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Vol 74, No 3 (1993)

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Prospects for the development of the republican medical diagnostic center

Klyushkin I.V., Kamalov I.I.


In the new market conditions, the diagnostic center faces many problems that must be solved independently. This is, first of all, the unification of all diagnostic services in a medical-preventive network under the guidance of a specialist who, possessing modern research methods, can competently solve diagnostic problems. The initial link in the association should be considered the district hospital, where the so-called first level of diagnostics is carried out. The next subdivision should be interdistrict diagnostic departments, formed taking into account the traditional ties between the districts.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):177-180
pages 177-180 views

MR imaging in the diagnosis of brain tumors

Klyushkin I.V., Bakhtiozin R.F., Ibatullin M.M., Chuvashaev I.R., Zinin V.I., Ilyasov K.A., Safiullin A.G.


Diagnosing brain diseases is one of the most difficult tasks in medicine. For the exclusion or detection of brain tumors, MRI is a valuable modern diagnostic method. It allows you to clarify the localization of the neoplasm within the brain, its relation to the surrounding tissues, to determine the presence of concomitant cerebral edema, vasculature, the shape, size, nature and structure of the tumor. In this respect, the center (chief physician — associate professor IV Klyushkin) M3 RT MRI significantly exceeds the capabilities of X-ray computed tomography, especially in the diagnosis of tumors of the posterior cranial fossa and basal localization.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):180-184
pages 180-184 views

Magnetic resonance imaging for certain diseases of the brain

Klyushkin I.V., Kamalov I.I.


To clarify the diagnostic capabilities of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), it was compared with clinical and X-ray examinations. Were used such traditional methods as cranio, angiography, tomography. A total of 40 patients with brain pathology (tumors, vascular malformations, multiple sclerosis, etc.) were observed. The diagnosis was verified by the results of surgery and histological analysis.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):185-189
pages 185-189 views

Index changes of mineral metabolism in dentine fluid at the high risk of dental caries in children

Giniyatullin I.I., Burganov R.G., Komarov V.I., Giniyatullina A.M., Turaev R.G.


As many as 120 healthy children and 187 children with the high risk of dental caries development are examined. Comparison of the results obtained shows that indices of mineral metabolism in dentine teeth fluid reliably vary. Typical changes of the composition dentine teeth fluid arc determined to influence/ the risk factors of dental caries for the purpose of its primary prevention.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):189-190
pages 189-190 views

Combined use of theopek and corinphar in chronic obstructive bronchitis

Amirov I.B.


As many as 114 patients with chronic obstructive bronchitis combined with ischemic heart disease are examined. The combined use of theopek (300—900 mg per day) and corinphar (30—60 mg per day) significantly improves the external respiration function.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):191-192
pages 191-192 views

Correction of pyrimidine derivatives of immunologic activity of the organism and external respiration function for prevention of the lingering course of acute pneumonia

Slabnov Y.D., Valimukhametova D.A., Tsibulkin A.P., Khamitov R.F.


The effect of xymedon on immunologic indices and external respiration function in combined treatment of patients with acute pnemonia is studied. The use of xymedon in the presence of basis therapy in patients with lingering pneumonia with reduced immunologic reactivity exerts a stimulating effect on the indices of cellular and humoral immunity. This effect is revealed in the stabilization period of pneumonia accompanied by positive clinicoroentgenologic shifts, provides a higher increase of the indices of external respiration function, reduces the terms of recovery of patients. Xymedon does not cause side effects. The drug may be recommended for a wider use in the clinic in patients with unspecific diseases of the lungs.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):193-197
pages 193-197 views

Analysis of complications and lethality after Dobromyslov — Torek resection of the thoracal part of the esophagus in cancer

Kharitonov R.K., Tukhbatullin M.G., Aidarov R.A., Gamidov T.A.


