Vol 42, No 5 (1961)

The great program of building communism

Yudin I.N.


Our country, full of labor heroism, continues its rapid movement towards a communist future. The historic XXII Congress of the CPSU - the congress of the builders of communism - has finished its work. He discussed the Report of the Central Committee of the CPSU, adopted a new Program, a new Statute of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. In the reports of NS Khrushchev, the speeches of the delegates, the decisions of the Congress, the working people of the USSR see the expression of their thoughts, interests, and their will. In these historical documents they find answers to vital questions of building communism.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):3-6
pages 3-6 views

Stimulation with drugs. The body's resistance to infection

Lazarev N.V.


The enthusiasm for chemotherapy has led to the fact that over the past quarter of a century, the main task of researching new drug interventions in infectious processes was considered by many to be the effect mainly on the pathogens in the body. Only relatively recently has a certain turn been outlined here. It is no coincidence that the seventh volume of the well-known collections "Antibiotica et Chemotherapia" is essentially devoted not to antibiotics and synthetic chemotherapeutic agents, but to the issues of drug stimulation of the body's self-defense against microbes, viruses and other causative agents of invasions and infections, which was reflected by the editor of this Gzell's collection series in his preface.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):7-12
pages 7-12 views

About the use of venous stasis "under the tourniquet" for the assessment of tuberculin tests

Vinnikov P.L.


Department of Phthisiology of the Kazan State Pedagogical University named after V.I. Lenin on the basis of the hospital for invalids of the Patriotic War (beginning - N. S. Valeev) and the city anti-tuberculosis dispensary (chief doctor - M. S. Samarin)

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):12-17
pages 12-17 views

Tracheobronchoscopic examination of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Shesterika M.V.


Modern anti-tuberculosis drugs have sharply reduced the risk of exacerbation of the process in the lungs and larynx, and therefore it became possible to use bronchoscopy for residual processes in the larynx and common forms of pulmonary tuberculosis. Out of 451 patients with bronchial tuberculosis, we noted an exacerbation of the pulmonary process only in 14 with advanced fibrous-cavernous pulmonary tuberculosis and even earlier repeated "outbreaks", which is why we cannot associate exacerbations with them after bronchoscopy.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):17-20
pages 17-20 views

On the segmental lesion of the lungs in pneumonia

Moskvicheva L.I.


The lobar nature of the lesion, typical of croupous pneumonia, is, as you know, the most recognized difference from focal pneumonia.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):20-23
pages 20-23 views

Vectorcardiogram for bronchial asthma

Stupnitsky A.A.


The functional state of the myocardium in patients with bronchial asthma is usually assessed by clinical and ECG data.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):23-24
pages 23-24 views

Blood gases in patients with cardiovascular insufficiency with mitral stenosis

Antonov Y.G., Syromyatnikova E.N.


The objective of this work is to clarify the dynamics of blood gas composition by stages of circulatory disorders, since when indications for mitral commissurotomy arise, the question arises about the depth of circulatory disorders and the associated safety of the operation.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):24-25
pages 24-25 views

Effect of X-ray therapy for malignant neoplasms on the heart muscle according to electrocardiography

Popova A.I., Dubovaya-Golosarskaya T.E.


What changes occur in the heart exposed to radiation in the treatment of left lung and left breast cancer?

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):25-28
pages 25-28 views

Novocaine blockade of the third left thoracic sympathetic node in the complex treatment of obliterating endarteritis

Nikov N.P.


Based on the neurogenic theory of the pathogenesis of obliterating endarteritis and taking into account the important role of the sympathetic nervous system in this disease, many domestic and foreign surgeons (K.E. Pokatilov, A.L. Polenov, A.V. Bondarchuk, A.A. Volkov, Lerish and others) began to widely use novocaine and alcohol-novocaine blockade of sympathetic nodes, and A.V. Vishnevsky theoretically substantiated and widely used his method of novocaine blockade in this disease.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):28-31
pages 28-31 views

The value of arteriography and oscillography in obliterating endarteritis

Musin M.F.


