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Theoretical and clinical medicine

Screening of child health reserves by the local immunity indices

Amirov N.K., Sadykova D.I., Pikuza O.I.


Under the conditions of an increasing ecologically unfavorable situation and the increasing influence of a large number of anthropogenic influences, the resistance of the child's body decreases, which inevitably manifests itself in an increase in morbidity [5]. In recent years, the so-called eco-dependent states, which affect the nature of the course of many pathological processes, have been allocated to an independent group [1,2]. Thus, more and more often, inflammatory processes in children are initially low-symptom, without causing a real danger, but later on, the manifestation of the disease, which threatens the child's life, quickly occurs [4]. Therefore, the tactics of prenosological diagnostics based on the development of new sensitive indicator systems for testing health reserves is acquiring special relevance.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):81-83
pages 81-83 views

Outpatient pneumonia: A comparative analysis of case records

Vizel A.A., Dzugaeva I.N., Novosyelov E.A., Gataullina T.F., Kirshina E.A., Fakhrutdinov R.A.


The efficiency of the treatment of outpatient pneumonia of various severity in medical institutions of different levels is analyzed. It is shown that patients with severe outhospital pneumonia can be treated only in highly qualified institutions provided with highly technological wards of intensive care using current etiotropic and pathogenetic means. Treatment of such patients on the level of district hospitals often ends in lethality. Patients with mild outpatient pneumonias should not be admitted and can be treated by taking antibiotics. The results of the work show the validity of wide introduction of the pneumonia treatment standards adopted in Russia in 1998.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):84-89
pages 84-89 views

Use of selective catheterization of the lobar bronchus through minitracheostomy in the intensive therapy complex of unilateral bronchopulmonary pathology

Bulashova O.V., Shalimov V.N., Saetgaraev А.K., Bikmuhametov A.F., Nazipov А.А.


The new method of respiratory therapy in unilateral bronchopulmonary obstruction for immediate influence on the pathologic focus is developed and introduced into practice. The selective catheterization method of the lobar bronchus through minitracheostomy using endoscopic control is applied. The analysis of the obtained results showed the reliable and qualitative optimization of the parameters of respiration, gas metabolism acid-base state indices and hemodynamics resulting in the reliable decrease of mortality.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):90-93
pages 90-93 views

Peculiarities of lipid homeostasis in rural population of Bashkortostan republic

Kildebekova R.N.


The male population of two rural regions of Bashkortostan aged 20—59 is examined. The regional peculiarities of lipid spectrum are analyzed. In the Abzelil region where more Bashkirs live, the indices are proved to be higher than in the Arkhangelsk region where persons of Russian nationality are aboriginal population. The regional peculiarities of lipid homeostasis are caused by nourishment originality, natural peculiarities and anthropogenic load nature.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):94-98
pages 94-98 views

Chelicobacteria infection of the mucous membrane of stomach and duodenum in various diseases of the gastroenteric tract

Pozdeev O.K., Fartdinova M.V., Lapshina G.N., Bakirov R.R., Morozova L.G.


The aim of the study was to reveal chelicobacteriosis in patients with various diseases of the gastroenteric tract. It is established that it was often revealed in stomach and duodenal ulcer. The infection of patients increases in the group of persons aged 21 to 30 (63,0 ± 5,9%) and is kept at the level of 59 — 61% in elder age groups. The best place for taking bioptates on chelicobacteriosis is the mucous membane of the stomach anthral part.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):98-101
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Content of triglycerides in lipoproteins of high density in patients with chronic calculus- free cholecystitis

Kurashvili L.V., Izmailova O.S., Novozhenina N.N., Kormilkina N.E., Ivachev A.S., Spirin A.V.


The content of triglycerides in lipoprotein fraction of high density in patients with chronic calculus-free cholecystitis is studied. It is established that the li poprotein fraction is enriched by triglycerides, that it is modified and changes its functions. The lipid status disorders are found in all patients. In the Chazov and Klimov (1980) phenotyping the lipoprotein metabolism disorder is largely revealed by the IV type, their minimum degree — by the IIA type.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):102-105
pages 102-105 views

Differential effect of silibokhole and legalone on the antioxidant liver systems in carbon tetrachloride poisoning

Batakov E.A.


The decrease of selenium concentration in liver tissue as well as the decrease of activity of superoxyddismutase and catalase, as well as the increase of peroxide lipid oxidation in carbon tetrachloride toxic lession are shown on rats. Simultaneous injection of legalone prevents the decrease of activity of superoxyddismutase and catalase but doesn’t recover the decreased concentration of selenium and only partially decreases the increased peroxide lipid oxidation in liver tissue.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):105-106
pages 105-106 views

Clinical importance of antiphospholipid antibodies in pregnants with mycoplasma and associated infection

Maltseva L.I., Lobova L.A.