The radical intervention of the thoracal part of the esophagus in cancer proviles Dobromyslov — Torek operation. The reasons of complications and lethality after resection of the thoracal part of the esophagus in case of cancer in 59 patients are analyzed. A twomoment realization of the radical intervention significantly improves postoperative terminations.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):197-198
pages 197-198 views

Method of the arrest of gastric hemorrhage

Nasrullaev M.N.


A method of the arrest of gastric hemorrhage is proposed, involving ligation of the branches of small and large perigastric arches in hemorrhage source region and zones immediately adjacent to it under control of arterial pressure value in intramural vessels kept at a level of 5.3—6.0 kPa.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):199-200
pages 199-200 views

Resection of submucosa and mucous membrane of the stomach retaining seromuscular membranes and pyloric constrictor

Agafonov A.A., Tukhbatullin M.G.


The method suggested involves only the resection of submucosa and mucous membrane of the stomach retaining seromus — cular membranes and pyloric constrictor. The method provides minimum traumatism of innervational apparatus, blood and lymphatic vessels of the stomach allowing thereafter the recovery of the organ functions.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):201-203
pages 201-203 views

Slectroreflexotherapy of peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum

Klyushkin I.V., Abdullina A.M.


A method of clcctrosignal effect on acupuncture ponits is used by means of the apparatus «Start-5» in 20 persons with peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum. Carporal and auricular points are used. The therapy course includes 9—15 seances. (The action time varies from 30 to 50 sec. The current intensities comprise 25—50 mK. Control fibrogastroduodenoscopy confirms the healing of ulcerous defect in all patients. Secretory and motor functions of gastroduodenal system are recovered.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):203-205
pages 203-205 views

Республиканский медицинский диагностический центр М3 РТ

Nasrullaev M.N.


During the operation on tre stomach affected by cancer angiotensometry is performed in 85 patients, an increase of arterial pressure in vessels of unchanged parts of the ctomach adjacent to the tumor is revealed in 40 patients. The pronounced hypertension is stated in 28 patients. The blood pressure does not essentially vary in 17 patients.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):205-207
pages 205-207 views

Angiotensometric analysis of proximal devascularization of the stomach

Nasrullaev M.N.


As many as 278 angiotensometric investigations are analyzed in patients in proximal devascularization in the course of the pyloroantral part both in lesser and greater curvature. Indices decrease in the body of the stomach, but viability of the wall of the stomach is not violated, indices are brought to the critical level in the proximal part. It is stated that in this type of devascularization the transformation of the pulse pressure and change of the relationship detween intramural systolic and systemic pressure take place.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):207-209
pages 207-209 views

Computed tomography in the diagnosis of diseases of the abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space

Kamalov I.I., Appakova A.Z.


Computed tomography (CT) of the abdominal cavity is a promising diagnostic method in cases where conventional radiography does not provide the necessary information, especially when the internal organs of the abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal space are affected. Thanks to the technical improvements made in the latest generations of computed tomographs, the scanning time has been significantly reduced, the image quality has been improved due to the elimination of artifacts by the optimal choice of the level and width of the window, as well as reducing the thickness of the sections and an appropriate approach to the study area. CT allows for targeted biopsy.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):209-211
pages 209-211 views

Functional state of the liver in different clinical forms of respiratory viral and viral bacterial infections in children of early age

Khaertynov H.S.


The content of prealbumin, fibroncctine and urokanisasc activity are determined in 232 sick children of early age with different clinical manifestations of acute respiratory viral infections (uncomplicated forms and acute respiratory viral infections ' complicated by pneumonia). It is stated that the acute period of acute respiratory viral infections goes in the presence of a decrease the levels of prealbumin, fibronectine and an increase of urokanisase activity of blood serum. The connection between pronounced changes of the parameters studied and manifestations of the intoxication symptoms is revealed. More pronounced changes are noted in grave forms of the disease (toxicosis development) and in presence of bacterial complications (pneumonia).

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):211-214
pages 211-214 views

Diagnostic capabilities of magnetic resonance imaging

Kamalov I.I.


