Vol 79, No 3 (1998)

Current principles of the clinical diagnosis and classification of children's infectious discases

Anokhin V.A.


The basic problems of the formulation of the children's infectious disease diagnosis are noted. Taking into account the current notions of the infectious disease the basic principles of the clinical diagnosis and classification of children's infectious diseases are given. The infectious diseases are divided by type, gravity and course. The atypical and complicated variants are described.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):161-166
pages 161-166 views

Clinicoimmunologic characteristic of tropical malaria in russians and aboriginals of guinean republic

Popov A.F., Nikiforov N.D., Morokov V.S.


The clinical course of tropical malaria in 265 Russians and in 672 aboriginals is compared. The course of tropical malaria in Russians was more serious than in aboriginals of Guinea and was characterized by great duration and height of fever, higher level of parasitemia and great frequency of complications. Anemia, neutropenia, relative lymphocytosis, high ESR and hemoglobinosis S were revealed in aboriginals of Guinea in contrast to Russians; the course of malaria was without temperature in some of aboriginals.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):167-168
pages 167-168 views

Efficiency of endonasal specific immunotherapy by domestic allergens in bronchial asthma

Potemkin A.M., Tereshchenko F.M.


It is shown that the clinical efficiency of endonasal specific immunotherapy is extended to all the children with bronchial asthma though it is expressed unequally depending on the mono- or polyetiology of the disease. Higher efficiency of endonasal specific immunotherapy is revealed in mild course of the disease, in monoetiology of bronchial asthma and with pillow allergen. The decrease of intensity of allergologic tests and antivaccinal tests, more pronounced with pillow feather allergen and in repeated courses of the treatment is found at the same time with clinical improvement after endonasal specific immunotherapy.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):169-173
pages 169-173 views

New methods of organopreservation surgery of gastric and duoden ulcer

Naumov V.F., Mustafina Z.Z., Shpalinsky G.V.


A new original operation — pyloroplasty by the resected stomach is described. In surgery of peptic ulcer the change of basic principles is necessary: from the formation of draining anastomoses to the methods allowing to preserve pylorus mechanism, from radical suppression of acid formation to its correction up to the safe level. The results of 597 operations are given, of these in 521 duodenoplasty and pyloroplasty by the resected stomach which are characterized by more favourable results are performed.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):174-180
pages 174-180 views

Current methods of radial diagnosis of hepatopancreatoduodenal zone diseases

Akberov R.F., Kamalov I.I.


The diagnosis possibilities of roentgenoradionu-cleid and current radial investigation methods individually and in combination when revealing hepatopancreatoduodenal zone diseases are studied. The radial diagnosis algorythm of the diseases and tumor injuries of the hepatobiliary zone is developed. The examination time is reduced and revealing of the pathology takes a purposeful nature.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):181-184
pages 181-184 views

Peculiarities of pathology and causes of death in homeless

Zabusov Y.G., Davydov M.V., Zabusov A.Y.


The analysis of causes of death among definite contingent named tramps is carried out for the first time in home literature. It is shown that among forced causes of death supercooling prevails, and among somatic diseases ischemic heart disease and tuberculosis prevail. The difficulties in medicolegal diagnosis are noted in connection with polypathology observed in persons of no fixed address.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):185-188
pages 185-188 views

Basic anesthesia by deprivan in oncologic practice

Akhmetzyanov F.S., Nurgaleeva R.N., Sadykov K.K.


Deprivan was applied during various operative interventions in 48 oncologic patients. Fast sleep and awakening after anesthesia, possibility of its use for all age groups and with various accompanying diseases, stability of hemodynamics, possibility to use the laryngeal mask instead of trachea intubation, absence of postanesthesia depression of consciousness and respiration, possibility of combination with other anesthetics are revealed.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):189-190
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On the participation of the anterior hyaloid membrane of the vitreous body in the eye pathology

Combs A.Y., Batmanov Y.E.


The mechanism and anatomic substrate of permeability disorder of the hyalolenticozonular barrier on account of displacement of the iridolenticular diaphragm laterally are studied and the role of these changes in etiology of postoperational ciliochoroidal amotio is determined. The displacement of the iridolenticular diaphragm on acco- unt of anterior chamber emptying results in damage of the antenor hyaloid membrane.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):191-192
pages 191-192 views

Chronobiology of labor activity

Bayteryak I.К.


