Vol 27, No 2 (1931)

Towards the doctrine of the absolute complex of symptoms

Kisel А.А.


Recognizing diseases is very difficult. For centuries, the efforts of doctors have been directed in this direction, and nevertheless, at present, the teaching of recognizing diseases is, we can safely say, in its infancy. There is no way to list all the approaches that have been taken in this regard.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):119-125
pages 119-125 views

Percussion of the apex of the lungs

Mishenin I.D.


Diagnostics of the initial forms of pulmonary tuberculosis does not yet have permanent and typical clinical signs, therefore, an additional symptom that can be obtained by percussion is of importance in the clinic of early tuberculosis.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):107-110
pages 107-110 views

Influence of kumis on the separative work of the liver and pancreas

Zimnitsky V.S., Mamish M.G.


Hygienic and dietary treatment of tuberculosis patients is an important factor in the treatment of tuberculosis, and it is quite understandable that for a long time kumis therapy has attracted the attention of wide medical circles as a powerful healing method.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):110-119
pages 110-119 views

About early surgery for acute appendicitis

Rabinovich V.A.


Without dwelling on the historical development of the issue of the treatment of acute appendicitis, it should be noted that in recent years, when the principle of early surgery has become widely used, mortality from appendicitis has decreased significantly, tending to approach zero.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):125-134
pages 125-134 views

To the technique of operations for restrained hernias

Pankratiev B.E.


Various forms of strangulated hernias are one of the most common diseases when you have to resort to immediate surgery. With a huge number of hernia repairs performed in these cases, where the operational technique has been developed since ancient times, at first glance it seems that all the improvements that are possible have already been made here.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):134-138
pages 134-138 views

Experience of pain relief from the moment of eruption of the head - "Durchtrittsnarcose"

Gurtova R.M.


Pain relief of the birth act, despite the considerable literature on this issue and the abundance of experimental and clinical observations, is still a far from resolved task, which nevertheless urgently requires resolution, for a modern woman suffers much more spiritually and physically from physiological labor pains than a woman more distant times (Pankow). The variety of methods and medications offered for this purpose is the best proof that we still do not have reliable methods of pain relief during labor. Moreover, these or those methods cannot be considered absolutely harmless, both for the mother and for the fetus — and this, of course, is their most significant drawback.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):138-142
pages 138-142 views

On the issue of uterine rupture during artificial termination of pregnancy

Antelava N.V.


The question of spontaneous uterine ruptures during artificial termination of pregnancy deserves attention and interest both from the casuistic side and from the forensic medical point of view.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):142-145
pages 142-145 views

Outpatient abortion

Holodkovsky A.M.


In the literature there is already a Gellert's method of outpatient miscarriage treatment. Prof. W. Lahm there are indications of the work of Heimann'a and Arndt'a, explaining the method Gellert'a. Therefore, I will not be alone in my desire to clarify the issue of outpatient abortion, to say about it what I came to through many years of work and observation.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):145-148
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A case of true porencephaly diagnosed in vivo

Ushelevsky A.S.


Although porencephaly, as a disease with a certain pathological and anatomical substrate, has been known for more than a hundred years and more than 200 cases of this disease have been described in the world literature, all these cases could be recognized only post mortem on the basis of pathological and anatomical autopsies. Lifetime diagnosis of this relatively rare disease was considered impossible until recently. Therefore, the case described below, where true porencephaly was established in vivo with undoubted reliability, should be of exceptional interest.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):149-159
pages 149-159 views

On the question of the use of anti-rabies vaccinations (according to Ferry) in functional neuroses

Rabin P., Sharapov N.I.


Our century, characterized by shocks from the nervous system (imperialist war, civil, famine) and increased demands for mental work, gives a large percentage of mental overwork and functional disorder in the center. nervous system. If to all this we add functional disorders of the nervous system that have arisen in disorders of the endocrine-glandular apparatus, we get a fairly impressive percentage of functional neurotics (hysteria, psychasthenia, neurasthenia), for whose therapy numerous methods have been proposed: hypnotism (Braid, Virnewі1, Féré, Binet, Azam, Bernheim and, finally, Charcot), metal therapy (Burg), and, finally, modern psychotherapy Freud, Кретсshmer, Raymond, Beard, Vigouraux, Broq, Hirt, Nogier, Kowarschik, etc.).

