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Hygiene and healthcare management

Tuberculosis epidemiologic situation analysis in Tatarstan for 1980-1984 and 1990-1994

Arslanov S.S., Wiesel A.A., Galiullin A.N., Guryleva M.E.


The comparative analysis of the basic medical statistical indices of tuberculosis for 2 five-years is given. The investigation results show the sharp change for the worse of the epidemiologic situation, and the revealed tendencies are indicative of the real possibility of the subsequent worsening up to the tuberculosis epidemic. The real way out of the established situation is the centralixed interdepartmental program directed to the realization of urgent measures against tuberculosis.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):81-83
pages 81-83 views

Analysis of respiratory tuberculosis recurrence in the Republic of Tatarstan

Konovalova I.M., Guryleva M.E., Konovalov S.I.


The annual growth of TB incidence in the Republic of Tatarstan is 5.5%, the same is the annual increase in the contingents; the mortality rate grows faster - 14-16% per year. Worsening of living conditions, increase of migration activity of population, reduction of TB measures intensity have a negative impact. In conditions of deteriorating nutrition, high infectiousness of population and increased risk of tuberculosis, the incidence rate may increase due to endogenous reactivation from old tuberculosis foci. The current situation is also characterized by the mechanism of superinfection through contact with a bacillus in the nidus.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):84-85
pages 84-85 views

Sickness rate of destructive pulmonary tuberculosis as an important epidemiologic index

Smirnov G.A., Kalyamova R.A., Kazakov I.M.


The analysis of the general sickness rate of tuberculosis and its destructive forms for one hundred thousand people in Kazan for 30 years is performed, and the number of deads in the first observation year in percent for the general number of persons with tuberculosis and for the number of persons with destructive pulmonary tuberculosis is determined. The epidemiologic situation can be judged from the sickness rate index of destructive forms of the disease and from the number of deads in the first observation year in percent for the persons fell ill for the first time.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):85-88
pages 85-88 views

Formation of the Phthisiatric Service of the Republic of Mari El

Vasiliev M.I., Rassanov V.P., Furina L.V.


With the development of a network of health institutions in the Mari Republic, a tuberculosis department with 15 beds and one doctor was opened in 1926. Later, with the arrival of phthisiatricians, the number of beds gradually increased. By the end of 1961 there were 1,265 beds and 75 TB doctors working in the republic. Great attention was paid to improving doctors' qualifications, especially in the period when Kazan State Medical Institute, with Prof. B.L. Mazur as the Head of Tuberculosis Department, provided consultative assistance in organizing TB service in the republic. In 1962, the Moscow Research Institute of Tuberculosis of M3 RSFSR took over the management of tuberculosis service in the republic.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):88-90
pages 88-90 views

Conception of the health protection reform of Tatarstan Republic

Galiullin A.N.


The data for social and economic state of the health protection of Tatarstan Republic in the transition to market economy are presented. The reform conception of the health protection financial and budget policy, management bodies, price formation system of personnel training, initial medico sanitary service, improvement of treatment-and-diagnostic process and widespread diseases prevention is outlined.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):90-92
pages 90-92 views

Theoretical and clinical medicine

Clinical aspects of the use of functional diagnosis methods in phthisiopulmonology

Yaushev M.F., Firsov O.V.


The description of the basic current functional diagnosis methods is presented. Peculiar attention is given to the clinical interpretation of the data obtained by these methods. The possibility of the morphological changes interpretation of bronchopulmonary system on the basis of not only roentgenologic observation data but functional observation data is shown.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):93-95
pages 93-95 views

Daily fluctuations of the ventilation function in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Shpaner I.Y., Vizel A.A.


The fluctuations during the day of the ventilation function indices such as VC, FEV05, FEV1 PEF, FEF25, FEF50, FEF75 FEF25-75, FEF75-85 are examined in 52 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. It is found that VC, FEV05 and PEF increased but FEF75, FEF25-75 and FEF75-85 decreased during the day, and fluctuations of different ventilation indices are in connection with other clinical indices.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):96-98
pages 96-98 views

Comparative characteristic of immunogram indices of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis and healthy donors

Firsov O.V., Slabnov Y.D., Mustafin I.G., Tsibulkin A.P.


