Vol 25, No 9 (1929)

In memory of Professor Alexander Ignatievich Timofeev (1881-1929)

Leibchik Y.A.


On August 28 this year, one of the most prominent and talented representatives of the Kazan obstetric and gynecological school, Professor Alexander Ignatievich Timofeev, passed away untimely. In his person, Kazan University, Kazan State Institute for Mustache, Doctors and Russian gynecology suffered a heavy loss.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):878-881
pages 878-881 views

What should be borne in mind when examining biopsies and tissue pieces in general for diagnostic purposes

Vasilieva I.P.


With the development of pathological anatomy (resp. Histology), it has become quite common that a part of a clinical diagnosis, and sometimes its main essence, receive a response from the named discipline. The pathologist most often in such cases has to deal with tissue pieces biopsied or scraped out in various ways, with blastomas and whole organs removed surgically. In more rare cases, self-excreted tissue parts serve as material.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):882-887
pages 882-887 views

On the role of the adrenal glands in the biochemistry of the body

Shcherbakov S.A., Zimnitsky V.S., Dmitriev V.R.


Anyone “who runs the risk of stepping on the shaky soil of the endocrine glands must walk on it carefully, since there is nothing more disastrous,” says Nobekur. II indeed, we know that despite the colossal amount of research accumulated in the endocrinological literature, we all have a number of conflicting opinions and hypotheses, sometimes mutually exclusive of each other.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):888-896
pages 888-896 views

Experiments on immunizing a person against relapsing fever

Aristovsky V.М., Weinstein А.В.


In our previous report (Kaz. Med. Zhurn. 1929 No.1, we showed that by subcutaneous vaccination of a person with cultures of the original race of our spirochete Obermeier strain killed by heating at 60 ° C, it is possible to inform the body of immunity against subsequent artificial infection a living culture of the same race, the spirochetes.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):896-902
pages 896-902 views

Experience of experimental study of ovariolysates professor Tushnova

Sigalevich A.I.


Over the past two years, quite a lot of attention has been attracted by the work of Professor Tushnov, who put forward and defends the hypothesis that “natural or artificial decay products of individual highly differentiated tissues, entering the body parenterally, cause irritation of the corresponding cells in it, and depending on the dose and state organ, a different effect of irritation is obtained — from the excitement of the functional activity of the given organ to its complete atrophy. "

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):902-913
pages 902-913 views

My local anesthesia technique for abdominal surgery.

Vishnevsky A.V.


Individual operations, sometimes quite complex, are done in various areas of it, but they do not have the character of an integral, consistent system resting on a certain principle, but rather look like accidentally successful surgical attempts, usually associated with various combinations of anesthesia methods.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):913-923
pages 913-923 views

A weak solution and careful injection of it make it possible to carry out impregnation of the mesenteric leaves and parietal peritoneum in any size with impunity. To the question of the treatment of atrophic rhinitis.

Matveev D.N.


Therapy for atrophic rhinitis is very rich in methods of Treatment and drugs, but none of them can be considered satisfactory. Electrolysis, vaporization, pulverization, treatment with X-rays, radium, ultraviolet rays also do not give a cure. The operations of transplanting the Stenon's duct into the Gaimor's cavity and the lacrimal canals into the middle nasal passage are also invalid.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):923-925
pages 923-925 views

On the question of uremia

Speransky S.I.


The issue of renal diseases has undergone significant changes in a relatively short time and has been enriched by new facts. The classification of Volchard and Fahr, combining the pathological and anatomical and clinical worldviews, constituted a major stage in the history of the development of the clinic of renal diseases. Further development of the issue opened up completely new horizons.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):925-932
pages 925-932 views

Quantitative changes in blood enzymes (catalase, amylase, lipase) under the influence of artificial sun

Diveeva N.A.


Modern medicine in its most important fields is under the sign of the study of enzymes. Ziber-Shumova, noting the all-encompassing role of enzymes in biology, says: “We are not able to imagine, generally speaking, life without enzymatic processes. The concept of life is associated with the concept of a number of the most diverse enzymatic processes.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):932-937
pages 932-937 views

On the question of inflammation of the lumbosacral plexus

Pervushin G.V.


Until recently, neuropathologists have been paying great attention to diseases of the peripheral nervous system. Among these diseases, there are often cases of damage to the brachial and lumbosacral plexus. Inflammations of the brachial plexus are observed more often than the lumbosacral plexus, and a number of works are devoted to their study (Dricheue, Erb, Oppenheim, Flaubert, Dejerine - Klumpke, Dejerine, Gysi, Bernehardt, Unger, Kramer, etc.). The question of inflammation of the lumbosacral plexus is poor in literature and, in our opinion, has not been sufficiently developed to date.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):937-944
pages 937-944 views

Malaria in a gonorrhea clinic

Pechnikova Y.D.