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):159-161
pages 159-161 views

Epidemiological significance of anthrax for butter making

Zarchi G.I.


Extensive epizootics of anthrax, periodically visiting Siberia and the Urals, raise the issue of the danger of anthrax for buttermaking and methods of sterilizing oil from disadvantaged regions with great urgency to the health authorities.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):162-166
pages 162-166 views

Sanitary statistics and dialectics

Schwartz S.M.


M. Smith writes in one of his articles: “Never before has there been such a demand for figures of any kind, and never before have figures been fabricated on such grandiose proportions. Never before has the fate of our economy depended so strongly on the correctness of statistical methodology as it does now. "

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):167-180
pages 167-180 views

Syphilis in a Bashkir village

Tselischeva A.D.


In recent years, there has been a tendency of health authorities to curtail the anti-STD network in the countryside, meanwhile, survey data still reveal a large number of fresh forms of syphilis in the countryside. Medical facilities are completely unprepared for local syphilis treatment. Lack of medicines, unpreparedness of the medical staff for treatment, all this puts the fight against syphilis in the village in very difficult conditions. This work is the experience of examining a Bashkir village and convexly highlights the degree of spread of syphilis in the village.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):180-185
pages 180-185 views

III Session of the GUS

Gran M.M.


The said session of the GUS should be specially marked as a session of the reformed GUS of the reconstruction period, the period of building socialism, 5 years in 4 years. The work of the session was entirely devoted to the question of creating new scientific cadres, a new change of cadres for the construction of socialism, for the implementation of a five-year plan in four years, to consolidate the achievements of this five-year plan.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):186-191
pages 186-191 views

Large intestine resection for obstruction and subtotal gastric resection for cancer in the same patient

Bagrov Y.B.


Patient Luz-a, a widow, 51 years old, the mother of a worker of the Kialim stoves, was admitted to the therapeutic department of the Zlatoust city hospital named after I. The October Revolution on April 17, 1930 (source bol. No. 2695). Referred for seven days of stool and gas retention. Before that, there were often pains in the epigastric region and a feeling of heaviness after eating. The real disease developed immediately.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):192-193
pages 192-193 views

A case of chronic progressive invagination of the cecum


Intussusception of the intestines due to a tumor occurs quite often (the cecum is invaginated especially often), but cases of chronic progressive intussusception, it seems to me, is a far from frequent phenomenon, and therefore I consider it possible to write about the chronic intussusception I have observed due to a tumor of the cecum. In our case, the case is about a 65-year-old patient, Gr. Dmitrievskaya Chelnovaya, Tambov-Prigorodny district, Kov-evoy E. (Ist, disease No. 137), who was admitted to our hospital on April 24, 1930 for debilitating persistent diarrhea.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):193-194
pages 193-194 views

From the practice of using potassium permanganate for burns

Golmberg V.V.


Based on the instructions of my highly respected teacher prof. G.Ya. Gurevich on the beneficial effect of a 5% solution of manganese-acid potassium for burns, bedsores and some other deep skin lesions, while still a student during summer practice in 1927, I began to systematically use this remedy among workers of a brick factory, where patients with burns were more common than in other outpatient clinics.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):194-196
pages 194-196 views

Experience of using Jesionek's lamp in the treatment of epilepsy

Lukashev V.A.


The plight of the epileptic and the lack of until now reliable means for his treatment prompted me to apply physiotherapy for epilepsy, of which my attention was focused on irradiation with the Jesionek'a lamp. There were 25 patients under my supervision, of which 10 people have been under my supervision for two years; they have no seizures at all, they feel good. The remaining 15 6s have seizures, but incomparably weaker and less frequent than before. They are all workable.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):196-199
pages 196-199 views

The value of gonorrhea in a number of infectious diseases

Batunina M.P.


