Vol 67, No 2 (1986)

The XXVII Congress of the CPSU: the largest political event of our time

Sarkin V.G.


From February 25 to March 6, 1986, the XXVII Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union was held in Moscow. The days of the Congress were special in the life of the Soviet country, the Leninist Party, and every communist and non-party worker: they summed up the results of the way covered, evaluated what had been achieved, and outlined the prospects for further development. The congress was an event of great historical significance for our comrades abroad and for all progressive mankind.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):81-85
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Tasks of the narcological service of the Tatar ASSR in the fight against drunkenness and alcoholism

Kirillov V.K.


The urgency of this problem is extremely high and is caused by the variety and strength of the negative influence of alcohol consumption both on the destinies of individuals and on the development of our society as a whole, which is confirmed by the results of scientific research. For example, it has been established that the mortality rate among alcoholics is 2-4 times higher than among the general population. Up to 50% of fatal traffic accidents are caused by alcoholic beverages. The morbidity rate among men who abuse alcohol is 1.5 times higher than among the entire male population.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):86-90
pages 86-90 views

The effectiveness of clinical examination of preschool children with dental caries

Sayfullina H.M., Kovtonyuk P.A., Urazova R.Z.


The high prevalence of dental caries in children worries not only pediatric dentists, but also specialists of other profiles. Particularly noteworthy is the development of dental caries in children under two years of age. Prevalence of dental caries in children aged 3 years reaches 21%, 4 - 51%, 5 - 71%.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):90-92
pages 90-92 views

Bacterial endocarditis of artificial heart valves

Anisimov V.E., Burdo K.A., Ryzhkova L.K.


Soviet cardiac surgeons have accumulated considerable experience in valve replacement for acquired heart defects. Such surgeries are successfully used for insufficiency and stenosis of mitral and aortic valves. One of the severe complications arising in the postoperative period is bacterial endocarditis of artificial valves, which occurs in 2-13% of patients with implanted valves.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):92-96
pages 92-96 views

Diucifonum treatment of patients with systemic scleroderma

Abdrakhmanova R.S., Bilich I.L., Mangusheva M.M., Bombina L.K., Khalfieva G.M.


The treatment of patients with systemic scleroderma is still a challenging task for internal medicine clinics. This paper presents the results of the therapeutic efficacy of diucciphone in such patients at different periods of observation. Diucciphone (2,4 dioxo-6-methylpyrimidinyl-5-sulfonoamido)-diphenylsulfone is an antileprosy drug synthesized at the A.E. Arbuzov Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry, KFAN of the USSR.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):96-98
pages 96-98 views

Use of immunocorrectors in patients with chronic lymph leukemia

Shustov V.Y., Afanasyeva N.A., Kuznetsov P.P., Myshkina A.K.


Chronic lymphatic leukemia is second only to acute leukemia in the frequency of infectious complications. In most cases, severe infectious complications are the cause of death in these patients. Modern chemotherapy makes it possible to preserve the ability to work and the life expectancy of patients for a long time. However, the negative effect of cytostatic drugs on the already altered immune system leads to an even greater suppression of immunity and an increase in the number of infectious complications. The search for new ways to combat infections has shown the advisability of long-term outpatient treatment with antibacterial drugs.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):99-101
pages 99-101 views

Angiological analysis of interintestinal anastomoses

Sigal M.Z., Ramazanov M.R.


One of the frequent and usually fatal complications of intestinal resection is suture inconsistency, which is observed with varying frequency in different techniques of interintestinal anastomoses formation. Although there have been speculations about the role of circulatory disorders in the origin of suture inconsistency, we have not found any evidence in the literature.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):101-104
pages 101-104 views

Long-term results of surgical treatment of gastric cancer

Abdullin A.S., Akhmetzyanov F.S., Samigullin A.A., Shemeunova Z.N., Arinin V.A., Katsenelson M.M., Muravyova A.V., Fedorov I.V.


We analyzed long-term outcomes of the treatment of 217 patients (men - 126, women - 91), who underwent radical operations for stomach cancer in the period of 1972 till 1976. 14 patients were under 39, 52 - from 40 to 49, 50 to 59 - 52, 60 to 69 - 80, over 70 years old - 19. The youngest patient was 28 years old and the oldest - 76 years old. Most patients (185) were operated on at stage III of the disease, stage II was diagnosed in 27 patients, and stage IV - in 5 patients.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):104-106
pages 104-106 views

Characteristics of the glucose tolerance test in cerebral autonomic disorders during puberty

Ismagilov M.F., Alyavedinov R.I., Sultanova L.M., Yarullina G.R.


