Vol 76, No 3 (1995)

XX years anniversary of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Kazan Medical University


The opening in 1975 at the Kazan Medical Institute of the Faculty of Pharmacy was determined by the urgent need of practical pharmacy of the Republic of Tatarstan for highly qualified personnel. In addition, the presence in the region of a number of institutes and enterprises of the chemical profile, as well as the historically established pharmacological school, the scientific activity of which made it possible to search for highly effective substances among the products of chemical synthesis, was taken into account. An important condition for the introduction of new drugs into medical practice is the development of their dosage forms with regulatory and technical documentation. A positive decision on the organization of the Faculty of Pharmacy was also facilitated by the presence in Kazan of a large chemical-pharmaceutical plant, which for many years served as the base for educational practice on the factory technology of drugs for students of a number of institutes.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):185-187
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Organization structure of the pharmaceutical service in Tatarstan republic and ways for its perfection

Safiullin R.S., Yarkaeva F.F., Nuzhnova T.I.


The characteristic of organization structure of the pharmaceutical service in Tatarstan republic is presented, the problems connected with its optimization are revealed.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):188-189
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Use of synthetic equivalents of dipolar [C2] 2/2+ -synthons for synthesis of biologically active heterocyclic assemblies with coumarin links

Kovalenko S.N., Chernykh V.P., Belokon Y.V., Orlenko I.V., Zhuravel I.A., Nikitchenko V.M., Silin A.V.


Within the synthon approach the analysis of synthetical potential of the dipolar [C2] 2/2+ - synthons is performed. The possible reaction pathways of cyclization of the dipolar electrophilic [C2]22+ -synthons with the dipolar nucleophilic [SN]32-, [SN]42-, [CN]32-[N2]32--synthons are determined. As synthetical equivalents of [C2]22+-synthons, 3-(α-bromoacetyl) coumarins are chosen. On the basis of the new and improved methods of syntheseis two- and threelink biologically active assemlies of cycles with terminal coumarin links containing thriazole, indolizine, azoindolizine, 1, 3, 4-thiadiazine, furane, quinoxaline and oxazole rings are synthesized. The biological activity of 3-thiazolylcoumarins is investigated. It is stated that all of the compounds under investigation are low toxic and some of them manifest the pronounetd diuretic, antiinflammatory and membrane-stabilizing activities.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):189-193
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Synthesis, properties and biological activity of bis(diphenylphosphinylacetyl)hydrazine and its complex with iron (III)

Tavasova R.I., Moskva V.V., Voskresenskaya O.V., Litvinenko A.V., Semina I.I., Baichurina A.Z., Rzhevskaya G.F.


The synthesis of bis (diphcnulphosphinylacetyl)hydrazine and its complex with iron (III) chloride is performed, their ultraviolet and infrared spectrums are investigated, the method of titrimetric determination of iron in the complex is developed. The initial ligand offers tranquilizing, antidepressive activity and does not affect the lenth of ethanol anesthesia of rats, and its complex with iron (III) chloride potentiates the lenth of ethanol anesthesia more than 3 times, however, does not manifest tranquilizing and antidepressive activity. Both of the products are low toxic compounds.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):193-196
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Experimental pharmacotherapy of toxic brain edema by nonanticholinesterasic phosphoroorganic compounds

Khafizyanova R.H.


Experimental study of the effect of dimephosphone, phosphabenzide, preparations № 305 and № 155 — examples of various groups of synthetic nonanticholinesterasic phosphoroorganic compounds, on the development of toxic brain edema in rats, caused by injection of nicotine and monoiodacetate, reveal their antiedematic property. The results of investigations show prospects of a search of new effective medicinal agents for prevention and treatment of brain edema among phosphoroorganic compounds which do not show anticholinesttrasic activity.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):198-201
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The role of pharmaceutical information

Nuzhnova T.I., Kaznacheeva N.I., Kozlova N.N.


Currently, almost all developed countries are experiencing significant growth in the pharmaceutical market. There are more than 10 thousand pharmaceutical companies involved in the production of drugs.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):196-197
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Spray lotion «Debut» — a medicinal and cosmetic composition with dimephosphone

Egorova S.N., Ziganshina L.E., Studentsova I.A., Garaev R.S., Potselueva L.A., Kadyrova E.A., Vizel A.O., Muslunkin A.A., Gurylov E.A., Yakupov A.G., Volkova Y.N., Bulankova L.P., Lapshina S.V., Nabiullin V.N., Shchukina L.I., Kovanova E.K.


