Vol 64, No 2 (1983)

Mediators and regulation of physiological functions

Volkova I.N.


The physiological role of mediators is a historically developed problem that has become the subject of numerous studies by Kazan physiologists.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):81-88
pages 81-88 views

Indications for hemosorption

Salikhov I.G., Mukhametzyanov S.A., Girfanov V.S., Valimukhametova D.A., Chuprin V.G., Gaponenko V.N., Tuishev R.I., Ganiev M.S., Yarodaykin V.V., Khalitov F.Y.


In recent years, some experience has been accumulated in detoxifying the body with the help of hemosorption. It has proved effective in a number of diseases and pathological conditions: acute poisoning, hepatic and renal insufficiency of various etiologies, mechanical jaundice, pancreatitis, psoriasis, delirious conditions, some lung diseases, connective tissue diseases, in hematology practice.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):88-91
pages 88-91 views

Dynamics of plasma lipoprotein content in patients with peripheral and coronary atherosclerosis under the influence of hemosorption

Khalilov E.M., Torkhovskaya T.I., Ivanov A.S., Lopukhin Y.M.


According to modern concepts, atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries and its clinical manifestation - coronary artery disease (CHD) — are caused by three main factors: dyslipoproteidemia. violation of the blood clot-forming system and vascular wall permeability. In terms of timely detection and treatment of this disease, the greatest attention is paid to dyslipoproteidemia. It is known that in the blood plasma of most patients with coronary heart disease, along with a possible increase in the concentration of low- and very low-density lipoproteins (LI), VLDL), there is a decrease in the concentration of high-density LI (LIBI). At the same time, in population studies, an increased frequency of cases of coronary heart disease was noted among persons with these disorders in the plasma LI system. Similar changes were found in patients with peripheral obliterating atherosclerosis, which, in all likelihood, have some common pathogenetic links with coronary atherosclerosis [8J. This correlation of biochemical and clinical data is mainly due to the ability of LDL and VLDL (that is, WHETHER containing a specific apoprotein B) to give cholesterol to cell membranes both through endocytosis and by a non-receptor mechanism during contact interaction with the cell [11]. At the same time, HDL, which has recently been called "anti-atherogenic", is not only able to accept cholesterol from cell membranes, transporting it to the liver, but also to inhibit the capture of endothelial cells of the LINI, inhibit cell proliferation and synthesis of aortic glycosaminoglycans [5]. These specific properties of individual classes of LP necessitate the search for ways to target the plasma LP system in order to reduce the concentration of apo-B-containing LP and increase the level of HDL. At the same time, with a number of dietary and drug effects that reduce the concentration of cholesterol in plasma (and, consequently, the level of LDL - its main transport form), for example, with a diet with polyunsaturated fatty acids or taking a number of drugs, in particular probucol [12], the concentration of anti—atherogenic HDL also decreases, which undoubtedly reduces the therapeutic effectiveness of these effects.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):92-95
pages 92-95 views

Results of hemosorption in pneumonia

Reshetnikov O.P.


In recent years, there has been a clear trend towards a prolonged course of acute pneumonia with subsequent chronization of the process. The causes of unfavorable outcomes of the disease are the late treatment of patients for medical care, irrational treatment and inadequate reaction of the body to the introduction of infectious agents. The latter can be genetically determined or caused by the action of environmental factors, including microbes. As previously conducted observations [1] have shown, an unfavorable course of acute pneumonia is observed in patients with insufficient anti-infection protection response. We found that an undesirable course of the disease is detected if phagocytosis and immune response to microbial antigens are not activated by the 7th-10th day. On this basis, it was concluded that the outcome of pneumonia depends more on the response of the macroorganism to the infectious agent and is less associated with antimicrobial therapy. Taking into account these data and the results of the study by V. P. Silvestrov and N. F. Vanina (1980), we concluded that, along with antimicrobial therapy, stimulation of anti-infective protection is necessary. Our attention was attracted by hemosorption proposed by Y. M. Lopukhin and M. N. Molodenkov (1978). As studies conducted to date have shown, extracorporeal detoxification helps to remove toxic compounds and microbes from the body. This possibility has been established during clinical observations in patients with sepsis [2-4, 8, 10, 11, 13]. In addition, in the work of M. N. Molodenkov et al. (1981) it was shown that hemosorption can stimulate the activity of anti-infective protection. It was also used for bronchial asthma [121 and chronic suppurative processes in the lungs [6].