At the moment, clinical medicine is busy revising the old narrowly specialized point of view on diseases and expanding the understanding of local painful disorders by studying the effect of general conditions in the diseased organism on local diseases. This path aims to bring greater clarity to our usually vague and vague ideas about soil, disposition, individuality — depending on which the same local process in different cases gives extremely different pictures.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):944-950
pages 944-950 views

To the characteristics of the working conditions of "water workers" of the Volga basin

Treiman V.V.


The army employed in transport, in particular in water transport, is one of the largest. According to the data of the only “census of employees on steam and non-steam vessels”, made in 1901 and covering 1059 steam and 4289 non-steam vessels of the Volga basin, for the period of the steam fleet, the latter employed: 16058 people. in the steam room and 21452 people. in the non-steam fleet.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):950-962
pages 950-962 views

Observations on the healing effect of erysipelas

Faerstein S.


At the present time, there are already many observations of the health-improving effect of some diseases on others; so, according to the work of Wagner-Jauregg and others, there is an improvement in many cases with progressive paralysis and dorsal tabes after vaccinations of malaria and relapsing fever. Some authors, like Schreber and others, have seen improvement in gonorrhoid patients after malaria vaccination.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):962-964
pages 962-964 views

A case of prolonged infringement of the penis by a rail nut

Kovalevsky S.F.


19 / II, 1929, a trackman at one of the distant stations G., 26 years old, married with children, turned to me for help. Almost two years ago, in a circle of guys, they argued: who can put a nut on a penis. Betting. G. planted a 7 ⁄ inch (160 g) nut all the way to the root of his penis and won the bet. And when he wanted to take it back, it turned out to be impossible due to the swelling of the penis that quickly set in.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):964-966
pages 964-966 views

Fistula vulvo-rectalis compléta acquisita.

Keves G.N.


One of the favorite places for the localization of gonorrhoid infection in the genital area of a woman is the Bartholin's glands, which, as is known, are embedded in the thickness of the large lips.
All are unanimous that only one excretory duct is infected with gonococci, and this sometimes leads to partial or complete blockage of it.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):965-966
pages 965-966 views

Combined form of Charcot disease and osteomalacia

Grossman I.В.


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, described for the first time in 1869 - 1874 by Charcot and Joffrois and which received more accurate and complete coverage in the future thanks to the studies of Flсhsig, is known to be characterized by primary systemic degeneration along the cortical-muscular pathway, including here, in addition to the spinal cord department, and bulbar, related to the muscles of the face, tongue, soft palate, etc.; the entire conductive path is not always captured, but only a significant part of it

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):966-968
pages 966-968 views

The current state of the issue of the role of the filterable virus in the occurrence of congenital tuberculosis

Tarnopolsky I.Y.


Over the past two decades, especially since 1922, in the medical literature, mainly in the French, a whole series of works has appeared that make significant changes in our concepts of the biology and morphology of the tuberculosis bacillus and on the mechanism of transmission of TBC from parents to children.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):968-977
pages 968-977 views

About socialist competition

Pleshitser A.Y.


The XVI Party Conference in its appeal to all workers and toiling peasants of the Soviet Union on socialist emulation points out: “Gigantic tasks have been set by history for the working people of our country. In a relatively short historical period, we must catch up and overtake the advanced capitalist countries in technical and economic terms, carrying out the socialist reconstruction of the entire national economy.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):977-982
pages 977-982 views

III Regional Congress of otorhinolaryngologists in Kazan

Wolfson Z.I., Trutnev N.K.


From 8 to 11 June 1929, the III Regional Congress of Otorhinolaryngologists was held in Kazan. 148 delegates attended the Congress, 29 towns were represented, including cities in distant outskirts (Tashkent, Irkutsk, Baku and Grozny). The congress was very lively. Periphery doctors, along with academic staff, had the opportunity to freely exchange views on issues of interest to them, as a result of which the sessions of the Congress were lengthened by 2-3 hours with the unremitting attention of the participants.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):982-984
pages 982-984 views

III All-Union plumbing and sanitary-technical congress

Dykhno M.A.


The issues of the improvement of cities and villages are currently acquiring important economic and political importance in connection with the large-scale construction that is now being carried out in the Union. The importance of the All-Union plumbing and sanitary-technical congresses is growing every year.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):984-988
pages 984-988 views

Meetings of medical societies. Society of Physicians at Kazan University. Surgical section. III-IV 1929

Smirnov S.A.


Doctor N. A. Gerasimova. Demonstration of a patient — a boy 4 years old — after arthrodesis of the left shoulder according to the method of prof. MO Friedland with quite satisfactory immediate results, namely: a whole series of voluminous movements of the limb appeared due to the muscles that set the scapula of the same name in motion.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):988-990
pages 988-990 views

Meetings of medical societies. Society of Physicians at Kazan University. Surgical section. IV-1929

Tsimkhes I.L.


