Vol 80, No 6 (1999)

Epidemic viral hepatitis

Bashirova D.K.


Epidemic viral hepatitis (VH), like HIV / AIDS infection, is a highly urgent problem of modern reality. The significance of these diseases is determined primarily by their global spread, which began during the Second World War in the form of an epidemic in different countries of the world and grew into a pandemic.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):401-409
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Psychopathologic peculiarities in compensated and noncompensated diabetes mellitus

Ivanov А.V., Mendelevich V.D., Mogilner R.S.


Psychic disorders in patients with diabetes mellitus depending on the degree of its compensation are studied. The current methods of determining the level of glycemia and glucosuria and the classification of psychopathologic manifestations are used. The structure of the study performed is simple. The psychopatholoc manifestations are correlated with the diabetes mellitus compensation degree. The results of the study will make it possible to determine the diabetes mellitus compensation degree on the basis of the clinical picture and dynamics of psychopathologic symptoms.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):410-411
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Use of microcrystalline cellulose in the treatment of thyroid gland hyperplasia in children

Grebneva O.P., Anchikova L.I.


The children living in Kazan were examined to estimate the state of thyroid gland. The level of iodine saturation of the organism was evaluated by the cerium — arsenite method. The discrepancy between the incidence of thyroid gland hyperplasia and the amount of urinary excretion of iodine was revealed. The general health state of the children under study, peculiarities of their diet, and drugs being taken at the moment were analyzed. Taking into account the great incidence of gastro-intestinal tract injuries and allergic manifestations, the use of enterosorbent — microcrystalline cellulose in the treatment of children with thyroid gland hyperplasia was suggested. Two types of changes of urinary excretion of iodine proving the participation of enterosorbents in the correction of iodine content in the organism were revealed in the course of the treatment.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):412-414
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Arterial hypertension in patients with active crystal formation

Maksudova A.N., Salihov I.G., Sigitova O.N.


The results of examination of 70 patients with urinary syndrome as oxalic—calcic and uratic crystalluria and in the projection of pelvic system by ultrasonic examination data were analyzed. The study of partial functions of kidneys, purine and oxalic metabolism was performed to estimate hypertension syndrome in patients with dysmetabolic disorders. The comparison of patients with arterial hypertension (15) and normotonia (55) showed the changes in the first group as fast development of dysmetabolic disorders and significant disorder of purine metabolism. The data obtained show the relation between hypertension and interstitial nephritis activity.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):415-416
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Experience of the complex treatment of chronic atrophic gastritis using riboxin

Korepanov A.M., Nazarov A.M., Nikitin E.N., Bazhenov E.L., Shklyaev A.E.


The results of the complex treatment of 60 patients with chronic atrophic gastritis using riboxin are presented. The favourable effect of riboxin on the dynamics of the clinical manifestations of the disease, collagen metabolism in gastric juice, acid —forming function parameters and ultrastructure organization of gastric mucosa is shown. These positive effects of riboxin justify its use in complex treatment of patients with chronic atrophic gastritis.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):417-420
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Variation of homeostasis in peritonitis of appendicular origin by the indicators of vascular reactions and microcirculation

Ibatullin I.A., Shaimardanov R.S., Malkov I.S., Zainutdinov A.M., Gizyatullova R.I.


Variations of homeostasis in peritonitis of appendicular origin by the indicators of vascular reactions and microcirculation are studied in dynamics early in the development. The account of the revealed variations of homeostasis makes it possible to carry out the dosed infusion therapy directed to the elimination of the functional hypovolemia in the preoperative period of preparation. For the elimination of the functional and organic insufficiency of the gastroenteric tract the endonasal intubation of the stomach and small intestine with obligatory drainage placing on the Treitz hernia and the intubation of the large intestine are necessary. The use of laparoscopic equipment with concurrent active sanation of the abdominal cavity is advisable.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):421-425
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Ultrasound color dopplerography in тне diagnosis of tumors of thе mammary gland

Nasrullaev M.N., Tukhbatullin М.G., Klyushkin I.V.


As many as 181 patients with volumetric diseases of the mammary gland аге examined using the current method of radiation diagnosis — the ultrasound color dopplerography with blood flow charting. The value of this method in the differential diagnosis of malignant and benign tumors of the mammary gland is proved

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):426-428
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Skeletal extension in metastatic injuries of the vertebral column

Akhmetzyanov F.S., Shaimardanov I.V.