Infectious diseases are usually divided into general ones, where a person responds to the introduction of microorganisms with a general reaction from the body, expressed by high fever and changes in many internal organs, such as: typhoid fever, influenza, scarlet fever, plague, cholera and many others, and local, with which the general condition of the body and healthy organs either do not react at all to the intake of an infectious principle, or a similar reaction is expressed, proceeds little noticeably and is not always present on the face. Such local microbial origin of diseases include some infectious diseases of the skin, for example, rhinoscleroma, lupus, primary tubercle of the skin, actinomycosis, and genital organs, such as chancre and gonorrhea or gonorrhea.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):200-204
pages 200-204 views

Plague-like diseases in the Baraba district

Rabin L.


The question of zoonoses — diseases inherent in animals and humans at the same time — is of great importance for areas where the population in its mass is predominantly engaged in cattle breeding and hunting. The former Barabinsky district of Sibkrai belongs to such areas, and besides, it is marshy.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):204-205
pages 204-205 views

1st All-Union Meeting of Committees for Combating Rheumatism and Combating It in the USSR

Vilensky L.I., Oyfebakh M.I.


The enormous economic significance of rheumatism, which gave reason to classify it as a social disease and call it a "scourge for the industry", aroused great interest in the fight against it both in Western Europe and in the USSR. According to Arno1d'a, Ziiner'a for one case of tuberculosis "rheumatic" diseases give in places 3.2 diseases; their duration is on average 3-4 times longer than with tuberculosis.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):206-210
pages 206-210 views

Book review

Bibliography and reviews


E. V. Guryanov, A. A. Smirnov, M. V. Sokolov, P. A. IIIievarev. The Binet-Theremin rock for measuring the mental development of children, 116 pages, with appendices. "Worker of Enlightenment", 1930.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):210-211
pages 210-211 views


Biological chemistry

Lubimova M.


New data on the structure of proteins. Works by Kosse1 and Schenck based on Schenck's articles. (Naturwissensch. Hf. 39,824, 1930. and Arch. F. Exp. Path 150, 160, 1930). The works are interesting both from the point of view of the spontaneous penetration of dialectical attitudes into science, and from the point of view of changing our ideas about proteins as substances that have a certain structure formula during the life cycle.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):211-212
pages 211-212 views

Internal illnesses

Kramov N.


Lipoid histiocytosis (Journ. Med / Ass. 1930, s. 1102) or Niemann's disease is that there are a large number of "foamy" cholesterol-riddled histiocytes in the spleen, liver, lymph, nodes, bone marrow, lungs, adrenal glands and in lymph, intestinal tissue and nervous system.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):212-213
pages 212-213 views


Tsimkhes I.


About Perthes'a disease. Dr. Gaugele (Zentralbl. F. Chir. 1931. No. 2) indicates that usually only lesions of the femoral head are described under Perthes'a disease. The author observed cases of lesions of the acetabulum alone, or simultaneously with the femoral head.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):213-214
pages 213-214 views

Neuropathology and Psychiatry

Galant Y.


Bauer (Psychotherapie in der medizinischen Poliklinik) and Wenger, P. (Heber Erfolge der Psychotherapie in Rahmen einer Poliklinik für interne Kranken) warmly recommend the use in known cases of psychotherapy, mainly rational psychotherapy, in a therapeutic clinic. Wenger cites a number of cases from his outpatient practice as a general practitioner where he could only achieve success through rational psychotherapy (Klinische Wochenschrift No. 49, 1930).

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):214-215
pages 214-215 views




February 16 p. In the meeting of the obstetric and gynecological section of the Kazan Island of Physicians, the 40th anniversary of the scientific and teaching activity of prof. V. S. Gruzdeva.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):215-216
pages 215-216 views

Letters to the Editor

Questions and answers


Where can I get acquainted with the principle of the pedal needle device (aiguille à pédale), recommended by prof. For'om in the production of gynecological operations, or where can it be discharged from, and are they manufactured in our Union? Subscriber number 1473.

Kazan medical journal. 1931;27(2):216-216
pages 216-216 views

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