Vol 81, No 6 (2000)

Kazan Medical Journal ”D.M. Zubairov

Shevchenko Y.L.


I sincerely congratulate the creative and publishing teams of the renowned "Kazan Medical Journal" on the remarkable anniversary - the 100th anniversary of its foundation!

Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):449-449
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The role and place of radiation diagnostics in modern conditions

Mikhailov M.K.


Radiation diagnostics is one of the priority areas in the field of theoretical and practical medicine. The field of scientific activity of the staff of the Department of Radiation Diagnostics is very wide and covers many areas of medicine. The main results of the work of both the department itself and related scientific divisions, which were provided with advice, were published in a number of monographs, articles, dissertation research, covered at congresses, congresses, conferences.

Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):450-461
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Dynamics of the ST segment in inferior and widespread posterior myocardial infarction according to electrocardiotopography

Miloslavskaya T.Y., Andreichev N.A.


The use of multi pie leades significantly increases the possibilities of the electrocardiotopograpliic method in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction and makes it possible to determine more exactly localization and lesion size. The electrical heart field was studied by the R.Z. Amirov electrocardiotopography method using registration of 104 monopolar leads along the chest surface in patients with inferior and spread posterior myocardial infarction. Correlation of the dynamics of the ST segment with the dynamics of indices of the electrocardiotopogram QRS complex is revealed. A series of new diagnostic criteria of estimating the lesion zone making it possible to predict favourable and unfavourable organization of the necrosis zone is suggested.


Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):462-465
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The state of humoral immunity in dusty lung diseases

Zhestkov A.V.


The estimation of diagnostic value of humoral immunity indices in dust lung diseases is given and the tests for determining the individual sensitivity of persons to the effect of industrial aerosols of various fibrogenity degree are chosen. It is established that disorders of humoral immunity and inspecific resistance of the organism in dust lung pathology depend on the disease type and are determining for developing infectious complications. It is recommended to determine the factors of humoral immunity and inspecific resistance in workers being in contact with high concentrations of industrial aerosols and in patients with dust lung diseases for the exact estimation of risk of developing infectious complications.


Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):466-470
pages 466-470 views

Method of videothoracoscopic parasternal lymphadenectomy in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer

Segal E.I., Khamidullin R.G., Nagumanov E.V., Gubaidullin H.M.


The videothoracoscopic parasternal lymphade­nectomia method is developed. The adequacy of the removed tissue volume in the videothoracoscopic parasternal lymphadenectomia method is proved during the previously performed experiment on the corpses. Up to 1998 the authors performed 120 videotho­racoscopic paracternal lymphadenectomias in patients aged 27 to 73. The manifestation of the pain syndrome, the amount of injected narcotic analgetics, the hospitalization terms of patients, the number of intra- and postoperative complications, the results of cardiointervalography and pneumotachometry after the videothoracoscopic parasternal lymphadenectomia proved to be better than after similar interventions performed by the traditional (open) method preserving the removed tissue volume. The videothoracoscopic parasternal lymphadenectomia is a highly effective minimally thraumatic method in the diagnosis and treatment of the parasternal collector damaged by metastases which in the surgical treatment of the breast cancer of the central and medial localizations can be recommended as a choice method.


Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):471-475
pages 471-475 views

Features of preoperative preparation of patients with locally advanced lung cancer in the presence of concomitant bronchopulmonary pathology

Vorontsov A.Y.


The standard rational presurgery preparation scheme was worked out and successfully used in 43 patients. The application of this technique makes it possible to decrease the number of postsurgery complications and consequently the perioperative mortality. The suggested presurgery preparation scheme under the conditions of the Central Republic Hospital makes it possible to decrease the time spent by a patient in the specialized department of the hospital before operation without diminishing the positive results of the treatment.


Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):476-479
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Endotoxinemia and its role in immune disorders in bronchial asthma in children

Shamova A.G., Malanicheva T.G.


The importance of endotoxinemia and its role in immune disorders in bronchial asthma in children are studied. The pronounced correlation of the plasma endotoxin level with the attack rate, the increasse of the attack duration and remission prolongation is revealed. The immunologic indices change differently. The data obtained confirm the pathogenetic importance of endotoxinemia in bronchial asthma in children requiring new approaches to the therapy taking into account the revealed disorders.


Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):480-482
pages 480-482 views

Indicators of bone metabolism and bone mineral density in workers of a metallurgical plant

Verbova A.F.


The mineral density of bone tissue and phosphorus and calcium metabolism are studied by ultrasound densitometry of the calcaneus using the apparatus “Achilles+” (Lunar, USA) in 99 men working in foundry of the metallurgical alluminium works. The control group consisted of 87 healthy men of similar age. The prolonged effect of aerosols of aluminium, lead, nickel, chromium, manganese, copper is accompanied by more frequent decrease the mineral density of bone tissue, increase of incidence of osteoporosis. Workers of aluminium production are characterised by hyperphosphatemia and hyperphosphaturia resulting in insignificant decrease of parathyroid hormone secretion. The normal level of osteocalcin, alcaline phosphatase in the decreased mineral density of bone tissue shows oppression of the bone-formation process in workers.


Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):482-484
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Complex beam diagnostics of nephroptosis in adults

Akberov R.F., Khairullova Z.I.


The informativity of the ultrasonic examination, intravenous excretory urography, radioisotopic renography in the diagnosis of nephroptosis is studied. It is shown that the combined use of radiation methods makes it possible to establish the nephroptosis degree, to reveal the disorders of uro- and hemodynamics and to determine the choice of treatment tactics.


Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):485-489
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Prediction and prevention of hestosis complications of pregnants

Melnikov V.A.


As many as 238 women are examined during pregnancy using the “blind” screening method. The blood circulation indices in vascular regions of the brain, chest, abdominal cavity and lower extremities are studied in active orthostasis and in position on the side. The peculiarities of adaptation of the cardiovascular system in active orthostasis in pregnants with the incomplicated course of hestation and deviation from it in pregnants with developed hestosis are revealed in the first half of pregnancy. The clinical picture of hestosis complications depended on the manifestation of regional blood circulation disorders. The suggeste treatment made it possible to decrease the rate of hestosis complications by 38,7%.

Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):490-493
pages 490-493 views

Ultrasonic diagnosis of hypermobility of the cervical part of vertebral column and myofascial pain syndrome

Novikov Y.O., Ivanichev G.A.


The functional echospondylography method which makes it possible without the use of the x-ray method to diagnose in patients the hypermobility in the cervical part of vertebral column is suggested. The examination can be repeated in process treatment and after it. The ultrasonic histographic study of the myofascial trigger points makes it possible using the numerical indices to estimate the degree of their activity in comparison with the histogram data of the unchanged muscle part and to estimate the treatment results by the histogram change.


Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):494-496
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Epidemiological study of headache in students

Batyasov Y.I., Batyasov V.Y., Gabdrakhmanova D.F.


Prevalence and causes of cephalgia among students depending on gender, course of studies, institute profile, life conditions are studied. The scheme of the pathogenetic cephalgia type by the sémiologie characteristic is used. The close correlation between the noted factors and the cephalgia character is shown.


Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):497-499
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Remote lithotripsy in the treatment of urolithiasis

Sitdykova M.E., Aitova E.R.


Treatment of patients with urolithiasis (Urolithiasis) in modern urology is an important task associated with both medical and social and labor rehabilitation. According to NK Dzeranov's forecasts [5], in 2000 the number of patients with ICD will increase 1.8-2.0 times. The annual rate of primary morbidity of KSD is 0.1% [25]. Surgical intervention, being for several decades the leading method of treating KSD. fraught with serious complications. NK Dzeranov [5] indicates a high percentage of relapses of a more severe form of ICD, in which the number of nephrectomies increases to 11.5%. Poor surgical outcomes prompted clinicians to seek alternatives to open surgery.

Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):500-506
pages 500-506 views

Pathogenetic rationale for the use of cobalt-containing drugs in the treatment of anemia

Khafizyanova R.K., Zalyalyutdinova L.N., Bakirova N.E., Murzagaleeva G.N.


Anemia is a clinical and hematological syndrome, which is understood as a decrease in the number of erythrocytes and / or hemoglobin. It accompanies many pathological processes and worsens the quality of life of patients. Anemia affects about 20% of men, 35% of women and 40% of children in the world [37]. Due to the imbalance in the erythron system, anemias are divided into three main groups: dyserythropoietic (erythropoiesis disturbance), hemolytic (increased destruction of erythrocytes) and hemorrhagic [18]. A separate group is made up of iron, B12-, folic- and protein-deficient anemias that occur when there is a lack of “building material” for the formation of erythrocytes

Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):507-511
pages 507-511 views

Short articles

On the issue of surgical tactics in acute pancreatitis

Ivachev A.S.


Dissatisfaction with the final results of treatment of patients with acute pancreatitis prompts the search for new methods of diagnosis and therapy of this disease. Having experience in surgical treatment of 201 patients with various forms of pancreatic necrosis, we came to the conclusion that the classification should reflect the state of the parapancreatic cellular space. This is due to the following points. First, an extensive purulent-necrotic lesion of the retroperitoneal tissue is considered one of the main reasons for the development of the syndrome of endogenous intoxication, leading to plurivisceral syndrome, which in some cases is fatal. Secondly, the widespread inflammatory infiltrate of the parapancreatic space can have a favorable (resorption) and unfavorable (abscess formation) course, which requires the doctor to carry out timely diagnostic measures to verify the complications of the postoperative period. Thirdly, a purulent or infiltrative (in the form of a dense infiltrate) lesion can determine the volume of surgical intervention.

Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):512-513
pages 512-513 views

Abdominal anal resection with descent of the large intestine in the treatment of rectal cancer

Akhmetzyanov F.S., Sungatullin A.G., Melnikov E.A.