The experience of using the skeletal extension in patients with metastatic injuries of the vertebral column with the danger of squeezing the spinal cord or with the developed squeezing in combination with disorders of pelvic organ functions is shown. On the basis of the given clinical observations it is concluded that the skeletal extension is one of the methods of palliative therapy. The method makes it possible to decrease the doses of narcotic and innarcotic analgetics or to abolish them, improves the quality of life, does not require additional economic expense.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):429-430
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Clinicodiagnostic peculiarities of parenteral viral hepatites in the presence of narcotic intoxication

Fazulzyanova A.I., Fazylov V.K., Mendelevich D.M.


The patients entered the viral hepatitis department among which were the persins taking naerotic agents intravenously are examined. It is established that accompanying use narcotic agents has a definite negative effect on the clinical course, laboratory and instrumental, immunologic indices in viral hapatitis.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):431-434
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Pneumonia: an urgent problem of our time

Khamitov R.F.


Despite the impressive success of pharmacotherapy, the development of more and more generations of antibacterial drugs, the proportion of pneumonia in the structure of human morbidity is quite large. Thus, in Russia annually more than 1.5 million people are observed by doctors for this disease, of which 20% are admitted to hospitals due to the severity of the disease. Among all hospitalized patients with bronchopulmonary inflammation, excluding acute respiratory viral infections, the number of patients with pneumonia exceeds 60%.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):435-438
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Campylobacteriosis in the pathogenesis of diseases of the female reproductive system

Borodin Y.I., Minnulin I.K., Minnulina N.K.


In the last decade, the number of identified microbes and viruses that can cause sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) has increased significantly. A significant part of people are at risk of contracting STDs due to the peculiarities of sexual behavior, early onset of sexual activity, liberalization of sexual relations, drug addiction, and uncontrolled use of antibacterial drugs.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):439-440
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The use of laser therapy in the treatment of patients with traumatic brain injury

Vasiliev A.Y., Semenov A.N.


The urgency of the problem of traumatic brain injury is explained by its increasing frequency, significant mortality and severity of the consequences. In the treatment of patients with traumatic brain injury, we used laser therapy. 182 patients with craniocerebral trauma of varying severity (men - 129, women - 53, age - 16-40 years) were treated in the intensive care and neurosurgical departments.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):441-442
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Combination of different types of intestinal intussusception trauma in children

Chetin M.B.


The issues of diagnosis and treatment of intestinal intussusception in children are still one of the most urgent in pediatric surgery. Often, intestinal intussusception is combined with various types of injuries.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):442-442
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Study of autonomic disorders in video display terminal users

Fatkhutdinova L.M., Ismagilov M.F., Amirov N.K., Gallyamov A.B.


The incidence of paroxysmal vegetative disorders in users of videodisplay terminals, as well as the dependence of the disorders on some individual peculiarities of workers: sex, age, a series of social demographic, family and behaviour characteristics and general physical training are studied. The incidence of vegetative paroxysms in women — users of videodisplay terminals was higher than in women not working with videodisplay terminals. It is shown that women — users of videodisplay terminals aged 30 and older are a group of increased risk from the standpoint of paroxysmal vegetative disorders.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):443-445
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Topical problems of financing medical institutions in market economy

Akhmetzyanov I.M.


The system of budget financing health protection institutions establishing on a level of the concrete region with respect to the used account forms is studied. Under unchecked rise of prices in commodity — bill interpayment accounts in the true process of market economy formation the health protection authorities should reserve the control functions in prices and tariff of medical products. The mechanisms of increasing the efficiency of using resources should be laid in the health protection system, the necessity of increasing financial resources of health protection will demand the rise of the efficiency of using the provided means.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):446-449
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Life way and health state of children bringin up in the families with a father abusing alcohol

Ibragimov A.I.


The data of medicosocial study of the families having a father abusing alcohol are presented. The disease incidence of children in sociopathic families was studied by the data of taking medical advice and medical examination. The complex estimation of their health state showed that one third of the sociopathic group (33,2%) refers to III—IV health groups, that is they have various chronic diseases. The social and medical care for them can be considered as the priority direction in maternity and child protection.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):450-453
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Medicosocial characteristic of the activity of children’s dentist in a large city

Galiullin A.N., Akhmetova G.M.


The anonymous scheme is developed to study the effect of medicosocial factors on labour activity and work quality of children’s dentist. The causal relationships between them and work quality are revealed. A series of unfavourale medicosocial factors of life of children’s dentists has influence on qualitative indices of their activity.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):454-455
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Children death rate as a result of external causes

Umyarova F.R.