In order to clarify the degree of reliability of arteriography and oscillography data in comparison with the clinical picture, we examined 104 patients with obliterating endarteritis. All these patients underwent arteriography and recording of pulse oscillations in the lower third of the thigh, lower leg and shoulder. We used an arterial oscilloscope manufactured by the Krasnogvardeets plant.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):31-34
pages 31-34 views

Anticoagulant therapy for thrombophlebitis of the extremities

Krasnoperov F.T.


We monitored the content of prothrombin in the blood in 8 men and 45 women with thrombophlebitis of the lower extremities. Bilateral lesions of the lower extremities were in 10, thrombophlebitis of the left extremity - in 25, and in the right extremity - in 18.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):34-36
pages 34-36 views

About stomach diverticula

Adrianovsky A.F.


Although diverticula of the stomach belong to very rare diseases of the digestive tract, they have an important differential diagnostic value.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):36-38
pages 36-38 views

Effect of gastric resection on carbohydrate metabolism

Ageev A.F.


As a result of the development of thoracic surgery and the expansion of indications for large and combined intra-abdominal and thoracic operations, the issues of preoperative preparation and postoperative management of such patients are becoming more and more urgent.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):39-42
pages 39-42 views

To the diagnosis of retroperitoneal hematomas in children after severe trauma

Kharitonov I.F.


Retroperitoneal hemorrhages are manifested by a number of symptoms that a practical surgeon is used to finding in acute diseases of the abdominal organs. A number of works devoted to the clinic of retroperitoneal hematomas illuminate this section of surgical pathology only from the clinical side (A.P. Abramov, M.S. Arkhangelskaya-Levina, G.A.Gomzyakov, G.M. Marenkov, N.V. Sokolov and etc.).

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):42-46
pages 42-46 views

On the therapeutic and differential diagnostic value of novocaine anesthesia of the spermatic cord in renal colic

Pavlov A.I.


In 1941, M. Yu. Lorin-Epstein suggested using anesthesia of the spermatic cord (and in women - the round ligament of the uterus) for renal colic. Some authors (MD Javad-Zade, 1954; SA Yaroslavtsev, 1957), using this technique, recommend it both as a therapeutic and as a differential diagnostic in renal colic.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):46-48
pages 46-48 views

pH of discharge of purulent wounds with various dressings

Vladimirova L.F., Medvedev I.P.


Shifts in the concentration of hydrogen ions in tissues during inflammation are given great importance, because they, accompanied by shifts in the cytological picture and the microbial flora of the wound, can be used when prescribing treatment.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):48-49
pages 48-49 views
pages 49-52 views

On the role of the excitability of the interoceptive apparatus of the small intestine in peritonitis under experimental conditions

Salikhov I.A.


Acute diffuse peritonitis remains, despite the introduction into practice of the most diverse methods of treatment, the main cause of death in patients with acute abdominal pathology. The literature on the study of various aspects of this disease is great, but the reflex mechanisms of peritonitis have not been studied enough. Meanwhile, their study in peritonitis is important for understanding the pathogenesis of the disease. In particular, the excitability of the receptors of the small intestine under conditions of peritonitis has hardly been studied.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):52-55
pages 52-55 views

The effect of chlorpromazine on the contractile activity of the uterus

Sabirov F.M.


One of the important issues of obstetric and gynecological practice is the use of ganglion-blocking - neuroplegic drugs, among which chlorpromazine is widely used. Phenothiazine derivatives, which include chlorpromazine, are used for pain relief in childbirth, treatment of pregnancy toxicosis, and in gynecology - for pain relief during operations.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):55-56
pages 55-56 views

Contractile activity of the uterus during pregnancy according to five-channel external hysterography

Martinshin M.Y.