The spray lotion «Debut» — a medicinal and cosmetic composition with dimephosphone is developed. It exhibits an antiphlogistic and antiallergic effect and exerts no general toxic effect when used locally. The lotion is effective in skin care which is apt to develop inflammation, irritation, desquamation and acneform eruptions and in therapy of small skin injuries.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):201-203
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Quality control of phosphabenzide

Litvinenko A.V., Tarasova R.I., Pinyagin K.V.


The quality control of phosphabenzide (hydrazide of diphenylphosphinylacetic acid) as a pharmacopeial preparation is estimated by the following indices: specification, solubility, melting temperature, transparency and chrominance of solutions, iron, foreign impurities, quantitative determination on the basis of the complex of physical, physicochemical and chemical methods.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):204-205
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Antihypoxic and analgesic activity of some species of hollywort

Bakhtina S.M., Lesiovskaya E.E., Sakanyan E.I., Konopleva E.V., Kabishev K.E.


The problem of anesthesia has always occupied one of the central places in medicine. Among pain relievers, narcotic analgesics are the most important, but their use is fraught with the danger of drug dependence and is associated with numerous complications. The search for more effective and less dangerous painkillers is urgent. The most promising should be considered the development of such analgesics that have analgesic and antihypoxic effects, since hypoxia significantly aggravates the course of many pathological processes [3, 4].

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):205-207
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Laxative and hemorrhoidal species

Sakanyan E.I., Lesiovskaya E.E., Syrovezhko N.V.


The method of cerimetric determination of the content of anthraglycosoids in aqueous extracts is developed. The regime of the preparation of aqueous extracts and species involving ethreal oils and anthracene derivatives is determined experimentally using computer programs.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):208-209
pages 208-209 views

Antihyperglycemic activity of some plants of Tatarstan

Ashaeva L.A., Alkhanova N.A.


In the complex therapy and prevention of diabetes mellitus, medicinal plants are of no small importance as adjuvants. Plants contain biologically active substances from the group of flavonoids, saponins and alkaloids, which have an insulin-like effect on the body of animals and humans [1]. In folk medicine of different countries, more than a hundred species of plants are traditionally used to treat diabetes. Data about them are partially generalized in the works of S. M. Kit [3] and L. V. Nikolaychuk [4]. The authors strongly advocate the need for a more complete scientific study of the properties of these plants and their inclusion in the diet of diabetic patients.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):210-212
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Hepatoprotective and antiviral action of propolis preparations

Tikhonov A.I., Bodnya E.I., Yarnykh T.G., Panchenko L.A., Skripnik S.A., Moiseev M.B., Yakovenko V.Y.


Propolin in combined treatment of opisthorchiasis decreases the toxic effects of antihelminth preparations. The antiviral activity of phenol hydrophilic preparation of propolis (tablets, granules, suppositoria) with respect to coronavirus is found.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):213-214
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Theoretical and clinical medicine

Results of clinical testing of dimephosphone as a vasoactive agent that normalizes the functions of the nervous system

Studentsova I.A., Danilov V.I., Khafizyanova R.H., Garaev R.S., Mokrinskaya I.S., Wiesel A.O., Muslinkin A.A.


The ability of dimephosphone to improve the functions of the nervous system under conditions of modeling various pathological processes [1–7] and to regulate cerebral circulation [5] served as the basis for its clinical trials for new indications as a vasoactive agent that normalizes the functions of the nervous system.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):214-218
pages 214-218 views

Influence of dimephosphone on myelotoxic side effect of cytostatic therapy of malignant neoplasms

Mokrinskaya I.S., Studentsova I.A., Khafizyanova R.H., Novozhilova N.N., Zalyalyutdinova L.N., Сафина S.Z., Akhmetzyanov F.S.


This paper presents the results of studying the effect of dimephosphone in combination with cyclophosphamide on the hematological parameters of tumor-carrying animals, as well as in combination with polychemotherapy in patients with malignant neoplasms. The experimental part of the work was carried out on 50 rats with transplanted ascitic ovarian tumor. One day after the transplantation of the tumor, the animals were divided into groups of 10 animals each. The rats of the control group were injected intraperitoneally with distilled water, the 1st experimental group received dimephosphone in the stomach at a dose of 200 mg/kg, the 2nd group received intraperitoneal cyclophosphamide at a dose of 10 mg/kg, the 3rd group received cyclophosphamide and dimephosphone at the same doses. The drugs were administered daily for 9 days. Intact animals were taken for comparison of indicators.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):218-219
pages 218-219 views

Efficacy of cardyl and corinpharin patients with hypertension in various types of hemodynamics

Gapon L.I., Kremneva L.V., Abaturova O.V.