The purpose of this work was to study carbohydrate metabolism in children and adolescents of pubertal age suffering from autonomic disorders.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):106-108
pages 106-108 views

Rare hereditary diseases in newborns

Belogorskaya E.V., Alexandrova L.Y., Gabitova N.K.


Pierre Robin syndrome is a rare disorder characterized by congenital facial malformations: microretrognathia, cleft soft or hard palate, microglossia, glossoptosis. In severe cases after birth, there is a threat of asphyxia of the newborn. The phenomena of glossoptosis usually diminish by 4 weeks of age.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):109-111
pages 109-111 views

Modern aspects of long-term use of intrauterine contraceptives

Koshkin B.M., Baryshkina R.S.


Intrauterine contraceptives most fully meet the requirements for contraceptives: convenient in use, available, effective, harmless. We have analyzed 5 thousand charts of the follow-up of the women using intrauterine contraceptives from 1 to 17 years. According to our data, their effectiveness was 97.1%, according to other authors from 91% to 99.4%.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):111-113
pages 111-113 views

On the stability of proprioception asymmetry indicators in patients with lumbar osteochondrosis

Protasova L.L.


We studied deep sensitivity in 89 patients with various lumbar osteochondrosis syndromes, including nonradicular ones, aged 20 to 56 years and in 26 healthy subjects aged 23 to 50 years. For quantitative assessment of deep sensitivity, we used the technique of studying the time of simple motor reaction (MR) to passive finger movement proposed by A.I. Yakovlev.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):113-115
pages 113-115 views

Dynamics of Anosognosia in Patients with Chronic Alcoholism after Psychotherapeutic Treatment

Klassen I.A., Shmakova M.A.


We examined 177 men aged 31 to 45 years with stage II chronic alcoholism. Of this number, 97 patients were treated for the first time; the rest had relapses in the past. Eight people had acute alcoholic psychosis.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):115-118
pages 115-118 views

Prediction of glaucoma development using a multiple logistic function

Khamitova G.K.


We analyzed 17 risk factors for the prognosis of glaucoma progression in 42 eyes. Glaucoma stage I was detected in 15 eyes, II in 16 eyes, III in 11 eyes; IV (last) glaucoma stage was not considered, as further disease progression was impossible. The average age of the patients was 63.0 ±1.2 years. The follow-up period was from 6 months to 3 years.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):118-122
pages 118-122 views

Pathophysiological aspects and anesthesia in pheochromocytoma and pregnancy

Malkov Y.Y., Karpova O.E.


Most of the symptoms of pheochromocytoma are due to the effects on organs and systems of excessive amounts of catecholamines, the main ones being adrenaline, noradrenaline, and dopamine. These hormones are synthesized in the brain, sympathetic nerve endings, ectopic cells of neural origin, but in the largest amounts in the chromaffin tissue of the adrenal medulla. In healthy individuals, 0.07 mg/kg body weight of adrenaline and 0.02 mg/kg body weight of noradrenaline are synthesized in the adrenal glands per minute.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):122-124
pages 122-124 views

Secondarily enlarged thymus gland in young children and their examination

Krasnoperova K.E.


A genetic variant of immunodeficiency with a large thymus is now known, but the proportion of primary immunodeficiencies is small. Such immunodeficiency variants determine the physician's tactics for correction of a specific immune defect, usually using replacement therapy (by bone marrow transplantation, thymus transplantation, or injection of its hormones).

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):124-126
pages 124-126 views

Application of expert evaluations in automated diagnostic systems

Khvastunov R.M., Novikov Y.V.


Automated Diagnostic Systems (ADS) and corresponding centers are currently being established by a number of medical universities and research institutes. The task of an ASD center is to provide highly qualified advice on such issues as differential diagnosis of diseases, predicting their occurrence and course, and prescribing treatment. Computational diagnostic algorithms are the most important link in the ASD, since the efficiency of the entire system depends on their quality.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):127-131
pages 127-131 views

Experience in the examination of children on the pediatric ward

Shigabutdinova T.M.


There are 840 children registered at the pediatric area, including 66 children under one year of age and 140 "unorganized" children. In the course of the clinical examination, the health status of children was studied according to the data of preventive examinations, as well as materials of the district therapist on the health status of the family.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):131-132
pages 131-132 views

Health status of rural schoolchildren in the TASSR

Trofimova I.S., Khakimova A.M.


