Vol 3, No 11-12 (1903)

Bacteriological study of air dust in the estate of the Kazan military hospital and in its buildings

Nikolsky A.D.


It has long been known that Russian cities are not clean. According to the research of Professor Jacob, in Kharkov, in the autumn time, as much dust is deposited from the air during 24 hours as in Paris during the whole year. The uncleanness of our cities depends on poor supervision over the cleaning of sewage from the streets, from poor paving and from insufficient watering them in summer in dry weather. There are a lot of cities in our country that are not paved at all and watering of the streets is not done everywhere. Kazan is one of the largest and best cities in Russia, although it is paved, according to the primitive method, with limestone, but in summer the streets in it are not watered, except for the main one, Voskresenskaya; and the last street is only occasionally and little by little watered.

Kazan medical journal. 1903;3(11-12):577-585
pages 577-585 views

A case of congenital absence of the kidney (aplasias. agenesia renis)

Ovchinnikov P.Y.


Unilateral failure or complete absence of the kidney, which occurs in the first case as an acquired defect, in the second as a congenital defect, have significant clinical and practical significance. From a practical point of view, it seems very dangerous to have a disease of an organ in the absence of a paired one, since in this case, compensation for the defect cannot occur.

Kazan medical journal. 1903;3(11-12):586-607
pages 586-607 views

On the question of pathological and anatomical changes in the automatic nerve nodes of the heart in humans

Charushina F.


Case 19. Progressive paralysis. The nodes lie in a well-developed tissue in the form of ovals or stars. The inter-nodal tissue is poorly developed. The vessels are hyperemic. Cells 0.022 in size and irregularly oval. The protoplasm is granular, with a pinkish-yellow ottnkom; there are cells in the form of stone-like irregular granular masses. The nuclei are not in all cells are dull, some with a light rim.

Kazan medical journal. 1903;3(11-12):608-622
pages 608-622 views

To scholarship on acute leukemia

Lyubimov N.M.


Hinterberger pointed out that in acute leukemia, intestinal necrosis is almost constantly observed. Perhaps, these places also penetrate, producing acute leukemia, an infectious principle. And in this case, there was a lesion of the digestive apparatus. From it came, according to Eishhhorst'a, a thrombus ѵ. portae.

Kazan medical journal. 1903;3(11-12):623-677
pages 623-677 views

Е. I. Diachenko. On the influence of infection from the intestine on the liver. Phys. Gaz., 1903, No. 35-36


Having found out with a brief literary sketch that in the question of the role of the liver in infection from the intestine, the meaning of the state of the liver itself in the fight against infection is not sufficiently defended, the author wants the pathological and histological study of the case presented to him to contribute to this issue.

Kazan medical journal. 1903;3(11-12):678-678
pages 678-678 views

I. L. Shatenstein. A case of breast cancer in a man. Phys. Gaz., 1903, No. 33


In the 70-year-old fly, over the course of about 10 years, a tumor developed in the right mammary gland, which in the last 3-4 years became ulcerated, with minor pains appearing in it. The tumor has a conical shape with a base diameter equal to 6 ctm. At the bottom of the dov. dense, slightly softer at the top.

Kazan medical journal. 1903;3(11-12):678-679
pages 678-679 views

А. Orlovsky. On casuistry of echinococcus with rare localization. Surgery, vol. XIII, no. 78


The author cites three cases he encountered.

Kazan medical journal. 1903;3(11-12):679-679
pages 679-679 views

S. Spasokukotsky. Urinary bladder plasty from the intestine with the formation of an artificial urinary bladder in ectopia. Surgery, vol. VIII, no. 78


The name of the patient with ectopia of the bladder and stopping from the existing principles of treatment of this deformity on the diversion of urine into the intestine; the author did it in the following way.

Kazan medical journal. 1903;3(11-12):679-680
pages 679-680 views

А. К. Shkarin. About the food of the children. Phys. Gaz., 1903, Nos. 42 and 43


In view of the significant practical significance of the anatomical information about the children's esophagus absent in the literature, the author studied 40 corpses of various growths (from 2 days to 20 y.) And received the following. data.

