning. A doctor was called to the scene and found empty bottles of Belloidum, Elenium and Bekhterev pills on a table near the bed. The outpatient records showed that the patient was being treated for prolonged neurasthenic reactions and that the above medication had been prescribed by a doctor.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):86-86
pages 86-86 views

About pseudopheochromocytoma syndrome

Chernyshev V.N., Korolyuk I.P.


In recent years there have been isolated reports of a disease in which the clinical picture completely or almost completely mimics a pheochromocytoma and intraoperative (sometimes even sectional) revision of the chromaffin tissue does not reveal tumour growth. Biochemical investigations reveal increased catecholamine secretion, and tests for histamine or regitin may be positive.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):86-87
pages 86-87 views

Modern hormonal contraceptives

Kulavsky V.A., Lilova V.S.


The idea of preventing conception with hormones has a history of more than fifty years. It is based on the fact that cows remain infertile if the corpus luteum does not undergo reverse development. On the contrary, if it is mechanically destroyed, the animals become fertile again. Loeb (1910) found that ovulation in guinea pigs occurs earlier if the corpus luteum from the previous cycle is removed.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):87-91
pages 87-91 views

Morbidity and immunobiological reactivity in adolescents studying in the petrochemical industry

Dautov F.F., Shtoda N.F., Sadreeva Z.G.


We investigated the health status and immunobiological reactivity of 77 male and 48 female apparatus trainees undergoing on-the-job training at a petrochemical synthesis plant. The control group consisted of 20 electric fitter students who were not exposed to the chemical factor. All the study subjects were aged 17 years.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):91-94
pages 91-94 views

On the issue of one priority

Anisimov V.E., Albitsky V.Y.


While studying the scientific heritage of Nikolay Andreevich Vinogradov (1831-1886), the founder of Kazan school of physicians, we faced a rather controversial assessment of his report "On the auscultatory phenomena in the peripheral arteries in organic heart disease" by the historians of medicine.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):94-95
pages 94-95 views



The VIII Republican Scientific and Practical Conference of otorhinolaryngologists of the TASSR, organised by the Ministry of Health of the TASSR and the Kazan Branch of the RNOLO, was held in Kazan from 25th to 27th June 1971. The conference was attended by otorhinolaryngologists from the Mari, Chuvash and Udmurt ASSR. The conference was attended by 120 people.

Kazan medical journal. 1971;52(4):95-95
pages 95-95 views

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