Vol 78, No 3 (1997)

Tendencies and ways of decrease of feto-infantile losses in Tatarstan Republic

Nikolskaya L.A., Abrosimov M.Y.


The integrated index level of feto-infantile losses combining mortinatality and infantile mortality iii Tatarstan Republic increased by 10,9% at the expense of its sharp rise in rural region from 1985 to 1995. Mortality in perinatal period (mortinatality is 39,8% and mortality during the first week of life is 31,4%) takes the leading position in its structure suggesting the necessity of reorganization of perinatal help by introducing a three— level system with concentration of pregnants and newborns of high risk groups, skilled staff and high material and technical provision in perinatal centres.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):161-164
pages 161-164 views

Acupuncture as a component of traditional (popular) medicine. Advances and problems

Ivanichev G.A.


Some results of the development of acupuncture as a practical field of medicine are given and some scientific problems challenging the investigators in this field are considered. The prospect of the study of physiologic features of meridians and acupunctural points by the adequate methods is emphasized. These methods permit to perform the registration and interaction of the afferent flow by the ways allowing to reveal small potentials of the effect of sensory fibers and to set them off from the background murmur.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):165-172
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A place of kinesiotherapy in the rehabilitation system in neurologic motor deficiency

Isanova V.A.


The basic principles of active kinesiotherapy with intensification of their medical effect by means of the following stimuli (biological inverse association, trans cranial magnet stimulation, conductive therapy) are used in the treatment program in 124 patients with neurologic motor deficiency (consequences of the acute disorder of cerebral circulation, traumata of spinal cord and brain, cerebral paralysis). The use of the proposed neurorehabilitation system causes the significant improvement of lost motor functions in 29% of the cases (in the control group in 14% of the cases). Invalids acquired social and everyday-life habits and were accustomed to social and useful labour.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):173-178
pages 173-178 views

Clinical classification and treatment of cubitalgia

Petrova L.P., Ivanichev G.A., Mikusev L.E.


A wide variety of cubitalgias forms is revealed as the result of clinical, paraclinical and instrument examination, observation and treatment of 82 patients suffering from pain in elbow joint. The clinical classification of cubitalgias and examples of the diagnosis formulation are proposed. The treatment programs of the given pathology are described.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):179-181
pages 179-181 views

Changes of the structure of neuron, glial cells and capillaries in audiogenic epilepsy

Popova E.N., Yakhin F.A.


The changes of components of neuron — glia — capillar system in sensorimotor cortex of rats in 1, 12 and 24 hours after one and four audiogenic seizures are investigated by luminous and partly electronic microscopy methods. The changes of neurons, their dendrites, glial cells and vessels with elements of reparative character are discovered. During postseizure period the intracellular structure of neurons rocovers earlier then the structure of dendrites. The separate neurons undergo irreversible destruction in the presence of glial cells hyperplasia, vascular disorders retain.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):182-184
pages 182-184 views

Correlation of antioxidant activity and physical capacity for work of sportsmen under the influence of complex adaptogens of vegetable origin

Seifulla R.D., Azizov A.P., Ankudinova I.A., Kondratyeva I.I.


It is shown that chemoluminescence may be an important characteristic of human adaptability to physical load. Adaptogenic drugs of various types (elton, leveton, phytoton, adapton) in experiments in vitro decrease superfaint fluorescence of urine suggesting their direct antioxidant effect. Chemoluminescence and malonic dialdehyde concentration in urine of skilled sportsmen decrease after 20-days injection of adaptogens and their physical capacity for work tested by veloergometry with step by step increasing load сhances. The drugs may be located in decreasing order according to the influence on capacity for work and chemoluminescence: adapton, phytoton, leveton, elton.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):185-188
pages 185-188 views

Endoprosthetics in consequences of tuberculosis coxitis

Lavrov V.N., Shchapov A.Y.