The social and hygienic aspects of the reath rate of children and teenagers as a result of accidents, traumas and intoxication are studied. Higher level of the death rate of children living in rural regions, especially of males is revealed. The basic cause of unfavourable incomes in unnatural death in children aged up to one was asphyxia as a result of aspiration of food and vomiting, older than one were drowning and road-transport accidents, from 10 to 14 — suicides, from 15 to 17 — suicides and road-transport accidents. The coordinated and interdisciplinary measures are necessary to solve the problem connected with accidents and injuries in children.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):456-458
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Dynamics of the incidence of internal organ diseases in adult population in kazan

Amirov N.B., Pigalova N.V., Pigalov A.P., Muravyeva T.M., Mazitova A.K., Tokareva T.N., Nasybullina Z.R., Minabutdinova N.P., Nikonova Е.I.


The dynamics of the disease incidence indices in adult population for 1992 to 1997 is analyzed. The growth of the incidence of internal organs diseases and the tendency to increasing the rate of hypertension, ischemic heart disease, diseases of stomach and respiratory organs are noted, the demand for specialized services, diagnostic and medical provision increases. The necessity to form complex medicosocial and economic measures directed to decreasing negative tendencies in health of the population in Kazan is noted.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):459-461
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Adaptive computer examination system in prophylactic medical examination of pregnants

Nikolskaya L.A., Shaikhutdinova L.N., Golubeva R.K., Glova V.I., Suzdaltsev V.A., Shakirova L.Z.


The experience of using in obstetric practice the adaptive computer technologies which make it possible to come to the true management decision is shown. The quality of diagnosis and prediction of pathologic states of pregnants increases, the risk groups are revealed more operative in using the examination system.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):462-463
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Autodermoimplantation technique for the treatment of non-healing wounds and trophic ulcers

Izmailov G.A., Izmailov S.G., Deryabina N.I., Orenburov I.Y.


Until now, the treatment of trophic leg ulcers is a difficult task. One of the treatment options was recognized as a surgical method by implanting small skin autoplants into the granulation tissue. However, the main reason for failure in its use is the imperfect technique of immersing skin grafts in granulation.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):464-464
pages 464-464 views

On the experience of using fixed raster cassettes

Sergeev L.P.


Many existing designs of modern domestic and foreign X-ray apparatus do not allow the use of a screening grating in some X-ray studies. For example, it is impossible to use a raster when working on a mobile ward apparatus without a special “Deck” for laterographic studies.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):465-465
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Features of training and employment prospects for managers with higher nursing education

Vakhitov S.M.


Changing attitudes towards nursing is essential in the process of large-scale health care reform. This is explained by the fact that modern healthcare cannot be based on the old, patriarchal model of the nursing process, where the nurse was only a manipulator. In the new model, a nurse is an equal subject of the health care system, performing specific functions.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):466-468
pages 466-468 views

Preventive medicine: problems and development prospects

Sukharev A.G., Fomin G.A.


Preventive medicine is an area of scientific knowledge about the preservation and strengthening of the health of the population, the laws of its formation in unity with the environment. It is closely related to ecology, sociology, biology and other scientific disciplines, knowledge of which is necessary to identify cause-and-effect relationships in a complex health-environment system.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):469-469
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A.A. tuberculosis Wiesel, M.E. Gurylev. / Ed. Academy of M.I. Perelman. - M., 1999 - 208 pages

Grigoriev Y.G.


A guide to help the practitioner "Tuberculosis" was published within the framework of the federal target program "Urgent measures to combat tuberculosis in Russia for 1998-2004." The book is intended for a wide range of readers. General practitioners will find in it the basics of modern phthisiology, professional phthisiatricians will receive new information about the DOTS strategy, which has not yet been included in domestic guidelines, about new anti-tuberculosis drugs and new combined dosage forms.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):470-471
pages 470-471 views

I.A. Latfullin. Myocardial infarction. - Kazan, 1998 .-- 216 pages

Zakirova A.N.


An extensive scientific literature is devoted to the problem of myocardial infarction (MI), among which there are many monographs. The book under review is distinguished by a wide coverage of the problem with the use of world and domestic literature. In addition, her own views on MI are clearly traced in it. The author pays great attention to the clinic of MI, believing that the propaedeutic examination of the patient, the detailing and verification of symptoms, the ability to doubt when everything seems simple or “classic” are still relevant.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):471-472
pages 471-472 views



Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of March 15, 1999 and the Decree of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan of November 2, 1999 on awards. Congratulations to Rashid Bilalovich Sagdeev.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(6):472-472
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