Vol 74, No 4 (1993)

Pregnancy, immunoconflict, neurosensitization

Sadykov B.G.


Immunoconflict pregnancy and hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn remain, despite more than half a century of history, urgent problems in the field of obstetrics and neonatology and continue to be one of the causes of perinatal morbidity. The discovery by Landsteiner and Wiener in 1940 of a causal relationship between Rh isosensitization and hemolytic disease of the newborn (HDN) formed the basis of new branches in immunohematology and perinatology.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):241-248
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Assessment of the prognostic significance of the quantitative informativeness of the signs of acute pneumonia

Valimukhametova D.A., Khamitov R.F.


The prospect of the use of mathematical simulation with prognostic evaluation of the peculiarities of the course and results of acute pneumonia in the optimization of the treat ment-and-diagnostic complex is shown. In this connection, the importance of hte quantitative study of clinicolaboratory and instrumental indices with subsequent rational contraction of the volumes of primary observation of patients is emphasized. The calculation of the in formativity for every index is performed.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):248-251
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The value of functional research methods in the diagnosis of pre-asthma in children

Klykova T.V., Potemkina A.M., Zagidullina A.G.


Respiratory allergies are one of the most common and severe allergic pathologies in children. Our observations showed that bronchial asthma is formed in more than 80% of children through the stage of pre-asthma. However, its early diagnosis and adequate treatment in 90% of cases can prevent the transition to bronchial asthma. In this regard, the problem of studying the methods of early diagnosis of pre-asthma and ways to prevent its transformation into bronchial asthma is urgent and practically significant. Since the formation of pre-asthma and bronchial asthma is based on a violation of the function of external respiration, the purpose of our work was, firstly, to study the function of external respiration in case of pre-asthma, and secondly, to determine the diagnostic value of various methods for studying FVD in this pathology in children.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):251-255
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Problems of the treatment of patients with the first revealed pulmonary tuberculosis, suffering from chronic alcoholism and toxomania in the inter-district dispensary

Sadykov S.В.


The problems of the treatment of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis and toxomania are discussed. The proportion of patients of this type among all the patients with pulmonary tuberculosis is determned, and the results of the treatment are estimated. The difficulties of the treatment of these patients in the in u ter-district dispensaries and the peculiarities of the therapy tactics are show.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):255-257
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Replenishment of the need for protein with parenteral nutrition. Method for calculating the volume of solutions of crystalline amino acids and protein hydrolysates

Ustinov E.N.


One of the most important tasks of parenteral nutrition (PN) is the replenishment of the body's protein requirements. Currently, there is no doubt that this problem can be solved by intravenous administration of crystalline amino acids (PKA) and protein hydrolysates (GB). This means that coarsely dispersed proteins (plasma, albumin, protein) are not suitable for PP, since after administration for a long time (2-4 weeks and more) circulate in the blood without significant changes and only then undergo hydrolysis with subsequent assimilation in the form of amino acids (A K) and the simplest peptides. Thus, the use of coarse protein preparations in PN pursues specific goals within the framework of general infusion therapy, and the protein contained in them does not count towards plastic needs.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):257-261
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Surgical treatment of cardiac echinococcus

Medvedev V.N., Dzhordzhikiya R.K.


The presence of pathological murmurs in the region of the heart, cardiomegaly are most often the result of congenital and acquired heart defects, less often, inflammatory or tumor lesions. Similar pathological manifestations of mo W can be observed with such a rare heart damage as echinococcosis. According to a number of authors, with echinococcosis, the frequency of heart damage is only 0.5-2%. At the same time, significant difficulties arise not only in diagnosis, but also in the choice of surgical tactics and methods of surgical treatment. We did not find information on the surgical treatment of cardiac echinococcus in the available domestic literature.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):261-262
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Comparative characteristics of complications after appendectomy under local anesthesia and anesthesia

Seryak A.N.


Complications arising after surgical interventions are still a very urgent problem. So, after appendectomies, their frequency ranges from 7.2 to 37.3%. In 6-10% of patients who underwent appendectomy, wound suppuration and other wound complications are observed in the postoperative period. The frequency (30-40%) of infectious complications of the wound during operations performed for destructive forms of appendicitis is especially high.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):262-264
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Express-method of the diagnosis of injury depth in closed trauma of the abdomen

Davletshin A.H., Ashmarin A.D., Dobrokvashin S.V., Khabibullina N.K.


New approaches for the refinement and explanation of classical symptoms of injuries in closed trauma of the abdomen using the current noninvasive instrumental methods: ultrasonic and electromyographic methods in combined diagnosis of the injury level (anterior abdominal wall, abdominal cavity, retroperitoneal space) arc presented.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):264-267
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One and many-stage operations of the formation of artificial intestinal urinary bladder after cystectomy

Sitdykov E.N., Sitdykova M.E., Zubkov A.Y., Rumyantsev Y.V.


