Vol 68, No 2 (1987)

Possibilities of laparoscopy in emergency surgery

Kochnev O.S., Kim I.A.


To date, the diagnosis of surgical emergencies is carried out mainly according to the results of conventional clinical and laboratory tests, giving a significant number of diagnostic errors in daily clinical practice (according to our data, from 11 to 21.4%). There is a need to use express diagnostic methods, which would objectively and quickly indicate the nature and severity of the pathological process in abdominal cavity. These primarily include laparoscopic studies.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):81-84
pages 81-84 views

Traumatic chyloperitoneum

Voitsekhovich V.N., Dobrokvashin S.V., Mustafin A.A., Gerasimov N.A., Bondarev Y.V., Lustina N.N.


Chyloperitoneum is an understudied and rare pathology. Lymphoedema in the abdominal cavity may be the result of traumatic damage to the main lymphatic vessels of the mesentery, or may not be directly related to the trauma. The clinical picture of chyloperitoneum is varied and depends on the etiological factor and the rate of lymphoedema.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):85-87
pages 85-87 views

Surgical correction of acid-producing function of the stomach by selective mucosectomy

Salikhov I.A., Agafonov A.A., Gafurov D.I.


Gastric and duodenal ulcer is one of the most common diseases of the digestive tract. Failure of conservative therapy forces to resort to surgical treatment, aimed at suppression of the main aggressive factors leading to ulcerogenesis - reduction of hydrochloric acid and pepsin production, elimination of motor and evacuatory disorders.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):87-89
pages 87-89 views

Changes in external respiratory function in severe combined cranial and thoracic trauma

Krylov V.E.


We analyzed case histories and forensic medical examination reports of 247 deceased patients with combined cranial and chest trauma, which allowed us to identify the following difficulties in the differential diagnosis of respiratory disorders.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):89-91
pages 89-91 views

Treatment of cerebral complications of the acute period of severe traumatic brain injury

Valeev E.K.


Craniocerebral trauma currently occupies one of the leading places among injuries of various localizations (up to 40%) and is characterized as "killer number 1". The main task of modern therapeutic measures in the acute period of severe craniocerebral trauma is not only to extend the life expectancy of the injured, but also to create the most favorable conditions for restoration of functional activity of the brain, prevention and reduction of possible extra- and intracerebral complications, reduction of adverse neurological and psychiatric consequences in the long-term period.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):92-94
pages 92-94 views

On the possibility of radiophotometric diagnosis of compression fractures of the cervical spine

Murugov V.S., Bashirova F.K.


Difficulties in diagnosing cervical spine injuries are well known. The high percentage of diagnostic errors in this group of patients is due to the complex structure of the cervical spine and the variety of its forms. Little attention is paid to so-called mild, uncomplicated cervical trauma, although sufficient evidence has been accumulated to date indicating the real risk of cervical myelopathy in patients who have suffered relatively mild trauma even without radiologically visible damage to bone structures.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):95-95
pages 95-95 views

New design of an external fixation apparatus for the treatment of patients with open fractures of the forearm bones

Aydarov R.B., Lushnikov E.V., Khafizov F.F.


Treatment of patients with open fractures of the long bones is an important problem for practical healthcare due to the severity of this pathology, the high risk of complications, the duration of treatment, and the large number of unsatisfactory outcomes. The choice of the method of bone fragment immobilization is one of the challenging tasks faced by traumatologists in providing emergency care to patients with open fractures of the long tubular bones. The advantages of early extrafocal external fixation in this pathology are well known.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):96-98
pages 96-98 views

Hemosorption in the treatment of patients with purulent-resorptive fever in infected abortion

Kostyuchek D.F., Ryzhova R.K.


The tactics of management of patients with infected abortions has not yet been definitively determined. The choice of intensive care, timing and method of surgical treatment is determined by the nature and extent of infection, pre-morbid background, virulence of the pathogen, gestational age and developed complications. However, it is generally accepted that the decisive therapeutic interventions are those aimed at eliminating the primary focus of infection - the infected fetus or its remnants, the infected uterus.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):98-100
pages 98-100 views

Imbalance in the nicotinamide coenzyme system in myocardial infarction

Gilmiyarova F.I., Kuznetsov G.P., Radomskaya V.M., Vinogradova L.N., Sverdlova B.I.