Kazan medical journal. 1903;3(11-12):680-680
pages 680-680 views

К. Z. Yatsuta. Two cases of absence of epitrochleae humeri with sesamoid bones in the accessory ligaments of the elbow joint in one case. Rus. Khir. Archive, 1903, Vol. 3


In two cases, the author had to observe the almost complete absence of epitrochleae humeri. In one, as the remainder of the epitrochleae, there is a small tubercle with rather narrow contours, lying 2-3 ctm above the lower edge of the trochleae. In the other, this tubercle lies at the level of olecrani ulnae.

Kazan medical journal. 1903;3(11-12):681-681
pages 681-681 views

N. M. Tereshenkov. On the role of the patient's organism in the origin of surgical and postoperative complications: of postoperative jaundice. Rus. Sur. Archive, 1903, Vol. 3


Consideration of such a particular issue gives conclusions of a more general nature, because even in individual observations of this kind, the essential role of the organism in the appearance and postoperative complications in general is revealed.

Kazan medical journal. 1903;3(11-12):681-681
pages 681-681 views

G. A. Kolosov. A case of combination of double bladder with doubling of one ureter, the origin and practical significance of these anomalies. Rus. Chir. Archive, 1903, vol. 3


When opening a patient who died with the diagnosis: pyelocystits tuberculosa (?) Descendens, it was found that two ureters depart from the right kidney, from which the upper is significantly widened and convoluted, represents a number of pockets and protrusions. It goes first next to the lower, also expanded, closer to the middle line, and then both ureters intersect.

Kazan medical journal. 1903;3(11-12):682-682
pages 682-682 views

B. Е. Gershuny. On surgical treatment of elephantiasis. Rus. Chir. Archiv, 1903, no. 3


In the quality of the ethiological moment of elephantiasis, most authors point to the reappearance of inflammatory (lymphangoitic, erysipelas) processes, as a result of which tissue densification and subsequent pressure on the veins and lymphatic transudation vessels appear.

Kazan medical journal. 1903;3(11-12):682-683
pages 682-683 views

V. I. Lysyanskiy. On the casuistry of operations of the rectum in the treatment of fecal fistulas. Surgery, vol. XIV, no. 82


The presence of a fecal fistula is one of the indications for the operation of turning off the intestine, which is currently used in three types of enteroanastomosis and actually turning off one and two-way. The use of the exclusion operation in fecal fistulas is necessary, according to the author, in those cases, where it is impossible, in the FORCE of any conditions, to apply the most radical approach — intestinal resection.

Kazan medical journal. 1903;3(11-12):683-683
pages 683-683 views

G. A. Valyashko. Traumatic cyst of the pancreas. Surgery, vol. XIV, no. 82

Ovchinnikov P.


The patient, observed by the author, had a tumor in the upper abdomen in the form of a hemispherical protrusion with the highest point at the middle of the distance between the xiphoid process and the umbilical cord. The tumor is elastic, dov. significantly tense, clearly fluctuates.

Kazan medical journal. 1903;3(11-12):683-684
pages 683-684 views

Dr. Arnold Goldmann. Internal diseases (The Therapy of the Present, September, 1903)


Dr. Goldman, with great success, uses externally salicin glucoside — saligenin —a in acute and chronic polyarthritis, in pleuralgia and neuralgia, n. Trigemini and n. ischiadici.

Kazan medical journal. 1903;3(11-12):684-685
pages 684-685 views

Chronicles and minor events. Vol. 3, No. 11-12 (1903)


On December 4, a joint meeting of the Kazan Society of Physicians and the Legal Society took place, in which the assistant professor A. I. Elistratov submitted a report on the topic: "medical statistics of defenders of medical and police surveillance of prostitution."

Kazan medical journal. 1903;3(11-12):692-694
pages 692-694 views

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