The immune status of patients with infiltrative pulmonary tuberculosis and healthy donors is investigated, and the possible mechanisms of the disease development are studied. The revealed regularities of the changes of immunogram indices can have practical significance for phthisiologists and physicians in the general practice.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):98-102
pages 98-102 views

Tuberculosis bacteriologic diagnosis in conditions of the interdistrict antituberculosis centre

Shakurova О.V., Nurieva S.A., Tutik A.Z., Kukarkin S.E., Erokhova L.P.


The state of tuberculosis bacteriologic diagnosis for 1985—1994 in conditions of the inter-district antituberculosis centre is studied. It is shown that the number of inoculations to one patient with active tuberculosis as well as microbacteria inoculation depend on the volume of bacteriologic investigations and the quality of pathologic material. The growth of bacillar patient number is stated showing the change for the worse of tuberculosis epidemiologic situation. The high efficacy of the cultural diagnosis method particularly of pulmonary tuberculosis among persons of heightened risk of the disease in comparison with fluorographic examination is noted.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):102-104
pages 102-104 views

Peculiarities of the clinical picture, diagnosis and treatment of lobar, caseous pneumonia

Valiev R.S.


The clinical picture of lobar, caseous pneumonia, peculiarities of its roentgenologic picture and laboratory data are analyzed. The differences in the tactics of treatment and outcomes of the disease that can have concrete practical importance are shown.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):104-108
pages 104-108 views

Treatment of tuberculous spondylitis in persons of elder age groups

Lavrov V.N., Ziyatdinov K.M., Galiullin F.V.


The results of the combined early surgical treatment of patients over 55 years of age with tuberculous spondylitis are analyzed. The conservative therapy tactics and surgical treatment method —the combination of the radical operation in the tuberculous focus with external fixation of vertebrae by Byrov’s apparatus are described. The method applied allows to reduce the terms of the bed postoperative period.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):108-111
pages 108-111 views

Single-moment bilateral interventions on respiratory organs from transternal access

Vasiliev M.I., Redkin V.L.


We have experience with longitudinal median sternotomy in 21 patients aged 20 to 59 years. In 19 of them we performed lung resections for various forms of bilateral tuberculosis, in one - for a unilateral process, and in another one we performed transsternal transpericardial occlusion of the right main bronchus stump for fistula after pulmonectomy.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):111-112
pages 111-112 views

New approaches то the study of stomach pathology in patients with chronic inspecific pulmonary diseases

Kochetkov S.G., Kryukov N.N., Uglova M.V., Erkina V.M.


Symptomatic lesions of the stomach in patients with chronic inspecific pulmonary diseases depend on the respiratory insufficiency gravity and blood gas composition changes. Hypoxemia promotes stomach mucous membrane atrophy, and hypercapnia reduces stomach mucous membrane resistance to the tion of different ulcerogenic factors including Неlicobacter pylori. The infection of the stomach mucous membrane with Helicobacter pylori is retained in the treatment of patients with chronic inspecific pulmonary diseases by antibiotics.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):112-114
pages 112-114 views

Diaphragm contractility in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases

Gainutdinov A.R., Ivanichev G.A.


Diaphragm contractility is studied by the measurement method of transdiaphragm pressure and its components in 154 patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases with clinical signs of respiratory muscle deficiency. The investigations show the considerable fall of power characteristics, stability to fatigue of diaphragm in conditions of high bronchial resistance and pulmonary emphysema.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):115-117
pages 115-117 views

Pathogenetic role of hemostasis system disorders in the urogenital mycoplasma infection in women

Maltseva L.I., Andrushko I.A., Ibragimov O.B.


The pathogenetic role of hemostasis system disorders in the urogenital mycoplasmas infection (M. hominis, M. fermentans, M. genitalium and M. urealiticum) is studied. It is stated that the urogenital mycopeasmas a systemic lesion accompanied by infection is not a local process but chronic syndrome signs of disseminated intravascular blood coagulability. The increase of the indices of Villebrandt’s factor and 5’-nucleotidase allows to judge of the functional state of vessels endothelium and infection activity.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):118-123
pages 118-123 views

Estimation of oxygen metabolism of polymorphonuclear leukocytes of peripheric blood as a hestosis course criterion

Bashkirova D.S., Safina N.A., Zinkevich O.D.