The study of cardiac muscle metabolism is of significant interest due to the specificity of metabolism and function, the frequency of cardiac lesions, observed in most cases against the background of atherosclerotic process, polymorphism and severity of myocardial infarction course. It is known that in the heart muscle, depending on the conditions, mainly glucose, fatty acids, ketone bodies, lactate, amino acids are utilized as energy substrates. The possibility of autonomous synthesis of NAD-coenzymes apparently contributes to the provision of multidisciplinary enzymatic processes for catabolism, energy supply, and anabolic transformations. There are reports in the literature about disruption of NAD+/NADH + H+ ratio in experimental myocardial infarction and in patients in the acute phase of the process.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):100-101
pages 100-101 views

Effect of retabolil on hyperuricemia in chronic heart failure

Bakhteev R.R.


Anabolic steroid drugs are widely used in the complex therapy of chronic heart failure. The positive effect of drugs of this group, in particular retabolol, is associated with the normalization of protein metabolism. Therefore, it is of interest to determine the possible effect of retabolol on purine metabolism as a component of protein metabolism, especially at the stage of uric acid formation. The development of hyperuricemic condition in heart failure against the background of treatment with cardiac glycosides and diuretics are reported by V. Е. Anisimov et al.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):102-103
pages 102-103 views

Effect of nitroglycerin and salbutamol on bronchial patency and hemodynamics in patients with respiratory tuberculosis

Vizel A.A.


The study of drugs affecting bronchial patency is an important aspect of modern phthisiopulmonology, since bronchospasm is noted even in small forms of pulmonary tuberculosis. The relevance of studying this issue is also determined by the high frequency of combining tuberculosis and chronic nonspecific lung diseases (23%-93.7%) and primarily with chronic obstructive bronchitis.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):103-107
pages 103-107 views

Spinal strokes in children

Ratner A.Y., Kochergina O.S.


In most neurological hospitals, spinal strokes are still rare, although the acute development of the disease, the ability to localize the lesion in the spinal cord, and knowledge of some basic features of this disease make the diagnosis of spinal circulation disorders uncomplicated even in outpatient settings. A certain role is probably played by the long-standing prejudice that spinal strokes do not exist at all. There is no information about this pathology in textbooks and manuals on neurology even ten years ago. As for the possibility of spinal strokes in children, this assumption may seem implausible. But, unfortunately, spinal strokes in children do exist and are relatively not that rare. Knowing how to recognize them allows us to start immediate adequate therapy and only then can good results be achieved.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):107-109
pages 107-109 views

On the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment of vertebrogenic diseases of the nervous system in outpatient settings

Vorobiev L.V.


Peripheral nervous system disorders with temporary disability rank third in the overall structure of morbidity. They are second only to respiratory diseases and trauma. Therefore, the development of effective methods for the treatment of neurological complications of spinal osteochondrosis is extremely relevant both from the medical and social points of view.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):110-111
pages 110-111 views

Clinic of neuroses complicated by alcoholism and their treatment

Klassen I.A., Shmakova M.A.


The problem of neuroses complicated by alcoholism, the peculiarity of clinical picture of the combined disease, dynamics of its development as well as treatment issues are not sufficiently described in the modern literature. The interpretation of such cases of neurosis is complicated by the fact that the clinical picture of alcoholism itself may reveal more or less definite neurosis-like symptoms. It is necessary to note that in many cases the primary treatment of patients suffering from neurosis complicated by alcoholism has taken place in the advanced stages of alcoholism at severe social and personal decompensation and mainly due to intensive alcoholization of the patient.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):112-115
pages 112-115 views

Impact of self-consciousness of patients with schizophrenia on their family adjustment

Nosenko N.F.


Treatment and rehabilitation measures for schizophrenia are not limited to the elimination of psychotic conditions, but also have as their goal the possible social re-adaptation of patients, which includes both professional and labor activity, and social adaptation. The family as the primary social group in which an individual forms and learns about himself as a person and which mediates his relations with society, forms a special psychological environment with maximum closeness of communication. Family relations therefore necessarily affect the course of the disease. Full social compensation of the mental defect is not achieved without active participation of the patient's consciousness and without a critical attitude toward the disease. Without taking into account self-consciousness it is impossible to study interpersonal relations, including family relations.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):115-118
pages 115-118 views

Elimination of maxillary sinus floor perforation in a dental outpatient clinic

Livshits Y.G., Timofeev G.A., Shkanakin L.G.