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):95-98
pages 95-98 views

Hemodilution tactics of infusion therapy in oncogynecological operations

Nurgaliev P.N.


In the last decade, controlled hemodilution has been widely used in clinical practice. This technique has a number of positive properties: it helps to improve blood rheology, restore microcirculation, reduce total peripheral resistance, coagulation potential of blood, increase cardiac output with lower energy consumption in the myocardium [2, 4, 5-7]. During prolonged and traumatic surgical interventions, central and peripheral circulatory disorders are possible, especially in elderly and senile people and in patients with concomitant diseases of vital body systems. To stabilize hemodynamic parameters at an optimal level during surgery against the background of adequate anesthesia, the tactics of infusion therapy is essential [1, 3].

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):98-100
pages 98-100 views

Changes in microcirculation under the influence of prostaglandin E2

Eliseeva L.N., Agapov A.A.


Prostaglandins have been increasingly used in clinical practice in recent years. The ability of prostaglandins, in particular E2, to cause controlled hypotension and a decrease in left ventricular filling pressure mainly due to peripheral vasodilation suggests the possibility of their use in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. However, until now, the question of the level of blood circulation at which the vascular effect of drugs is realized has not been finally resolved. This is what prompted us to conduct a study of the effect of prostaglandin E2 on the microcirculation system.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):100-101
pages 100-101 views

Gonads and some links of the endocrine system in cancer patients

Dobrynin V.A., Kalugina N.M., Zabusov Y.G., Gataullin K.D., Petrov S.B., Abdulyanov V.A.


It can be considered established that the origin and development of tumor cells are based on disorders of metabolic processes and protein synthesis, in the regulation of which the endocrine system plays a very important role. Despite this, many issues related to the features of the functional morphology of various parts of the endocrine system in patients with malignant tumors remain unexplored, and they have become the goal of our research.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):102-105
pages 102-105 views

Study of papillostenosis with beta-blockers

Kochnev O.S., Biryaltsev V.N.


Preoperative diagnosis of the functional state of the Oddi sphincter presents significant difficulties. Among the instrumental diagnostic methods, radiopaque examination of the extrahepatic biliary tract has become the most widespread. However, the resolution of intravenous cholegraphy is no more than 85% [6].

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):106-108
pages 106-108 views

The use of lithium carbonate in preoperative preparation of patients with toxic goiter

Slobozhanin M.I., Petrov N.M.


Preoperative preparation of patients with toxic goiter remains a difficult and urgent problem for surgeons and endocrinologists. One of the effective methods of preoperative preparation of patients with thyrotoxicosis is the combined use of mercazolil with inorganic iodine preparations, reserpine, beta-adreno blockers, ganglioblockers. However, a number of authors [2, 5], using iodine and bromine preparations with mercazolil, did not note a significant thyrostatic effect and therefore such a combination was considered unjustified. Antithyroid therapy with mercazolil, along with positive, has a number of negative aspects: it has a goitre effect, inhibits hematopoiesis in large doses, is contraindicated in pregnant women, and most importantly, is often ineffective. There are patients who are completely resistant to mercazolil [1].

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):108-110
pages 108-110 views

Non-ovlon treatment of patients with genital endometriosis

Shinkareva L.F., Nagovitsyna A.I., Tetelyutina F.K., Kravchuk T.A.


In the last decade, hormonal drugs, including synthetic progestins, have been widely used for the treatment of genital endometriosis.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):110-113
pages 110-113 views

The use of barium sulfate for surgical tattooing of flat hemangiomas

Safin G.G.


