Vol 77, No 1 (1996)

Theoretical and clinical medicine


Zubaurov D.M.


The view is justified that thrombophilia more than hemophilia is a polycausal disease diagnosis. Its causes and even pathogenesis on the molecular level of knowledge as well as clinicolaboratory diagnosis are different.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):1-5
pages 1-5 views

Pollinosis in children

Potemkina A.M., Klykova T.V., Skalnik I.D.


It is established that the specific immunotherapy is the most efficient treatment method of pollinosis. From 3 to 5 courses of the preseason specific immunotherapy are recommended for excellent results. The use of only unspecific and/or symptomatic therapy measures in the treatment of pollinosis exerts temporary effect, does not prevent a rise of pollen polysensitization resulting in an increase of its course gravity.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):6-13
pages 6-13 views

Sensitization to fungi candida in patients with chronic allergodermatoses

Shaikhrazieva V.I., Dyadkin V.Y.


The sensitization is revealed in 55,3% of the patients with neurodermite, in 93,6% — with mycrobial eczema, in 75,0% — with seborrheic eczema, and in 66,7% — with true eczema in skin tests with allergens of staphylococcus, streptococcus and fungi Candida performed on 158 patients with chronic allergoderma- toses. The oppression of functional activity of the immunity cellular link and neutrophil phagocytosis system in persons with bacterial and fungous sensitization is noted. These changes are the most pronounced in patients with sensitization to fungi Candida.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):13-15
pages 13-15 views

On the problem of substernal and intrathoracic goiters

Bruns V.A., Kruglov E.V., Plaksin S.A.


The twenty-year experience of the surgical treatment of 42 patients with intrathoracic goiters is presented. Roentgenologic methods are the basis of the examination standard program of patients. The treatment of intrathoracic goiters may be only operative. There are indications to the operation: the high probability of the goiter malignancy (15-17%) and the presence of the squeeze syndrome of neck and mediastinum organs. There are surgical accesses: Kokher’s cervical incision in substernal localization of the goiter, thoracotomy in the full intrathoracic goiter.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):15-19
pages 15-19 views

Dynamic multidimensional electrocardiography

Grishina A.V., Domrachev V.N., Latfullin I.A., Terzi V.F., Fominykh V.D.


The results of investigations of the cardiac activity using measuring and calculating complex on the basis of personal computer AT/386 are described. The application package allows to define the cardiac work as a nonlinear stochastic system. The creation of the heart simulation model by the measurement and analysis of parameters of this system in dynamics allows to predict the favourable and unfavourable changes W various heart pathology under the external influence?

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):19-22
pages 19-22 views

Effect of xymedone on the vasculothrombocytic hemostasis in patients with ischemic heart disease

Solovieva I.Z., Ibragimov O.B., Stolpner E.M., Epiphany V.F., Tsibulkin A.I., Alkhanova N.A., Valeeva I.K., Kondratieva M.B., Minullina I.R., Motina N.V.


The effect of medicinal drugs regenerating the vascular endothelium, in particular, xymedone on the vas- culothrombocytic hemostasis is studied. It is stated that the drug in daily dose equal to 1,5g prescribed during one month does not influence essentially the clinical dynamics, functional characteristics, lipid metabolism, serum atherogenicity, and aggregational ability of thrombocytes in patients with stress stenocardia, however, promotes the regeneration of plasminogen tissue activator level and fibrinolytic potential of the vascular wall.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):22-25
pages 22-25 views

Use of the non-uniform successive vald’s procedure for prediction of the acute pneumonia course

Valimukhametova D.A., Novozhenov V.G., Khamitov R.F., Yakupova Z.N., Serdyuk R.F.


The table for prediction of the complicated and uncomplicated courses of the acute pneumonia is developed. It is simple and nice for calculation, does not require computers, uses available diagnostic parameters and may be proposed for clinical practice.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):25-28
pages 25-28 views

Treatment of patients with hemorrhagic erysipelas using natural inhibitors of proteolysis

Cherkasov V.L., Bolshakova T.D., Kuznetsov V.A., Mikerin S.M., Orazberdyev S.