Well-known surgical and orthopedic ways to eliminate maxillary sinus floor perforation in polyclinic conditions are mainly reduced to the application of a deaf suture or iodine-formed turunda with its fixation in the hole. However, these methods have significant disadvantages: displacement of the turunda to the site of perforation causes the formation of a persistent fistula, and the application of deaf suture - the need for significant resection of the alveolar process, especially in the area of molars, because their holes are wide. In addition, there is often a divergence of sutures and breakthrough of the suture material through the gum mucosa. Orthopedic method of treatment is indicated only in cases where there are contraindications to surgery for the overall condition of the patient.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):118-119
pages 118-119 views

Intraoperative prevention of spongiform fistula of the intestinal urinary reservoir-bladder during its suprapubic drainage

Sitdykova M.E.


Bladder replacement surgery with an intestinal graft requires temporary urine diversion from the intestinal bladder in the postoperative period. There are various methods: urethral, suprapubic, and combined. The most common of them is suprapubic drainage [1-3]. The majority of authors perform suprapubic drainage of the intestinal bladder by means of derivative and adductive knees of an intestinal graft on the skin with the subsequent insertion of a rubber tube into its cavity. This method of drainage is accompanied by the formation of a spongiform fistula of the bladder, which can be eliminated only by repeated surgical intervention with installation of a permanent urethral catheter.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):120-121
pages 120-121 views

Significance of the pineal gland in female neuroendocrine homeostasis

Fattakhova F.A.


Numerous experimental studies have proved the suppressive effect of epiphysis on sex gland secretion, which is explained by the primary influence of the pineal gland on gonadotropin formation. Intraventricular administration of the epiphysis hormone melatonin leads to the accumulation of neurosecretin in the hypothalamic nuclei and blocks its release into the posterior pituitary lobe. The central effect of melatonin is manifested in the suppression of secretion of luteotropic hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) by the pituitary gland. Studies conducted by E.I. Chazov and V.A. Isachenkov testify to a high degree of dependence of luteotropic hormone formation on the pineal gland. Additionally, the authors demonstrated that the involvement of the epiphysis in the regulation of luteotropic hormone synthesis is not lost after puberty, but persists for a long period of the reproductive stage. The amplitude of the effect of the epiphysis on the level of luteotropic hormone formation depends on its functional state, determined by the degree of ambient light. It was found that luteotropic hormone synthesis peaks at certain times of the day, depending on the season of the year: at 15 h in spring and at 3 h in other seasons.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):121-124
pages 121-124 views

Bernard-Soulier disease

Shitikova A.S., Fedorova Z.D., Belyazo O.E., Shlyapochnikova G.P., Papayan L.P., Denisova L.A., Egorova V.A., Popova T.I.


Bernard-Soulier disease, a congenital macrocytic thrombocytopathy, was first described in 1948. Currently, this pathology has again attracted the attention of many researchers, as the study of its pathogenesis has deepened the understanding of the mechanisms of the hemostatic process concerning the interaction of platelets with the damaged vessel wall. This rare disease (70 cases were described by 1983) is inherited as an incomplete autosomal recessive trait and is observed with equal frequency in males and females. Bleeding from mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and other organs, petechiae and ecchymoses on the skin usually appear in early childhood. Hemorrhagic syndrome is usually of moderate severity, but often (in 17% of patients) is the direct cause of death due to bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract or hemorrhage in the brain and its membranes.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):124-130
pages 124-130 views

Experience with bronchoscopy in an interdistrict children's surgical department

Mukhametzyanov R.M., Filichkin V.G.


From 1983 to 1985, 64 bronchoscopies were performed in our department in 40 patients. There were 8 children under one year old, 21 - 1-2 years old, 2-5 - 9, 9-10 - 2. Destructive pneumonia was diagnosed in 21 children, acute inflammatory airway diseases in 7, aspiration pneumonia in one: foreign bodies in bronchi were found in 1 1 children. Bronchoscopy involved bronchial occlusion (19), removal of obturators and foreign bodies (30), and bronchial sanitation (15).