The examination of 167 infected pregnants in I and II terms was carried out to reveal the rate of antiphospholi pid antibodies in pregnants with mycoplasma and associated infection. The pathologic level of anti phospholipid antibodies was determined in 21% of the pregnants with micoplasma and associated infection, in 22% of them the anti phospholipid syndrome was revealed. The most severe complications of pregnancy and accompanied extragenital pathology were found in women with anti phospholipid antibodies. During complex therapy the elimination of antibodies accompanying by the positive clinical dynamics of gestational process was found in some pregnants. Various complications of pregnancy which were arrested by timely treatment were found in women with associated mycoplasma infection without anti phospholipid antibodies.lt is concluded that the formation of anti phospholipid antibodies is the part of infectious process in pregnancy.        

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):107-110
pages 107-110 views

Roentgen and computer tomography in the diagnosis of osteochondrosis of the vertebral column lumbar part

Akberov R.F., Radzevich S.L.


The use of the roentgen and computer tomography in the diagnosis of osteochondrosis of the vertebral column lumbar part is studied. This diagnosis method makes it possible to reveal protrusions, prolapses of intervertebral disks in 100% of the cases. The radiation diagnosis algorythm and indications to performance of the open or laser paracentetic diskectomy are developed. The suggested radiation diagnosis algoiythm using the roentgen computer tomography makes it possible to visualize all structures of vertebro-motor segments promoting the choice of the most rational treatment method of discogenic lumbosacral radiculitis.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):110-113
pages 110-113 views

Extrapyramidal manifestations accompanying treatment with neuroleptics

Zalyalova Z.A., Mukhametshina L.Y.


The manifestations of neuroleptic syndrome depending on the duration of treatment with neuroleptics as well as the combinations of various extrapyramidal disorders are studied in 50 women aged 28 to 69 with the diagnosis “schizophrenia”. Parkinsonism manifestations are observed in 32 patients, various symptoms of late dyskinesia are observed in 30 women. Such motor disorders as lingua-bucco-mental dyskinesias, motor anxiety syndrome, dystonia in hands, tongue tremor, blepharospasm, usual manipulations are often revealed. There were extrapyramidal disorders in more than 60% of the patients. Late dyskinesia and parkinsonism syndrome depend on the treatment duration, and their combination is not typical.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):113-116
pages 113-116 views

Peculiarities of psychic ontogenesis of children from the schizophrenia group of risk, breeding in the situation of breaking the communication connections in the “mother—child” system

Barylnik Y.B., Kompantseva A.K.


The psychic development of 79 children aged 0 to 3 years, after the birth of whom mothers had the manifastory bout of schizophrenia, is analyzed. The development stage of children aged 0 to 3 years Ж characterized by the dissociation of psychic development as nonuniformity and not rare pronounced arrest of speech function development, social hygienic habits, thin motility, emotional sphere deficiency, its dissociation, breaking the communication connections in the “mother—child” system, high rate of clinically differentiated psychopathologic phenomena.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):116-118
pages 116-118 views

Experience of using infrared lazer radiation in combined treatment of bronchopulmonary diseases

Sirotko I.I.


The efficiency of the effect of low-intensive laser infrared radiation in combined treatment of patients with bronchpulmonary pathology, taking into account the time normalization of the leading clinical syndromes of pulmonary inflammation, laboratory and instrumental blood indices and X-ray data, is studied. The plausible differences of terms of arresting the bronchopulmonary syndrome and improving the external respiration function indices are obtained in all the patients with bronchial astma and chronic bronchitis. Wider use of laserotherapy in combined treatment of patients with bronchopulmonary pathology is recommended.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):119-121
pages 119-121 views


Biochemical and morphological criteria for disseminated intravascular coagulation

Litvinov I.I., Kharin G.M.


In the development of many diseases and pathological conditions, an important role belongs to hemocoagulation disorders, which are often realized in the form of clinical and laboratory symptoms combined into disseminated intravascular coagulation syndrome (DIC). Much fundamental research has been devoted to the study of the biochemical and morphological manifestations of this syndrome [2, 3, 5, 6], but the data presented are often contradictory, and with the advent of new theoretical concepts and methodological techniques, they require revision. Adequate laboratory diagnosis of DIC should be based on a clear understanding of its pathogenesis, without which the correct interpretation of the variable and sometimes paradoxical results of laboratory diagnostic studies is impossible.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):122-127
pages 122-127 views

Medical and ecological rehabilitation of children with chronic diseases

Maltsev S.V., Faizyllina R.A.