We conducted a continuous survey of 1134 schoolchildren in five villages of the Tatar ASSR. The following deviations in the state of their health were found: dental caries in 83.8 per 100 examinees; endemic enlargement of the thyroid gland in 54.0; endemic goiter in 2.9; posture disorders in 30.2; scoliosis in 12.1; residual effects of rickets in 11.5; somatic pathology in 25.9.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):133-133
pages 133-133 views

Peculiarities of vitamin B12 absorption disorders in diseases of the digestive organs

Trusov V.V., Vakhrushev Y.M., Sterkhova T.I., Gagarin B.P., Martynov B.I.


We studied the process of vitamin B12 absorption in 184 patients with various diseases of the digestive system. 57 patients suffered from chronic atrophic gastritis, 42 - cirrhosis of the liver, 28 - chronic hepatitis; 12 patients underwent small bowel resection (more than 1 m), 45 - gastric resections of various types. The control group consisted of <25 healthy individuals aged 22 to 47 years.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):133-134
pages 133-134 views

Combined operations in abdominal surgery

Sakhautdinov V.G., Gantsev S.K., Ippolitov G.N., Senderovich E.I.


We studied the case histories of 190 patients who underwent concomitant operations on the abdominal cavity organs in 1974-1984 for absolute and relative (prophylactic, forced) indications.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):134-135
pages 134-135 views

Meckel's diverticulum impingement in inguinal hernia

Chekaev G.M.


Among the complications associated with the presence of Meckel's diverticulum, its impingement in an inguinal hernia is rare. This circumstance and difficulty of diagnosis prompted us to share our observation.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):135-135
pages 135-135 views

Treatment of pregnant women with mild forms of late toxicosis with electrosleep

Marusov A.P., Solovieva E.P., Suchkova N.A., Alexandrovskaya R.N., Levanova I.P.


To treat mild forms of late toxemia (pretoxemia and stage I nephropathy) in 97 pregnant women at 37-39 weeks, we used electroanalgesia. The diagnosis was made on the basis of clinical and laboratory data. There were 60 first-pregnant women, 14 second-pregnant women, and 23 second-pregnant women. Pregnant women were distributed by age as follows: up to 20 years-17, 21-25 years-27, 26-30 years-20, 31-35 years-18, and over 35 years-15 women. There were 6 young first-born women and 15 first-born women of older age (after 30 years of age).

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):135-136
pages 135-136 views

Peculiarities of the course of labor and the postpartum period in women whose pregnancy was threatened with termination

Chirkova A.V., Kornyaeva Z.S., Petrushkova N.I., Khamitov R.L.


To clarify the peculiarities of the course of labor, the postpartum period, and the condition of newborns, we analyzed 102 labor histories of women whose pregnancies were complicated by the threat of termination in different terms. Morphological examination of the placenta was performed concurrently in these women in labor. The age of the examined women ranged from 18 to 35 years.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):136-137
pages 136-137 views

Complications and side effects of glucocorticoid treatment in children with glomerulonephritis

Abdurashitova H.S., Brusilovsky A.M., Akhmetshin Z.K., Sakaeva F.Z.


For 10 years, we observed 280 children with nephrotic and mixed forms of glomerulonephritis treated in the uroonephrological department of the Republican Children's Clinical Hospital of the BASSR Ministry of Health. Patients were prescribed prednisolone at a rate of 1.5-2 mg, rarely 2.5 mg per kg of weight per day for 3-4 weeks with gradual reduction of the dose by 5 mg every 5-7 days and transferring them further, to an intermittent course of treatment at a dose of 10-20 mg per day depending on age.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):138-138
pages 138-138 views

Embryological substantiation of the architectonics of arteriolovenular anastomoses in the human renal parenchymal bloodstream

Valishin E.S.


The present work was undertaken to obtain comprehensive information on arteriolovenular anastomoses in the embryonic stage of development. The study was performed on 240 cadavers of human embryos and fetuses from 6.5 weeks of intrauterine development to the neonatal period using conventional injectable and noninjectable angiological and histological methods.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):138-139
pages 138-139 views

Treatment of vertebrogenic paresthetic meralgia

Veselovsky V.P., Samitov O.S.


We observed 72 people with vertebrogenic paresthetic meralgia. Thirty of them were diagnosed with osteochondrosis of the lower thoracic spine, 27 with upper lumbar spine, and 15 with lower lumbar spine. A permanent form of paresthetic meralgia was detected in 38 patients and transient paresthetic meralgia was detected in 34 patients.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):140-140
pages 140-140 views

Protein and albumin use in the treatment of sexual disorders in men

Dranovsky A.I., Senchugov S.V.


