Vol 79, No 6 (1998)

Psychiatry: Unresolved Problems and New Approaches to Them

Mendelevich D.M.


Taking into account the special position of psychiatry in medicine, as well as the existence for decades in the medical environment of a number of misconceptions and prejudices in relation to psychiatric diagnostics, therapy and the connection between the psyche and the somatics, this act speech presents strict scientific facts and achievements of modern world psychiatry, as well as unresolved by the end of the 20th century, problems.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):401-410
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Clinicoimmunologic peculiarities of the active cytomegaloviral and mixed infection in breast-feeding children

Maltsev S.V., Ozhegov A.M., Myakisheva L.S., Shakirova E.M.


As many as 107 breast-feeding children with active cytomegaloviral and mixed (chlamidia and mycoplasma) infections are examined. The comparative analysis of the diagnostic significance of different markers of cytomegoloviral infection showed the necessity of combined determination of DHA of cytomegalovirus and cytomegaloviral antibodies of Ig M and Ig G classes in patients. The clinical picture of cytomegaloviral infection in breast-feeding patients is varied and characterized by lesion polysystematics. Combined infection (cytomegaloviral — chlamidia and cytomegaloviral — mycoplasma) in children has an unfavourable effect on the neonatal period course and determines the peculiarity, degree of manifestation and duration of the basic clinical syndrome of the disease. In children with cytomegaloviral infection and mixed chlamidia infection serious changes in the cellular immunity characterizing the gravity of the disease are observed.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):411-415
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Disfunction of the left ventricle myocardium and its correction in premature infants with intrauterine pneumonia

Gorshkov A.V., Pikuza O.I.


As many as 62 premature infants with intrauterine pneumonia are examined using echocardiography during early neonatal period. During the first 12 hours of life the disfunction of the left ventricle myocardium is diagnosed which is characterized by the pronounced decrease of the contractile and pump function, stroke and cardiac index of its myocardium. It is established that infusion of dapamine in dose of 5—8 mkg/ kg/ min provides the support of adequate contractility of the left ventricle myocardium and normalization of hemodynamics integral indices.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):416-418
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Diagnostic validity of the immunoenzyme analysis in patients with tuberculosis and inspecific pulmonary diseases

Tutik A.Z., Sadykov S.B., Shakurova O.V., Nureyev S.A., Kukarkin S.E., Erokhova L.P., Zinurova G.A., Lemeshko V.V.


Validity of the immunoenzyme analysis is studied in 273 patients, being ill with tuberculosis for the first time (the 1st group), 75 patients with acute condition and relapse of tuberculosis (the 2d group), 144 patients with inspecific pulmonary diseases (the 3d group) and 40 healthy persons (the control group). The specific antibodies are revealed in 50,5%, 66,7%, 28,5% and 7,5% of the cases in the groups observed, respectively. The largest number of antibodies in patients of the 1st and 2d groups is observed in fibrocavernous tuberculosis — 75% and 91,5%, respectively and in the patients of the 2-rd group in disseminated tuberculosis — 75%. The incidence of their revealing in patients of the 2-rd group with bacteriodischarge especially with massive is higher than in patients of the 1st group with similar tuberculosis parameters (67,6% and 78%, 51,5% and 56,6%, respectively). Similar tendency is found in destructive changes in lungs. The incidence of revealing antibodies in the immunoenzyme analysis is 79,3% in patients of the 2-rd group with decay cavities and 56,2% in patients of the 1st group.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):419-421
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Use of prolonged microtracheostomy in the treatment of patients with grave forms of acute respiratory insufficiency

Nazipov А.А., Shutov А.V., Khazieva А.G., Saetgaraev А.K.


Актуальной и сложной проблемой реаниматологии является интенсивная терапия синдрома острой дыхательной недостаточности (ОДН) различного генеза. По данным литературы, в последние годы в связи с внедрением в практику новых методов диагностики и лечения в высокоспециализированных клинических лечебных учреждениях, имеющих возможность применения дорогостоящей аппаратуры, достигнуты определенные успехи в решении данной проблемы. Однако в рядовых больницах до полного решения проблемы интенсивной терапии синдрома ОДН еще далеко.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):422-425
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Influence of the low-intensity He-Ne laser radiation on lipid spectrum and thrombocyte aggregation kinetics in peritonitis

Trofimov V.А., Minnebaev М.М., Vlasov А.P.