The ability of the pregnant uterus to contract has long been observed by clinicians, who attached importance to physiological muscle gymnastics for future childbirth. Alvarez and Caldeiro - Barzia (1954), using the technique they developed for introducing microballoons intramyometrially and intraamnially, described, along with "large" contractions, "small" contractions of the uterine muscles, differing in insignificant intensity and duration.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):56-58
pages 56-58 views

Determination of intrauterine fetal weight according to Stroykova

Davydov V.I.


It is tempting to determine the weight of an intrauterine fetus in a number of obstetric situations (narrow pelvis, post-term pregnancy, upcoming obstetric operations, etc.), where it is necessary to choose the correct route of delivery, taking into account the size and weight of the fetus. Currently, several methods are used in the USSR: the methods of Stroykova, Yakubova, Zhordania, etc. However, there is still no confirmation of the value of these methods in our obstetric literature. At the anniversary session of the Sverdlovsk Medical Institute, the practical value of the method of Assoc. Yakubova. The present message is devoted to the Stroykova method.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):58-60
pages 58-60 views

On the criteria for the cure of trachoma

Epshtein E.D.


At present, even with great general successes in the fight against trachoma, the criteria for its cure are still of great importance.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):60-61
pages 60-61 views

About true heart breaks

Charny A.M.


According to the authors (A.I. Abrikosov, M.I.Kasyanov, S.G. Moiseeva, O.I. Glazova, McQuey), true ruptures of the heart muscle are usually observed with myocardial infarction and very rarely - with only one fatty infiltration or fatty degeneration of the heart muscle.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):61-64
pages 61-64 views

Hemodynamic study during kidney surgery under local anesthesia

Karaev I.K.


One of the main reasons for refusal of surgery is unstable hemodynamics due to impaired cardiovascular activity. Therefore, the study of the state of hemodynamics and functional activity of the circulatory apparatus in the preoperative, operational and postoperative periods is the task of not only internists, but also surgeons who directly perform surgery.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):64-65
pages 64-65 views

Stopping early postpartum bleeding with ligatures on the cervical wall

Voevodina M.G.


The fight against atonic bleeding in the early postpartum period is still one of the most difficult tasks and requires further identification of reliable hemostatic methods. It is especially difficult for practitioners working in conditions where there is not enough blood for replacement.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):65-66
pages 65-66 views

Unusually advanced isthmic-interstitial pregnancy

Syzganova K.N.


20 / 1-59, K., 29 years old, was admitted for subserous fibroids of the uterine body and primary infertility.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):66-67
pages 66-67 views

Repeated ectopic pregnancy in the stump of the removed tube

Slepoye M.I.


Repeated ectopic pregnancy occurs, according to a number of authors, in 4-7% of cases in the second tube after removal of the first (L. Ya. Zeitlin, Dietrich, K. K. Skrobansky). Repeated ectopic pregnancy in the stump of the removed tube is extremely rare. RR Makarov points out that “... although such a pathology numbers only a few in the entire world literature, it is still possible [2]. In the literature available to us, we have met a description of an ectopic pregnancy in the cult of the removed tube only once [1], therefore, we believe that our observation may be of interest as well.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):67-68
pages 67-68 views

Endometriosis outside the genitals

Kokhan E.P., Pomosov D.V.


Endometriosis is a tumor-like formation that occurs in middle-aged women, which histologically resembles the structure of the uterine mucosa.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):68-69
pages 68-69 views

About unusual localization of bullous dermatoses

Shamsutdinova R.X.


A number of patients with a peculiar local form of bullous dermatoses have been inpatient treatment in the clinic over the past ten years. In view of special interest, we present excerpts from the case histories of three patients.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):69-70
pages 69-70 views

Atypical forms of myocardial infarction

Khurgin M.I., Aizenberg L.A.


For several years, on the basis of the regional hospital, the regional polyclinic and the 29th hospital, we observed PO of patients with myocardial infarction.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):70-70
pages 70-70 views

Unilateral pulmonary congestion as an additional symptom of myocardial infarction

Korolev A.M.