The clinical efficacy and effect on the processes of kininogenesis and fibrinolysis of natural inhibitors of proteolysis (hordox and contrical) in patients with hemorrhagic erysipelas are studied.The drugs are injected to the inflammation focus by electrophoresis. The normalization of characteristics of kallikrein-kinin system and fibrinolysis showing the activation of these systems in the period of hemorrhagic syndrome formation is established. The plausible decrease of the length of local acute manifestations of hemorrhagic erysipelas in correlation with clinically uniform comparison group data is revealed, the disease transformation into bullous and hemorrhagic form is unavailable. The erysipelas complications are noted three times more rarely than in comparison group.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):28-31
pages 28-31 views

On the use of R. Voll’s galvanopuncture in patients with erysipelas

Erovichenkov A.A., Mezentsev B.B.


The possibilities of the use of Voll’s galvanopun- cture to estimate clinical manifestations of the infectious process in patients with erysipelas are studied. As many as 15 patients with erysipelas are observed in the disease dynamics. The possibility of the galvano- puncture use to estimate clinical manifestations of ery- si pelas in the disease dynamics and the efficacy of the performed treatment is shown.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):31-32
pages 31-32 views

Tolerance to local therapy with glucocorticosteroids for rheumatoid arthritis

Fomina L.L., Salikhov I.G.


The introduction of glucocorticosteroids (GCS) into the joint cavity is one of the most common methods of local therapy for rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The anti-inflammatory effect of GCS is realized through a number of mechanisms, among which the following are the most important.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):32-36
pages 32-36 views

Open setting method of the chronic palm dislocation of the ulna head in distal radioulnar articulation

Nettov G.G.


The open setting atraumatic method of the chronic palm dislocation of the ulna head in distal radioulnar articulation is proposed. The author provides the nes- cessity of careful clearance of the radius articular notch and ulna head from cicatricial tissue, retaining the anatomic structure of the dorsal radioulnar ligament and articular disk part separating the radiocarpal articulation from radioulnar one.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):36-37
pages 36-37 views

Manual therapy and acupuncture of reflex syndromes of lumbar osteochondrosis

Efremov V.P.


Manual therapy and acupuncture of 136 patients with reflex syndromes of lumbar osteochondrosis of vertebral column are performed. The significant improvement is noted in 102 patients, the improvement — in 26, the invariable state — in 8 patients. The terms of temporary disablement are reduced. Methods of total and stimulational electroneuromyography combined with clinical data allow to give the objective estimation of the treatment efficacy of patients with reflex syndromes of lumbar osteochondrosis.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):37-40
pages 37-40 views

Structural rearrangement of the artificial intestinal urinary bladder after cystectomy as to cancer

Rumyantsev Y.V., Petrov S.B., Sitdykov E.N.


The morphological state of the intestinal urinary bladder wall after enterocystoplasty from ileum or sigmoid colon is studied. Regeneration and rearrangement of epithelium take place by the end of the first year resulting in atrophy and quantitative decrease of the number of absorptive cylindrical cells and considerable increase of muciparous goblet elements.The blocking of epithelium absorptive ability of the artificial intestinal urinary bladder occurs.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):41-43
pages 41-43 views

Angiologic analysis of abdomino-anal resection variants of the rectum

Magomedov I.U.


The angiotensiometry of inferior mesenterial artery, its branches, marginal arterial arch and intramural vessels of the rectum in supposed reduction zone in abdomino-anal resection variants during 66 operations is performed. The occlusion variants all may result in such arterial pressure value when the necrosis develops. The optimal variant of extraorganic vessels ligation may be determined and the resection level of the rectum with adequate intraorganic hemodynamics may be chosen to prevent the ischemic necrosis of the reduced rectum in all cases using angiotensiometry data.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):43-47
pages 43-47 views


Some issues of mathematical forecasting in clinical practice

Khamitov R.F.


The problems of reducing the incidence and increasing the effectiveness of treatment are primarily associated with the improvement of methods for early differential diagnosis and the development of new methods of influencing the pathological process [5, 40, 42]. Among the promising areas that largely contribute to the solution of this problem, an important place is occupied by the use of mathematical methods and computer technology. The possibility of mathematical modeling of the pathological process has been shown [26, 32], which contributes to the successful prediction of the characteristics of the course and outcome of the disease. Mathematical analysis allows you to choose from the often unjustifiably large number of clinical and instrumental indicators, a very small number of parameters that have real predictive value, reducing the amount of unnecessary research by 80–90% [4, 11, 24, 34].