The formation of intestinal urinary bladder with the recovery of physiologic principles of the uresis is the most rational from the point of view of medicosocial and working rehabilitation of patients suffering from urinary bladder cancer after cystectomy. The variations of extraperitoneal and intraperitoneal situs of intestinal transplant are determined depending on the character and stage of cystectomy. The developed method of one and many-stage formation of intestinal urinary bladder permits to extend the possibilities of its performance in patients after cystectomy.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):267-271
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The dependence of renal pathology on the adverse effect of atmospheric pollution in a large industrial city

Biktemirova R.K., Dautov F.F., Bogoyavlenskiy V.F., Yarullin I.A.


At the III All-Union Congress of Nephrologists (1986) it was emphasized that, despite the advances in theoretical and practical nephrology, the incidence of renal disease remains high, and issues such as the prevalence of nephrological pathology in various regions and its dependence on the environmental situation require in-depth study. Currently, studies to identify environmental factors that have an adverse effect on the level and structure of renal pathology are of undoubted interest. In the literature, there are works devoted to renal morbidity in connection with several risk factors. However, we failed to find information on the influence of diffuse and zonal air pollution, as well as the combined effect of harmful substances on the frequency and structure of renal pathology, in the literature. The questions about the possibility of a negative impact of atmospheric air pollution, depending on the concentration and qualitative composition, on the severity of kidney damage have not been covered either.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):272-274
pages 272-274 views

Functional asymmetry of superficial muscles of the body in healthy children and in rachitic deformations of lower extremities

Aristova E.S., Maltsev S.V., Alatyrev V.I.


Muscle functions of the body in healthy children and in children with rachitis-like diseases arc examined using electromyography. More pronounced discordance in the work of pair muscles in children with rachitis-like diseases as compared with healthy children is found suggesting the disorder of coordinations of movements.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):274-278
pages 274-278 views

Radiologic and laboratory diagnosis of the pineal gland state in some neuroendocrinal syndromes in women

Mikhailov M.K., Gilyazutdinov I.A., Fattakhova F.A.


Radiologic and functional examinations of the pineal gland state and changes of bones of the vault and base of the skull are performed in 114 women (galactorrhea-amenorrhea syndrome is revealed in 32 women, syndrome of sclcropolycystosis of ovaries in 61 women, control group consists of 21 women). The data on melatonin excretion, calcification frequency of the pineal gland in different syndromes, signs of endocrinopathy, cndocraniosis, intracranial hypertension in the observed persons of all groups are given. It is suggested that the retardation of calcification of the pineal gland is connected with humoral and hormonal status disorder.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):279-282
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Comparative assessment of the reproductive function of adolescent girls

Shakurova F.Z., Tukhvatullina L.M., Avagimov R.R., Ledovskaya N.N.


The International Symposium on Age Periodization (1965) recommended the adolescence to be considered the period from 12 to 15 years, and youthful — from 16 to 20 years. During adolescence, not only the anatomical formation is completed, but also the functional maturation of both the genitals and the central regulatory departments. During puberty, there are 2 to 3 phases. The first stage - prepubertal - is characterized by a growth spurt, the development of the pelvic bones, the manifestation of menarche, a decrease in growth hormone, an increase in the level of gonadotropins and estrogens, and activation of the thyroid gland.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):282-283
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On the content of histamine and serotonin in lymphocytes and neutrophils of peripheral blood in patients with various forms of viral hepatitis

Bashirova D.K., Khaertynova I.M.


Histamine, like other biogenic amines (BA), has a multifaceted effect in humans and animals. It can play the role of a protective factor, realizing histamine inflammation and other processes.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):284-285
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Study of a nosocomial outbreak of staphylococcal infection using various labeling methods

Musina L.T., Semina I.A., Darbeeva O.S.


The outbreak of pyo-inflammatory diseases of staphylococcic etiology in a hospital is studied as a result of the complex intraspecific marking. Isolated S. aureus cultures have a unified antibioticogram and a similar spectrum of extracellular proteins, which permits estimating them as subcultures of one strain.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):286-288
pages 286-288 views

Importance of craniography in the diagnosis of neuroendocrinal syndromes and central genesis diseases

Gilyazutdinov I.A., Mikhailov M.K., Mindubaeva F.Z.


As many as 681 patients with syndromes of scleropolycystosis of ovaries, amenorrhea, galactorrhea, oligonorrhea, lutein phase deficiency, climacteric, hypothalamic genesis obesity and sterility, precancer and cancer of endometrium, and body of the womb are observed. Calcium metabolism is examined in some patients. The frequency of the changes of bones of the vault and base of the skull in the above mentioned states (signs of endocraniosis, en docrinopathy, intracranial hypertension as well as calcification of the pineal gland) is given,, It is stated that patients with ncuroendocrii. Syndromes manifest phosphoric-calcium metabolism violation and structural changes of bones of the skull.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):288-290
pages 288-290 views

Laser therapy as a means of preventing transient bacteremia during dental procedures

Latfullin I.A., Kovyazina S.B., Safiullina A.M., Karatai R.S.


