Vol 70, No 3 (1989)

Clinical and pathogenetic aspects of viral hepatitis B

Sorinson S.N.


Viral hepatitis B is one of the key unsolved problems of modern medicine and is of great interest for clinicians of different profiles. Relevance of the problem is confirmed by high non-decreasing morbidity, possibility of severe course with the threat of fatal outcome, development of chronic forms of the disease, absence of reliable methods of etiotropic therapy. The study of hepatitis B became possible based on the verification of the diagnosis through the indication of specific markers of the virus, in particular its surface antigen (HBsAg). In our practice we have consistently used first-generation methods, firstly gel precipitation reaction (GPR) and counter immunoelectrophoresis (CEP), and later the highly sensitive methods, reverse passive hemagglutination reaction (ROPGA) and enzyme immunoassay (ELISA).

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):161-165
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Clinic and outcomes of viral hepatitis A and B with parenteral transmission

Bashirova D.K., Enaleeva D.S., Fatkulov M.S., Sadekova Y.K.


Viral hepatitis A or B is one of the least studied. Its incidence varies in Europe from 14 to 40%. In Moscow, according to the Institute of Virology named after D.I. Ivanovsky of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, it accounts for 15-20%. The term "viral hepatitis neither A nor B" is usually used to refer to a disease caused by an agent having no serological similarity with the causative agent of viral hepatitis A or B. However, all nosological forms of viral hepatitis are characterized by similar clinical symptoms of biochemical changes, which makes their identification difficult.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):165-167
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Hepatitis B immunogenesis of acute cyclic and prolonged course

Shmeleva V.S., Malysheva E.B., Frolov A.V.


Lingering course of acute viral hepatitis is formed in 9.3% of patients, reliably more often (in 28.2%) in hepatitis B (in hepatitis A - in 5.2%) and is one of the main causes of process chronicity. According to results of follow-up observation, after acute viral hepatitis with cyclic course the majority of recurvalescents recover. Chronic persistent hepatitis was registered only in 44 (2%) out of 2187 patients. Among patients with hepatitis with a prolonged course, complete recovery was noted only in 16.7% of patients.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):168-170
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The first cases of acute intestinal infections caused by parahaemolytic vibriones in a freshwater region

Boyko A.V., Pogorelova N.P., Chernikova Y.Y., Zhigareva T.M.


During the last 10-15 years intestinal infections caused by parahaemolytic vibrio have been registered in many countries of Asia, Europe, South and North America and in Australia. The frequency of isolation of this pathogen from patients varies from 1.5 to 15%. In Japan, parahaemolytic vibrios has become a national problem. In the vast majority of cases, parahaemolytic vibrio-induced illnesses have been shown to be associated with exposure to seawater and consumption of seafood, even when they occur in areas far from the sea.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):170-172
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Clinical and laboratory characteristics of lethal dysentery of Flexner's dysentery I b in children

Kharchenko G.A.


We studied the clinic of dysentery Flexner's disease I b in 30 children under one year of age with severe forms of the disease and in 10 patients of the same age with a lethal outcome. The diagnosis in all cases was confirmed by bacteriological examination data. Artificial feeding accounted for 25% of 40 observed patients, 15% of them had hypotrophy, 12.5% - exudative diathesis, 15% - previous history of intestinal infection.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):172-175
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Plasma fibronectin and hemocoagulation changes in acute dysentery

Bulatova N.A., Odisharia M.S.


We studied the dynamics of blood plasma fibronectin level and hemostasis indices in shigellosis patients. We followed up 80 patients (60 men, 20 women) mainly aged 20 to 40 years with shigellosis infection. Bacteriological diagnosis was confirmed in 56.6% of cases. The predominant isolation of Shigella Flexnera was noted. All patients were divided into three groups depending on the severity of the disease. The 1st group (16 patients) included patients with a mild form of the disease; the 2nd group (52 patients) included patients with a moderate form of the disease; the 3rd group (12 patients) included patients with a severe form of the disease.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):175-176
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Functional state of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system in patients with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome

Gelfand L.L., Zaripov R.A., Begicheva E.V.


