Vol 79, No 4 (1998)

Fibromyalgic syndrome - a defect in the program for the construction and execution of movement

Ivanichev G.A.


The idea of the possibility of the existence of muscle-fascial pain as an independent syndrome is again being tested for scientific validity. If the practical importance of this problem does not require proof (there are a lot of patients with myofascial pain), then in the scientific aspect it is currently of interest not only to clinicians, but also to representatives of fundamental sciences.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):241-250
pages 241-250 views

Thrombolytic therapy of the acute myocardial infarction by cabicinase

Latfullin I.A., Bondarev A.V., Podolskaya A.A., Aglullina E.I.


The necessity to perform the systemic thrombolysis to patients with acute myocardial infarction is emphasized. The most effective and save thrombolytic agent is cabicanase. The recommendations for practical physicians are worthy of notice. The control of blood coagulability velocity and hemorrhage lingering is obligatory in the performance of thrombolysis; if it is possible, thrombelastograms are to be studied. It is essential to know well the contradictions to thrombolysis.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):251-254
pages 251-254 views

То the differential diagnosis of chronic cardiac and pulmonary insufficiency

Kozlov V.P., Andreev V.M., Arleevsky I.P., Miloslavskaya T.Y.


The comparative investigation of the functions of hemodynamics and respiratory system in equally pronounced chronic cardiac and pulmonary insufficiency in patients with chronic diseases of the heart and lungs is performed. In patients with chronic diseases of the heart the left auricle sizes, final systolic and diastolic sizes, final systolic and diastolic volumes, and the mass of the left ventricle miocardium are changed significantly more, suggesting the pronounced hyperfunction, and subsequently, the dilatation of the left auricle and left ventricle. The definite mechanism in the changes of external respiration is traced.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):255-257
pages 255-257 views

Interventional methods in the complex of respiratory support of subcompensated respiratory insufficiency in grave pneumonias

Cherenkov A.A.


The interventional method algorythm in grave pneumonias accompanied by pronounced respiratory insufficiency is developed. As a result of the use of the given algorythm the normalization of homeostasis parameters came fast; positive roentgenologic dynamics, the improvement of indications of central and peripheric hemodynamics were observed. The algorythm developed can serve as an important addition to the complex of intensive therapy in patients of the given contingent.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):258-261
pages 258-261 views

Infusion of ozonized solutions in the treatment of diabetic angiopathies of lower extremities

Mazurov N.A.


For the application in surgical practice the treatment method of diabetic angiopathy of lower extremities is proposed involving the intravenous injection of ozonized solutions. The method proposed allowed to localize fast the pyo-necrotic process, to reduce the number of amputations, to decrease the terms of hospitalizations. The method is simple, it does not require special skills and is pathogenetically justified.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):262-263
pages 262-263 views

Dynamics of the changes of luminoldependent chemoluminescence of blood in patients with heart diseases operated in artificial blood circulation

Medvedev V.N., Kharitonov G.I.


The search of the prognostic criterion of postperfusion period course is performed. The informativity of one of the nonspecific organism protection indices — luminoldependent chemoluminescence of blood is estimated. Spontaneous chemoluminescence expresses phagocytes activity by the intensity of hydrogen peroxide generation. Stimulated chemoluminescence allows to establish the functional leykocytes reserve. As many as 54 patients with heart diseases are examined in dynamics. The increase of both of chemoluminescence types is observed in the cases of the uncomplicated course, during artificial blood circulation and after operation. The sharp decrease of indices with reduction of the stimulated chemoluminescence level below spontaneous level is noted during complications.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):264-267
pages 264-267 views

Age peculiarities of the change of the local morphofunctional status of the small intestine after anastomosis formation

Markosian S.A.


The pathogenetic factors responsible for anastomosis regeneration are studied. The experiments are performed on 58 inpuberal and puberal dogs of both sexes. It is established that the essential disturbance of hemomicrocirculation in the anastomosis region in younger age groups of animals determines subsequently the significant disorder of tissue homeostasis. This involves the formation of the pronounced pathomorphologic changes in intestine wall tissue determining the unfavourable course of reparative regeneration in younger age.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):268-271
pages 268-271 views

Treatment of injuries of the flexor tendons of the fingers of the hand in children

Mikusev I.E., Mikusev G.I.