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):48-52
pages 48-52 views

Immunological disorders and their correction in the complex treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers

Abelevich A.I., Gimranov F.F.


Peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum is a disease, the etiology of which has not been precisely established. Taking into account the chronic recurrent course of the disease, seasonality, connection with a violation of the diet, increased sensitivity to parenteral administration of protein preparations, an immunoallergic hypothesis of the pathogenesis of peptic ulcer disease was put forward [46]. In our country, it was supported by S.M. Ryss. In the modern literature, the issue of changes in the general immune status in peptic ulcer disease is widely covered.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):52-55
pages 52-55 views

About the pathogenesis of osteoporosis

Rakhmatullina A.I.


The main problem of metabolic bone diseases is osteoporosis, a dystrophic bone disease characterized by its low mass, impaired bone tissue microarchitectonics and a high risk of fractures [11]. According to statistics, half of women in menopause are affected by this disease, every second is over 70 years old, and by 2020 the number of patients with osteoporosis will double [12]. After a hip fracture with osteoporosis, mortality in the first year is 20%, and the cost of treatment is estimated at millions of rubles; 85% of patients remain disabled, and rehabilitation requires at least 12 months [12].

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):55-56
pages 55-56 views

Endoprosthetics for diseases of the shoulder girdle and hand

Zulkarneev R.A., Zulkarneev R.R.


Pathological processes of tumor, inflammatory, degenerative-dystrophic and other genesis, localized in the upper limb, in contrast to those in the lower limb, are extremely difficult to any therapeutic correction. With ineffective preserved treatment of the lower limb, the solution is quite simple: amputation and prosthetics, which are currently quite developed. However, prosthetics for diseases of the shoulder girdle and upper limb has its own characteristics. The foundations of safe interventions in the upper limb were laid by Pean in 1883 - with destructive tuberculosis of the humerus head, he used a prosthesis of his own design.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):57-58
pages 57-58 views

Short articles

Organization of antenatal dental care for children

Urazov R.Z.


A feature of the medical examination of children is that care for the health of the child should begin before his birth. There is a great positive experience of successive work between obstetricians-gynecologists and pediatricians of children's polyclinics. Unfortunately, there is no such continuity in the work of a dentist at this stage of time.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):59-59
pages 59-59 views

Severe hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in a pregnant woman

Shutova S.D., Shutov A.M., Nenasheva G.G., Shutova L.A., Kuznetsova L.V.


Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) is a disease of viral etiology, which is based on the defeat of small vessels with the development of DIC syndrome. The severity of the condition and the outcome of severe HFRS are determined by acute renal failure (ARF). Cases of eclampsia with HFRS, which are not associated with hemodialysis, are described, during which, as is known, the appearance of seizures is possible due to the development of an imbalance syndrome. In the period of oligoanuria and polyuria with HFRS, there is an increase in peripheral vascular resistance with normal or reduced BCC with the formation of arterial hypertension in some cases. Changes in central hemodynamics in HFRS are close to those in preeclampsia and eclampsia of pregnant women. In addition, coagulopathy is characteristic of HFRS and late gestosis.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):59-60
pages 59-60 views

Determination of the content of urobilinoids in urine

Maksimova I.N., Baydin I.N.


In the diagnosis of liver damage, a laboratory test is used, such as determining the content of urobilinoids (urobilin, urobilinogen) in the urine. The amount of urobilinoids in urine increases with hemolytic conditions and bowel diseases. For many years, the urobilin test has been a necessary element of the general clinical analysis of urine. Currently, this test is not considered mandatory, nevertheless, it is quite often used for diagnostic purposes.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):62-62
pages 62-62 views

On the choice of a test method for phenylketonuria, adequate to the conditions of transport and postal messages

Sergeeva N.A.


In our country, several types of blood screening of newborns are used to detect hyperphenylalaninemia: bacteriological, fluorometric, chromatographic. Screening of blood of newborns for the detection of phenylketonuria (PKU) fluorometrically has been carried out in the Republic of Tatarstan since 1993. During this year, 12774 newborns were examined, for the next 1994-1995 and one patient was identified. Of the 32719 tests for two years, there were 3 false-positive results, false-negative - it is not yet known, cases of hyperphenylalaninemia - 2.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):60-61
pages 60-61 views

Social hygiene and healthcare management

The system of comprehensive assessments of environmental factors and monitoring of public health

Zyatdinov K.S.