Проанализированы результаты эндопротезирования 39 пациентов с последствиями туберкулезного коксита. Однополюсный цервикокапитальный протез при разрушении головки бедренной кости применен у 18 пациентов, тотальное эндопротезирование эндопротезами Польди-Безноска (Чехия) - у 21 пациента. Противотуберкулезная терапия проводится в течение 2-6 месяцев с обязательным клинико-рентгенологическим контролем в 28 случаях после гистологической верификации диагноза, а в 4 случаях в связи с активностью процесса с использованием одного препарата. Эндопротезирование коксофеморального сустава после туберкулезного коксита является перспективной операцией, но перед операцией необходимо тщательное обследование больных для выявления скрытого туберкулезного процесса.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):189-191
pages 189-191 views

Peculiarities of immune reactivity of patients with pollinosis

Gantseva K.K., Khairullina R.M.


The immune reactivity of patients with pollinosis in remission is studied. The significant impairment of cellular and humoral immunity is found in patients with pollinosis. The obtained data that characterize the immune reactivity do not link with sex and regional settlement. The investigation reveals the necessity of immune correction in patients with pollinosis.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):192-193
pages 192-193 views

Efficiency of tiklide in the treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus of the II type

Altshuler M.Y.


The influence of tiklide on hemostasis indices and clinical manifestations of diabetes microangiopathy in patients with diabetes mellitus of the II type is studied. A pronounced clinical effect is shown, after the course of treatment with tiklide the antithrombogenic potential of a vascular wall is in excess of that before the treatment.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):194-195
pages 194-195 views

On the problem of blood proteases activity and endogenic intoxication in Raiter's disease

Suvorov A.P., Rubin V.I., Bakulev A.L.


The disorders of relations in the proteolysis system of peripheric blood providing the basis of intensified decomposition of nitrogen compounds are revealed in Raiter's disease. The increase of the concentration of oligopeptides of the mean molecular weight and the strengthening of endogenic intoxication in patient's organism is the result of the limited hydrolysis of protein structures.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):196-197
pages 196-197 views

Nonparasitogenic cysts of the spleen in children

Grebnev P.N., Mustafin Y.M., Osipov D.V.


Nonparasitogenic cysts of the spleen are met rarely. They have no pathognomonic clinical picture and are characterized by prolonged asymptomatic course. Clinical manifestations can be found when cysts reach big size. Nonparasitogenic cysts of the spleen are dangerous because of possible following complications: supputaration, rupture, torsion of cyst formation and malignancy. The diagnosis of nonparasitogenic cysts of the spleen is complicated and the diagnostic mistakes comprise 70%.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):198-201
pages 198-201 views

Intenstine microflora in inspecific ulcerative colitis

Fedyanin Y.P., Chemyavskaya L.V., Gavrilova I.B., Mazhuga Y.A., Sretenskaya D.A.


It is noted that dysbacteriosis is of pathogenetic importance in using an anaerobe chamber for the quantitative and qualitative determination of anaerobes, identification of their species, as well as in investigating the state of obligate and optional microflora of the large intestine in patients with inspecific ulcerative colitis.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):202-203
pages 202-203 views

Invasive ultrasound interventions in tumors of the urinary bladder and prostate

Zubkov A.Y.


The transperioral biopsy of the prostate under sonographic control is performed in 13 patients. The urinary bladder carcinoma is revealed in 4 patients and adenocarcinoma is revealed in 9 patients. The transcutaneous paracentetic nephrostomy under ultrasound control being an effective method of supravesical urine lead is performed in 23 patients with retentional and obstructive affection of upper urinaiy tracts as a result of the urinary bladder tumor invasion. The interventional ultrasound tactics in patients with tumors of the urinary bladder and prostate is perspective.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):204-206
pages 204-206 views

Epidemiology of extrauterine pregnancy in Tatarstan

Gubaidullina S.V., Mazitova M.I.