The aim of our work was to study the state of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system in patients with GLPS in comparison with electrolyte metabolism parameters depending on the period and severity of the disease. Twenty-four patients with GLPS, aged 16 to 53 years, were under observation. Most of them were young (23-24 years old). There were 19 men and 5 women. The diagnosis was made on the basis of clinical, epidemiological and laboratory data.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):177-178
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Toxoplasmosis in clinical pathology

Moroz B.V., Nikiforov V.N., Tryakina I.P.


The significance of toxoplasmosis in clinical pathology has not yet been fully clarified. On the one hand, T. gondii is an opportunistic microorganism with low pathogenicity and evolutionarily adapted to long-term asymptomatic existence in the immune organism of its host, in particular humans; on the other hand, this parasite can activate up to life-threatening for the host if the latter has weakened or damaged immune defense mechanisms. In this context, it should be borne in mind the probability of increasing sporadic morbidity of toxoplasmosis against the background of widespread asymptomatic carriage (endemicity) due to the increasing use of corticosteroids, cytostatics, radiotherapy, leading to immunosuppression.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):179-181
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Treatment of anaphylactic shock in a two-month-old baby

Potemkina A.M., Sitdikova I.V., Klykova T.V.


Drug-induced anaphylactic shock usually develops in mature people and much less often in children, and mostly in older children. Anaphylactic shock in children of the first year of life has been described only in isolated cases. In this connection we consider it advisable to describe a case of anaphylactic shock in a child aged 2 months and 11 days.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):181-184
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Use of hypertonic urea solution in the treatment of pleural empyema

Strelkov G.N., Korepanov A.M.


Our experience covers 8 cases, all of them clinically severe. Prior to that all patients were treated without effect in different medical institutions. In 2 patients a pleural empyema was complicated by an extensive soft tissue phlegmon caused by medical manipulations (installation of a Bühlau drain). After suction of purulent contents through a puncture needle, 40 to 60 ml of 30% urea solution was injected into the pleural cavity. The same procedure was repeated 4-6 times in 1-2 days. Phlegmons were opened with lombard incisions. Dressings were done daily using the same 30% urea solution. All empyemas were sanitized to a dry pleural cavity. Phlegmons also healed without leaving deep scars.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):184-185
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Effect of physical activity and inhalation of berotec on ventilation and hemodynamics in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Vizel A.A.


Physical activity tolerance in pulmonary tuberculosis is determined to a greater extent by the state of pulmonary ventilation and to a lesser extent by pulmonary gas exchange, the latter being partially compensated by hemodynamic factors. The appearance and severity of dyspnea in such patients are largely associated with obstructive disorders at the level of medium and small bronchi, which determines the relevance of correction of these disorders. Among bronchodilators of adrenomimetic type of action one of the most effective is Berotec, which not only improves bronchial permeability, but also increases mucociliary clearance.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):185-188
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Errors in the diagnosis of tuberculous spondylitis

Usmanov I.V.


From 1983 to 1986, 42 patients (25 men and 17 women) with tuberculous spondylitis were treated in the department of bone and joint tuberculosis at the Almetyevsk Anti-Tuberculosis Dispensary. Two patients were under the age of 18, 15 patients were between 19 and 40, 17 patients were between 41 and 60, and 8 patients were older than 61. These data do not agree with the idea that children are predominantly affected by this disease. We attribute tuberculous spondylitis detected in our patients at an older and elderly age to the exacerbation of latent infection suppressed in their childhood.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):188-190
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Thyroid function and glucose tolerance in candida patients

Ivanova L.A., Silnitsky P.A., Karaev Z.O., Yarobkova N.D., Velikanova L.I.


The aim of the study was to investigate the functional state of the thyroid gland in patients with various forms of candidiasis in order to clarify the possible role of thyroid dysfunction in the pathogenesis and treatment of candidiasis. 116 patients with candidiasis were divided into 4 groups. Group 1 included 20 children (9 boys and 11 girls) aged from 2 to 15 years with chronic candidiasis of the skin and mucous membranes lasting from 1.5 to 14 years. The 2nd group consisted of 20 patients (5 men and 15 women) aged 16 to 45 years with the same disease lasting from 1 year to 30 years. Group 3 included 44 patients (14 men and 30 women) aged 16 to 55 with candidiasis of the respiratory system and gastrointestinal tract with duration from one year to 16 years. Group 4 included 32 women from 21 to 58 years of age with vaginal candidiasis lasting from one to 20 years. The control group consisted of 21 healthy individuals (8 men and 13 women) aged 25 to 40 years.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):190-192
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Phenolemia in diabetes mellitus

Talantov V.V., Sultanova L.M., Soldatov V.Y.