In the treatment by corinphar tachycardia is observed in 100 and 21,7% of patients and an increase of systolic arterial pressure — in 50 and 13% of persons with hyper- and eukinetic type of hemodynamics, respectively. Cardyl causes tachycardia more rarely — only in a part (41,2%) of patients with hyperkinetic type of circulation, an increase of systolic arteria, pressure under its effect is not registered. Corinphar is indicated to patients with hypokinetic, cardyl- hypo- and eukinetic nature of blood circulation.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):220-222
pages 220-222 views

Vegetative disorders in patients with infantile cerebral paralysisin late residual period

Galitnullina Z.A., Bogdanov E.M., Yakupova V.A.


The state of vegetative tension, vegetative response and vegetative provision of activities in 78 patients with spasticorigid and hyperkinetic forms of infantile cerebral pcrelysis in late residual period is studied. The considerable disorders in vegetative nervous system involving, principally, dystonia irrespective of the disease form, are revealed. Excessive and insufficient vegetative response in patients of both groups is reliably found more often than in healthy persons Though vegetative disorders are not manifested, however, they decrease considerably the possibility of adaptation of patients with infantile cerebral paralysis in late residual period.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):222-224
pages 222-224 views

Pathogenesis of the secondary contracture of musces of expression

Ivanichev G.A., Levit K.


The role of local muscular hypertensions of muscles of expression in contracture pathogenesis is stated. Hypertensions are developed pathologically in only average extent of the nerve damage. Synkineses and hyperkineses of muscles of expression in contracture result from the formation of «transversal synapse» between muscles, divided by weak insulator in conditions of dystrophic changes of the muscular cell membrane.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):224-229
pages 224-229 views

Orthodontic treatment of combined forms of maxillodental anomalies of occlusion in adults

Zubkova E.E., Sukhoretskaya E.N.


The results of the treatment of 132 patients aged 20—60 years with segittal anomalies of occulusion and secondary vertical deformations of tooth series are analysed. The orthodontic therapy is performed by removable constructions of apparatuses with spring metal elements. The adaptation to apparatuses occurs on the 8—10 days: complaints of aches in mandibular joints are not observed as a result of minimum disconnection of occlusion. The treatment comprises 6—12 months, 2—2,5 times less than the lenth of the treatment by wellknown methods.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):229-231
pages 229-231 views


Place of nuclease activity in antiviral defense

Potselueva L.A.


At the first stage of viral-cell interaction, the body's immune barrier cannot resist viral infections due to the absence of antibodies, which are known to be produced at a later date [18]. In this period, the body's nuclease activity is its earlier response than antibody formation [4], and functions as a natural antiviral defense mechanism that prevents the virus from entering the body and promotes its release from viral nucleic acids [18] and viral ribonucleoproteins migrating into the cellular space. [14]. Other authors also speak about the possible participation of nucleases in the formation and maintenance of the natural mechanisms of the body's antiviral defense, in particular, the digestive and respiratory systems against viral infections [3, 8]. The nuclease reaction is characterized by the absence of specificity and manifests itself in various pathological conditions [15].

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):231-233
pages 231-233 views

Enzyme preparations for the correction of digestion

Merkurieva G.Y.


Enzyme therapy is an intensively developing area of ​​medicine. Enzyme preparations (EP) are most widely used as a means of replacement therapy for diseases of the digestive system. The therapeutic effect, due to the hydrolytic activity of their constituent enzymes in relation to the main food substrates - proteins, fats, carbohydrates, is to compensate for the deficiency of their own enzymes, resulting from a decrease in the exocrine function of the pancreas or under unfavorable conditions for digestion in the gastrointestinal tract [1, 3].

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):233-235
pages 233-235 views

Short articles

Indicators of activity of enzymes and whey protein in patients with Devergie's disease

Kuklina Z.V., Sukolin g.I., Nikiforov A.M., Kuklin V.T.