In 32 cases of myocardial infarction, there were 8 with symptoms of unilateral congestion in the lungs, mainly on the right, with stagnant wet wheezing often against the background of weakened breathing and dullness of percussion sound.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):70-71
pages 70-71 views

On the features of the symptoms and recognition of syphilis of the cardiovascular system (clinical and anatomical parallels)

Chernyaeva V.I.


Significant successes in the fight against syphilis in our country have led to some weakening of alertness in relation to visceral syphilis.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):71-71
pages 71-71 views

Comparison of pathoanatomical changes in protracted septic endocarditis and rheumatism

Voronkovskaya G.N.


In defining the relationship of protracted septic endocarditis (ZSE) and rheumatism, 2 points of view have developed: some argue that ZSE is not an independent nosological unit, while others - that ZSE is not associated with rheumatism and often occurs on unchanged valves.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):71-72
pages 71-72 views

About the clinic and pathological anatomy of rheumatic pneumonia

Khelimsky A.M.


"Rheumatic pneumonia" is a term introduced into Russian science in the 30s of the last century by Professor of Moscow University GI Sokolsky.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):72-72
pages 72-72 views

The choice of the dose of bromine for gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer

Arkhangelskaya E.V.


To select the most effective individual dose, the bromine content in the blood and urine of 37 patients and changes in the motor chronaxia of the flexors and extensors after intravenous administration of 20 and 10 l of 10% sodium bromide solution were determined.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):72-72
pages 72-72 views

Combined right-sided restrained inguinal hernia and sigmoid volvulus

Pushkarev N.I.


B-noy K, 70 years old, was admitted to the department of 5 / V-56 with a diagnosis of right-sided strangulated inguinal hernia.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):72-73
pages 72-73 views

Surgical treatment of intra-articular injuries of the knee joint

Ananiev N.A.


For the rupture of the internal meniscus, 25 patients were treated, Goff's disease h-9, rupture of the internal meniscus in combination with Goff's disease - 6, rupture of the external meniscus in combination with Hoff's disease - 2, cysts - 1, articular "mouse" - 2, chronic meniscitis - 2 and intra-articular avulsion fracture of the external condyle of the thigh with infringement - 1, rupture of the internal and external menisci - 1 and partial rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament in combination with Hoff's disease - 1. Patients' age - from 11 to 62 years. We observed Goff's disease in an 11-year-old patient and chronic meniscitis in a 62-year-old patient. Most were operated on at various times from the moment of injury (from 6 months to 5 years).

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):73-73
pages 73-73 views

Vitamin A treatment for eczema in young children

Zverkova F.A.


Since eczema has liver dysfunctions, as well as abnormalities in protein, carbohydrate, fat and mineral metabolism, vitamin A was studied in children with eczema (26) aged 3 to 12 months. For control, the content of vitamin A and carotene in the blood was determined in healthy children (27) of the same age.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):73-74
pages 73-74 views

Hemotherapy for the treatment of eczema in young children

Chernyakova V.L.


Of 24 children aged from one month to 3 years with manifestations of exudative diathesis, 19 had chronic widespread eczema, 3 had limited chronic eczema and 2 had acute widespread eczema.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):74-74
pages 74-74 views

On the prognostic value of the complementary titer in the blood serum of patients with pyoderma

Krylova V.S.


The complementary titer was determined in 221 inpatients with pyoderma, in 87 with non-pyococcal skin diseases and in 127 patients with syphilis.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):74-74
pages 74-74 views

Treatment of certain eye diseases with the method of hematopoietic treatment according to Kranvina

Smutkina V.S.


According to the instructions of the Ministry, canned blood of any group was used (not less than a month old from the beginning of its preparation) and was injected in an amount of 20-25 ml into the subcutaneous tissue, 2-3 cm below the angle of the scapula, at intervals of 4 days. 5-10 infusions were made.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):74-75
pages 74-75 views

About diphtheria of the eyes according to the materials of the 1st Infectious Disease Hospital

Vasilieva N.P., Shagidullina A.R.