We examined 96 patients (38 men and 58 women) with diabetes mellitus aged 16 to 54 years. 45 patients with type II diabetes did not receive insulin therapy, 52 patients with type I diabetes were treated with insulin. Patients underwent comprehensive clinical and laboratory examination in the period of compensation, subcompensation, decompensation and in the state of ketosis. Phenol in blood serum was determined by coulometric method.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):193-193
pages 193-193 views

Cholesterol loading test for diagnosing atherosclerosis with normolipoproteinemia

Guzachev A.A., Rabinovich P.D.


Clinical observations suggest that coronary atherosclerosis may develop against the background of normal blood lipid content - normolipoproteinemia. As a diagnostic method of atherosclerosis with normolipoproteinemia the authors suggest using fat load and determination of the activity of hydrolytic liver enzymes using antipyrine test. They revealed in such patients reduced fat tolerance and decreased activity of liver hydroxylases. However, these tests are insufficiently selective, since fat load cannot reflect cholesterol metabolism abnormalities, and the antipyrine test cannot determine cholesterol hydroxylase (CH) activity, since the latter are highly specific for the substrate.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):194-196
pages 194-196 views

Early detection of prescoliotic condition in children

Shaikhutdinov I.I., Latypov A.L., Eremeev A.M.


The main objective of our work was the electromyographic study of paravertebral muscles in children, identification of the asymmetry of their electrical activity on both sides of the spine and subsequent observation in dynamics of the state of posture and the nature of changes in the above asymmetry. Materials included data from electromyographic and clinical examinations of 151 children, conducted three times at intervals of 1-1.5 years. At the initial examination, the children were between 3 and 7 years of age. The clinical section consisted of a thorough examination and assessment of the children's posture and detection of initial signs of scoliosis.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):196-199
pages 196-199 views

Influence of maternal health on the occurrence of dental caries in children

Galiullin A.N., Abdyushev S.Y., Vinokurova M.A., Sadykova R.A.


The aim of this study was to comprehensively assess the influence of the main biomedical factors (diseases suffered during pregnancy, extragenital diseases, pregnancy complications, prematurity, skewness, etc.) on the level of dental morbidity in children for the development of primary prevention measures and improvement of dental care for the population. The program included a detailed study of maternal health, the course of pregnancy and childbirth, the child's health, physical development, and nutrition. In accordance with this program, a research map of socio-hygienic, medico-biological and other factors influencing dental morbidity in children was developed. A total of 2,274 families were examined, with 97 to 205 families in each age group of children.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):199-200
pages 199-200 views

Functional status of pituitary-ovarian system in patients with severe forms of septic diseases

Shinkareva L.F., Tetelyutina F.K., Pimenova L.I., Tolstolutskaya E.A.


Fifty-nine women were examined; 18 of them had pyosalpinx, 38 had pelveoperitonitis, and 3 had parametritis. The control group included 10 healthy women. The patients' age ranged from 22 to 42 years, averaging 31.7±1.8 years, and 33.7±0.6 years in the healthy women. When studying the anamnesis, it was established that all the women had infectious diseases in childhood. Eight patients had appendectomy, four had pneumonia, two had craniocerebral trauma, one had dysentery, three had thyroid disease. Of gynecological diseases, we should note frequent inflammatory diseases of the uterus and uterine appendages, colpitis, and cervical erosions (in 42 cases).

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):200-202
pages 200-202 views

Comparative evaluation of reconstructive operations on biliary tracts

Kochnev O.S., Biryaltsev V.N., Khalilov K.M., Korobkov V.N.