Low-intensity He-Ne laser radiation has a modifying effect on lipid exchange in trombocytes, firstly it initiates the start of lipid-dependent signal systems, the intermediates of which are free fatty acids, lisophosphatidylcholin, 1,2-diacylglycerol, phosphatidic acid, phosphatidylinositol, secondly, it stimulates metabolic changes in lipid spectrum, which are attended by the changes of physicochemical states of biomembranes and are of adaptational nature in normal state and compensate-adaptational nature in peritonitis. Laser radiation has a correcting effect on lipid exchange. The lipid component modification of photomodified thrombocytes provokes to a conciderable extent the low level of their aggregational activity in normal state and in peritonitis.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):426-429
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Paravertebral conduction blocks in combined treatment and prevention of postoperative complications

Ibatullin I.А., Koreyba K.А., Davletkildeev F.А., Stroitelev I.А., Gilmutdinova G.Z.


The conduction anesthesia method in combined treatment and for prevention of postoperative complications, which at present replaces peridural anesthesia, is suggested. It increases circulating blood volume in gastroenteric tract, improves microcirculation causing exudation phase contraction and recovery of reparative and proliferating processes in operative zone and organs under operation.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):430-432
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Role of x-ray examination methods in the diagnosis of endophytic stomach carcinomas

Gorshkov А.N., Akberov R.F.


The combined X-ray and endoscopic examination and X-ray computer tomography in 130 patients with endophytic stomach carcinoma are performed. The diagnosis is verified morphologically and is confirmed in operation. The role of X-ray examination methods in the diagnosis of endophytic stomach carcinoma is studied.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):433-435
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To the justification of the effect of diuciphone electrophoresis in dimethylsulfoxide on the microhemocirculation and peripheric blood flow in complex therapy of the Bekhterev disease

Nikonova L.V.


The peculiarities of microhemocirculation and peripheric blood flow in patients with the Bekhterev disease are analysed. Sharp disorders of the values given which are correlated with the disease clinical picture gravity according to the data of conjunctival biomicroscopy, onyx capillaroscopy, rheovasography, ultrasonic dopplerography are noted for certain. The utility of the prescription of the complex treatment — dliuciphone electrophoresis in dimethylsulfoxide in the presence of medicinal therapy in the Bekhterev disease is proved. A new method of the treatment of the Bekhterev disease — the use of diuciphone-electrophoresis in dimethylsulfoxide manifests as a corrector of the disordered state regulation of microcirculation and peripheric blood flow. Only the medicinal therapy taken separately does not give valuable positive dynamics of these indices.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):436-441
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Possibilities of hirudotherapy of complications of gestation process

Zefirova T.P., Maltseva L.I.


The results of the use of hirudotherapy in the combined treatment of pregnants with gestosis are described. Hirudotherapy allows to decrease the doses of medicamental drugs and in some cases to abolish them, to reduce the terms of the obstetric hospital stay. The treatment by medicinal leeches is endured very well and doesn’t cause side effects.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):442-444
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The use of klamin in the complex treatment of often and long-term ill children

Kelina T.I., Kazarina N.E.


Currently, in clinical practice, frequent and long-term respiratory morbidity requires a differentiated approach to treatment, taking into account the individual characteristics of the child's premorbid background. The urgency of the problem of often and long-term ill children (CHDBD) is associated with a high risk of developing chronic pathology in them.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):445-445
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Cases of primordial nanism

Fazleeva L.K., Trofimova I.S., Bobyleva E.V.


The term "nanism" is understood primarily as growth retardation, which can be caused by many reasons. Many classifications of nanism have been proposed, but there is no single unified classification. In 1961, Black divided primordial nanism into four groups - bird-headed, snub-nosed with pathology of early (Silver-Roussel type) and late stages of pregnancy (type of twin dwarfs).

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):445-446
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On the use of rifampicin in the prevention and treatment of infectious complications in patients with traumatological and orthopedic profile

Ishenin Y.M., Danilov D.G., Yelizov А.N., Ardavichene T.А., Koshkareva Z.V., Valeev R.A.