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):130-130
pages 130-130 views

Surgical method of removal of foreign bodies in children from the airways through the bronchoscope

Nikolaev S.N., Nikolaev S.N., Grebnev P.N.


Providing care to children who have aspirated foreign bodies into the airways is often a difficult task. Its solution depends on the nature, forms, localization, fixation of foreign bodies and the duration of their stay in the tracheobronchial tree. As a rule, it requires individualization of the treatment tactics and the choice of the optimal instrument. Currently, bronchoscopy is the main method of foreign body removal, but when they are firmly embedded in the walls of the tracheobronchial tree it becomes necessary to perform surgical intervention.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):130-131
pages 130-131 views

Correction of immunity disorders in the complex treatment of patients with severe diphtheria polyradiculoneuritis

Gavrilova K.I., Lebenzon S.S., Kolesnikova A.F.


X., 39 years old, was referred to the clinic of children's infectious diseases of Novosibirsk Medical Institute on 14.02.84 with the diagnosis: diphtheria polyneuritis with bulbar syndrome. Her husband and children were healthy. She denied any contacts with infectious diseases. Never had any previous illnesses. Has no recollection of vaccinations.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):131-132
pages 131-132 views

Out-of-hospital abortion outcomes

Miftakhova F.A., Ignatieva D.P., Garaeva S.F.


Although every woman can terminate an unwanted pregnancy in a gynecological hospital, out-of-hospital abortions, in spite of the preventive work, remain an important problem of obstetrics and gynecology today. We analyzed 479 case histories of out-of-hospital abortions from the gynecology department of the 5th city hospital in Kazan, specialized in septic complications in obstetrics.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):132-133
pages 132-133 views

Biorhythms and myocardial infarction

Minkevich A.I., Yunusov R.V., Gabitov S.Z., Storozhev A.L.


The aim of our research was to find the dependence of myocardial infarction occurrence on the critical days and phases of three macrorhythms: physical, emotional and intellectual. The following dates were taken for comparison - day, month, year of birth and date, month, year of myocardial infarction occurrence.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):133-134
pages 133-134 views

Evaluation of invasive and noninvasive methods of investigation of the lower limb trunk veins

Latypova A.A., Malinovsky M.N.


We have analyzed angiomorphological changes of the venous system of the lower limbs in varicose veins revealed by simultaneous catheterization of the femoral, popliteal veins, marginal vein of the foot and compared the obtained data on the deep vein valve system status by invasive method with the results of percutaneous Doppler sonography.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):134-134
pages 134-134 views

Biomechanics of breathing in young smokers

Pyrgar D.P.


It is known that one of the main causes contributing to the development of chronic bronchitis, as well as pulmonary emphysema, is smoking. We followed up 66 healthy men from 17 to 34 years old who had no contact with occupational hazards. The examined subjects were subdivided into 2 groups - smokers (31 persons) and nonsmokers (35), which differed little from each other by age and occupation. Smokers consumed at least 6 cigarettes (cigarettes) per day for 6.5 years.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):134-135
pages 134-135 views

Treatment of crepitus tendovaginitis with novocaine blocks with hydrocortisone in an outpatient clinic

Ilyinsky I.S., Bekmachev V.I., Muravyov M.F.


We studied 105 patients aged 19- 60 with crepitating tendovaginitis of the forearm from 1980 till 1982, 72 % of them were men with the lesion of the right forearm (69 %). All three symptoms (pain, swelling, crepitation) were revealed only in 79 (75.2%) patients with localization in 73 (92.4%) in the lower third of the forearm in the projection of the long extensor muscle and its short extensor, in 6 patients - in the wrist joint and dorsal surface of the hand.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):135-135
pages 135-135 views

Benign tumors and tumor-like masses of the tongue in children

Yamashev I.G.


We followed up 51 children (22 boys and 29 girls) with various diseases and injuries of the tongue, including inflammatory processes - 9, injuries - 11, benign tumors and tumor-like masses - 31. The children of the latter age groups were as follows: under 1 year - 2, 2 to 5 years - 13, 7 to 9 - 6, 11 to 14 - 10 (boys - 8, girls - 23).