Among more than 1000 patients with hand lesions 17 children with the lesions of hand finger flexor tendons (in 7 patients in combination with nerves) aged from 11 months to 6 years were observed within recent 10 years. The proposed recommendations on the tactics of treatment and postoperative keeping of patients (especially immobilization of hand and fingers) allowed to obtain positive results.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):272-273
pages 272-273 views

Estimation of the body mass increase in early diagnosis of complications in pregnants

Bayteryak I.K., Yarullin A.K., Bayteryak I.I., Akinfiev A.A., Akhmetzyanova N.B., Krupina N.N., Malinkina R.P.


The investigations to reveal the regulations of the body mass increase in women were performed within 5 years on a special program at two sectors of the women's consultation clinic. Women were registered (2741 persons) for gestation periods of 8— 9 weeks with weekly presence. The data were processed on computer following the biometry laws. The regulations of the body mass increase in women of ten weight categories within first and second half of pregnancy development and within 40 weeks as a whole are derived.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):274-275
pages 274-275 views

Experimental model of obstetric birth injury of the cervical spinal cord

Khasanov A.A., Malyshev V.G.


The obstetric birth injury is simulated on experimental animals (rats — males). During the experiment it was proved that rotations and unbending of the animal's head can result in the trauma of the spinal cord, vertebral column, vertebral arteries, ischemic processes of the reticular formation, white substance of the brain. Neurologic symptomatology of traumatized animals resembles paresis of extremities or myatonic syndrome that are often found in infants. Traumatism of generally recognized obstetric methods is justified.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):276-279
pages 276-279 views

Antibacterial treatment and hirudotherapy in hormono— dependent and inflammatory diseases of female genital organs

Zhivoglyad R.I.


The results of the influence of the Hirudo medicinalis leeches and antibacterial therapy on homeostasis indices in patients with hormono— dependent and inflammatory diseases of genital organs are analyzed. The positive effect of hirudotherapy courses on general and biochemical indices of blood changed as a result of the pathologic process progression is shown. The combined use of hirudotherapy and antibacterial treatment is recommended.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):280-281
pages 280-281 views

External respiration function in children with atopic dermatitis

Potemkin A.M., Klykova T.V., Blonde I.A.


The data on the frequency of revealing the bronchial permeability disorders are presented and the mechanisms of its development in children with atopic dermatitis not having clinically bronchoobstructive syndrome in anamnesis are studied. In children with atopic dermatitis the main risk factors of the bronchial asthma development are shown and the possibilities of revealing its early preclinical signs are determined. It is significant in prevention of the bronchial asthma development in timely performance of specific preventive measures.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):282-285
pages 282-285 views

Prevention and treatment of dental caries and various clinical forms of pulpitis with dimephosphone

Giniyatullin I.I., Studentsova I.A., Orlova G.D., Zaripova S.S.


The decrease of the origin frequency of dental caries is revealed as a result of the use of 15% aqueous solution of dimephosphone by ultraphonophoresis for complex prevention of dental caries in 1069 children aged 2 to 4. The use of dimephosphone in acute deep caries involved the disappearance of pain reaction to cold within 1—3 days. In conservative treatment of 253 teeth as to various clinical forms of acute pulpitis the cupping of spontaneous pain attacks was observed within 15—20 minutes after the use. The drug shows local analgetic and antiinflammatory effect.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):286-287
pages 286-287 views

Clinical and pharmacological properties of diucifon

Valimukhametova D.A., Pogoreltsev V.I., Garmonov S.Y., Bikmullin M.F., Reznik V.S.


The quality of health care depends on the effective, rational, safe and economical use of medicines. This requires a clinical and pharmacological study of each drug substance. The expansion of foreign pharmaceutical products is becoming more and more noticeable.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):288-293
pages 288-293 views

Modern approaches to the treatment of tubal pregnancy

Mazitova M.I.


Despite significant progress in medical science and practice, ectopic pregnancy continues to be one of the pressing problems of reproduction. In the last 10–20 years, the frequency of this pathology has increased everywhere by 2–4 times [2, 8, 25].