The aim of this work was to evaluate different types of CDA for treatment of common bile duct terminal obstruction based on the analysis of immediate and long-term results (3-5 years) of surgical treatment as well as postoperative complications and to choose an optimal method of CDA placement and conditions for its performance. We divide indications for CDA placement into absolute and relative ones. The absolute indications are as follows: a) cholangitis with dilatation of common bile duct over 2 cm; b) small stones of common bile duct with mechanical jaundice; c) stones in area of large duodenal nipple not removed; d) "arrow" narrowing of the terminal section of choledocha over 2 cm. We consider as relative such indications as uncertainty in complete removal of stones and pancreatic head tumor.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):202-205
pages 202-205 views

Complications of intrauterine contraception

Nagovitsina A.I., Kornyaeva Z.S., Serebrennikova K.G., Gorodovskaya E.G.


There were 2,659 women with intrauterine devices produced by the Kazan Medical and Instrumental Plant under observation. 122 women were observed up to 3 months, 152 - up to one year, 1906 - from one to 5 years, 445 - up to 7 years, 34 - more than 10 years. The efficacy of intrauterine devices reached 97.6% according to our observations. The control group consisted of 218 women who used synthetic progestins (Bisecurin, Non-Ovlon) for contraception according to the usual scheme: one tablet a day from the 5th day of the cycle.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):205-207
pages 205-207 views

Neuroregulatory peptides in medicine

Seifulla R.D., Belous M.V., Kim E.K.


The wide spectrum of pharmacological activity, diversity of biological action, efficiency in low concentrations, absence of accumulation in the body, and low toxicity determine the prospects for the use of peptide bioregulators in clinical practice. At the same time, the existing obstacles in their use in practical medicine are caused by the rapid decomposition after administration, the modulatory character of their action, which depends on the initial functional state of the body, a weakly pronounced effect when taken orally, and the difficulty of crossing the blood-brain barrier. One approach to solving these problems is the targeted synthesis of new highly effective substances with selective and prolonged action, possessing the necessary stability and specific means to receptors along with natural peptides.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):207-213
pages 207-213 views

Operational risk in abdominal surgery

Gantsev S.K.


There is a concept of "surgical risk" for judging the degree of surgical danger. The changes occurring in the organism under the influence of surgical trauma are determined, on the one hand, by the traumatic nature of the operation, and, on the other hand, by the reliability of homeostasis regulation systems. Traumaticity is a variety of mechanical, chemical and other impacts on the body of the operated, which are directly proportional to the duration of surgical interventions, its scale and exposure areas. The reliability of homeostasis regulation systems consists of a large number of indicators, which are heterogeneous, and it is practically impossible to reduce them to a common denominator.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):213-214
pages 213-214 views

Mistake in the diagnosis of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome

Hunafina D.H., Volegova G.M., Mamon A.P., Abdrakhmanov M.M., Mamon S.I.


We observed 300 patients with GLPS, in 150 of whom the disease was accompanied by abdominal pain. The usual corrective conservative therapy resulted in abdominal pain abatement, cessation of vomiting and recovery. Some patients had severe pains and had to be relieved by injections of 50% analgin solution with dimedrol and 1% promedol solution. They were especially intensive on days 3-6 of the disease during hemorrhagic and renal manifestations.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):215-215
pages 215-215 views

Cationic proteins of leukocytes in peripheral blood of patients with brucellosis

Bukin V.N., Tolokonskaya N.P.


According to a number of authors, a highly informative way to assess the state of non-specific resistance is to determine the content of non-enzymatic cationic proteins (NPCs) of neutrophil granulocytes of peripheral blood. Non-enzyme cationic proteins, in addition to their participation in the preparation of bacteria for phagocytosis, also serve as mediators of the inflammatory reaction.
We set a goal to identify the possibility of using the indices of non-enzymatic cationic proteins of leukocytes in patients with brucellosis to assess the severity of the disease and to predict its outcomes.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):215-216
pages 215-216 views

Gastric secretory function in patients with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome

Shirapova M.S.