The modern development of medicine is characterized by the development of new non-invasive research methods. This is the uni transscopic method of MP-tomography, based on the phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance (MR). This method allows you to obtain images of parts of the human body in horizontal, frontal and sagittal projections. In addition, it can be used to determine not only the structure, but also the chemical composition of internal organs.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):215-217
pages 215-217 views

Myogenic "neuralgia" of the glossopharyngeal nerve

Ivanichev G.I., Klyushkin I.V., Esin R.G.


Болевые синдромы в области головы и лица являются актуальной и до конца не изученной проблемой. Мы представляем себе «невралгических» болей может быть миофасциальный триггерный пункт. Под нашим наблюдением находились 6 женщин с так называемой невралгией языкоглоточного нерва. Длительность заболевания составляла от 2 до 5 лет. Пациенток беспокоили пароксизмальные боли в области языка и нижней челюсти с одной стороны, провоцируемые разговором и едой. Приступы длились около одной минуты. Кроме того, больные жаловались на постоянные тупые боли в заушной области. 2 пациентки в разное время принимали финлепсин. У одной из них он вызвал ухудшение состояния (участились приступы), у другой - не оказал никакого эффекта.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):217-218
pages 217-218 views

Manual therapy of pectalgic syndrome

Esin R.G., Ablaeva E.R., Molostov M.G., Tokareva N.V.


Chest pain (pectalgic syndrome) in the elderly is a rather serious medical problem, usually associated with the fact that many patients over 50 years of age suffer from coronary artery disease (CHD). This, on the one hand, causes differential diagnostic difficulties in determining the genesis of pectalgia, and on the other hand, the presence of coronary artery disease limits the use of physiotherapy, reflexology, etc. Manual procedures in such cases are methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):218-218
pages 218-218 views

Assessment of the immunological status in patients of a surgical hospital

Klyushkin I.V., Krasnoshchekova E.E., Valeeva K.T., Nasrullaev M.N.


In patients with a surgical profile, the humoral link of the immune system was studied for the production of 3 classes of immunoglobulins (IgA, IgM, IgG), the formation of circulating immune complexes (CIC), bactericidal activity of blood serum (BASK) in comparison with the clinical picture of the disease. Serum immunoglobulins were determined according to Mancini, CEC — by the conventional method according to D. K. Novikov (1987), BASK — by the method of V. I. Nikitenko and O. V. Bukharin.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):218-219
pages 218-219 views

A case of strangulated intestinal obstruction due to Meckel's diverticulum

Aydarov R.A., Hamidov T.A., Trusorukov I.V., Davletshin R.F.


Meckel's diverticulum is a rare occurrence in the practice of a surgeon and occurs in 0.06-2.9% of patients who have undergone surgery on the abdominal organs. It is found during intestinal revision. Of the diseases of this rudiment, acute diverticulitis, bleeding from the ulcer of the diverticulum and its perforation should be noted. More rarely, Meckel's diverticulum can cause various forms of acute intestinal obstruction.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):219-219
pages 219-219 views

Characteristic of the immune status in persons working with videoterminals

Amirov N.H., Fatkhutdinova L.M., Krasnoshchokova V.N.


The content of immunoglobulins (IgG, IgA, IgM) as well as circulating immune complexes (CIC) is determined in the blood scrum of 58 programmers working with videodisolay terminals (VDT) and 19 employees not working or seldom using VDT. The higher IgG and IgA levels are revealed, with most of the persons having the exceeding norm of IgA and CIC values in the basic group. The considerable influence of work satisfaction on IgA and IgM levels and expression degree of working and chronic organization stress on CIC levels is revealed: index levels being lower at work satisfaction and at low values of stress scales. The influence of the electromagnetic 9—200 kHz range fields on the indices of the immune status is not detected. It is concluded that the immune system is made more active at work with VDT and the psychosocial factors are of great importance in this process.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):220-222
pages 220-222 views

Experience of health-improvement of the leaders of the engineering works

Amirov N.H., Krastioshchekova V.N., Fatkhutdinova L.N.