In recent years, there has been a significant increase in morbidity among children and adolescents for the main classes of diseases, which may be associated with both improved diagnostics and the impact of a complex of negative factors, among which the environmental factor is of no small importance [1, 5]. To increase the effectiveness of treatment and prevention of children with various diseases living (or have lived) in areas of technogenic pollution, measures are being developed to prevent the accumulation of xenobiotics in the body, with the widespread use of drugs that reduce the degree of their toxic effect. All this is included in the system of measures aimed at reducing the intake of toxic substances into the body, compensating and restoring the functions of organs and systems impaired as a result of diseases, optimizing metabolic processes, preventing relapses, increasing the adaptation of children living under conditions of chronic exposure to ecologically unfavorable environmental factors [18].

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):127-130
pages 127-130 views

Short articles

Dynamics of biologically active substances in the blood of patients with Meniere's disease and sensorineural hearing loss after laser irradiation

Makova Z.S., Aleksandrov U.G., Gordon D.S., Nazipov A.A., Mardaryev A.N.


The aim of the work was a histochemical study of the dynamics of biologically active substances (BAS) in the structure of peripheral blood in patients with cochleo-vestibular dysfunction. The results of traditional therapeutic treatment with the use of intravenous laser blood irradiation (ILBI) in 35 patients with sensorineural hearing loss (NBT) and Meniere's disease (BM) are presented. 15 of them had acute NBT, 5 had chronic NBT, and 15 had BM. The age of the patients ranged from 17 to 67 years. There were 15 men and 20 women. Otoneurological examination of patients was carried out using audiometric and vestibular tests.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):131-132
pages 131-132 views

Effect of dimephosphone on the dynamics of intracellular calcium

Giniatullin R.A., Giniatullina R.R., Sokolova E.M., Garaev R.S., Vizel A.O.


Intracellular ionized calcium ([Ca2 +] i) - ICIC - is a universal secondary messenger. The physiological signal leading to an increase in its level may be the action of hormones, mediators, trophic agents and other factors. A change in its level may underlie the mechanism of action of a number of drugs. However, until now, only calcium antagonists have become known, which inhibit the entry into the cell of extracellular FCCI. At the end of the 80s, modern methods for registering VKIK were proposed using highly sensitive non-toxic intracellular dyes that change the fluorescent signal with an increase in the concentration of ionized calcium in the cell. This opened up new opportunities for in-depth study of the mechanism of the effect of drugs on the dynamics of intracellular calcium.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):132-133
pages 132-133 views

Successful correction of a type II tri-atrial heart in a child

Lukanikhin V.A., Galyavich A.S., Kharitonov G.I., Shigabutdinova N.G., Ostroumov B.A., Ignashina E.G., Glukhova T.S., Denisenko R.K.


Three-atrial heart (cor triatriatum) is a rare congenital malformation. However, the possibility of its combination with a very common atrial septal defect (ASD), as well as its anatomical variability, can lead to an erroneous choice of treatment tactics for patients, fraught with serious consequences.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):133-135
pages 133-135 views

Dynamics of the level of bioamines in the breast tissue during the rejection of silicone prostheses after augmenting mammoplasty

Mikhailov A.G.


After augmenting (augmenting) mammoplasty using silicone endoprostheses, various complications often occur, which is confirmed by a large number of publications on this topic. One of the dangerous complications after implantation of a silicone prosthesis that threaten the outcome of the entire surgical intervention is its rejection. This complication can occur both in the early postoperative period and later after the operation. The immediate causes of early rejection of the prosthesis can be hematoma or seroma, less often infection. Later rejection of the prosthesis can occur as a result of its displacement to the surface and perforation of the integumentary skin. The frequency of rejection of silicone breast implants varies from 0.9 to 10-15%.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):135-137
pages 135-137 views

The role of membrane-destabilizing processes in the pathogenesis and clinical manifestations of perinatal encephalopathy in children

Levitina E.V., Ivanichev G.A., Minnibaev M.M.


2/3 of all diseases of the nervous system in children begin to develop in the perinatal period. In recent decades, great strides have been made in perinatal neurology in the development of criteria for early diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Further study of the biochemical foundations of perinatal lesions of the nervous system with the definition of objective markers of the severity of the lesion will reveal new links in its pathogenesis and develop more effective methods of treatment.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):137-138
pages 137-138 views

The value of ultrasound in the complex diagnosis of acute surgical diseases of the abdominal organs in children

Edikhanov I.K.


Severely ill children often have conditions requiring emergency surgery with a high risk to life. Since 1992, we have been using ultrasound, which is highly informative, safe, and non-invasive, to clarify the diagnosis, determine the further plan of examination and tactics of patient management.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):138-139
pages 138-139 views

Closed dislocations of the metacarpal bones of the hand and their treatment

Mikusev I.E., Mullin R.I., Mikusev G.I.