Flat hemangiomas are the most common congenital pathology. In the overwhelming majority, they are localized on the face [1-3] in the form of pink, red, burgundy spots of various sizes, sometimes occupying a large half of the face. The problem of treating flat hemangiomas continues to be relevant, since there is no universal method that allows in all cases to eliminate the cosmetic defect of facial skin coloring. One of the ways to treat the color discrepancy of the facial skin in this pathology is surgical tattooing with neutral dyes, which must meet the following requirements: 1) do not be toxic to the body and do not cause changes in the cellular elements of the skin, 2) be resistant to external factors, 3) do not dissolve, firmly located at the site of initial administration, and do not stain the underlying tissues.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):113-115
pages 113-115 views

Hemosorption in clinical practice

Bogoyavlensky V.F., Sitnikov V.A., Trusov V.V., Pozdeev S.R., Salikhov I.G.


Modern scientific progress in technology, biology, medicine has led to the creation of a qualitatively new promising direction in the treatment of severe intoxication - methods of sorption therapy.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):115-121
pages 115-121 views

Modern ideas about the mechanisms of hyposensitization

Rakhmatullin I.M., Fassakhov R.S.


Many years of experience in the use of hyposensitization has given her a well-deserved reputation as the most justified and effective method of treating allergic diseases. Proposed back in 1911 [25], it is still the main method of specific hyposensitizing therapy, the effectiveness of which is 60-80% in bronchial asthma of atopic forms and 45-55% in infectious and allergic diseases [1a, b, 4].

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):121-124
pages 121-124 views

The role of the lymphatic system in homeostasis disorders and in their correction

Minnebaev M.M.


Our knowledge of the lymphatic system from the point of view of theory and clinic is still insufficient compared to what is known about the rest of the vascular network. The lymphatic system, being an integral part of the cardiovascular system (its third component) and the connecting link of all body fluids, plays an important role in maintaining homeostasis. It is directly involved in the exchange processes between blood and intercellular fluid, on the one hand, between intercellular fluid and cells, on the other.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):124-130
pages 124-130 views

Application of hemosorption in the clinic of internal diseases

Ardamatsky N.A., Molodenkov M.N., Afonina O.B., Kuznetsov V.N., Blagosklonov A.S., Gulyaev A.A., Kulaev G.A., Aloev R.S., Kozulina G.A., Reshetnikova O.P., Surinova S.I.


One of the trends in the development of modern medicine is the use of detoxification methods in the treatment of patients with various pathological processes. These include hemodialysis and hemosorption. In the latter, unlike hemodialysis, large-molecular compounds are removed from the body. Hemosorption has taken a firm place in the complex treatment of exogenous intoxication, liver, kidney pathology, neuropsychiatric and skin diseases.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):130-131
pages 130-131 views

Application of hemosorption in the clinic of internal diseases

Ardamatsky N.A., Molodenkov M.N., Afonina O.B., Kuznetsov V.N., Blagosklonov A.S., Gulyaev A.A., Kulaev G.A., Aloev R.S., Kozulina G.A., Reshetnikova O.P., Surinova S.I.


One of the trends in the development of modern medicine is the use of detoxification methods in the treatment of patients with various pathological processes. These include hemodialysis and hemosorption. In the latter, unlike hemodialysis, large-molecular compounds are removed from the body. Hemosorption has taken a firm place in the complex treatment of exogenous intoxication, liver, kidney pathology, neuropsychiatric and skin diseases.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):130-131
pages 130-131 views

Features of microcirculation in athletes

Shraga A.M.


The aim of the work was to study the state of microcirculation in athletes and its dynamics under the influence of metered load and special training.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):132-133
pages 132-133 views

Functional activity of immunocompetent cells in patients with anthracosilicosis

Shelygin C.I.


The most important link in the pathogenesis of pneumoconiosis, considered from the standpoint of immunopathological theory, is the unconditional and decisive decay of macrophages absorbing silica particles, which induce a response at the level of immunocompetent cells: T- and B-lymphocytes (A. E. Vershigora, 1980).

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):133-134
pages 133-134 views

Leffler's parietal fibroplastic endocarditis

Andreev V.M., Kurshakova L.N., Anisimova A.I.


