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Vol 9, No 5-6 (1909)

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For the study of experimental arteriosclerosis
Cheboksarov M.N.

Among other chronic diseases, in terms of its prevalence, almost the first place is currently occupied by that vascular disease, which since the beginning of the past century is known to be called arteriosclerosis. But despite all its prevalence, in spite of the fact that it’s not enough for a hundred years, how this process is comprehensively studied by prominent pathologists and clinicians, nevertheless, there are still a number of problems in the science of arteriosclerosis, a whole number is far not yet resolved questions.

Kazan medical journal. 1909;9(5-6):247-329
A case of acute trichinosis in humans
Pozharisky I.F.

In the sixties of the past century, physicians have received a lot of attention to muscle parasites from the genus nematodes, discovered in 1832 by an English physician N і 1-іon'om and named Owen'oMb trichina spiralis. In view of the fact that this name was given to other parasites before Owena, it was changed in 1895 by the zoologist Railliet to tri¬chi n e 11 a spiralis and this last name is now generally accepted for parasites of interest to us here (Braun)

Kazan medical journal. 1909;9(5-6):330-336
Cholera vaccinations
Barykin V.A.

Preparing for the encounter of such an enemy as cholera, which took away in one past century about two million inhabitants of Russia (Erisman), you involuntarily strive to sum up the exact results of modern methods of fighting the infection, you involuntarily unfold pages full of either brilliant victories or bitter ones.

Kazan medical journal. 1909;9(5-6):337-348

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