Vol 80, No 4 (1999)

Development of implants from shape memory alloys in dentistry

Mirgazizov M.Z.


The purpose of this speech is to present the main most significant results of our research for almost 20 years in the development and application of shape memory alloys in some areas of dentistry, in particular in implantology. The scientific achievements of Russian scientists in this area are now generally known and recognized in the world as pioneering developments. Over the years, fundamentally new materials and structures implanted into the body have been created, which are similar in behavior to the tissues of the body.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):241-246
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D1namics of the content of histamine, serotonin, catecholamines of bronchi mucous membranes in acute bronchitis of the lingering course

Artemyeva E.G., Lisitsin E.A., Sveklov A.M.


The results of examination and treatment of 30 patients with acute bronchitis of the lingering course are presented. It is established that the level of histamine and serotonin in alveolar macrophages, lymphocytes, neutrophiles, APUD-cells is reliably higher and the content of catecholamines is lower than in healthy persons. The indicators given can be used as an additional criterion of the pathologic process activity on the one hand as well as a sign of transforming acute bronchitis of the lingering course into chronic bronchitis on the other hand.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):247-249
pages 247-249 views

Importance of computer tomography in the diagnosis of tumors of upper respiratory tracts

Savin А.А., Kradinov A.I., Prokopenko O.P., Bekirov S.A., Dzhemelev S.S., Vasilyev A.Y.


The possibilities of computer tomography in the estimation of determining localization, prevalence, structure of tumors, degree of invasion into surrounding tissue as well as in determining osteal destruction in tumors of upper respiratory tracts are shown. The computer tomography symptoms typical for malignant tumors of pharynx, rinopharinx and larynx are described.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):250-252
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Dynamics of immunologic parameters in elder children with atopic dermatitis

Shamov В.А., Shamova A.G., Malanicheva T.G.


In children aged 10 to 17 with atopic dermatitis the following changes are revealed: the decrease of the content of CD3+-cells, CD8+-cells, natural killers, CH50, the increase of immunoregulator index indicators, CD19+-cells, igg, ige circulating immune complexes. More pronounced disorders of the immune status are found in boys and girls aged 13 to 17 than in children aged 10 to 12. After the treatment the favourable dynamics of the indicators of CD8+-cells, immunoregulator index, concentration of igg, ige and circulating immune complexes is found.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):253-255
pages 253-255 views

Clinicopathogenetic justification of the use of selmevit in acute period of ischemic insult

Reikhert L.I., Ivanichev G.A., Byshevsky А.S., Durova M.V.


The efficiency of selmevit (the home-made complex vitamin drug) in acute period of ischemic insult is studied. It is established that its inclusion into the complex therapy of ischemic insult favourably affects the recovery rate of disordered neurologic functions on the basic of reaching a membrano-stabilizing effect in patients organism.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):256-258
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Methodological aspects of increasing the ormative biometrical sognificance threshold alue

Tukshaitov R.K.


The analysis of data has shown the imperfection of a number of criteria for the estimation of results significance. The use of the following significance threshold values is justified P»0,l (when td < 0,35) P> 0,1 (when 0,35

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):259-261
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Clinicosurgical parallels and immediate results of the operative treatment of patients with the craniovertebral passage anomalies

Shulman K.M., Danilov V.I., Pushkin L.A., Solomatina A.K., Chekalin L.A.


The clinical picture of the disease in 65 patients with the craniovertebral passage pathology is presented, surgical finds took place in 50 of them. The pyramidal and bulbar, cerebellobulbar syndroms and their combinations are shown in the clinical picture of the disease.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):262-265
pages 262-265 views

Neurophysiologic laws of wink reflex in patients with facial neupopathy

Deomidov E.S.


Electroneuromyographic examination of 120 patients with the Bell paralysis, in the clinical picture of which facial muscle paresis of various gravity dominates, is performed. On the basis of the results obtained the bioelectric activity of facial muscles with the aim of early diagnosis and prevention of secondary contracture of facial muscles is studied.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):266-267
pages 266-267 views

Experience of anesthesiologic provision of total endoprosthetics of major joints

Gafarov K.Z., Anisimov O.G., Nazipov А.A.


The variants of anesthesiologic provision of endoprosthetics of major joints are considered. The total spinal block with pronounced analgesia was obtained using the combined spinal and epidural anesthesia. This anesthesiologic provision method is easily reproduced, it gives a significant economic effect and has few contraindications.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):268-273
pages 268-273 views

Results of the treatment of infected pseudoarthroses of the tibia by extrafocal osteosynthesis method

Shafit S.E., Aleinikov А.V., Ezhov Y.I., Keilman V.K., Baronin А.А., Ivanov A.M., Selivanovsky S.M., Samoilov V.A.