The state of health of the population of the Republic of Tatarstan is in the focus of attention of state organizations, scientific institutions and the general public. The adoption of a number of laws and by-laws on health protection and health care reform, the introduction of compulsory health insurance and their implementation create new conditions for the development of health care. At the same time, the socio-economic situation, which led to the decline in production and entailed difficulties in financing at all levels, as well as other factors have a significant impact on the health status of the population [2]. Factors associated with individual characteristics of behavior, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, nutrition, physical activity, etc., are also of great importance in shaping the health of the population [5, 6, 7].

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):62-64
pages 62-64 views

Conception of medicosocial monitoring in tatarstan republic

Vakhitov S.M.


The theoretical basis of the analysis system of management characteristics with the development of methodological approaches to it’s creation including new, more informative than existing ones is given. The possibility of introduction of differentiated provision automated system of management in Tatarstan Republic is shown.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):65-67
pages 65-67 views

Healthcare mangement

Role of consultation polyclinic in the improvement of the prophylactic medical examination of surdologic patients

Svatko L.G., Galiullin A.N., Chekaev G.M., Prikhodko O.P.


The use of consultation polyclinic for the prophylactic medical examination of surdologic patients is presented. The results of the prophylactic medical examination of 2000 patients during 10 years show the efficacy of this new organizational form and the rational use of the functional diagnosis possibilities.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):67-69
pages 67-69 views

Assistance to the practicing physician

Medical expert system "Doctor"

Grishina A.V., Latfullin I.A., Terzi V.F., Khabriev R.U.


To build a medical diagnostic expert system (ES), we considered the general decision-making procedure in medicine based on the operation of certain knowledge. This knowledge is taken from various fields of medicine and can formally be presented in the form of a database, knowledge base and decision-making rules.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):69-71
pages 69-71 views

Новые методы и инструменты

Laser multifunctional equipment for physiotherapy, reflexology and surgery

Laryushin A.I.


Based on the research and medical practice, medical and technical requirements have been developed for the creation of a new generation of laser technology. As a result, new types of laser medical equipment were designed and mastered, based on the use of low- and high-intensity laser radiation.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):71-74
pages 71-74 views

В научных медицинских обществах Татарстана

Report on the work of the Scientific Medical Society of Surgeons of the Republic of Tatarstan for 1994-1995.

Anisimov A.Y.


Over the past two years, the activities of the Board of the Scientific Medical Society of Surgeons of the Republic of Tatarstan were aimed at the further development of surgery, improving the quality of the provision of surgical care to the population, improving the qualifications of surgeons, especially young ones, strengthening the traditions of the Kazan medical school. The society owes its successful work in many respects to the firm position and confident leadership of the chairman of the board of the NMOH RT, head of the department of clinical anatomy and operative surgery of the Kazan State Medical Academy, prof. I.A. Ibatullina. Taking this opportunity, the Board expresses its sincere gratitude to him for this.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):74-75
pages 74-75 views

Chronicle. Volume 77, No. 1 (1996)

Editorial B.


On November 7, 1995, a joint settlement of the Academic Council of Kazan State Medical University and the Board of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan took place. Heard and discussed the speeches of the rector of KSMU, corr. RAMS, prof. N.Kh. Amirov and the Minister of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan K.Sh. Zyyatdinov. It is noted that between the KSMU and the health authorities of the Republic of Tatarstan, creative and business relationships have developed in the process of mastering new methods and technical means of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of patients.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):75-76
pages 75-76 views

Decree of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan on the awarding of the 1995 State Prizes of the Republic of Tatarstan in the field of science and technology

Shaimiev M.S.


Having considered the proposals of the Commission under the President of the Republic of Tatarstan on State Prizes of the Republic of Tatarstan in the field of science and technology, I decide: For a significant contribution to the development of the humanities, natural and technical sciences, the development and implementation of fundamentally new technologies, outstanding production results obtained on the basis of the widespread introduction of scientific achievements and technology, to award the 1995 State Prize of the Republic of Tatarstan in the field of science and technology and to confer the title “Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Tatarstan in the field of science and technology”.

Kazan medical journal. 1996;77(1):76-77
pages 76-77 views

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