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):135-136
pages 135-136 views

Use of laser for dental hard tissue hyperesthesia

Lysova I.V., Senatorova T.P.


To date, many methods for the treatment of dental hard tissue hyperesthesia have been proposed, but their lack of effectiveness has led to the search for new methods of treatment. We studied the effectiveness of helium-neon laser radiation for dental hyperesthesia not associated with periodontal pathology. We observed 24 patients aged from 34 to 70 years with dental hard tissue hyperesthesia of I to III degree.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):136-136
pages 136-136 views

Experience in treating patients with microsporiasis

Fatkullina Z.G., Rokitskaya V.N.


Since 1984, when treating patients with microsporia of smooth skin and scalp in the mycological hospital, we used the preparation K-2. Its composition: crystalline iodine (5.0), thymol (2.0), birch tar (10.0), fish oil (15.0), chloroform (45.0), camphor alcohol (40.0). K-2 was used to treat 70 patients, 58 of whom had microsporiasis of smooth skin (including 31 patients with downy hair) and 12 patients with microsporias of the scalp. There were 23 patients aged 3 to 6 years, 42 patients aged 7 to 14, 2 patients aged 15 to 17, and 3 patients older than 17.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):136-137
pages 136-137 views

Hygienic assessment of working conditions in the manufacture of polyurethane foam products

Fedorova T.P., Pavlova G.V., Zelenin V.A.


We studied working conditions in the production of polyurethane foam products for the automotive industry. Polyurethanes are synthesized by interaction of isocyanates with polyesters in the presence of stabilizers, catalysts, emulsifiers, foaming agents, colorants, etc. Of all compounds used, the most toxic are toluene diisocyanate (TDI), diphenylmethane diisocyanate (DMI) and the amines triethylenediamine, triethanolamine.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):137-138
pages 137-138 views

State of Endocrinological Care for Diabetes Mellitus Patients in the Tatar ASSR

Tazetdinov F.A., Khasanov E.N.


Diagnosis of the initial stages of diabetes mellitus, increasing the effectiveness of clinical examination, prevention of complications of this disease - these are the key problems in the focus of practical diabetology. Diabetes mellitus takes the leading place in the structure of endocrine diseases (66% in TASSR), which determines its medical and social significance. The tendency to an increase in the frequency and prevalence of diabetes mellitus remains. So, from 1981 to 1985 the incidence of diabetes mellitus in the republic increased from 5.7 to 8.0 per 10 thousand population.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):138-139
pages 138-139 views

To the study of public health in connection with environmental factors

Sokolov D.K., Frolova S.D.


A distinctive feature of the assessment of public health in connection with the impact of environmental factors at the present time is, on the one hand, the development of unified research methods, on the other - the emergence of a large number of fundamentally new methods, allowing to obtain a large amount of diverse information of targeted and applied nature.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):140-143
pages 140-143 views

Effect of reflexotherapy on vibration sensitivity in patients with vibration disease

Yakupova R.G., Shakurov R.S., Yakupov R.A.


Vibration can be considered as a strong, long-lasting stimulus. According to some authors, the most sensitive to vibration are the receptors of the skin and distal parts of the upper extremities, then the plantar surface of the toes and the foot arch. Inhibition of vibration sensitivity can be detected even in the latent period of the disease, proceeding without pronounced clinical signs.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):143-144
pages 143-144 views

Letters to the editor. Vol. 68, No. 2 (1987)


Nowadays, to prevent exacerbation of chronic cholecystitis it is recommended to follow a strict diet, in particular to limit consumption of fats. But it is known that fats and some other foodstuffs cause shrinkage of gallbladder, free it from bile and possible presence of gallstones and bacteria. Any violation of the outflow of bile from the gallbladder, stagnation of bile in it contributes to the formation of gallstones and the development of infection in the bladder, and therefore exacerbation or appearance of cholecystitis.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):144-146
pages 144-146 views

E. N. Sitdykov, M. E. Sitdykova. Secondary chronic pyelonephritis and cystectomy. Kazan, Tatar Book Publishing House, 1985, 119 p.

Mukhtarov A.M.


