Vol 2, No 4 (1902)

Spleen ruptures in forensics

Nebolyubov V.P.


The closest cause of death that occurs shortly after an injury, in terms of its properties, is, as it is known, concussion, shock or hemorrhage. In the event of a significant injury, accompanied by clear and sharp marks, and a greater disruption of the integrity of parts of the body, death usually occurs from external or internal bleeding. For those around the deceased, and for the doctor, such cases do not pose a problem in terms of identifying these  damages and their causal connection with the fatal outcome. But always and for everyone, cases of more or less rapid death, with minor or vaguely indicated injuries, will be a mystery.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(4):225-240
pages 225-240 views

A case of simulated mental disorder

Boldyrev B.S.


Back in the XII-th century, Pavel Zakkhi, the chief physician of the Papal States said that "there is almost no disease that is so easily simulated and so often feigned as being insanity and, vice versa, there is no disease that is so hard to recognize as being insanity".

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(4):241-250
pages 241-250 views

On the treatment of sensitive dentin

Nikolaev V.V.


It has always been the doctor's dream to perform the operation without any pain; the same natural desire encourages dentists in their special practice to try not to hurt the patient. The dentist feels completely satisfied if he is so knowledgeable that, without disturbing the patient, he has provided the necessary aid in accordance with all the rules of art. But unfortunately, there are conditions under which everything is still powerless and the patient feels intolerable pain even with very careful manipulation of the doctor. It is so true that, with the treatment of frailly sensitive dentin, the patient sometimes suffers unbearably, despite all the measures taken. The fact that this frail sensitive dentin is one of the greatest obstacles to the submission of radiological care in dental practice.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(4):251-264
pages 251-264 views

On elastic tissue changes in the aorta in some diseases

Ovchinnikov P.Y.


The important physiological significance of elastic tissue for the body was often pointed out from several different points of view. This meaning is based primarily on the physical properties of elastic tissue, from which its elasticity and extensibility appear in the first place.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(4):265-278
pages 265-278 views

A case of cerebral gummy meningitis with a favorable outcome

Pervushin V.L.


Last summer I had the opportunity to examine a severe and very rare case of cerebral meningitis against the backdrop of syphilis, which, thanks to timely and persistent therapeutic measures, was quickly brought to full recovery.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(4):279-293
pages 279-293 views

L. V. Sobolev. On the morphology of the pancreas when the duct is ligated, at diabetes and some other conditions (experimental and pathological anatomical research). Diss. SPB., 1901

Osokin N.


This paper addresses the issue of "islets" (intutubulän Zellenhaufen) of Zanycihaus in the function of the pancreas, which is little studied in pathology.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(4):294-295
pages 294-295 views

Dr. S. Ligin. Inclusions of osteoid substance in the protoplasm of osteoblasts. Russian Archives of Pathology, Clinical Medicine and Bacteriology. T. XIII, Vol. I, 1902

Osokin N.


To study the meaning of osteoblasts in the production of young bone, the author made wing fractures in chickens and then studied the peripheral part of young bone formations.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(4):295-295
pages 295-295 views

G. Tzekhanskiy. Modern achievements of light therapy (report to the Okhr. H. 3). Med. Review, 1902, No. 5

Klyachkin G.


The light therapy is experiencing an unusually fast growth period, attracting the attention of numerous investigators. Having appeared only 5-6 years ago, this method could not yet give unshakeable conclusions and accurate illustrations. The author distinguishes three categories of light therapy: treatment by warm light, cold light, and colored light.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(4):295-296
pages 295-296 views

N. V. Sletov. Theoretical foundations of light therapy. Med. Obozrenie. 1902, No. 5

Klyachkin G.


The author has published many works on light therapy. The present work contains the analysis of this method in its theoretical foundations.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(4):297-298
pages 297-298 views

Y. F. Kaplan: Some observations on the treatment with Cerebrine for morbid illness. (From Ufa Province Psychiatric Hospital). Mediz. Review No. 4, 1900

Klyachkin G.


Everyone is aware of the heated controversy that has recently arisen between Dr Belyakov and Dr Lyon over an article by the latter offering a new way of treating epilepsy. While Dr. Lyon believes that cerebrin is a powerful remedy for this disease, Dr. Belyakov, who has dealt with the same material, completely denies any therapeutic significance of cerebrin in epilepsy.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(4):298-299
pages 298-299 views

Academician I.R. Tarkhanov. On the physiological action of Professor Pel's Cerebrini. (Preliminary report). Journal of medical chemistry and organotherapy. 1902, No. 25—26

Romanov M.


The author, who was interested in Dr. Lyon's clinical observation of Professor Pel's beneficial work on epileptic patients, considered it important to find out whether the physiological effect of this substance will provide any undeniable experimental data that can shed light on the above clinical observation. The author has experimented on frogs. The results of his experiments are divided into three sections: the influence of cerebrini on the nervous system in general, on mental excitement and on the heart.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(4):299-300
pages 299-300 views

Society of Russian physicians in Odessa

Rudnev V.I.


Society of Russian physicians in Odessa. Meeting on February 9, 1902.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(4):301-303
pages 301-303 views

Ural Medical Society in Yekaterinburg

Levenson B.


Ural Medical Society in Yekaterinburg. Meeting on December 15, 1901.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(4):304-306
pages 304-306 views

Scientific meeting of physicians of the Kazan District County Hospital

Toporkov N.


Scientific meeting of physicians of the Kazan District County Hospital. Annual meeting on December 21, 1901.

Kazan medical journal. 1902;2(4):306-307
pages 306-307 views

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