Vol 14, No 1 (1914)

On the question of turning off (Aussehaltung) the appendix

Levit V.S.


At the end of the last year, Kofman made a proposal to completely abandon the removal of the last one during operations of appendicitis with extensive splices in the area of the small intestine and the appendix, and only confine himself to the so-called off (Ausschaltung), i.e. the end of the process is tight.

Kazan medical journal. 1914;14(1):26-27
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To surgery of stomach cancer

Levit V.S.


From all organs of a person, stomach cancer is most often affected. Virchow in 1885, studying the material of the Würzburg Pathological and Anatomical Institute, found that stomach cancer occurs in 34.9% of all cancerous diseases in general. In the works that appeared later, the same approximate figures were obtained: in Haberlin, at 27511 deaths from cancer, the head was affected in 11422 cases, i.e. 41.5%. Toichkin, who developed the statistical material of the St. Petersburg City Council during the period from 1901 to 1910, found that out of 13,815 people who died of cancer in general, in 4491 cases, death occurred from stomach cancer, i.e., approximately 32.5%.

Kazan medical journal. 1914;14(1):28-39
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Impressions of the setting of a medical practice in Bulgaria during the last war

Damperov N.


During the Balkan Wars of 1912-13, being sent by the S.P. Burg Slavic Charity Society, I spent more than half a year in total in Bulgaria, working as a surgeon in the rear hospitals in Sofia, Plevna and Philippopolis. During this time, I had to get acquainted with the state of Bulgarian medicine in general, and with the provision of assistance to victims of war. I will try to convey my observations here.

Kazan medical journal. 1914;14(1):40-47
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Impressions about the wounds of a Turkish pointed bullet and first aid with them in the Balkan War of 1912-13

Denike P.P.


When considering any issue of military field surgery, one cannot but recall the name of N. II. Pirogov. His surprisingly subtle observations are formulated in twenty principles of military field surgery. These beginnings were expressed even in the pre-antiseizic period of surgery, but the principles of many of them are now completely modern, and if they were carried out into life, then some mistakes would not have been made that had crippled more than one thousand wounded.

Kazan medical journal. 1914;14(1):54-60
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About serodiagnosis of malignant neoplasms

Molchanov S.A.


Recently, the attention of a number of researchers has been focused on the development of methods for serological recognition of malignant neoplasms. New methods were put forward, the old ones were modified and improved. Testing work was far from keeping up with scientific creativity in this area.

Kazan medical journal. 1914;14(1):61-80
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Aviditat agglutinins. (Preliminary announcement)

Zarnitsyn P.I.


Numerous observations have established that immune sera, with an equal content of antitoxin units, can have different therapeutic effects, and serum with a smaller amount of antitoxin will sometimes treat better than serum highly antitoxic.

Kazan medical journal. 1914;14(1):81-86
pages 81-86 views

A few words about "secret means"

Vysotsky N.F.


One of the characteristic flags of our time is the most shameless speculation about such misfortunes as various human ailments.

Kazan medical journal. 1914;14(1):87-97
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Protocol appointment of the Society of Physicians at the Imperial Kazan Universityѣ January 16, 1914


Presided over by prof. F. Ya. Chistovich under the secretary VN P a r i n ѣ.
Present: Aganov, Barykin, Bening, Belyaev, Vechtomov, prof. Vishnevsky, Voskresensky, Denike, Idelason, Kazan, Lepsky, Parin, Petrov, Pervushin, Perimov, Tsypkin, Chalusov, Chirkovsky, Yakhontov, Favorsky.

Kazan medical journal. 1914;14(1):а3-а7
pages а3-а7 views

Protocol of the meeting of the Society of Physicians at the Imperial Kazan University on January 23, 1914


The chairmanship was VP Pervushin under the secretary of K “M. Yakhonto in”.
Attended by: Kazanskiy, Yakhontov, Parin, Grachev, Perimov, Bogolyubov, Tsypkin, Agafonov, Idelson, Goryaev, Loskutov, Zarnitsyn, Lepskiy, Donskov, Bullyaev, Molchanov, Yakimir Vechkovalovyuk, Polyaev, Molchanov, Chikovalovtomov Barykin, Denike, Cheboksarov, Luriya, Agafonov, Steklov, Favorskiy and strangers. listeners.

Kazan medical journal. 1914;14(1):а7-а11
pages а7-а11 views

Protocol of the appointment of the Society of Physicians at the Imperial Kazan University February 6, 1914


The chairmanship was chaired by Dr. V.P. Pervushin under the secretary M. S. Malinovsky.
The members of the Island were present: Bogolyubov, Kotelov, Tsink, Kazanskiy, Chalusov, Tsypkin, Yakhontov, Agafonov, Goryaev, Voskresenskiy, Kazanli, Popov, Perimov, Nikolskiy, Denike, Parin, Rozhdestvenskiy, Donskiy, Donskiy, Parin, Rozhdestvenskiy, Donskiy Idelson, Loskute v, Barykin, Adamyuk, Molchanov, Cheboksarov, Vlasov, Favorskiy, Chirkovskiy, Zarnitsyn and other visitors.

Kazan medical journal. 1914;14(1):а11-а21
pages а11-а21 views

Protocol of the meeting of the Society of Physicians at the Imperial Kazan University on February 27, 1914


Chairperson: N. A. Mislavskiy; secretary: M. S. Malinovskiy.
The members of the Society were present: Luriya, Goryaev, Pervushin, Parin, Cheboksarov, Agafonov ъ, Buliaev, Zimnitsky, Kazem-Bek, Vishnevskiy, Zarnitsyn, Emeltyanov; Tsypkin, Pan, Chirkove kiy, Rozhdestvenskiy, Ellinson, Dyakonov and outside visitors.
The President, having opened the ceremony, thanks the members of the Society for the high honor and confidence with which they honored him by choosing them as their chairman.
I. Demonstrations:
I. V.F. Ivanov. Demonstration of a patient with acromegaly (from the nervous clinic).

Kazan medical journal. 1914;14(1):а21-а29
pages а21-а29 views

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