Доктор М. Е. Седы X. Редкий случай извлечения конкремента из брюшной полости. Напечатано в № 6 „Каз. мед. журнал «за 1929 г. — Прения: проф. П. М. Красин, доктор И. Л. Цимхес, доктор Сызганов, пр.-доп. В. А. Гусынин и проф. В. Л. Боголюбов, подчеркнувший интересный случай, особенно темный вопрос происхождения конкрементов.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):990-992
pages 990-992 views
pages 992-993 views

Meetings of medical societies. Society of Physicians at Kazan University. Surgical section. Meeting 27.Ѵ.1929

Tsimkhes I.L.


The meeting was attended by a veteran of Russian surgery prof. V. I. Razumovsky, to which the chairman of the section prof. V.L.Bogolyubov made a short welcoming speech and offered to preside over this meeting. Having assumed the chairmanship, prof. V. I. Razumovsky made a short speech, saying that he was especially pleased to be at this meeting, since he had many years of work and many memories associated with Kazan surgery, and he still lovingly follows the success of Kazan surgery.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):993-994
pages 993-994 views

Treatment of tuberculosis patients with diet

Zaitsev М.


The question of the nutrition of patients has recently occupied a prominent place in the German medical literature, as well as in Berlin clinics. Nutrition for infants, nutrition for patients obsessed with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nutrition for those suffering from metabolic disorders, nutrition for surgical patients, pre- and postoperative - cause a lot of controversy in medical circles and more and more attracts the attention of practitioners.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):994-995
pages 994-995 views

Professor M. F. Rudnev. Diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract in childhood. Publishing House of the Dnepropetrovsk Society of Pediatric Doctors, 1929

Menshikov V.К.


The question of the pathogenesis of kidney disease in recent years has undergone a great revision and in connection with a change in views in this area, new data have appeared in the field of prevention and therapeutic measures.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):995-995
pages 995-995 views

A. A. Kovalevsky. Percussion of organs and their measurement. P. 53. Tomsk. Publishing House of the Student Scientific and Medical Section, c. 60 kopecks, 1928

Breitman M.Y.


In this edition, the author describes the methods of percussion used in the clinic of prof. MG Kurlova, using which this clinic developed centimeter measurements of organs, which turned out to be important and useful for both clinical and practical purposes.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):995-995
pages 995-995 views

Prof. O. Bumke. Modern trends in psychiatry. GIZ, M, p. 109, c. 80 k .., 1929

Yudin Т.I.


One cannot but welcome the appearance of a Russian translation of a small collection of speeches by prof. Witke, which vividly outline the state of a number of the most important problems of modern psychiatry.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):996-996
pages 996-996 views

A. Gohe. The transitional age of a man (menopause). Translated. ed. Professor A. A. Bogomolets. Gosmedizdat, p. 77, M. c. 50 to 1929

Yudin Т.I.


Written with great authority, written very vividly, of course, it deserves a lot of attention, and therefore translation into Russian. A small book by prof. Noshe was published in Germany in two editions within 2 years.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):996-996
pages 996-996 views

K. Wасhhоldor. Willkürliche Haltunng und Bewegung insbesondere im Lichte elektrophysiologischer Untersuchungen. с 55 рис. в тексте. стр. 218. München, J. E. Bergmann. ц. M. 18.1928 год

Breitman M.Y.


The book is devoted to the study of voluntary posture and movement, especially from the point of view of electro-physiological research. In the introduction, the author gives a definition of voluntary movement and methods of study, consisting in recording the flow of movement, establishing the forces that cause movement, and establishing the uniformity of innervation.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):997-997
pages 997-997 views

Fiftieth anniversary of Dr. N.F.Flerin


16 июня 1929 года в Ростове на Дону Научно-медицинское о-во при С.К.Г.У. и О-во Судебной медицины, врачебной экспертизы и криминологии чествовали своего члена д-ра медицины Николая Федоровича Флерина по поводу пятидесятилетия его врачебной, научной, педагогической и общественной деятельности. В течение 35 лет Н. Ф. состоял на врачебных должностях военного ведомства, 1½ года работал в клинике Казанского университета, 2 года провел в научной командировке в Военно-медицинской академии и 4 года работал в земстве.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):997-998
pages 997-998 views

Chronicle. Volume 25, No. 9 (1929)


Starting from the current academic year at Kazan University, at the medical faculty, according to the proposal of the Main Profobor, a continuous industrial practice of students is being introduced, which will consist of the work of students of the II, III and IV courses in pharmacies, NKZ hospitals as support staff, work in dispensaries, with sanitary doctors, sanitary inspectors, smallpox vaccination, etc.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):998-1002
pages 998-1002 views

Questions and answers. Volume 25, No. 9 (1929)


Please inform me about the method and means of treating bronchial asthma in children aged 1 year and the prevention of bronchial asthma.

Kazan medical journal. 1929;25(9):1003-1003
pages 1003-1003 views

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