The investigation of oxygenous metabolism of polymorphonuclear leukocytes is performed by luminol-dependent chemoluminescence method in 22 women in III term of physiological course of pregnancy, labor and postnatal period and in 41 women with pregnancy complicated by hestosis of various gravity before labor, on days 2—5 after it. The correlation between clinical course of the disease and some oxygenous metabolism hyperactivation of polymorphonuclear leukocytes of peripheric blood is revealed.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):123-125
pages 123-125 views

Air pollution and immunologic indices in children with allergic diseases

Shamova А.G., Malanicheva T.G.


The interrelation between the air pollution extent and immunologic indices complex in children with allergic diseases is studied. The changes of immunologic indices manifested in the oppression of the cellular link and activation of the humoral one, more noticeable in the regions with increased aerohenic load are revealed. The importance of the realization of air protection measures directed to the decrease of not only the concentration of substances exerting allergenic action but the air pollution combined index is stressed.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):126-129
pages 126-129 views


Clinic, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis in mentally ill patients

Valiev R.S.


Many issues of the organization of pulmonary tuberculosis detection, diagnosis and treatment in general phthisiology have been largely solved, but they have not been fully developed in relation to contingents of patients suffering from psychiatric diseases. Literature data on this topic are quite contradictory and do not allow physicians to make correct conclusions. In recent years, research in this direction is practically nonexistent. In this connection, we have tried to summarize the data of the domestic literature.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):130-134
pages 130-134 views

Prospects for clinical use of agents acting on ATP receptors - P2-purinoreceptors

Ziganshin A.U., Ziganshina L.E.


In addition to the well-known role of purine compounds in cell metabolism, growth, and reproduction, extensive factual material has been accumulated over the past two decades, demonstrating the important role of purines in intercellular interactions. It has been established that a number of physiological and pathophysiological reactions lead to the release of purine compounds (mainly adenosine and adenosine-5'-triphosphoric acid-ATP) by cells, which can interact with special receptors for them, purine receptors. The latter are subdivided into two main classes: PPpurinoreceptors and P2-purinoreceptors, whose main endogenous ligands are adenosine and ATP, respectively.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):134-136
pages 134-136 views

Short articles

Social and clinical characteristics of pulmonary tuberculosis patients who died in the first year of follow-up

Smirnov G.A., Zamaletdinova L.T., Gazizullina N.K.


In the mid-1970s, there was an increase in the number of newly diagnosed patients with tuberculosis, who were admitted to the hospital in a very serious condition and often died within a short time after admission. We counted the number of deaths in Kazan city in the first year of follow-up from 1969 to 1992 for 24 years, dividing them into 3-year periods. In 1969-1971 there were 0.55% of those who died in the first year of observation to the total number of first-time pulmonary tuberculosis patients, in 1972-1974 - 0.98%, in 1975-1977 -1.6%, in 1978-1980 - 1.7%, in 1981-1983 - 0.27%, in 1984-1986 - 0.57%, in 1987-1989 - 0.7%, in 1990-1992 - 1.3%.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):136-137
pages 136-137 views

Possibilities of diagnosis of bone pathology by fluorography

Akhmetova H.H., Kazakov I.M.


The importance of fluorography as a preventive method of group X-ray examination of large contingents of population is quite obvious. The main advantages of fluorography are good resolution capacity, sufficient throughput capacity with low examination time, relative cost-effectiveness, preservation of objective documentation and high mobility of the newest fluorographic units.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):137-137
pages 137-137 views

Pulmonary mask of cholangiocellular liver cancer

Yulmeteva D.G.


Lifetime detection rate of opisthorchiasis cancer even in the areas of endemic foci is only 10-30%. This variant of cancer occurs as an acute disease with duration not more than 4 months with metastasis in 53% of cases. The following forms of tumor occur: 1) hepatomegaly; 2) cirrhotic; 3) latent masked. The latter proceeds in the form of abdominal catastrophe, fever, brain, heart and lung failure with the predominance of the corresponding metastases.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):137-138
pages 137-138 views

Rare case of chondromatosis of the knee joint

Khabibullin A.G.