The etiology and pathogenesis of pityriasis versicolor pilaris Devergie remain poorly understood to date. Among 46 patients with Devergie's disease, examined for the detection of protein and protein fractions, there were male (24) and female (22) persons. The age of the patients varied widely from 5 to 10 years - 4 people, from 11 to 15 - 4, from 16 to 30 - 13, from 31 to 40 - 8, from 41 to 50 - 6 and from 51 to 60 - 11. The results of the study are given in table. 1 and 2.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):235-235
pages 235-235 views

Социальная гигиена

Satisfying the need for medicines of the population and medical institutions

Lavryshko Y.V., Safiullin R.S., Galimzyanova L.H., Molokovich N.I., Muslimova N.N.


To improve the provision of drugs to the population and medical institutions, it is necessary to have a fairly complete picture of their need for drugs, which is clearly related to the incidence of the population. We studied the statistical data on the incidence of the population of the Republic of Tatarstan from 1990 to 1993. As the analysis showed, the total number of registered diseases, including those with a first diagnosis, increased in 1993 by 7.3% and 6%, respectively, compared with the figures in 1990 (see table). The actual number of cases exceeds the estimated number of reported cases by approximately 30%, due to under-reporting.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):236-237
pages 236-237 views

Effect of ecologic factors on the allergic diseases frequency in children

Shamova A.G., Malanicheva T.G., Dautov F.F.


As many as 3000 children aged up to 14 living in four habitable zones of Kazan differing in quantitative and qualitative characteristics of air pollution are examined. The reliable correlation between air pollution index (P) and allergic diseases rate, relative number of children of early age, number of sick children living in the given zone from the birth and exudative catarrhal diathesis rate is established.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):237-240
pages 237-240 views

Some characteristics of the health state in children living in oil-extracting regions of Tatarstan republic

Ivanov A.V., Pigalov A.P.


In four regions of Tatarstan Republic with intensive oil-extracing industry the air pollution negatively affects the physical development and external respiration function, supresses the saliva lysoxyme activity, increases the acute respiratory and somatic sickness rate in children. Natural factors in winter pariod promote the pollution products accumulation in atmosphere near the earth surface.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):240-242
pages 240-242 views

Medicosocial questionnaire of patients of dermatovenerologic polyclinic system

Faizullina E.V., Galiullin A.N., Zakiev R.Z., Gizatullin R.F.


The population opinion on the medical service quality, the problems of estimation of the health by various professional groups of patients, as well as the structure of their answers for the reasons of seeking help in dermatovenerologic hospitals with regard to sex and family status are studied. The results obtained may be used in day-to-day practical activity of dermatovenerologic service.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):242-244
pages 242-244 views


Materials for the epidemiological and microbiological characteristics of pseudotuberculosis and yersiniosis

Mukhutdinov I.Z., Amfiteatrova N.F., Khakimov N.M., Enaleeva D.S., Gorlovskaya E.V., Chernov V.M., Osipov M.A., Zuckerman L.K., Khakimova M.I.


Prevention of diseases caused by Yersinia pseudotuberculosis and Yersinia enterocolitica is currently one of the urgent health problems in many countries of the world. Despite the efforts made to prevent the occurrence of these diseases, since the 60s of our century, the incidence of pseudotuberculosis and yersiniosis has been steadily increasing and ranges from 6 to 200 cases per 100 thousand population in different territories [2, 5, 7, 8].

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):245-249
pages 245-249 views

Healthcare mangement

Licensing of the activities of pharmacies

Safiullin R.S., Yusupova A.M.


The drug supply system in the Republic of Tatarstan includes 298 pharmacies of the State Enterprise "Tatarstanpharmacy". Along with state structures, pharmacies of the private healthcare system appear, engaged in the manufacture and sale of medicines and medical products. In the absence of a law on medicines, in order to protect the interests and rights of the population of Tatarstan to provide high-quality pharmaceutical products and maintain the necessary volume of drug services, a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan introduced licensing of pharmacy institutions for the right to manufacture, store, transport medicines and medical products , which was the first step in the system of legal regulation in this area.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):250-251
pages 250-251 views

Ways to optimize drug supply in Tatarstan

Safiullin R.S., Gazizova N.T., Nuzhnova T.I.


In modern conditions, when the economy of the Russian Federation is moving to market relations, the state policy in the field of drug supply is undergoing significant changes, which are aimed primarily at reorienting the pharmacy service from performing distribution functions to sound regulation using economic mechanisms of all processes related to production, ordering and sale of pharmaceutical products. To solve this problem, first of all, it is necessary to study the drug market. The choice of a marketing strategy should be based on an analysis of the patterns of the pharmaceutical market, statistical assessments of its conjuncture, the ratio of the forecast and proposals.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):251-253
pages 251-253 views

Unification of organizational approaches to disease prevention among the population

Vakhitov S.M.