Circadian biologic rhythms are studied and the coefficient of their partici pation in labor is revealed. By means of cosinor — analysis of labor histories of 6572 women the polar acrophases of labor activity and their relativity to photoperiods of twenty—four hours in discrete ages are established.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):193-195
pages 193-195 views

Substitution hormonotherapy of climacteric syndrome

Zhuravleva V.I., Kuryatnikova V.S., Sabirova F.M., Polyakova N.S.


The efficiency of substitution hormonotherapy in the treatment of 60 women with climacteric disorders is studied. Its efficiency and safety as well as its acceptability in elder patients with common somatic diseases are noted.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):196-197
pages 196-197 views

Production factors in the thermal processing of polyethylene and the problem of assessing their damaging effect on the body of workers

Amirov N.K., Tukhvatullina L.R.


Large-scale production and polyethylene processing enterprises in our country have been developing since the 60s. Since the early 1990s, the industry of polyolefins, including high and low pressure polyethylene (LDPE and HDPE) and polypropylene, has been ranked first in terms of production among other plastics.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):198-203
pages 198-203 views

Neural tissue reactions to low-intensity laser radiation

Chelyshev Y.A., Sitekulov K.I.


Over the past 25 years, laser radiation has found wide application in various fields of medicine, including neurology, mainly as a means of pain relief [17]. A high degree of specificity of the photobiological action is determined by its unique properties: monochromaticity, selective focus and coherence.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):204-210
pages 204-210 views

The effect of prednisolone on morphological changes in the gastric mucosa in patients with gastritis with secretory insufficiency

Khaletova S.S.


We conducted histological and histochemical studies of biopsies of the gastric mucosa in 60 patients with gastritis with secretory insufficiency before and after the course of treatment with prednisolone. In 20 patients, gastritis with secretory insufficiency of the I degree was diagnosed, in 17 - the II degree, in 23 - the III degree.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):211-211
pages 211-211 views

Childbirth after acute fatty hepatosis of pregnant women

Ignatieva D.P., Enaleeva D.S., Mukhametzyanov S.A.


Acute fatty hepatosis (AFS) in pregnant women is a rare but formidable complication of pregnancy. Mortality in this pathology reaches 60-100%, but significantly decreases in the case of delivery in the pre-icterus period. We did not find in the available literature a description of childbirth after suffering from OZHH, in this regard, we present our own observation.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):211-211
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Cardioprotective effect of potassium succinate in the model of isoproterenol myocardial infarction

Nazipova D.A., Ibragimov O.B., Shamsutdinov N.S., Epiphany V.F., Kozlova E.L., Stepanova L.A.


The cytoprotective properties of potassium succinate were studied during the reproduction of a non-invasive subacute model of isoproterenol myocardial infarction in combination with hypokinesia.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):212-213
pages 212-213 views

The use of monopolar electrosurgery for laparoscopic supravaginal uterine amputation

Galkov V.M.


Currently, the method of choice of surgical treatment for adenomyosis, submucous fibromatous nodes and necrosis of fibromatous nodes is laparoscopic uterine amputation. In our practice, we use the method of monopolar electrosurgery of supravaginal amputation of the uterus developed by us.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):213-214
pages 213-214 views

About Behcet's syndrome

Suvorov A.P., Orkin V.F., Zavyalov A.I., Bakulev A.L., Rumyantseva E.V., Hlybochko G.K.


More than half a century ago, the Turkish dermatologist Huluzi Behcet first described a kind of symptom complex, consisting of a combination of ulcerative lesions of the oral cavity, genitals and the choroid. Further study of the disease showed that its clinical manifestations are much more diverse.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):214-215
pages 214-215 views

Some medicoclimatic characteristics of Kazan

Tudriy V.D., Karimov D.Y.