The incidence of extrauterine pregnancy in Tatarstan in 1991—1995 is analyzed. It is the authors’ opinion that the true incidence of this pathology may be calculated according to the ratio of the number of fertile age women to the number of pregnant women. The growth of the incidence of extrauterine pregnancy during last years depending on many factors is noted.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):207-210
pages 207-210 views

Results of the treatment of cervical carcinoma relapses

Filatova N.S., Vinokurov V.L., Efimov D.A.


It is established that combined radiation initial treatment of cervical carcinoma results in relapses at about each forth patient. Relapses develop in more than 57,1% of the observations during the first two years after treatment and in more than 20,8% of the observations after 5 years. This shows the necessity of careful observation of patients for long, especially during the first two years. The survival rate of patients after radiation and chemical therapy increases essentially in comparison with that in patients after just symptomatic treatment.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):211-212
pages 211-212 views

Side effects of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: mechanisms and possibilities of drug correction

Ziganshina L.E., Ziganshin A.U.


The problem of complications during therapy with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) is extremely relevant due to the need for long-term (often lifelong) use of these drugs, as well as due to their uncontrolled use by many patients.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):213-217
pages 213-217 views

Changes of the pubic joint in obstetric practice: terminology, classification, diagnosis, and medical tactics

Kozlov L.A., Klyucharov I.V.


Among the numerous changes in a woman's body during pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium, changes in the pubic joint occupy a specific place. M.F. Eisenberg pointed out that "by changes in the pubic joint, which is like an indicator of the pelvis, one can judge about changes occurring in the whole pelvic ring". Under the general name "changes and damages of the pubic joint" there are up to 16 components: loosening, softening, edema impregnation, stretching, dilation, divergence, rupture, inflammatory process, aseptic necrosis, a sterile form of osteomalacia of pregnant women, a special form of pregnant women toxicity, a special form of hypovitaminosis, symphysiopathy, osteopathy, symphyseitis.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):218-220
pages 218-220 views

Cavernous liver tuberculosis

Krasilnikov D.M., Mavrin M.I., Зиятдинов К.М.


Cavernous liver tuberculosis is very rare and is detected only on autopsy or by histological examination of biopsy material obtained during surgery or laparoscopy. Hepatic damage occurs due to infection from the primary pulmonary tuberculosis complex and in the progressive course can be complicated by mechanical jaundice and subdiaphragmatic abscess. With a prolonged course, delayed diagnosis, and treatment, cavernous liver tuberculosis can cause arrasive bleeding and gastrointestinal fistula formation.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):221-222
pages 221-222 views

Diagnostics and surgical treatment of gastroduodenal ulcers combined with other abdominal diseases

Lutsevich E.V., Sakhautdinov V.G., Galimov O.V.


Combined operations in 158 patients with gastroduodenal ulcers complicated by concomitant pathology of the abdominal cavity organs were performed at the clinic of the Faculty Surgery of Bashkir Medical University. Among the patients, there were 110 men and 48 women. Patients' age averaged 52.5 years. In 108 patients ulcers were localized in the duodenum, in 46 patients - in the stomach, in 4 patients - in the stomach and duodenum. 

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):222-223
pages 222-223 views

Peculiarities of the specialized sanatorium service to children with locomotor system diseases in Tatarstan Republic and ways of its improvement

Ziatdinov V.B.


The peculiarities of the specialized sanatorium service to children with locomotor system diseases are considered. The significance of the sanatorium treatment as an important stage of improvement of medicosocial rehabilitation of patients with scoliosis is emphasized. The complex permanent treatment of children with hip joint pathology in the specialized sanatorium allows to obtain complete recovery of the femur head practically in all the patients with Pertes’s disease and correspondingly to prevent the development of early and late complications.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):224-226
pages 224-226 views

What is the Internet?

Nemkova N.V.