The relevance of the problem in the title is due to several reasons. First, it is the need to deploy an effective system of measures to prevent diseases. Unfortunately, the health of people of all ages and social groups currently does not tend to improve, and in many cases is deteriorating. This happens mainly due to chronic non-communicable diseases, the prevention of which in the first place should be targeted by healthcare. Secondly, the traditional (for decades) orientation of doctors to the treatment of patients has led to the fact that many of them simply cannot imagine any other activity for themselves. This situation is now aggravated by at least two more circumstances: a) the transition to insurance medicine, because in the process of this transition a lot of time and attention is objectively required to organize the treatment process, and prevention seems to fade into the background; b) professional unpreparedness of physicians to carry out and organize preventive work, taking into account the specific characteristics of various contingents and strata of the population, places of residence and work. In higher educational institutions, such issues, if they are touched upon, are in no way connected with practical work to prevent diseases and preserve people's health. Thirdly, it is clear to specialists in the field of health management that it is time to take the problems of prevention seriously. And it is expedient, and from a scientific and practical point of view, it is more effective to adhere to certain uniform rules that would allow in the future to compare the results of work both in terms of the quality of prevention, and in various pathological conditions, and among various contingents of the population. This is possible when creating unified schemes (approaches) to the prevention of various diseases.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):254-256
pages 254-256 views

Assistance to the practicing physician

Long-acting oral medications

Mustafin R.I.


The use of prolonged drugs allows you to get a long-term therapeutic effect with a single dose, avoid fluctuations in the concentration of drugs in the body, reduce their toxicity and side effects, which is ultimately convenient for the patient and medical staff. In addition, the use of long-acting drugs makes it possible to reduce the daily dose of drugs, and hence the need for them, which accordingly makes treatment more economical.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):256-258
pages 256-258 views

History of medicine

Memoirs of a Kazan military doctor. Vol 76, No 3 (1995)

Golikov A.I.


I have been a participant in the Great Patriotic War since the first day. After a short period of time, during which I served as deputy chairman of the military medical commission, I was appointed head of the first medical evacuation department LEC-48 (local evacuation center), which I headed for more than six months. In 1942, due to the increase in the number of deployed evacuation hospitals and, accordingly, the volume of work, the first department began to deal only with the transportation of the wounded and sick, while the organization of medical activities was entrusted to the second medical department. The duties of his chief were entrusted to me, and in this position I remained until the end of the war. The head of the first department was appointed lieutenant colonel of the medical service M. N. Poroikov, who returned from the front due to a wound.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):258-260
pages 258-260 views

About asepsis during the Great Patriotic War

Izmailov G.A., Izmailov S.G.


In the implementation of the research plan adopted by the Medical Institute in 1941, the staff of the Department of General Surgery also took an active part. The subject of the plan included issues of predominantly defensive significance, primarily the problems of surgery associated with compliance with the rules of asepsis and antisepsis. The direction of scientific research was determined not only by the mass admission of the wounded to hospitals, but also by the insufficient provision of operating units with the necessary equipment, tools and apparatus.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):260-261
pages 260-261 views

New methods and rationalization proposals

Use of hydroxylamin of hydrochlorid as an oxidizer for the qualitative and qunatitative photometric determination of aminasin

Kuwyrchenkova I.S.


The method is proposed for the qualitative determination of aminasin using alkaline solution of hydroxylamin as a reagent followed by nitric acid solution diluted up to pink colour. This colour reaction can be applied to the quantitative photometric determination of aminasin in 2,5% solution for injection. The methods proposed show simplicity, rate, higher sensitivity and group specificity as compared with pharmacopeial methods.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):261-263
pages 261-263 views

Method for the determination of phosphabenzide in biological fluids

Valimukhametova D.A., Pogoreltsev V.I., Harmonov S.Y., Trubnikova G.G., Bagautdinova D.B., Budnikov G.K., Evgeniev M.I.


Individual pharmacokinetic characteristics of drugs in most cases are due to differences in their absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion. In some cases, the conclusion about the inefficiency of the drug is a consequence of the inadequacy of the dosing regimen, which is due, in turn, to the lack of a method for the quantitative determination of the drug in biological media of the whole organism.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):263-265
pages 263-265 views

The study of cerebrospinal fluid for the diagnosis of traumatic foci of crushing of the brain

Shulman H.M., Yagudin R.I., Tumakaev R.F.


