Changes in the resorptive function of the small intestine in some diseases

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The problem of resorption in the digestive apparatus has attracted wide attention of researchers.
To assess absorption function of small intestine, L.A. Leschinsky and V.I. Ryabov (1959) injected potassium iodide (20 ml of 2% solution) directly into duodenum through duodenal probe and recorded the moment of iodine appearance in saliva by means of iodine-starch reaction. Further (additions were made in the form of quantitative analysis of iodine in saliva. This variant made it possible to determine the so-called "volumetric rate" of KJ absorption, i.e. to judge not only the time of the first portions of the test agent (qualitative iododkali assay) entering through the intestine, but also the amount of resorbed indicator in certain periods.

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L. A. Leshchinsky

Izhevsk Medical Institute

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation

V. V. Trusov

Izhevsk Medical Institute


Russian Federation

R. A. Plastinina

Izhevsk Medical Institute


Russian Federation

V. I. Ryabov

Izhevsk Medical Institute


Russian Federation




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