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):294-296
pages 294-296 views

Clinical aspects of the use of the drug Depo-Provera

Zhuravleva V.I., Kuryatnikova V.S., Sabirova F.M.


Family planning and maintaining the health of women are the most important problems of modern medicine. The high frequency of abortions and complications associated with them make it urgent to find the most effective and safe methods of preventing pregnancy, including through reliable and safe contraception in women of late reproductive age.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):297-297
pages 297-297 views

A case of successful treatment of meningoencephalopolyradiculoneuritis of viral origin

Nazipov A.A., Gizatullin R.M., Maskina N.A., Aglyamova T.A., Agishev N.G.


In the etiology of damage to the nervous system with the development of encephalomyelitis, viruses, including influenza viruses, play a leading role. The clinical picture of damage to the nervous system in influenza is extremely polymorphic, and the frequency and forms of damage also vary with individual outbreaks of influenza epidemics.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):297-298
pages 297-298 views

Mathematical model for operational analysis and prediction of outbreaks of klebsiellosis among newborns

Battles B.V., Bondarenko V.M., Valencia S.R.


The mathematical model of the study of hospital infections outbreaks caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae in the intensive therapy departments of children's hospitals is applied. Using the program it is not difficult to perform calculations connected with estimation and prediction of the number of children diseased and died of hospital infections. The peculiarity of the model involves taking account of some possibilities of bringing klebsiells to the intensive therapy department as well as the realization of the contact way of infection transmission through dirty hands of medical staff

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):299-302
pages 299-302 views

Diagnosis of genital tuberculosis in women

Gilyazutdinova Z.S.


The problem of tuberculosis in recent years in the Russian Federation is one of the most urgent in the medical and social aspect. In 1994, compared with 1991, the incidence of tuberculosis increased by 42.1%, mortality - by 77.8% (14.4 per 100 thousand population).

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):303-305
pages 303-305 views

Professor Pavel Ivanovich Pichugin - an outstanding pediatrician

Alexandrov N.A., Khaletova S.S.


Professor P.I. Pichugin belongs to the galaxy of talented medical scientists of the first half of the 20th century. He was born on June 27, 1876 in the village of Morki, Tsarevokokshaisky district, Kazan province (now the village of Morki, Republic of Mari El) in a working class family. His extraordinary mental abilities allowed the boy, at the age of eight, to graduate from a three-grade elementary school in two years with an award.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):306-308
pages 306-308 views

Joint Congress of the International Society for Blood Transfusion (European Section) and the German Society for Transfusion Medicine and Immunohematology (October 1-4, 1997, Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

Svedentsov E.P.


The Congress was devoted to topical issues of transfusion medicine, among which the standardization of donor blood and its components should be highlighted, the use of PCR analysis for blood testing, auto donation, the creation of blood substitutes - oxygen carriers, the use of cytokines to obtain stem cells of peripheral blood and bone marrow, their cryopreservation and transplantation.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):309-311
pages 309-311 views

Professor Irek Makhmudovich Rakhmatullin

Zubairov D.M.


It is 70 years since the birth and 45 years of labor activity of the Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Irek Makhmudovich Rakhmatullin. THEM. Rakhmatullin was born on April 11, 1928 in Kazan into a family of teachers.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):312-314
pages 312-314 views

Professor Khamitov Hanif Sabirovich


May 10, 1998 marked the 70th anniversary of the birth and 45 years of labor activity of the Honored Scientist of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Russian Federation, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Kh.S. Khamitova.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):314-315
pages 314-315 views

Department of Traumatology, Orthopedics and Surgery of Extreme Conditions, Kazan State Medical University - 30 years

Khasanov R.S., Shamsutdinov N.S.


At the end of 1967, by order of the rector of the Kazan State Medical Institute, the Department of Traumatology, Orthopedics and Military Field Surgery was organized. Until that time, the teaching of individual sections of these subjects was carried out at various departments of the surgical profile. The creation of the department was due to the constant increase in the number of injuries and a significant increase in the nature of injuries, especially multiple and combined.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):316-319
pages 316-319 views



By the decree of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, he was awarded the Honorary title "Honored Scientist of the Republic of Tatarstan"

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(4):319-319
pages 319-319 views

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