Leffler's endocarditis is a rare and little-known disease to a wide range of practitioners. It was first described in 1936 by Leffler and named fibroplastic parietal endocarditis with eosinophilia. It is characterized by heart damage, high blood eosinophilia and leukocytosis. At the same time, symptoms associated with developing eosinophilic vasculitis of various internal organs (lungs, kidneys, spleen, liver, etc.) are observed. With this heart lesion, significant endocardial fibrosis appears, primarily parietal, there is an increase in collagen fibers, infiltration by lymphocytes and eosinophils of the endocardium and myocardium. A large number of parietal blood clots are formed in the cavities of the heart. A sharp thickening of the parietal endocardium and massive thrombotic layers on its surface create an unyielding framework from the inside, which leads to the development of severe rapidly progressive heart failure. The complexity of the diagnosis of the disease is due to the extreme polymorphism of the clinical picture. Leffler's endocarditis should be assumed with a combination of progressive heart failure (if its size is almost normal) with pronounced eosinophilia of the blood.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):134-135
pages 134-135 views

Catamnesis of children with chronic digestive diseases

Cherkasova N.A., Brzasso Z.X.


Gastroenterological diseases, having arisen in childhood, with insufficiently prolonged treatment and lack of dispensary supervision, often take a chronic course and lead to severe diseases in adults. In this regard, we have studied the catamnesis of 126 children who received comprehensive treatment in the hospital for gastroduodenitis and cholepathies. Children aged 5 to 15 years were under observation, 74.5% of them were of school age (95 girls, 31 boys).

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):136-136
pages 136-136 views

Abdominal pregnancy

Gafurova Z.X., Singatullin I.K., Solodkov S.M.


I., 35 years old, was admitted to the maternity ward of the CRH on 14/V 1980 with a diagnosis: pregnancy of 40 weeks. 2nd urgent delivery, transverse fetal position, placenta previa.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):136-137
pages 136-137 views

Hemocoagulating and fibrinolytic activity of tissue of benign and malignated papillary ovarian tumors

Kudryavtseva L.I., Skepetrov V.P.


We studied the hemocoagulating and fibrinolytic properties of ovarian cancers removed during surgery and their contents in 26 patients, as well as 16 samples of papillary cystadenomas.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):138-139
pages 138-139 views

Surgical treatment of left-sided varicocele

Nekrasov A.M., Spirin V.A., Mitryaev Y.I., Popkov V.M.


Varicose veins of the spermatic cord are among the pathological conditions, the genesis of which is largely unclear, and the methods of treatment are very imperfect.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):139-139
pages 139-139 views

Morbidity of managers and engineering and technical workers of industrial enterprises

Omarov H.X., Yarullin A.X.


The intensive development of industry and its complication lead to an increase in the volume of managerial labor, which employs millions of people in our country. The growing number of managers and the need to acquire special knowledge and skills have turned managerial activity into a profession.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):140-142
pages 140-142 views

Physical development of first-year students of the Astrakhan Medical Institute

Yakovlev Y.G., Shurova T.Y.


The aim of the work was to study the peculiarities of the growth and development of the contingent of young people who entered the Astrakhan Medical Institute in 1980 and 1981, and to identify differences in physical development compared to students from other fields.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):142-143
pages 142-143 views

Physical development of newborns in Zelenodolsk

Kamaeva A.A., Khamidullina M.X.


The purpose of this work was to study the dynamics of physical development of newborns in Zelenodolsk, Tatar ASSR for 1961, 1970 and 1978, taking into account gender differences, nationality of children and the age of mothers. More than 1000 cards of newborns were analyzed in each examined period.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):143-145
pages 143-145 views

III Congress of Traumatologists-Orthopedists of the Republics of Central Asia and Kazakhstan (Tashkent, 8-12/IX, 1982.)

Bogdanovich U.Y., Altunin V.F.


Scientists and traumatologists of the RSFSR, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova, Azerbaijan and other Union republics took part in the work of the III Congress of Traumatologists-orthopedists of the Republics of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. The congress program included the following issues: prevention of childhood injuries, diagnosis and treatment of combined limb injuries, diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic diseases in children.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):146-146
pages 146-146 views

Scientific and practical conference of endocrinologists of the Volga and Volga-Vyatka districts "Actual problems of diabetology" (September 22-23, 1982, Kazan)

Lukyanchikov V.S., Gerasimov G.A., Sultanova L.M.