The basic meteorologic quantities are analyzed. The data bank is produced: a) for air temperature from 1828 to 1991; b) amounts of clouds; c) wind velocity; d) air humidity; e) amounts of precipitation. Moreover from april 1990 to 1992 there are average daily data on temperature, humidity, velocity and pressure of air. It turned out that the number of myocardial infarctions and air temperature had nagative correlation (r=-0,22; p> 0,99%). When air humidity increases, the number of myocardial infarctions increases. The dependence of the disease on air pressure and wind velocty is less. The study of medicoclimatic state of kazan allows to reveal fluctuations of meteorologic parameters and to estimate the associations which are the basis of statistical prediction of meteorologic factors affecting population health in kazan.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):215-221
pages 215-221 views

Incidence of skin diseases of motor transport workers

Gallyamova Y.A.


Among 1882 motor transport workers examined 164 patients with dermatoses are revealed. The incidence and structure of skin diseases and the influence of work conditions are studied. The most important factors for drivers are: vibration, cabin microclimate, nervous and emotional stress, dirtying of skin; for repair workers: dirtying of skin and clothes. It is established that eczema and pyodermia are revealed in repair workers, mycosis of the foot and skin pruritus are revealed in drivers.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):222-223
pages 222-223 views

Morbidity with temporary disability among railway trasport workers

Salyakhov R.I., Melnikov O.A.


Morbidity with temporary disability among railroaders of the Kazan department of the Gorky Railroad calculating the basic indices in cases and days from 1994 to 1996 is analyzed. The tendency to the increase of the level of diseases and the increase of the average duration of disability on separate railway junctions and as a whole in Kazan are studied. The recommendations are as follows: provision of working places with lighter conditions of work for placement of persons with temporary disability, improvement of control of temporary disability examination; qualitative improvement of prophylactic medical examination of persons with ischemia heart disease, hypertension, gastric ulcer and rheumatism.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):224-226
pages 224-226 views

Time test

Tarasova L.N., Savinykh E.Y., Platonov G.K., Tonin L.L., Rechkin O.I.


The data on standardization of the activated partial thromboplastin time test all over the world and in Russia are given. The method is used as a screening one and it is of importance for revealing disorders in the first coagulation phase (hemophilia diagnosis) and heparinotherapy control. Two lyophilized forms of partial thromboplastin made of cadaverine raw materials are developed. Their specificity in revealing hemophilia, therapy control by heparin fit for a year is confirmed. The diagnosticum of one of them is a basis of the kit for determining the activated partial thromboplastin time. The possibility of its use not only in performing the test by test tube methods but as well by semiautomatic and automatic machines.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):227-231
pages 227-231 views

Angiotensin II antagonist valsartan in the treatment of arterial hypertension

Galyavich A.S.


20 years of experience with the use of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors in the clinic has shown that in some patients with arterial hypertension (AH) drugs of this group are ineffective. In addition, during treatment with ACE inhibitors, the following fact is also observed: after a certain period of lowering blood pressure (BP) against the background of their intake, its increase is again noted, despite an increase in the dose of the drug

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):232-233
pages 232-233 views

Professor Mars Konstantinovich Mikhailov


On June 17, 1998, one of the famous radiographers of Russian medicine, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, full member of the Petrovskaya Academy of Science and Arts, Honorary Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Belgrade, Rector and Head Department of Radiation Diagnostics of the Kazan State Medical Academy to Mars Konstantinovich Mikhailov.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):234-234
pages 234-234 views

International conference "modern computed and magnetic resonance imaging in a multidisciplinary clinic" (November 11-12, 1997, Moscow)

Kamalov I.I.


The conference opened with welcoming speeches of Academician V.D. Fedorov and the President of the Russian Association of Radiologists Prof. P.V. Vlasov.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):235-237
pages 235-237 views

Professor Chaim Moiseevich Shulman


On January 7, 1998, after a serious short illness at the age of 69, a professor of neurosurgeon of Kazan State Medical University, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Honored Doctor of the Republic of Tatarstan Khaim Moiseevich Shulman died.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):238-238
pages 238-238 views

First Dolly, now Polly!


The whole world was bypassed by a sensation - the birth of a cloned sheep Dolly. December 19, 1997 in the issue of the journal "Scaence" (1997, Vol. 278, P. 2130-2133) A. Schnikei et al. described the process of reproduction of transgenic sheep using the nuclear transfer method, which was previously developed for the reproduction of Dolly sheep

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):239-239
pages 239-239 views



On June 11, 1997, a republican scientific and practical conference was held in Kazan, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the city clinical hospital No. 5 in Kazan.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(3):239-239
pages 239-239 views

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