Vol 2, No 5-6 (1902)

On the issue of the volume of changes in the elastic tissue in the aorta in case of some diseases

Ovchinnikov P.Y.


Before I can report the microscopic data I have received, I must say a few words about the normal structure of the aortic wall and about the technical solutions that I used when studying my objects.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(5-6):317-335
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A case of cerebral gummy meningitis with a favorable outcome

Pervushin V.P.


Recognizing the syphilitic basis of the disease, I offered the patient, in co-operation with Professor A.G. Ge, a specific treatment. In view of the interest presented by the course of the disease under the influence of therapy, the role of which was outlined in this case especially effectively, I will cite my daily record of the patient's condition almost completely.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(5-6):336-353
pages 336-353 views

Dr. Med. S. Lobanov. On the doctrine of vision in circles of light dispersion and on adbacic accomodation. "Bulletin of Ophthalmology", 1901, July-October

Agafonov B.


The theory teaches that aphakics with known glass are able to see clearly only at one certain distance, closer and further which they can no longer see clearly. However, from practice it is known that often aphakics, poor people, for the sake of economy, having only glasses for sight into the distance, they satisfactorily manage with them and when working close to small objects, and even read small print.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(5-6):354-355
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Dr. I. Nikolyukin. Case of spontaneous cure of echinococcus of the eye socket after facial rot. Bulletin of Ophthalmology, 1901, November-December

Agafonov B.


The patient, a peasant woman, came to the author with a complaint about the "bulging" of her left eye. Upon examination, it turned out: strong exophthalmus of the left eye, and the eyeball lies completely outside the orbit and is pushed inward and downward; eye movements are very limited.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(5-6):356-356
pages 356-356 views

Dr. I. I. Ginzburg. More on the issue of trachoma registration. Appendix to the Journal of Ophthalmology, T. XVIII, no. 6

Agafonov B.I.


In view of the existence of two views on trachomatous and follicular lesions of the connective membrane of the eye, namely: unitary ", when these two diseases are recognized as different degrees of the same suffering, and more correct" dualistic ", when trachoma and follicle are seen as two completely independent diseases, the author recommends to be guided by the following considerations for correctness and uniformity in the registration of trachoma.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(5-6):356-357
pages 356-357 views

Dr. R. А. Katz. Ezerine in corneal diseases. "The Journal of Ophthalmology", 1901, November-December

Agafonov B.A.


The author, without denying that atropine is a very valuable remedy in the treatment of tѣkh keratitis, where the lesion of the cornea is accompanied by hyperemia or inflammation and the iris, - considers its appointment in case of uncomplicated from iridis inflammations of the cornea, to a lesser extent harmful, as with the appointment of atropine it is not rare that the process in the cornea clearly worsens: the ulcer increases, there are new infiltrates, and pain and irritation do not decrease at all.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(5-6):358-358
pages 358-358 views

Dr. F. Т. Lukin. A case of osteoma of the orbit. "The Journal of Ophthalmology", 1901, July-October

Agafonov B.


The author's case, observed by him in the clinic, prof. Fusch'a (въ Вѣнѣ), concerns a boy, 14 years old, in whom a neoplasm has developed gradually within 7 months. after a bruise of the right 1/ 2 forehead.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(5-6):358-359
pages 358-359 views

L. Y. Slesinger. On cerebrospinal meningitis and its treatment with hot baths."Det. Medits." 1901, No. 4

Zuev V.


Bringing a brief historical information about the prevalence of cerebrospinal meningitis and briefly outlining the ethiology, symptomatology and outcomes of it, the author gives the history of the illness of three patients from the children's ward of the Jewish Hospital in Odessa, which were gradually treated with 30 hot baths. All three patients recovered, although the first suffered severe hearing damage, the second had significantly weakened memory.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(5-6):359-359
pages 359-359 views

Prof. N. P. Gundobin. Treatment of anemia in children. Practic. Physician, 1902, No. 2

Zuev V.


The author examines the treatment of anemia, so often encountered in children, from three sides: prevention, hygiene and therapy.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(5-6):360-361
pages 360-361 views

I. K. Konarzhevskiy. Antiphtheria serum as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent for pertussis. Rus. Medical Bulletin. No. 4, 1902

Zuev V.


