Vol 32, No 7 (1932)

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Prospects for the 2nd Five-Year Socialist Healthcare Plan in the Republic of Tatarstan

Alufa I.S., Laptev N.A.


Successful fulfillment of the 1st five-year plan, which prepared the industrial base for the further gigantic expansion of industry, the Bolshevik pace of construction, the country's enormous energy and raw materials reserves, which provide inexhaustible resources for its development, the collectivization of agriculture, the growing activity and consciousness of the masses, transforming labor for the proletariat into a matter of valor and heroism create the preconditions for building a classless society in the second five-year plan.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):537-541
pages 537-541 views

On the work of the medical team during the spring sowing season in 1932 at the "Jedalik" collective farm of the Nariman village council of the Aravan-Burin region Kir. YSSR

Malkin Z.I.


Plan: 1 / General characteristics of the collective farm, 2 / production plan, 3 / work of the health center: a / introduction of a minimum of sanitary, b / approaching first aid to the brigade, c / organization of sanitary posts, d / combating injuries and simulation and absenteeism, e / organization and assistance to a kindergarten and a playground, f / provision of medical assistance at a health center, the fight against smallpox.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):541-545
pages 541-545 views

Issues of examination of the ability to work in the practical work of a doctor

Sadovsky V.A.


Medical expertise has its origins in the distant past. Prof. Shibkov attributes it to the time of the emergence of forensic medicine, namely for Zap. Europe by 1532, when the charter of Charles V was issued (the so-called Cardina), and for Russia by 1716, when the military charter was issued (article 154) (under Peter I). In the distant past (about 200 years ago) it appears in Zap. In Europe, the practice of insurance expertise is first in the interests of private and voluntary, and then compulsory insurance.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):545-558
pages 545-558 views

About the rate of differentiation formation depending on the duration of action of the differentiated irritant

Petrovsky V.V.


It is known that in a positive (delayed) conditioned reflex there is a process of internal inhibition, an indicator of which is the so-called. latency period. Moreover, the more the conditioned reflex is set aside, the more the process of internal inhibition is expressed in it.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):559-562
pages 559-562 views

Biological determination of low concentrations of arsenic in exhaled air

Pleshchitser A.Y., Preobrazhensky A.A.


In the report of Dr. Obukh and the Central Institute for Labor Protection on the state of health of the workers of the arsenic workshop, it was emphasized that the organization of studies of exhaled air for arsenic a few hours after the end of the work is of great interest and that given the exhalation of arsenic by the lungs, taking into account its enormous surface, it is possible it would be to get a more complete picture of the balance of receipts and outputs of As from these workers.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):562-566
pages 562-566 views

To the question of determining the standard weight

Breitman M.J.


Attempts have been made repeatedly to establish what weight should be considered normal for a given person. The best and most accurate way is, of course, data based on a lot of statistical material. However, it is impossible to always have statistical tables with you, but it is necessary to have some simple method that makes it possible to quickly and with sufficient accuracy set the standard weight for a given person.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):566-572
pages 566-572 views

About dry pleurisy of traumatic origin

Magazanik M.L.


The issue of dry pleurisy of traumatic origin has not yet undergone a comprehensive and thorough study, while this type of pleurisy has in its clinical course a number of characteristic and specific features that sharply distinguish them from dry pleurisy of another, non-traumatic etiology.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):572-574
pages 572-574 views

To the technique and diagnostic value of duodenal intubation

Chudinova A.F.


Duodenal intubation, as a diagnostic method of biliary tract disease, has become more and more widespread in recent years, and now there is hardly at least one inpatient therapeutic or surgical department where duodenal probing is not used, although its historical past is still very not long ago.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):574-578
pages 574-578 views

Apple diet in the treatment of diarrhea in children

Menshikov V.K.


Diet therapy of diarrhea in children in some cases is an extremely difficult task. Knowing the etiological moment, pathogenesis, constitutional properties and condition of the child, we still, especially with chronic diarrhea in children, can not always easily achieve the desired success, and we have to find more and more new ways and means in the fight against the disease.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):578-581
pages 578-581 views

Diarrhea treatment with raw apples

Vinnikov M.E., Dovletbaev H.D.


The treatment of diarrhea with raw apples is an old folk remedy that has been used for many years in Germany by non-physicians (Hessing, Klimsch). Among doctors, Dr. Heissler has been using apples for more than 20 years for diarrhea due to tuberculosis of the lymphatic glands and other etiology.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):581-585
pages 581-585 views

On the treatment of trichocephalus dispar osarsol'om

Katsman E.E., Gamaleya E.P.


The issue of infection of the population with worms, in particular, one of the many species — trichocephalus dispar — occupies more and more space in both Russian and foreign literature.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):585-586
pages 585-586 views

Recurrence of pain after appendectomy

Novikov G.M.


Inflammation of the appendix is such an important department in the pathology of the abdominal cavity and so often not only a clinician, but also an ordinary district doctor has to deal with it, that there is nothing surprising in the stream of articles and whole monographs on this issue that have been filling the medical press in recent times not only in our country, but also abroad.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):587-594
pages 587-594 views

To the pathogenesis of intermittent dropsy of the joints

Gurvich E.Y.