The effect of health-improvement measu, res (gymnastics, vitaminoprophylaxis, central electroanalgesia) on the functional state of central nervous and cardiovascular system is studied in 18 leaders. A decrease of the neuroemotional stress as a result of these measures is revealed.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):222-224
pages 222-224 views

EchoEG, EEG, REG in the diagnosis of brain damage in patients with concomitant traumatic brain injury

Krylov V.E.


Diagnosis of brain damage in concomitant craniocerebral trauma (SCI) has certain difficulties. So, in contrast to isolated TBI, with TBI, intracranial hematomas are diagnosed 2 times less often (in 8% of cases). The main medical errors in the diagnosis of traumatic brain injury are associated with a disorder of consciousness of varying degrees, motor and psychomotor agitation, early resuscitation aids, which are needed by most of the patients in this group. Often, psychomotor agitation with existing damage to the skin of the head, inappropriate behavior of the patient is regarded as a brain injury. However, these symptoms are a consequence of cerebral hypoxia, caused, for example, by chest trauma or shock. Such complications of trauma as shock, fat embolism, thromboembolism, alcohol intoxication, respiratory failure, etc., play a certain role in provoking diagnostic errors and even mortality in TBI.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):224-227
pages 224-227 views

Some problems of diagnosing a disease of the hepatopancreatobilpar zone

Kamalov I.I.


Changes of an inflammatory, tumor nature in the biliary tract are primarily associated with various disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Cholecystitis is usually accompanied by duodenal dyskinesia. With acalculous cholecystitis (32 obs.), Hypomotor dyskinesia occurs, with calculous cholecystitis (68 obs.), Hypermotor dyskinesia of the duodenum. Various forms of cholecystitis (calculous, bacterial, parasitic, enzymatic) and, less often, pancreatitis develops secondarily. The primary driver of their development is impaired motility of the duodenum. In the pancreatic duct, the pressure is 98 Pa higher than in the common bile duct, -981 Pa.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):228-230
pages 228-230 views

X-ray characteristics of diseases of the small intestine

Kamalov I.I., Tyabin L.S.


Until recently, insufficient attention was paid to the X-ray study of the pathological state of the small intestine. We carried out a comprehensive clinical and radiological examination of 74 patients of working age (men — 45, women — 29) with various pathological changes in the small intestine, mainly with enteritis and enterocolitis, rare diseases - Crohn's disease, benign and malignant lesions of the small intestine, cicatricial adhesive and tuberculous processes. We used the classic method of examining the small intestine and, according to indications, any of the additional ones (fractional, accelerated, accelerated fractional, through-probe). Basically, they adhered to the methods of studying the small intestine according to VB Antonovich in our modification.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):230-232
pages 230-232 views

Using the CL-770 Spectrophotometer to Quantify Serum Immunoglobulins

Krasnoshchekova E.E., Valeeva K.T.


Serum immunoglobulins (A, G, M) are usually quantified by radial gel immunodiffusion (RID). It is based on measuring the diameter of the precipitation ring formed when the serum is added to the wells cut out in the agar layer in which the monospecific antiserum is preliminarily dispersed. The gel plates are placed in a humid chamber for 24-48 hours. At the end of the incubation, the diameter of the precipitation ring is measured. Under standard experimental conditions, the diameter of the precipitation ring is directly proportional to the concentration of the studied immunoglobulin. The amount of immunoglobulins is determined by constructing a calibration graph. The results of determining the concentration of serum immunoglobulins by the RID method are issued only on the 3rd day of the study. Clinicians are not always satisfied with the timing of the results and the quality of the study, since the latter depends on many factors - thoroughness (conducting the experiment, the quality and thickness of the gel, the scale of the schedule, etc.)

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):232-233
pages 232-233 views

Evaluation of the comparability of the results of determining drug resistance in staphylococci by the method of diffusion in agar and systems MS-2, MiC-2000

Musina L.T., Semina I.A., Gladkova K.K., Makarova N.F.