Due to the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the metacarpal-carpal joints - a small range of motion in them, a strong ligamentous connection between the bases of the metacarpal bones and the distal row of the wrist bones - pure dislocations of the metacarpal bones are rare. More often they are accompanied by intra-articular fractures of the bases of the metacarpal bones or even the bones of the distal row of the wrist with a violation of the correct ratio of the bones that form the metacarpal-carpal joints.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):139-140
pages 139-140 views

Social hygiene and healthcare management

Medicodemographic estimation of the incidence of cardiovascular diseases in the great agroindustrial region

Albitsky V.Y., Galyavich A.S., Davidov S.V., Glushakov A.I.


The medicodemographic characteristic and medicosocial estimation of the incidence of cardiovascular diseases in Tatarstan Republic in the nineties of the 20th century are given. The growth оf mortality and initial disability due to cardiovascular diseases in persons capable of working is revealed. Among blood circulation diseases the largest growth rates of mortality and initial disability were characteristic for patients with hypertension capable of working.


Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):141-144
pages 141-144 views

Features of the passage of rehabilitation routes by disabled people due to diseases of the circulatory system

Chagarova S.V.


The conditions of passing rehabilitation routes by invalids with cardiovascular diseases are studied. The lowest inclusion of invalids by various rehabilitation measures is stated among invalids aged up to 29. They are rarely directed to rehabilitation by physicians of corresponding specialities and are often forced to pay for their treatment in full measure. The data obtained are used to develop the methodical recommendations directed to the optimization of the medicosocial examination and rehabilitation, to increase the efficary of the individual rehabilitation programs made for invalids with cardiovascular disease.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):145-148
pages 145-148 views

Assistance to the practicing physician

The role of the main representatives of the anaerobic intestinal flora in health and disease

Anokhin V.A., Tyurin U.A.


Normal intestinal microflora includes tens and hundreds of species, and their total number in an adult reaches 1014 microorganisms per 1 g of feces [7]. The basis of normal human microflora are obligate-anaerobic bifidobacteria, lactobacilli and bacteroids, the number of which is several orders of magnitude higher than the content of aerobic intestinal bacteria. In recent years, representatives of other anaerobic groups - Anaerovibrio, Butyrivibrio - have been found in the normal intestinal microflora, the biological and clinical significance of which is under study [7].

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):149-151
pages 149-151 views

Surgical treatment of knee joint deformities after hematogenous osteomyelitis

Skvortsov A.P.


Hematogenous osteomyelitis is still a common disease, accounting for 6-10% of all pyoinflammatory diseases [3], while the incidence varies from 0.3 to 0.75 per 1000 child population. The proportion of complications of acute hematogenous osteomyelitis (CSO) in the structure of purulent-septic diseases ranges from 8.6 to 12%, in the structure of orthopedic pathology - from 3 to 6% [4]. Orthopedic complications (dislocations, deformities, shortening, contractures and ankylosis of large joints) are observed in 31–71% of cases [5]. In children, the severity of the disease in the long term is aggravated by the defeat of the metaepiphyseal zones, which leads to a violation of the further formation of the musculoskeletal system [1, 2, 23].

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):152-155
pages 152-155 views

Letters to the Editor

On the issue of paternalism in medicine (polemical notes)


In recent years, in the works devoted to medical bioethics, the idea is persistently carried out that “traditional paternalism is increasingly leaving Russian medicine and partnership principles in the doctor-patient relationship are being established on a legal basis”. This position is presented as something self-evident, does not require special evidence, as the ultimate truth [1]. However, this is not entirely true, or, more precisely, it is not at all true.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):155
pages 155 views


Nina Vasilievna Pigalova


The 65th anniversary of the birth of Nina Vasilievna Pigalova, Honored Doctor of the Republic of Tatarstan, doctor of the highest category, Honorary Worker of the Sanitary Service of the Russian Federation, Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Kazan.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):156-157
pages 156-157 views

Professor Valery Yurievich Albitsky


The 60th anniversary of the birth of Valery Yurievich Albitsky, professor, head of the department of biomedical ethics and medical law with a course in the history of medicine at Kazan State Medical University.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):157-158
pages 157-158 views

Book review

F.F. Dautov, R.G. Biktemirova, V.F. Bogoyavlensky, K.A. Galiev. Ecology and renal pathology. - Kazan, 2000 .- 152 p.


As you know, in many countries of the world, environmental pollution continues to increase, and researchers believe that the world is already on the eve of irreversible changes, that we are all at the last line. Nevertheless, many scientists substantiate a completely possible way out of the "ecological trap" if immediately, from the beginning of the XXI century, to deploy a planetary struggle to save the Earth for people. Scientific forecasting of the planned international environmental programs is of great importance.

Kazan medical journal. 2001;82(2):159
pages 159 views

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