Among the possible complications of extra-focal transosseous osteosynthesis, a special place is occupied by suppuration of soft tissues at the sites of transosseous elements. Wrong tactics with long-lasting inflammation leads to the formation of abscesses, phlegmon, paratraumatic eczema, the development of dermatitis, and spoke osteomyelitis.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):447-449
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On the legality of the use of rifampicin in diseases of non-tuberculous etiology

Wiesel A.A.


Research by Yu.M. Ishenin et al., Described in the previous article, were performed at a time characterized by a total growth of tuberculosis of various localization.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):449-449
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Results of social and hygienic study of a young family

Sadykova R.A.


Young families and health of children in these families are studied on the basis of the presented data. The analysis makes it possible to perform decomposition of the problems of young families. The results obtained should be taken into account developing and realizing family policy.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):450-452
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Optimization ways of public health management in current economic conditions

Galiullin A.N., Nurkhamitov R.Z.


The data of public opinion poll, expert estimation of activities of treatment and prophylactic institutions under transition to the budget and insurance medicine are given. It is shown that treatment and prophylactic institutions are not ready to work in current economic conditions. It is concluded that there are unused reserves for improving the quality of medical care in health service management in current economic conditions.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):453-455
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Некоторые социально-медицинские аспекты производственных травм со смертельным исходом в агропромышленном комплексе

Nushtaev I.А., Arutyunova Z.А.


The socio-medical features of fatal industrial injuries in the agro-industrial complex (AIC) were studied based on the materials of a special investigation conducted in the Saratov region. The statistical population was 940 people. The results of the study showed that the level of fatal injuries was the highest in the construction subdivisions of the agro-industrial complex (3.39 ± 0.34 cases per 10 thousand workers).

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):456-457
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Hygienic problems of the complex effect of fluoride on the body

Novikov Y.V., Timokhin D.I., Istomin A.V., Chepets M.I.


The greatest human contact with fluorides is possible during their industrial use, however, it is obvious that fluoride enters the body through environmental objects and food products, while distinguishing between natural content and technogenic pollution.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):458-460
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Comparative evaluation of macro- and micromethods of serological diagnosis of salmonellosis and shigellosis in the hemagglutination reaction

Sharifullina D.M., Shagidullina N.Z., Lapshina G.N., Kuryaeva N.Y.


When studying the possibility of using the same antigenic erythrocyte diagnosticum for staging the hemagglutination reaction (RIGA) by macro and micromethods for various infections, the results of RIGA obtained by the classical macro method and the modified micromethod using the Tokachi system microtiter were compared.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):461-465
pages 461-465 views

The incidence of natural focal infections in the Ulyanovsk region

Nafeev А.А., Merkulov А.V., Volkova E.G.


The sharp deterioration in the epidemiological situation of natural focal infections, which is currently observed, is largely due to political and economic instability in Russia and the CIS countries, the redeployment of troops, mass migration of the population, new economic conditions (in which diseases of domestic animals with zoonoses often remain unrecognized and unknown), uncontrolled development of profitable fisheries (catching ground squirrels and other animals in order to obtain valuable fur), violation of the stability of the systems of epizootic and epidemiological surveillance previously operating in the former USSR and insufficiently active preventive, antiepizootic and anti-epidemic measures.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):465-466
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Preoperative radionuclide diagnostics of bile duct hypertension

Safin R.S., Yusupova А.F., Farrakhov А.Z., Valiullina N.N.


It is known that 10% of the world's population suffer from cholelithiasis (cholelithiasis), while the number of patients is growing steadily, doubling every decade. Such a rate of increase in the incidence has led to the search for new methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):467-468
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Professor Halima Mukhlisovna Sayfullina


December 1998 marks the 70th anniversary of the birth and 48 years of medical, scientific, pedagogical activity of the founder of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at Kazan State Medical University, Honored Scientist of the Republic of Tatarstan, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Halima Mukhlisovna Sayfullina.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):469-469
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Fedorov I.V., Sigal E.I., Odintsov V.V. Endoscopic surgery. - M., 1998

Krasilnikov D.M.


The book-atlas "Endoscopic Surgery" is the first Russian illustrated edition dedicated to a new progressive medical technology that allows performing complex cavity surgical interventions with minimal operating trauma. The work consists of two parts and includes 20 chapters.

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):470-471
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Congratulations to Zainab Shaikhievna Gilyazutdinov on her 80th birthday

Kazan medical journal. 1998;79(6):471-471
pages 471-471 views

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