The aim of this work was to study secretory (acid-forming and proteolytic) functions of the stomach in patients and recovering patients with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS).
Seventy-six relapsed HFRS patients under 50 years of age without concomitant or past gastrointestinal diseases were examined. Dynamic follow-up was performed in the same patients. Diagnosis in all patients was confirmed serologically (4-fold increase of antibody titers by MFA method in dynamic examination of sera). The control group consisted of 26 healthy individuals.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):216-217
pages 216-217 views

A case of rabies in humans

Khezretkulov H.


For 3 years we monitored 4 people with rabies who did not receive anti-rabies vaccinations after being bitten by an unknown dog. Two adult patients and one adolescent patient developed the disease 35-41 days after the bite. However, in another adolescent the incubation period was 15 months. The patients were bitten by an animal in the leg (2), arm (1), and facial area (1).
The victims went to a doctor on days 2-4 of the disease. All patients had typical symptoms of the neurological phase of rabies. They felt headache, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, dry mouth, water phobia. Against the background of therapy, the condition continued to worsen progressively, and the death of the patients occurred on days 7, 9 and 12 of the disease with the phenomena of suffocation. No autopsy was performed.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):217-217
pages 217-217 views

Enterobiasis in children

Rizvanova M.A.


In 1987, 4171 children were examined for possible enterobiasis. Children referred by polyclinic physicians had the following signs of suspected disease: 42.5% had abdominal pain, 20% had anal itching, 12.5% had vascular dystonia, 1% had eosinophilia, and 1% had vulvovaginitis; 23% of the children had no complaints. The method of tape scraping from the perianal folds, which provides more complete detection of infestation, detected pinworm eggs in 346 (8.3%) children. In the family centers of enterobiasis 623 adults were examined; 4.9% of them were diagnosed with enterobiasis, 348 children were contacted, among them 8.6% of the children were infected.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):217-218
pages 217-218 views

Serum immunoglobulin levels in inflammatory periodontal disease

Nekrasova S.P.


106 patients aged 20 to 60 years with the disease duration from one to 10 years were under observation. Generalized chronic periodontitis was diagnosed in 49 patients, localized periodontitis in 30 patients, and generalized chronic catarrhal gingivitis in 27 patients. No other somatic diseases were detected in them. Periodontal condition was assessed according to the values of PMA, Green-Vermilliona indices and the amount of gingival fluid (GDF). The level of immunoglobulins G, A, M in blood serum was determined by simple Mancini radial immunodiffusion method.
Treatment included thorough removal of dental deposits, removal of periodontal pockets by surgical and non-operative means, physical influences in the form of hydromassage and medicinal electrophoresis. Regardless of the diagnosis of periodontal disease, all patients were taught oral hygiene care.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):218-219
pages 218-219 views

Ventilation-perfusion relationships in smokers

Andreev V.M., Zhungin P.D.


To assess the effect of smoking on ventilation-perfusion relations in 62 smokers and 30 non-smokers aged 20 to 57 years old we used mass spectrometry to determine partial pressure of O2 and CO2 in alveolar air (pАО2 and рАСО2) and growth rate of рСО2 in alveolar exhalation phase (ΔpACO2/tA).
To exclude heart and lung diseases, in addition to the general clinical examination, we studied GEL, SPR1 and Wotchal-Tiffno index. These indices in the healthy and smoking groups were within normal limits and did not differ significantly, although they were slightly decreased in smokers.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):219-219
pages 219-219 views

Surgical treatment of patients with adenoma of the prostate in conditions of CRH

Petrov V.I.


There is a 60-bed urological department in Nizhnekamsk Central Regional Hospital. For 10 years it has been an interdistrict center, Mamadyshsky, Menzelinsky and Zainsky districts are attached to it. From 1981 to 1986 the department performed 545 adenomectomies of the prostate. (64,4%) patients were operated on one-stage. 194 (35.6%) patients (mostly patients from attached areas) required a two-stage adenomectomy. Patients were admitted with cystostomies placed a month or more ago. Seven (1.3%) patients died after the operation.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):219-220
pages 219-220 views

Infusion therapy for purulent-septic diseases in obstetrics and gynecology practice

Mosharev V.A., Mikhailova L.G., Ozerets I.A.