Chondromatosis of joints is relatively rare. Over five years, six patients were operated on at the trauma department of Bugulma Central Regional Hospital.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):138-139
pages 138-139 views


Peculiarities of the epidemiologic situation of childish tuberculosis in Tatarstan Republic

Kartasheva F.A., Ukhorskaya L.V.


The analysis of peculiarities of the epidemiologic sitiation of childish tuberculosis in Tatarstan Republic for the last twenty years is performed. The negative tendencies are revealed. The sickness rate in 1994—1995 increased by a factor of two in comparison with the sickness rate in 1993 (9.0 to 100 thousand). The reasons of this situation are considered and the recommendations on the directions of combined work of phthisiothric and general pediatric system are given.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):139-141
pages 139-141 views

Epidemiologic inspection of intrahospital infections and measures of pyo-inflammatory diseases prevention

Grigoryev V.E.


More detailed inspection of intrahospital pyo-in- flammatory diseases is proposed. The additional methods of sanitation of pathogenes carriers of pyo-inflammatory diseases by the local use of lifuzol, chlorhexidine, metacid and propolis are suggested.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):141-144
pages 141-144 views

Assistance to the practicing physician

Experience in organizing a fluorographic survey of the population of Kazan in 1992-1994

Kazakov I.M., Rachevsky A.G.


In 1965, X-ray fluorography department was organized under the City TB Dispensary, which conducts routine examinations in all districts of Kazan. Centralization of fluorography service allowed to maneuver equipment and personnel for the benefit of the whole city, to keep a single record of all the fluorographic work by districts, contingents and facilities, to achieve high-quality processing of all fluorographic films, to perform double independent assessment of fluorograms.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):145-148
pages 145-148 views

History of medicine

Contribution of Kazan scientists and doctors to the theory and practice of Russian phthisiology

Krasnoperov F.T., Galiullin B.V., Salikhov A.A.


On the basis of Kazan University and its medical faculty, opened in 1814, important scientific researches were carried out, the results of which were included in the golden fund of medical science. In 1835-1836 G. I. Sokolsky, the founder of the national phthisiology, had read a course on private pathology and therapy to the students. In 1836 he published a manual "Teaching on difficult diseases". Anticipating the foundations of the modern clinical classification of tuberculosis, G.I. Sokolsky distinguished between disseminated, infiltrative and cavernous forms of pulmonary tuberculosis, described the pathanatomy of tuberculosis tubercle and caverns, the phenomenon of pleural rubbing noise and noise of falling drops.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):149-152
pages 149-152 views

Materials for the history of phthisiology in Kazan

Smirnov G.A.


The Department of Phthisiology at the Kazan Institute for Advanced Training of Physicians was organized in 1932 by Professor M.I. Mastbaum, a prominent therapist and phthisiologist, on the basis of the Kazan Tuberculosis Institute. Professor. M. I. Mastbaum headed the department till 1939. At that time the leading teachers were M. I. Oyfebakh, N. M. Zakharov, N. K. Sokolova, B. N. Agricolyansky, F. Z. Eisenberg. In subsequent years, M. I. Oyfebakh, having become a professor, became one of the leading phthisiatricians in the country. For more than 20 years he headed the dispensary sector of the Tuberculosis Institute of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):152-153
pages 152-153 views


Session of the Cardiology Research Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences

Latfullin I.A., Arleevsky I.P.


Another session of KRC RAMS began with a Russian-French symposium devoted to the use of the new ß-blocker lokren (betaxololol) in the treatment of arterial hypertension (AH). As the chairman of the symposium prof. Y.N. Belenkov (Moscow) noted, the continuing interest to the search of new tools for AH treatment is caused primarily by the fact that our country annually loses over 500 thousand people from AH and its complications. The available arsenal of hypotensive drugs is thoroughly reconsidered from the position of modern views on the pathogenesis of AH and the influence of these drugs on the quality of life.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):154-156
pages 154-156 views

Bibliography and reviews

V. P. Skipetrov, O. A. Enikeev, A. V. Zorkina et al. Aeroions and life. - Saransk, 1995, 96 p.

Mikusev Y.E.


The monograph develops the ideas of A.L. Chizhevsky, who discovered in 1919 the beneficial effects on health of negative air ions (AEs) of oxygen, which have an increased biological activity.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(2):157-157
pages 157-157 views

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