The latest data on topical issues of modern dietetics and clinical endocrinology were reported at the conference. Reports, debates, clinical reviews of patients during the conference were a form of introducing scientific achievements into healthcare practice. By the beginning of the conference, a collection of works of the Kazan Medical Institute was released. "Diabetes mellitus. Issues of prevention and treatment".

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):146-148
pages 146-148 views

XI All-Union Congress of Pediatric Doctors (3O/XI—Z/XII 1982, Moscow)

Belogorskaya E.V.


The XI All-Union Congress of Pediatricians was devoted to topical issues of child health protection in the USSR, physiology and pathology of newborns, allergic conditions and allergic diseases in children.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):148-150
pages 148-150 views

A. F. Serenko, V. V. Ermakov, B. D. Petrakov. Fundamentals of organization of polyclinic care to the population. Manual for doctors, 2nd additional edition, M., Medicine, 1982, 376 p., circulation 10 thousand copies.

Nizamov I.G.


The book consists of three major sections devoted to the history, condition, principles of organization and management of outpatient polyclinic care in the USSR; organization of community-based specialized care and prospects for its development. This structure of material distribution should be recognized as more successful than the composition of other monographs due to its orientation to problems, taking into account their priority. In these sections, the most important theoretical aspects of providing medical care to the population in outpatient clinics are closely related to the practice of healthcare, which emphasizes the high professional competence of the authors. The manual reflects the latest policy documents of the party and the government, which address health issues, as well as the most important industry orders, etc. The illustrative material allows us to present the structure and functions of individual departments of the hospital care service from the standpoint of a systematic approach. All this is an indisputable advantage of this manual. The first section consists of two chapters covering the problems of medical examination and health care management in the USSR. Based on the vast experience accumulated by healthcare in this area, the authors characterize the most important scientific and organizational and methodological issues of medical examination of the population.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):150-151
pages 150-151 views

N. P. Medvedev, G. L. Bilich. Homeostasis disorders in surgical patients and the possibility of their correction. Kazan, publishing house of Kazan University, 1982, 272 p.

Rusakov V.I.


The book is devoted to the study of homeostasis in surgical patients with some of the most common diseases (purulent surgical infection, acute appendicitis, acute cholecystitis, acute pancreatitis, acute intestinal obstruction, peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, acute peritonitis, suppurative diseases of the lungs and pleura, burn disease). The monograph is based on many years of the authors' own observations and the large collectives led by them, it critically analyzes the data of modern literature. Of particular value to the book is the combination of issues of a clinical approach with deep theoretical research, the widespread use of the results of achievements of theoretical sciences and pharmacology in everyday surgical practice.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):152-152
pages 152-152 views

Professor Vitaly Alekseevich Dobrynin

Editorial b.


In January 1983, the 60th anniversary of the birth of Vitaly Alekseevich Dobrynin, head of the Department of Pathological Anatomy of the Kazan Medical Institute named after S. V. Kurashov, was celebrated.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):152-153
pages 152-153 views

Professor Zainab Nazipovna Yakupova


March 18, 1983 marked the 70th anniversary of the birth and 45 years of scientific and pedagogical activity of the Honored Doctor of the TASSR, Honored Scientist of the TASSR, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Zainab Nazipovna Yakubova.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):154-155
pages 154-155 views

Chronicle Volume 64, No. 2 (1983)


For the achievements in work, active participation in the movement for a communist attitude to work and successful fulfillment of the conditions of the All-Union Review of the work of healthcare institutions and additional socialist obligations in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the formation of the USSR, the Red Banner of the Ministry of Health of the USSR and the Central Committee of the Trade Union of Medical Workers and a cash prize in the amount of 2000 rubles was awarded to the Tatar Children's Republican Clinical Hospital.

Kazan medical journal. 1983;64(2):155-157
pages 155-157 views

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