With dental interventions, bacteremia often develops, which is called transient. Its essence is that after laziness of teeth and dental deposits, curettage, endodontic treatment, a microflora appears in the blood, which is far from indifferent to patients, especially those suffering from diseases of the heart, blood vessels, and kidneys. According to Li I terature, transient bacteremia often occurs during interventions in patients with periodontal inflammation. At the same time, a number of authors believe that the frequency of bacteremia and its severity are influenced not only by the state of the periodontal tissues, but also by the volume of intervention.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):291-292
pages 291-292 views

Treatment of autoimmune ophthalmopathy syndrome

Talantov V.V., Khasanov E.N., Shamsutdinova R.L., Gilmullin I.F.


The treatment of autoimmune ophthalmow pathy by the high doses (pulse-therapy) or glucocorticoids in terms of interrupted courses (3 days cycles in every 7—10 days and in 1 —1,5 months later on) may be successfully used in clinical practice. Pulse-therapy in the treatment of autoimmune ophthalmopathy syndrome is primarily recommended in the heavy course of the disease. Roentgenotherapy on the orbit region is prescribed in case of the insufficient effect.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):293-294
pages 293-294 views

The use of demineralized bone brefomatrix in the treatment of peri-root cysts and cystogranulomas of the jaws on an outpatient basis

Samsonov V.E., Volova L.T., Vasiliev M.V.


The reduced transplant made from fruit bones by demineralization and preserved in 0,5% formalin solution is used in the treatment of root end cysts and cystogranulomas of the jaw bones. The absorbing osteal bed and transplant are subjected to ultrasonic treatment before forthcoming osteal brephoplasty. Osteal brephoplasty is applied in 39 patients. Control group consists of 26 patients. The results show the presence of pronounced osteoinductive, bioplastic and antimicrobic properties as well as the reduction of antigenic properties in the plastic material.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):294-296
pages 294-296 views

Some predictors of the therapeutic effects of piracetam in patients with paranoid schizophrenia

Semenikhin D.G., Karpov A.M., Mavzyutov A.L., Zimakova I.E., Makarchikov N.S.


The question of the appropriateness of the use of nootropic drugs in the treatment of patients with paranoid schizophrenia has not been finally resolved. Doctors, prescribing piracetam in order to reduce astheno-dynamic symptoms, autonomic disorders, improve the tolerance of psychotropic drugs, increase physical and mental performance in their patients, experience certain difficulties. The use of this drug can introduce new components into the clinical picture and thus worsen the condition of patients - enhance productive symptoms, disrupt sleep, and cause aggressiveness.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):296-297
pages 296-297 views

Choice of spouses for women with chronic alcoholism

Shaidukova L.K.


For three decades in the pages of foreign scientific literature, the problem of alcoholism in the family — parental and marital — has been discussed. Particular attention is paid to the personality of the spouses of alcoholic patients. So, for a long time, the question of the unity of the characterological traits of the wives of alcoholic patients was exaggerated, to whom a tendency to dominance, a subconscious desire to fix alcoholic vices in the husband to maintain a leading position in the family was attributed. Despite the negative results of studies rejecting the existence of a single psychological "portrait" of the wife of an alcoholic patient, the question of the choice of spousal partners in such families remains relevant.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):297-299
pages 297-299 views

Respiratory epithelium and airway hyperresponsiveness

Rakhmatullin I.M., Gallyamov R.M., Fassakhov R.S.


The main and obligatory link in the pathogenesis of bronchial asthma (BA) is bronchial hyperreactivity. Analysis of the reasons leading to its formation in BA patients made it possible to divide them into two large groups: 1) environmental factors that allergize the patient and alter the reactivity of the bronchi; 2) environmental factors that directly affect the bronchi with subsequent changes in reactivity (chemical and mechanical irritants, physical and meteorological factors).

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):300-303
pages 300-303 views

Long-term conduction anesthesia of the sciatic nerve in the complex treatment of obliterating atherosclerosis

Fominykh V.A., Alkhanov V.H.


Conductive anesthesia as a therapeutic agent for injuries and diseases of the lower extremities is rarely performed. This is primarily due to the fact that the posterior approach is mainly used to perform the sciatic nerve block, which requires special positioning of the patient and is not suitable for inserting a catheter. The most convenient in this respect is the front access to the sciatic nerve. We catheterized the sciatic nerve according to V.V. Kuzmenkov et al. The method of long-term conduction block of the sciatic nerve (DPBS) was performed in 23 patients.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):303-303
pages 303-303 views

Ileoureteroplasty as a reoperation for high, extended ureteral stricture

Yarisov Y.N., Olenin V.V., Chernov V.A., Yarisov A.Y.


In certain situations, there is a need for intestinal ureteral plastics, which allows restoring the free outflow of urine through the artifcial ureter and preserving the kidney. We had to resort to it at reoperation, when the previous intervention to eliminate the high prevalent ureteral stricture was unsuccessful. Here is our observation.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(4):303-305
pages 303-305 views

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