We present the results of treatment of patients aged 20 to 40 years with infected miscarriages complicated by metoendometritis and sepsis, with purulent mesenteric diseases of the uterine appendages and peritonitis.
Patients in the 1st group (20 people) received hemodez along with the usual complex therapy; in the 2nd group (30 people) - polydesis. The case histories of 12 patients (Group 3) with similar pathological processes who were not prescribed detoxifying blood substitutes were analyzed for control purposes.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):220-220
pages 220-220 views

Stromal morphogenesis and metastasis of malignant tumors

Petrov V.B.


The influence of the volume and character of stroma, microcirculatory channel and lymphoid infiltration on the metastasis of cancerous tumors was studied. We studied 340 cancerous tumors of the stomach, breast, lung and colon; morphostereometric analysis was carried out; histological, histochemical, histoenzymological and ultrastructural methods were used.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):220-221
pages 220-221 views

HIV infection

Pokrovsky V.V.


Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection is a slowly progressive disease with long-term multiplication of the virus in lymphocytes, macrophages, and nerve tissue cells, causing impaired immune and neurological regulation of the body, which leads to the death of the patient from secondary lesions associated with increasing immunodeficiency (AIDS).

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):221-223
pages 221-223 views

Morbidity in children of the first seven years of life

Albitsky V.Y., Kamaev I.A., Rezaikin V.I., Rodionov V.A.


We studied the morbidity of infants and preschool children according to three years of attendance at medical and preventive institutions in rural areas of the Gorki Oblast. The study was based on 10 so-called point settlements with Central Regional Hospital, district hospitals, or outpatient clinics. All appeals for the years 1982-1984 (both primary and secondary) were copied to a special statistical card from 3,895 child development histories (Form No. 112). (The data on secondary contacts for illnesses were copied from the special statistical card for 1982-1984. Data on secondary contacts for exacerbations of chronic diseases were used to calculate the criterion for identifying a contingent of frequently ill children. In the statistical chart, primary contacts were coded, on the basis of which disease prevalence rates were calculated.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):223-224
pages 223-224 views

Morbidity of university and pedagogical institute students in Yoshkar-Ola

Kamaeva A.A., Khaletova S.S., Bakshaeva M.A.


During 1974-1976 and 1983-1986 we studied the state of health of university students in Yoshkar-Ola. For each period the health characteristics of 4440 students were presented, separately by faculties and courses, and the structure of diseases was traced.
According to our observations, during 1983-1986 there was some increase in general morbidity of students of both universities. According to the analysis of morbidity, students most often sought medical assistance for colds (acute respiratory infections-42.7%), ENT-organ diseases (pharyngitis, maxillary sinusitis, angina-11.2%), injuries (sprains, strains, bruises of the upper and lower extremities-12%), gastrointestinal diseases (gastroduodenitis, duodenal ulcer, cholecystitis, biliary and intestinal dyskinesia - 4.6%), less often - due to cardiovascular (hypertension, neuro-circulatory dystonia) and pulmonary (bronchitis, chronic pneumonia -3.6%) diseases. Dental diseases were represented by dental caries, typical for students of both universities.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):224-225
pages 224-225 views

Dynamics of pertussis antibodies in the saliva of children revaccinated with DPT vaccine

Amfiteatrova N.F., Kiselev A.O.


One of the promising methods that can be used in the rapid diagnosis of pertussis is the latex agglutination reaction (RLA), which we developed based on the platelet stained latex microagglutination reaction (RPOLMA). The aim of this work was to investigate the possibility of determining pertussis antibodies in the saliva of children revaccinated with DPT-vaccine by RPLMA. Polystyrene monodisperse latex with particle diameter of 0.55 μm, prepared in the All-Russian Research Institute of Synthetic Rubber (Leningrad) and sensitized with pertussis bacteria disintegrator containing 775 μg/ml protein (according to Lowry) in the ratio 1 : 2, was used as antigen for RPOLMA.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):225-227
pages 225-227 views

Epidemic mumps among students

Zayats N.A., Drankin D.I., Krylov B.A.