Supervised from 1946 to 1956 there were 259 patients with eye diphtheria, from 0 to 6 months. there were 18 patients, from 6 months. up to 1 year - 89, from 1 year to 4 liters. - 134, from 4 to 6 liters. - 9, from 6 liters. and above - 9 (of which 2 are adults). Most of them attended child care facilities (184; people out of 259).

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):75-75
pages 75-75 views

Treatment with bee stings (apitoxin) of brucellosis patients

Pereskopskaya T.I.


Bee venom, even in minimal doses, can cause a general nonspecific reaction, protective inhibition in the higher parts of the central nervous system, an increase in the internal secretion of the pituitary-adrenal system; also possible impact on interoceptors, stimulation of a number of protective reflexes, as well as activation of the reticuloendothelial system. This can explain the therapeutic effect of bee venom in rheumatic, allergic and other diseases.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):75-76
pages 75-76 views

To the clinic of mumps

Buylo A.L., Filipchik V.I.


We observed two outbreaks of mumps, which affected: the first - 200, the second - 118 young men.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):76-76
pages 76-76 views

Obtaining an adapted dysentery bacteriophage and its effectiveness in the treatment of acute dysentery

Zobnina K.S., Perelyptein S.B., Rappe F.I.


For a number of years, we have been developing a method for the selection of a wide-range dysentery bacteriophage. The therapeutic effect of the bacteriophage was increased by passaging it in the patient's body. The prepared dysentery adapted bacteriophage lysed in 1955 93.4% of freshly isolated cultures.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):76-77
pages 76-77 views

About the diagnostic value of the pyramidon test for subfebrile condition

Shchibrayeva L.V.


The pyramidon test was proposed by Gollo (1918) for the differential diagnosis of infectious subfebrile condition from non-infectious subfebrile condition. When conducting a sample, the patient observes bed rest for three days, does not take any medications or medical procedures. On these days, the temperature is measured from 6 to 18 hours. hourly. On the second day of the test, with each temperature measurement, the patient takes 20 ml of a 0.5% aqueous solution of pyramidon, and only at 6 o'clock. in the morning he takes 60 ml of the same solution. Gollo believed that under the influence of the pyramidon, the temperature decreases if it is of an infectious origin.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):77-78
pages 77-78 views

To the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of syringomyelia

Molchanova A.M.


Of the 260 patients with syringomyelia (1930-47), 170 were from Tatarstan, 14 from the MASSR, Chuv. ASSR - 20, Mordov. ASSR - 32, Udmurt. ASSR - 4, Kirov, Ulyanovsk and Gorky regions. 3 people each, Kuibyshev region - 2, Saratov region. and Bashkir. ASSR - 1 each, and the remaining 7 - from different places. The inhabitants of Kazan accounted for 56 people, in the districts of the TASSR - 114 (of which 9 from the Kuibyshevsky district and 8 from the Apastovsky, from 13 districts there were 5-4-3 people each, from 14 districts - 2 each, out of 8 - 1 each) ... There were 142 between the ages of 10 and 30. There were 205 men and 55 women. By profession, the patients were mainly persons of heavy physical labor (159). Most of our patients lived in areas rich in forests.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):78-79
pages 78-79 views

Characteristics of injuries at the plant of rubber-technical products

Dmitrieva T.A.


In recent years, industrial injuries have decreased significantly compared to 1953.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):79-79
pages 79-79 views

Diet therapy for obesity

Golikov A.I., Bogoyavlensky V.F.


In the postwar years, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of obese patients (7, 34). Unfortunately, only complications of obesity appear in the diagnoses of medical institutions, which makes it difficult to accurately record the initial stages of the disease. Meanwhile, many years of clinical experience shows that obesity- not only limits the working capacity of a wide contingent of people, but, according to statistical data (7), significantly shortens life expectancy due to severe consequences in the most active period of life. At the same time, it has been established (36, 32, 30; 15; 7, 4) that this can be prevented by timely treatment of obesity.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):79-83
pages 79-83 views

Endemic goiter in children in some regions of Tatarstan and its prevention

Gazetdinova F.G.