In 1969, the U.S. created the ARPAnet computer network, linking the computer centers of the Department of Defense and several academic organizations. This network was designed for a narrow purpose: mainly to study how to communicate in the event of a nuclear attack and to help researchers exchange information. As this network grew, many other networks were created and developed.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):227-229
pages 227-229 views

Extension of indications for local application of Dolgit cream for vertebrogenic pain syndromes

Kamzeev D.V., Bogoyavlensky V.F., Gazizov R.M., Veselovsky V.P.


Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are widely used to relieve the pain (algic) syndrome. However, their oral use is limited because of the development of drug-induced gastropathies, including gastric bleeding, gastric or intestinal ulcer perforations. Risk factors for drug-induced gastropathies include older age, female gender, smoking, taking corticosteroids along with NSAIDs, and a history of gastrointestinal pathology (ulcers, gastritis, bleeding). The risk of gastropathy complications is especially high in those who suffer from chronic gastrointestinal diseases.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):230-231
pages 230-231 views

Photoelectric polarimeter for measuring sugar concentration in urine

Nazmeev M.M., Penkovsky A.I., Talantov V.V., Plemenkov V.V., Storozhev A.L., Degtyareva N.P., Hamelin D.D., Vereshchagin V.I.


In the practice of clinical laboratory research polarimeters are rarely used so far. The reason is that existing visual polarimeters are inconvenient, require special sample processing and are inaccurate (at best ±0.05°, which for yellow light and at L=0.5 dm corresponds to C = ±0.2%), and universal photoelectric polarimeters are expensive (from 3500 to 66000 dollars), bulky and usually give readings in angles a, so difficult to maintain.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):232-233
pages 232-233 views

XXV International Congress on Occupational Medicine

Amirov N.K., Fatkhutdinova L.M.


The Congress was organized by the International Commission on Occupational Medicine, the largest international nongovernmental professional organization whose mission is to promote occupational medicine in all its aspects. Today, 2,200 professionals from 93 countries are members of this organization, which was founded in 1906. The Congress was attended by more than 3000 participants from 86 countries of the world. All major areas of modern occupational medicine were represented in the extensive program of the forum.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):234-235
pages 234-235 views

Conference "Pharmacology and toxicology of organophosphorus compounds and other biologically active substances" dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Prof. I.V. Zaikonnikova

Studentsova I.A.


The conference was opened by Prof. R.S. Garaev, Head of the Department of Pharmacology. In the report "The main directions of scientific research of the Department of Pharmacology" he gave an overview of the works carried out over the past 5 years. The main direction is still the study of new organophosphorus compounds synthesized in Kazan.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):236-236
pages 236-236 views

Professor Irek Alimzyanovich Salikhov

Bogoyavlensky V.F.


Irek Alimzyanovich Salikhov, Professor of Surgical Diseases and Oncology Department of Kazan State Medical University, honored figure of science of the Republic of Tatarstan, celebrates his 70th birthday and 45 years of medical, scientific, pedagogical and social activities.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):237-237
pages 237-237 views

Extragenital Pathology and Pregnancy, ed. by Z.Sh. Gilyazutdinova, Kazan, 1996

Sadykov B.G.


In Kazan, three practical manuals "Extragenital Pathology and Pregnancy" edited by Professor Z.Sh. Gilyazutdinova, Honored Scientist and Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Tatarstan, have been published. These works cover the most serious types of complications accompanying pregnancy, diseases of the cardiovascular and urinary systems, viral hepatitis, central nervous system disorders (syringomyelia, epilepsy, myasthenia, multiple sclerosis), as well as diabetes mellitus and thyroid disease.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):238-238
pages 238-238 views

Editor's column. Vol. 78, No. 3 (1997)


An article entitled "Britain cautious about the problems of animal-to-human organ transplants" was published in the English journal Nature. It outlines the fact that the UK has declared a temporary moratorium on xenotransplantation, i.e. the use of animal tissue in human transplants, due to uncertainties about its safety, including the danger of transferring viruses from animal to human.

Kazan medical journal. 1997;78(3):238-238
pages 238-238 views

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