The purpose of this work was to study the spread of epidemic parotitis among students of 9-10th grades of secondary schools and vocational schools. Analysis of data on morbidity in Saratov from 1979 to 1983 showed a relatively high morbidity of epidemic mumps among the general population and students of schools and vocational schools in particular. The situation changed dramatically after 1984, when the morbidity rate among the general population decreased sharply, and cases of parotitis among students of vocational schools and senior high schools became sporadic, in some years not observed at all. There is reason to believe that these changes in the morbidity rate were the result of mass immunization against mumps in the most susceptible age groups of the population.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):227-229
pages 227-229 views

Passive hemagglutination reaction with dosed erythrocyte diagnosticum

Gorchakov Y.L.


The passive hemagglutination reaction (PHA) is one of the proven tools for serological diagnosis of infectious diseases. At the same time, its staging technique, which has remained virtually unchanged throughout the use of commercial erythrocyte diagnostic kits, does not always meet diagnostic requirements.
As is known, the main parameters of any serological reaction (united by the concept of "informativeness") are sensitivity, clarity, and specificity. In the case of R-PHA, the high level of the first two characteristics raises no doubts, but as for specificity, i.e. the ability to detect or exclude homologous antibodies in a higher titer than heterologous ones, it is impossible to unambiguously assess its degree. The specificity of PPGA is influenced by a number of reasons, and primarily by the properties of the erythrocyte diagnostic kits, which, thanks to industrial technology, can be considered unified and stable.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):229-231
pages 229-231 views

Indicator paper for determination of bacterial reduction of nitrates and nitrites

Ruzal G.I., Abdrazyakova S.Y., Tarnopolskaya F.V., Shiman T.I., Irtuganova A.A., Khabibullina N.K.


For identification of microorganisms, chemical and bacteriological studies, indicator papers are increasingly being introduced, eliminating the use of liquid differential media, various test systems, etc. They are attractive because of their simplicity, reliability, and long storage time. This report presents the results of approbation of papers developed in Kazan Research Institute of EMP for the detection of nitrate and nitrite reductase in representatives of various genera of microorganisms.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):231-232
pages 231-232 views

А. V. Rutsky, A. N. Mikhailov. "X-ray Diagnostic Atlas." Minsk "Vysheyshaya shkola". 1987.- PART I. Diseases of musculoskeletal system. Part II. Diseases of internal organs - 320 p.

Dmitriev A.E., Kryukov B.N.


The rapid development of technical means in medicine has led to the fact that during the last decade instrumental diagnostics has stepped far forward. Such methods as radionuclide and ultrasound diagnostics and computer tomography have become widely and successfully used. However, for the general practice network the most accessible and widespread is still the radiological examination, which helps to make a diagnosis or outline the ways for further examination of the patient.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):232-233
pages 232-233 views

Differential X-ray Diagnosis of Bone and Joint Diseases. 1988. Tatar Book Publishing House. Circulation 3000 copies. 170 p.

Fastykovskaya E.D.


The monograph is written on a topical topic. Practical radiologists experience great difficulties in diagnosing diseases of bones and joints. This can be explained by the complexity of the perception of X-ray semiotics of diseases and therefore there is a great need for this kind of monographs. X-ray diagnosis of diseases of bones and joints needs to be generalized and popularized. The book is written for radiologists, oncologists, traumatologists, and orthopedists and consists of five chapters addressing private pathology.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):233-233
pages 233-233 views

Chronicle. Vol. 70, No. 3 (1989)


On May 15-17, 1989, the Kazan Medical Institute of the Order of the Red Banner of Labor was solemnly attended by numerous guests from among the graduates and former employees of the Institute, who are united by their belonging to the glorious Kazan Medical School.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):234-234
pages 234-234 views

On the use of computer technology in phthisiology

Krasnoperov F.T., Kholmovskaya M.B., Sagirova G.M.


Phthisiatricians of TASSR together with doctors of general treatment network and the public are working on the implementation of the target program of accelerating the rate of reduction of tuberculosis in the republic for 1985-1990, approved by the Council of Ministers of the Tatar ASSR, using the achievements of scientific and technical progress, materials and decisions of phthisiatric congresses, orders of public health authorities, scientific developments and recommendations.

Kazan medical journal. 1989;70(3):235-235
pages 235-235 views

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