Based on 20 cases of the use of anti-diphtheria serum in pertussis patients, the author of the lock "definitely, precisely, consciously, actually reasonably" expresses the following propositions: 1) two many 3 injections are enough (per 1000 units of antitoxic.), So that the time of the flow of whooping cough only takes two weeks 2) to prevent the stages of seizures 3) if seizures occur, then after the 3rd injection, as a rule, they quickly completely stop 4) the manifestations of whooping cough abruptly decrease in a day after injection and completely disappeared at the beginning of the 3rd week, and not rarely at the end of the second 5) no particularly sharp reaction from the injection can be noted 6) injection to healthy children warns them of the disease. The author used Inst. Let's experiment. Medicine by injecting at intervals (usually) for 2 or 3 days.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(5-6):361-361
pages 361-361 views

V. V. Shengelidze. Laryngitis (primary) without Löffler's bacilli. Klinic. Journal No. 11, 1901

Zuev V.


The author describes two cases of primary filmy lesions of the larynx without Löffler's sticks, tested on a sectional table, in both cases, repeated (during life and after death) bacterioscopic and microscopic investigations of a case of the larynx were performed, both cases were partially treated.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(5-6):362-362
pages 362-362 views

L. B. Bilik. Dr. Hippius's apparatus for pasteurizing milk or dehydrating properties. Russ. Archives of Pathology, cl. med. and bacter. January, 1902

Zuev V.


The author studied the action of the apparatus of Dr. Gippius, proposed for pasteurization of milk, on typhoid and Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(5-6):362-363
pages 362-363 views

Society of Russian doctors in Odessa


I. Dr. B. Knott sent a message: On the treatment of tuberculosis with meat juice and raw meat (somotherapy). The speaker, having previously said about the relevant literature, reported several cases of somotherapy by Hèricourt'y and Ch. Bichet for pulmonary tuberculosis. In one case from private practice in case of tuberculosis of the 1st degree with congenital débilitas, meat juice (muscle plasma) was used in amounts from 200.0 to 500.0 pure juice (obtained without insisting meat with water) and from 100.0 to 500.0 meat ... The duration of treatment is 8 months minus a break of 1 month.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(5-6):364-365
pages 364-365 views

Society for the Preservation of Public Health. Biological section in Odessa


Dr. S.M. Steingaus gave a message: Alcohol, its therapeutic value and the attitude of doctors towards it. , which it manifests, in addition to that, it is often necessary to reckon both with the summation of the harmful action, and with the pernicious habit of this substance.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(5-6):365-367
pages 365-367 views

VIII Pirogovskiy congress to Moscow


The following were elected as honorary presidents: prof. E. V. Pavlov, V. I. Razumovskiy and I. A. Praksin.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(5-6):367-371
pages 367-371 views

Chronicle and small information. Vol. 2, No. 5-6 (1902)


On June 15, the term of the competition for replacing the departments of histology, skin and venereal diseases, pharmacology and surgical pathology at Kazan University expired. Have expressed a desire to compete with the following persons. At the department of histology — priv. Assoc. V. A. Pavlov (Kharkov). Doc. honey. P. A. Polyakov (St. Petersburg) and priv. Assoc. D.A.Timofeev (Kazan); at the Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases. — Priv. Assoc. V.I. Zarubin. (Kharkov,) assistant professor A. A. Lindstrem (Kiev), doc. honey. M.P. Manasein (St. Petersburg) and doc. honey. M. A. Chlenov. (Moscow); at the Department of Pharmacology - Assoc. K. Ѳ, Arkhangelskiy (Tomsk), assistant professor D. M. Lavrov (S. Petrburg), assistant professor. V.V. Nikolaev. (Kazan), doc. honey. LB Popelskiy (St. Petersburg) and priv. Assoc. G. P. Svirskiy (Yuriev); to the Department of Surgical Pathology — priv. add. H. N. Filippov (Kharkov).

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(5-6):381-383
pages 381-383 views

Protocol of the next meeting of the Society of Physicians at the Imperial Kazan University


Chaired by Prof. L.O.Darkshevich under the secretary V. Vladimirov.
Present: honorary member of the Society of Physicians prof. H. M. Lyubimov; Active members: Dr. Burgsdorf, Vorotynskiy, Deryabin, Zuev, Idelson, Kazanskiy, Klyachkin, Kupidonov, Kotelnikov, Kolchin, prof. Leontiev, Dr.: Mering, Nebolyubov, Nikolaev, Pervushin, Pilnov, Polunov, Porfiriev, Rozhdestvenskiy, Romanov, Rimovich, Skuridin, Sokolov, Timofeev, Charushin, Gavorskiy, as well as a human representative of the Society of 15 GF Shershenevich at the head, and more than a human being outside visitors.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(5-6):а3-а27
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