Despite significant advances in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with severe traumatic brain injury (STBI), mortality among them remains very high (40-60%), especially among patients with traumatic brain crush foci (TBCF). The formation of a brain crush focus as a volumetric formation often ends with the development of a dislocation syndrome that requires urgent surgical resolution [3, 5].

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):265-266
pages 265-266 views

Drainage of the abdominal cavity with drainage from lacefan

Dobrokvashin S.V., Yaradaikin V.V., Anisimov A.Y., Bondarev Y.V., Mukhamatdinov R.M.


The centuries-old experience of surgery does not cast doubt on the need for drainage of a purulent wound in order to remove microbes, discharge and tissue decay products from its cavity. Full drainage, providing a sufficient outflow of wound exudate, creates the best conditions for the speedy rejection of necrotic tissues and the transition of the healing process to the regeneration phase. There are three mechanisms of action of drainage. The first is the outflow of discharge by gravity, if the drainage is diverted from the lowest point of the purulent cavity with the corresponding position of the patient's body in bed. The second is designed for the capillary suction properties of the drainage, similar to the principle of the wick of a kerosene lamp. The third one provides active drainage due to prolonged washing of the wound with antibacterial solutions [3].

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):266-267
pages 266-267 views


(XII) Congress of phthisiatricians. Vol 76, No 3 (1995)

Wiesel A.A., Arslanov S.S.


II (XII) congress of phthisiatricians was held under the auspices of the Scientific and Medical Association of phthisiatricians (NMAF, Moscow). It was attended by more than 300 doctors and scientists from Russia, guests from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine and other CIS countries, representatives of WHO. The forum was held at a time when the epidemiological situation of tuberculosis is deteriorating all over the world, when the problem of child mortality from tuberculosis reappears, and the number of fulminant and malignant forms of consumption is increasing. The director of the Central Research Institute of Tuberculosis of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences A. G. Khomenko presided over the congress; Head of the Department of Phthisiopulmonology of the Saratov Medical University prof. L. B. Khudzik, known for her work on hemorrhagic complications of tuberculosis.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):267-268
pages 267-268 views


Professor Marsel Zakeevich Mirgazizov


January 1, 1995 marked the 60th birthday and 35 years of scientific and pedagogical activity of the head of the department of orthopedic dentistry of Kazan Medical University, Honored Scientist of Tatarstan, Doctor of Medical Sciences Professor Marcel Zakeevich Mirgazizov. The service career of M. Z. Mirgazirov is truly impetuous. After graduating from the Faculty of Dentistry of the Kazan Medical Institute in 1959, he was enrolled in clinical residency at the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry, headed by the Honored Worker of Sciences of the RSFSR and TASSR prof. I. M. Oksman, who immediately noted the special diligence of Marcel Zakeevich in mastering the specialty and offered him a topic for his Ph.D. thesis: “The significance of rickets in the occurrence of dentoalveolar anomalies in children.”

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):268-268
pages 268-268 views


Chronicle. Vol 76, No 3 (1995)


On September 6-8, 1994, the III Plenum of the All-Russian Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists took place in Rostov-on-Don together with the I Congress of Obstetrician-Hypecologists of the North Caucasus.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):269-269
pages 269-269 views

New medicines

New medicines. Vol 76, No 3 (1995)

Artemiev A.I., Astrakhanova M.M., Alekseev K.V., Kiseleva G.S., Anikina N.V., Elagina I.A., Nasybullina N.M., Prikhodko L.A., Sollogub L.V., Truckman Y.G., Usmanov U.H., Abramovich R.A., Ordzhonikidze M.K.


One of the main directions of scientific research of the Research Institute of Pharmacy is the development of new effective medicines in the form of various solutions, ointments, suppositories, tablets, granules, powders, extracts intended for the treatment of a wide variety of diseases. The need of the population for anti-inflammatory drugs is satisfied by 85%, of which 28% are domestic drugs. Therefore, in recent years, the Research Institute of Pharmacy has been intensively working to create new dosage forms of piroxicam (gel and ointment) that have minimal side effects with a maximum of therapeutic activity of anti-inflammatory action.

Kazan medical journal. 1995;76(3):269-270
pages 269-270 views

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