The work under review has an important practical value in solving the problems of modern uro-oncology. Chapter I presents a brief review of the literature, reflecting the main directions of preventive measures contributing to the improvement of cystectomy results; Chapter II describes the functional state of the kidneys in patients with bladder neoplasms.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):146-147
pages 146-147 views

Mikhailov M.K. Neuroradentgenology of childhood. Kazan, Tatar Book Publishing House, 1986, 183 pp.

Druzhinina V.S.


M.K. Mikhailov's book fills a gap in the issues of neuroradiology of childhood. It consists of three chapters. Chapter I presents materials on the X-ray diagnosis of diseases of the skull and brain in children. The author clearly and consistently characterizes the methods for examining the liquor system and cerebral vessels. Chapter II is devoted to X-ray diagnosis in pediatric otorhinolaryngology. In Chapter III, the author describes the X-ray diagnosis of spinal and spinal cord injuries and diseases in children. 

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):147-148
pages 147-148 views

G. P. Zarubin, Y.V. Novikov. Hygiene of the City. Moscow, Medicine, 1986, 272 p.

Guildenskiold P.S.


This book is very useful for sanitary practice and, to a certain extent, for architects-city planners, as it contains important materials on the technical implementation of effective cleaning of various emissions into the environment of the city and the organization of state control over its pollution. However, it is not without some shortcomings, the elimination of which would contribute to its improvement.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):148-149
pages 148-149 views

International Symposium "Results and Prospects of Modern Resuscitation Development"

Minnebaev M.M.


The symposium was attended by scientists from the USSR, USA, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Yugoslavia, GDR, Czechoslovakia, Finland, France. Prof. V.A. Negovsky, Director of the Institute of General Resuscitation of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, USSR State Prize laureate, Academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, made a keynote address. The report analyzed the formation of the science of resuscitation, its current achievements and prospects for development.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):149-150
pages 149-150 views

I All-Union Conference "Topical Issues of Sexopathology"

Dranovsky A.I., Dubivko G.F., Kaitmazova N.G., Poberevsky E.N., Pogrebnaya G.A.


The conference discussed methodological aspects of sexopathology, issues of organizing sexological services, as well as the advantages of a systematic approach and new methods in the diagnosis and treatment of sexual disorders. Sexopathologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, neuropathologists, urologists, gynecologists, and endocrinologists from various republics of the USSR participated in the conference.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):151-152
pages 151-152 views

Plenum of the All-Union Scientific Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Gilyazutdinova Z.S.


The plenum of the All-Union Scientific Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists was devoted to obstetric hemorrhages. Corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor G. M. Savelyeva (Moscow) in her report "Principles of reimbursement of blood loss in obstetric hemorrhage" recommended the following tactics of infusion and transfusion therapy based on the results of examination of 200 parturients. For blood loss of 0.6-0.8% of body weight, the total volume of infusions should be 80-100%, and hemotransfusions can be abstained from. For infusions preference should be given to gelatinol, reopolyglucin, their combination with crystalloids.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):152-153
pages 152-153 views

On the organization of the Tatar Republican Scientific Society of Immunologists and Allergologists

Fassakhov R.S.


On November 20, 1986, the founding conference of the Tatar Republican Scientific Society of Immunologists and Allergologists was held at the Kurashov Kazan Medical Institute. Opening the conference, Prof. A. P. Tsibulkin, vice-rector for scientific research of Kazan HIDUV noted that the further development of medicine and veterinary science at present was unthinkable without immunological research. The great importance of this research is shown in several program documents of the Party and Government, in particular "Major Directions of Economic and Social Development of the USSR for 1986-1990 and until the year 2000".

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):153-153
pages 153-153 views

Chronicle. Vol. 68, No. 2 (1987)


On December 18, 1986, a meeting of the party and economic activists of the republic was held in Kazan with the agenda "Universal care to healthcare". Secretaries of city and district CPSU committees, chairmen and deputy chairmen of executive committees of city and district councils of people's deputies, heads of district and city health departments, chief doctors and secretaries of primary party organizations of republican institutions and central district hospitals, employees of the Pharmacy Administration of the TASSR Council of Ministers, heads of ministries and departments, industrial enterprises and construction organizations, scientists and teachers of higher and secondary medical educational institutions took part in it.

Kazan medical journal. 1987;68(2):153-155
pages 153-155 views

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