X-ray characteristics of diseases of the small intestine

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Until recently, insufficient attention was paid to the X-ray study of the pathological state of the small intestine. We carried out a comprehensive clinical and radiological examination of 74 patients of working age (men — 45, women — 29) with various pathological changes in the small intestine, mainly with enteritis and enterocolitis, rare diseases - Crohn's disease, benign and malignant lesions of the small intestine, cicatricial adhesive and tuberculous processes. We used the classic method of examining the small intestine and, according to indications, any of the additional ones (fractional, accelerated, accelerated fractional, through-probe). Basically, they adhered to the methods of studying the small intestine according to VB Antonovich in our modification.

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About the authors

I. I. Kamalov

Republican Medical Diagnostic Center M3 RT

Author for correspondence.
Email: info@eco-vector.com
Russian Federation

L. S. Tyabin

Republican Medical Diagnostic Center M3 RT

Email: info@eco-vector.com
Russian Federation


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  2. Камалов И. И. Современные методы диагностики и лечения.—Казань, 1991.

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