In everyday laboratory practice, the method of serial dilution in liquid or solid media and the disk diffusion method are usually used to determine the sensitivity of a microbe to antibiotics. Unfortunately, traditional methods are laborious and can produce results within 18-24 hours after isolation of the pathogen.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):233-235
pages 233-235 views

X-ray diagnostics of closed spinal cord injury and its consequences

Lindenbraten L.D.


Kamalov II X-ray diagnostics of closed spinal-spinal trauma and its consequences. — Kazan, publishing house of Kazan University, 1992, 217 p. The sharp decline in book production on the issues of radiation diagnostics put radiologists in a difficult position. Therefore, the appearance on the book market of the monograph by prof. I. II. Kamalov, dedicated to the topical problem of traumatology and radiology, turned out to be very timely. The new book is a solid scientific work, in which modern issues of functional pathology of the spine, including the mechanisms and indicators of restorative and adaptive-compensatory processes in trauma of the spine and spinal cord, are presented from an original position.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):235-236
pages 235-236 views

Congresses and conferences XI International Congress of the World Association "Magnetic Resonance in Medicine" in conjunction with the IX Annual Congress of the European Association "Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology" (Berlin, August 8-14, 1992)

Klyushkin V.I., Bakhtiozin R.F., Ilyasov A.V., Ilyasov K.A.


More than 2000 scientific reports were presented at the representative forum, which brought together almost all the world's leading experts in the field of magnetic resonance and its application in medicine and biology. The first two days were devoted to a special training program, within which the participants listened to a series of lectures on the basic principles and directions of magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy, read by such famous specialists as Stark, Bradley, Bidder and others. The scientific part of the program was opened with a welcoming speech by the President of the World Association Young's "Magnetic Resonance in Medicine", as well as the annual Oxford lecture by prof. Bodmer, devoted to the genetic problems of understanding carcinogenesis. Subsequently, the congress was held in sectional sessions, during the breaks of which scientific symposia were organized.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):236-237
pages 236-237 views

II World Congress "Myofascial Pain and Fibromyalgia" (Copenhagen, 17-20 August 1992)

Klyushkin I.V., Esin R.G., Ivanichev G.A., Saliev A.R.


The Congress was attended by 480 scientists from 32 countries. Reports and posters were presented on the following sections: 1). epidemiology and history of the study of myofascial pain (MPP) and fibromyalgia (FM); 2) peripheral and central mechanisms of muscle pain; 3) clinic of myofascial pain and fibromyalgia; 4) treatment with MFB and FM.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):237-238
pages 237-238 views

III All-Asian Congress on Ultrasound Research in Medicine and Biology (Seoul, August 30 - September 4, 1992)

Klyushkin I.V., Tukhbatullin M.F., Bakhtiozin R.F.


A qualitative leap in the echoscanning of internal organs took place after the introduction of computers and the development of special programs for them. The development of new, more advanced and special sensors with high sensitivity is also of great importance. In this regard, organs such as the stomach and intestines become available for research, the diagnosis of intravascular and intraductal pathologies of organs is improved. Doppler sonography plays an important role in assessing the state of a particular organ, which occupies a special place in the differential diagnosis of liver and kidney neoplasms (Miron L. Poznaik, USA; Zai-Zsng-Ksu, China).

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):238-239
pages 238-239 views

Modern laboratory equipment

Klyushkin I.V., Valeeva K.T., Krasnoshchekova E.E.


With the creation of new measuring instruments equipped with automation elements and powerful computer systems, the prospect of a qualitatively new level of laboratory diagnostics has arisen. Currently, large diagnostic laboratories are being equipped with equipment from well-known companies in Japan, USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Research opportunities in the field of hematology, clinical biochemistry, immunology, microbiology have expanded significantly.

Kazan medical journal. 1993;74(3):239-240
pages 239-240 views

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