One of the most frequent complications in the operation of abdominal-anal resection of the rectum is necrosis of the intestine reduced to the anal canal. According to most authors, necrosis occurs as a result of impaired blood supply in the graft due to sclerosed vessels, tension of the mesentery, compression of the intestinal wall and mesentery by the sphincter, and an insufficiently pronounced ryolan arch.

Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):513-513
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Combined therapy of Helicobacter-associated intestinal dysbiosis

Lazarenko O.G., Bashirova D.K.


Normal gut microflora plays an important role in maintaining the host's health at an optimal level. Violation of its qualitative and quantitative composition, due to various exogenous causes, is usually defined as intestinal dysbiosis (DC).

Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):513-514
pages 513-514 views

A case of dirofilariasis in Kazan

Karpov S.G., Fazylov V.K., Khairutdinova E.I., Tsendrevich L.V.


Dirofilariasis is the only transmissible filariasis on the territory of Russia, the causative agent of which is Dirofilaria repens.

Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):514-515
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Healthcare mangement

Improving Teaching and Learning in Clinical Medicine

Wong J.


The Stanford Faculty Development Program has successfully trained physicians for their tasks as clinical teachers in medical education. This program, based on seven educational categories, organizes the teaching process into a structure which then focuses attention on specific behaviors teachers can utilize to adapt their teaching for a wide variety of learners in many different settings. Experimental studies support this program’s effectiveness and suggest that if we are more thoughtful about how we teach and how we prepare others to teach, we will be more assured of enhancing medical education for all of our learners.

Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):516-522
pages 516-522 views

Medical support of surgical patients in emergency situations in cities

Karatai S.S., Anisimov A.Y., Nasyrov I.R., Sorokin A.G.


The organization of medical provision of patients of the surgical profile situations in cities is improved by integration of the territorial ambulatory and polyclinic service and republic service of disaster medicine. The measures performed the special emergency surgery to patients in Tatarstan Republic.


Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):523-526
pages 523-526 views

То the problem of organization of the dermatological service to rural population in tatarstan Republic

Abdrakhmanov R.M.


The organization structure of dermatological service to rural population in Tatarstan Republic is given. The registered morbidity rate in rural areas is 2.1 trimes lower than among people living in towns. One of the reasons is unavailability of specialized dermatological aid. The part of diseases remains unregistered, but this does not reflect the level of disease incidence. The introduction of early preclinical diagnosis methods of the industrial skin diseases at the premedical level that will make it possible to decrease dermatosis incidence in rural areas, is suggested.


Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):526-527
pages 526-527 views

Continuity in the work of the treatment and prophylactic institutions and rehabilitation centers of disabled children

Ziyatdinova Z.N., Aminova Z.M.


The growth of the number of disabled children in Kazan is noted. The nervous and psychic diseases prevail. It is emphasized that continuity in the work of the treatment and prophylactic institutions and rehabilitation center improves the efficiency indices of recovery of disabled children. The experience of the work of the 10th children polyclinic in Kazan and the City Social and Rehabilitation Center of Disabled children is shown. The position of a specialist in social work should be introduced into the staff of the treatment and prophylactic institutions for rendering social aid to families having disabled children.


Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):528-529
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Professor Nina Lazarevna Kapelyushnik


November 2000 marked the 75th anniversary of the birth and 52 years of the medical, scientific, pedagogical and social activities of the honored scientist of the Republic of Tatarstan, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Kazan State Medical Academy Nina Lazarev us Kapelyushnik.

Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):530-530
pages 530-530 views

Professor Lev Alexandrovich Leshchinsky


The 75th anniversary of the birth of a prominent Therapist, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation and the Udmurt Republic, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Lev Aleksandrovich Leshchinsky.

Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):531-531
pages 531-531 views


II (IV) Congress of the Russian Society of Medical Geneticists

Yulamanova N.D.


Leading geneticists from Russia, near and far abroad took part in the work of the congress. At the plenary sessions, reports were presented, the topic of which was the analysis of the medico-genetic service of the Russian Federation (A. Khodunova), the problem of human genetics (N. Bochkov), the relationship “genotype-phenotype” as a problem of human molecular genetics, medical genetics on the threshold of the XXI century, medical and genetic education at the university, decoding of the human genome.

Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):532-533
pages 532-533 views

Book review

On the book: V.V. Pokrovsky, T.N. Ermak, V.V. Belyaeva, O. G. Yurin "HIV infection: clinic, diagnosis and treatment"


In connection with the epidemic rise in our country of HIV infection, the new guidance dedicated to this most pressing problem is very timely and necessary for a wide range of doctors. The monograph was written by the staff of the All-Russian Center for the Prevention and Control of HIV Infection under the general editorship of Academician V.V. Pokrovsky, who heads this center. This work is one of the first guidelines on the clinical aspects of this infection in such detail. The book contains 5 chapters, a bibliography, an appendix, a list of abbreviations. It is based on the materials of our own observations of more than 1000 patients with HIV infection, carried out by the authors for 15 years, and this is its great advantage.

Kazan medical journal. 2000;81(6):534-534
pages 534-534 views

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