On the territory of the Tatar ASSR, goiter has been known since 1870.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):83-85
pages 83-85 views

On the possibility of intoxication of the personnel of medical offices when they are contaminated with small amounts of mercury

Gimadeev M.M.


In order to find out what the possibilities of mercury intoxication are in the conditions of medical offices, where the amount of lost mercury is not large (for example, when filling teeth or when measuring blood pressure with a mercury manometer), a corresponding examination was carried out in one of the offices of the dispensary, where the splashing of mercury occurred.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):85-86
pages 85-86 views

Professor Lev Lvovich Levshin (1842-1911)

Nikitin S.K.


September 23, 1961 marked the 50th anniversary of the death of an outstanding Russian surgeon, professor of Kazan and then Moscow universities Lev Lvovich Levshin.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):86-89
pages 86-89 views

Professor Vitaly Viktorinovich Gromov

Kastorsky F.


May 8, 1961 marks the 60th anniversary of the birth of Professor Vitaly Viktorinovich Gromov.
His student years (1919-1924) passed during the civil war. During these years, he, temporarily leaving Kazan University, served for several months as a Red Army soldier in the troops of the Western Front. But neither the everyday difficulties of those years, nor the separation from training while serving in the Red Army did not prevent Vitaly Viktorinovich from successfully graduating from the medical faculty in 1924.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):89-90
pages 89-90 views

First All-Russian Congress of Epidemiologists, Microbiologists and Infectious Diseases

Mukhutdinov I.Z.


The congress was devoted to the problem of intestinal infections. More than 70 reports were heard summarizing both scientific research and the experience of health authorities. The Congress was attended by representatives of the Ministries of Communal Services and Trade of the RSFSR.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):90-92
pages 90-92 views

Conference on the Problem of Medical Use of Pyrimidine Derivatives

Grekh I.F.


A systematic study of the question of the value of pyrimidine derivatives as drugs, first begun in 1946 by a team led by N.V. Lazarev, culminated in the creation of a number of easily synthesized and safe means with which one can interfere during many processes. The synthesis of all these pyrimidine derivatives was carried out by RS Karlinskaya in consultation with N.V. Khromov-Borisov. At the same conference, the largest number of reports was devoted to the characterization of pyrimidine regeneration stimulants, such as: metacil (4-methyluracil), pentoxil (5-hydroxymethyl-4-methyluracil), cytosine, uracil, thymine. This effect is apparently based on the intensification of the processes of protein synthesis as a result of an increase in the intensity of nucleoprotein anabolism (E. A. Dikovenko, L. A. Tiunov).

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):92-94
pages 92-94 views

Problems of hypertension, atherosclerosis and coronary insufficiency at the XII scientific session of the Institute of Therapy of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences

Kantserov I.X., Krasnoperov F.T.


27 reports were presented, mainly by employees of the Institute of Therapy of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):94-96
pages 94-96 views

Professor Samuil Yakovlevich Golosovker

Zverkova F.A.


After a serious illness, the head of Kazan, who had worked in Kazan, died for many years. Professor Samuil Yakovlevich Golosovker at the Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases of the Leningrad Pediatric Medical Institute.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):96-97
pages 96-97 views

Associate Professor Nazib Khalikovich Sitdykov

Aydarov A.A.


On July 26, 1961 in Moscow, after a short illness, the head of the Department of Urology of the Kazan State Pedagogical University named after I.I. V.I. Lenin, Honored Doctor of the TASSR, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Nazib Khalikovich Sitdykov.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):97-97
pages 97-97 views

Professor Mikhail Moiseevich Shalagin

Kozyreva I.V., Kharitonov I.F.


On September 13, 1961, at the 58th year of his life, Mikhail Moiseevich Shalagin, professor of the Kazan Medical Institute, died after a serious illness.

Kazan medical journal. 1961;42(5):97-98
pages 97-98 views

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