The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of protein and albumin for the treatment of some forms of sexual disorders in men with predominant lesions of the neurohumoral component with delayed pubertal development, age involution, idiopathic forms, diencephalic impotence, lesions of the prostate-testicular complex.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):140-141
pages 140-141 views

Health condition of people working with organophosphorus pesticides for a long time

Zaikonnikova I.V., Minnekaev H.H., Yurov S.V.


We observed 222 workers, who were divided into 6 groups depending on duration of work with POPs: with work experience less than 1 year, 1-5-10-15-20 and more than 20 years. All workers of disinfection station were in the same working conditions. Daily contact with pesticides (DDVP, carbophos, trichloromethaphos-3, chlorophos) was within 4 hours.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):141-142
pages 141-142 views

Adenyl nucleotide system in the dynamics of acute chlorophos poisoning

Ziganshin A.U.


We studied the effect of acute chlorophos poisoning on the state of the adenyl system, which is the final and main indicator of all bioenergetic processes.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):142-142
pages 142-142 views

Hygienic assessment of working conditions of foundry workers

Surkova E.I., Fazylov I.F., Fazylova I.L.


We examined 150 healthy men aged 22 to 45 years with 3 to 10 years or more of work experience in this occupation.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):143-145
pages 143-145 views

Peculiarities of the national diet of the rural population

Tagirova R.S., Garipov F.M.


The study of the actual nutrition of the population, its national traditions is the most important task of the science of nutrition. In the special literature, these issues are most often considered in relation to organized contingents of the population, while the actual nutrition of the unorganized population due to the complexity of organizational measures and expeditionary conditions of work still remains little researched.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):145-147
pages 145-147 views

Differential diagnostic value of tongue examination in acute and chronic pathology

Bogoyavlensky V.F., Bogoyavlensky I.F.


In daily practice, any medical professional always examines the tongue, but it is difficult to obtain diagnostically significant information without a thorough, simultaneous examination of the oral cavity. In this regard, it is necessary to recall the generally accepted scheme of detailed examination of the oral cavity: lips, teeth and dentures are examined, including anomalies of dental development, caries, periodontal condition; gums; transitional fold; cheek mucosa; condition of hard and soft palate; tongue, sublingual area; pharynx. Lymph nodes are palpated - submandibular, deep cervical, parotid, occipital. The condition of salivary glands is examined.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):147-151
pages 147-151 views

Detection and treatment of patients with diabetes in sanatoriums and preventive clinics

Talantov V.V.


The relevance of the issues of balneology is determined by the decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions "On measures for further improvement of sanatorium treatment and recreation of workers and the development of a network of health resorts of trade unions". High true prevalence of diabetes mellitus (up to 2.5%-4%) dictates the necessity of involving medical service of sanatoriums and preventive clinics in solving the main task of practical diabetology - in discovering the diabetic patients in initial stages of disease, in organizing proper treatment and rehabilitation of patients, in preventing diabetes mellitus.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):151-153
pages 151-153 views

Transformation of moral and ethical concepts of medicine in the era of the scientific and technological revolution

Fedyaev A.P.


In socialism, medical ethics is qualitatively different in content than it is in capitalist society, since it is based not on bourgeois but on communist morality. At the same time, the scientific and technological revolution has had a certain influence on the field of moral relations in medicine, which has led to the transformation of the basic provisions of medical ethics - humanism, duty, honor, etc.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):153-155
pages 153-155 views

Professor Lev Alexandrovich Leshchinsky


December 1985 was the 60th birthday and 36 years of medical, scientific, pedagogical and social activity of the RSFSR Honored Doctor, Honored Scientist of the Udmurt ASSR, Board Member of All-Union and All-Russian Scientific Societies of Cardiologists, Head of the Department of Internal Medicine № 1 of the Ustinov State Medical Institute decorated with the Order of Friendship of Peoples, Professor Lev Alexandrovich Leschinsky.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):156-156
pages 156-156 views

Professor Irina Petrovna Garanina


December 1985 marked the 60th anniversary of her birthday and the 38th anniversary of her work as Head of the Department of Pathological Physiology of the Astrakhan Lunacharsky Medical Institute, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Irina Petrovna Garanina.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):157-157
pages 157-157 views

Professor Yakov Mikhailovich Miloslavsky


In February 1986, famous cardiologist, Head of Propaedeutics Department of Internal Diseases of Kazan Medical Institute named after S.V. Kurashov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Yakov Mikhaylovich Miloslavsky celebrated his 60th birthday and 38 years of his medical and scientific-pedagogical activity.

Kazan medical journal. 1986;67(2):157-158
pages 157-158 views

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