Intermittent dropsy of the joints is an extremely rare affliction. The literature contains descriptions of approximately 100 cases.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):594-596
pages 594-596 views

About stenosis and atresia of the cervical canal

Kamushkin N.M.


Stenoses and atresias of the cervical canal have a very long history and rich literature in gynecological pathology. Even in the very distant past, this pathological form received a lot of attention from obstetricians and gynecologists, and it would seem that the issues related to this have become so clear and indisputable that there was no particular need to dwell on them in the next periods of gynecological history .

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):597-601
pages 597-601 views

Is there a need to limit the operation of manual removal of the placenta

Blagodarov A.A.


In the domestic and foreign literature in recent years, as is known, a seemingly insignificant and already very old question has been raised - the question of re-evaluating the results of manual removal of the placenta. If we take into account the entire history of this issue in its sequential course, the need for revising it will become obvious.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):601-607
pages 601-607 views

On the nature of the eye-heart reflex

Dobrokhotov B.D.


The eye-heart reflex was investigated by us in sick and healthy people in the amount of over 600 people, compared with orthostatic and clinostatic changes in the pulse, in a number of cases (about 200) replenished with the study of the Chermak reflex and refl. from the solar plexus.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):608-612
pages 608-612 views

Eye protection from injury

Slavin I.


The issue of protecting the eyes of workers from the ingress of foreign bodies in the form of glass fragments when bottles burst, metal particles when machining on a lathe, pieces of an emery sharpener at the point of tools has repeatedly interested a production doctor and an occupational safety inspector.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):613-613
pages 613-613 views

Treatment of cracked nipples

Gavrilov K.P.


Until now, the attention of OMM workers to the treatment of cracked nipples in a woman has not been sufficiently fixed. Meanwhile, this disease, seemingly so insignificant, causing suffering to the mother, often from the very first days disrupts the correct breastfeeding of the child, often forces a woman to transfer the child to early supplementation or even wean it from the breast, which clearly leads to an increase in infant morbidity and mortality.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):614-615
pages 614-615 views

Closure of the fecal fistula by bowel evagination

Osipovsky V.M.


B-naya Cher — va Maria, 57 years old, Russian, peasant woman, s. Svinogorsk, Yelabuga region, was admitted to the surgical department of Kosteneevskaya hospital on 20 / X 30 for a persistent non-healing fecal fistula in the left groin area.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):615-615
pages 615-615 views

From obstetric casuistry

Berezin I.F.


The interest of the case is in the spontaneous premature separation of the placenta at 472 months. pregnancy with excessive overstretching of the uterus, blood flowing, which made it difficult to correctly recognize the disease process.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):616-616
pages 616-616 views

A case of congenital deformity

Chechelnitsky D.I.


The fact that a low fluid content in the fetal bladder, or oligohydramnia, is usually accompanied by deformities, is confirmed by the following interesting case.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):616-617
pages 616-617 views

Potassium permanganate for morphine poisoning

Stepukhovich D.M.


In No. 5 for 1927 of the Saratov Bulletin of Health, I described a case of strychnine poisoning, cured by intravenous infusion of KMnO4 solution.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):617-617
pages 617-617 views

Any infectious disease of the respiratory tract (bronchitis tracheitis, laringitis, sinusitis) Wasson (Amer. M. A. v. 93,

Kramov T.N.


Any infectious disease of the respiratory tract (bronchitis tracheitis, laringitis, sinusitis) Wasson (Amer. M. A. v. 93, №26) suggests considering as a manifestation of the disease of the entire respiratory tract — bronchosinusitis.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):629-629
pages 629-629 views

X-ray, diagnosis of small pleural effusions. L. Rieger (J. of A. A., V. 96, No. 2)

Kramov T.N.


L. Rieger (J. of AA, V. 96, No. 2) believes that all pleural transudates and most exudates change their boundaries due to a change in the position of the patient, only in cases with a large amount of fibrin or pleural. adhesions no mobility.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):629-629
pages 629-629 views

Haines describes a case of streptococcal peritonitis, pleurisy and epididymitis (Amer. Med. J. v. 97, no. 9).

Kramov N.


(Amer. Med. J. v. 97, No. 9). Child 9 months. was ill with intermittent T, chills for 3 weeks and apparently severe abdominal pain, no vomiting, but poor appetite.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):629-630
pages 629-630 views

Bilateral phrenicoexeres after childbirth in a tbc patient. Duryea ("Amer. Rev. Tuberc." 1931, 3)

Kramov N.


Duryea ("Amer. Rev. Tuberc." 1931, 3). B. had the first outbreak of tbc in III 930, the second in IX 930, which was accompanied by cough, sputum, sweats, weakness, bilateral pulmonary tbc phenomena, tbc of the larynx. The general condition was complicated by pregnancy.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):630-630
pages 630-630 views

On climatic and solar treatment of surgical tuberculosis. Prof. Bernhard id St. Moritz (Deutsch, medizinische Wochenschr. 1932, no. 6)

Tsimkhes I.


Prof. Bernhard id St. Moritz (Deutsch, medizinische Wochenschr. 1932, no. 6) shares thirty years of experience in the treatment of surgical tuberculosis in the high mountains with the sun.

Kazan medical journal. 1932;32(7):630-630
pages 630-630 views

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