The peculiarities of the course of infected pseudoarthroses of the tibia using the extrafocal fixation method are studied, as well as laws of the origin of postoperative complications in this category of patients are revealed. The selection analysis data of patients show the significant discrepancy between the outcome structure and number of postoperative complications and the data given by other authors. At the same time these data on complications correspond or slightly below the data of foreign clinics. Since the data presented are obtained during long-term selection analysis of patients with infected pseudoarthroses treated in specialized clinics they sufficiently show the course of this disease using extrafocal osteosynthesis.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):274-278
pages 274-278 views

Basis of rehabilitation of patients with urinary bladder cancer

Sitdykova M.E.


The results of clinical studies of 753 patients are analyzed to develop the effective methods of recovery treatment and to determine the criteria of medical and social rehabilitation of patients with urinary bladder cancer. Rehabilitation of patients with urinary bladder cancer is based on the early diagnosis making it possible to use endoscopic treatment methods, on the efficiency of open operative organopreserving interventions, on the recovery of natural uresis along urethra after cystectomy by enterocystoplasty.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):279-282
pages 279-282 views

Peculiarities of producing soluble leukocyte antigen 2 by neutrophils and its immunoregulatory effect in late gestosis

Sotnicova N.Y., Antsiferova Y.S., Sotnikova L.G., Kudryashova A.V., Eilimonov A.G., Petrunin D.D.


The data suggesting the increase of secretion of soluble lenkocyte antigen-2 by neutrophils in late gestosis of SLA-2 are given. The soluble leukocyte antigen-2 has in its turn an immunomodulating effect on producing the factor inhibiting leukocyte migration by lymphocytes. The possible involvement of neutrophils in pathogenesis of late gestosis is considered.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):283-286
pages 283-286 views

State of some indices of laser doppler flowmetry in norm and in gingivitis in children

Mirgazizov M.Z., Khamitova N.K., Mamaeva E.V.


Capillary blood flow of paradont tissue in norm and in children sufferred from chronic generalized gingivitis and paradontosis in slight form is studied. The method of estimating microcirculatory disorders in paradont tissue using laser doppler fluorometry is developed. The prospects of its wide use in stomatology for early diagnosis of disorders of paradont capillary net-work are stressed.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):287-290
pages 287-290 views

The hormone thyrocalcitonin and its physiological purpose

Zulkarneev R.A., Zulkarneev R.R.


The hormones that have been discovered relatively recently are thyrocalcitonin (TCT). Physiological properties and its clinical purpose are still unclear. Our previous experience with the use of hormone therapy was a prerequisite for the use of TKT in experimental studies and in the clinic.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):291-292
pages 291-292 views

Electrophysiological studies of post-traumatic disorders of the motor function of the spinal cord

Pleshchinsky I.N., Valeev E.K., Yafarova G.G., Alekseeva N.L.


It is known that traumatic spinal cord injury leads to a number of structural and functional changes. As a result of trauma, the spinal cord is cut off, compressed and softened by central hemorrhagic necrosis, and local damage to the axons is determined within a few hours.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):293-295
pages 293-295 views

Prediction of atherosclerosis in children and the possibility of early prevention of coronary heart disease

Pikuza O.I., Oslopov V.N., Vakhitov H.M., Babushkina A.A., Nikolsky S.E.


Cardiovascular diseases caused by atherosclerosis (coronary artery disease, cerebrovascular pathology, etc.) are responsible for 40-50% of all deaths in adults. Of particular concern to clinicians is the emerging unfavorable tendency to "rejuvenate" these diseases. Currently, the fact that atherosclerosis (AS) begins to form in childhood and adolescence is indisputable.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):296-297
pages 296-297 views

Some aspects of the epidemiology of onychomycosis

Faizullina E.V., Guryanov V.V.


Onychomycosis is one of the most common diseases in dermatological practice, being one of the reasons for the development of drug intolerance, allergic dermatoses, and bacterial complications. Enhancing polyvalent sensitization, it is capable of causing serious allergic changes in the body.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):298-299
pages 298-299 views

Molecular genetic diagnosis of Rh-belonging of the fetus by amniotic fluid during Rh isoimmunization

Abdrakhmanova L.R., Zainullin А.A., Sadykov B.G., Latypov A.S.


Currently, with Rh isoimmunization, timely diagnosis of Rh-affiliation and the severity of fetal hemolytic disease is especially relevant to determine the time of delivery.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):300-301
pages 300-301 views

Phalloplasty for genitourinary anomalies

Yarisov Y.N., Chernov V.A., Orlov L.N., Berendeev S.V.


Bladder exstrophy is more common in boys and is one of the most severe forms of the anomaly. She is often accompanied by combined anomalies of the reproductive system, pelvic bones, kidneys: epispadias, divergence of the pubic bones, deformity and underdevelopment of the penis, hypoplasia of the testicles, prostate, kidneys. After successful surgical treatment of bladder exstrophy in childhood, with age, there may be a need for rehabilitation surgery for a concomitant anomaly.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):301-302
pages 301-302 views

Dissecting aneurysm of the thoracic aorta and the possibility of its lifetime diagnosis

Latfullin I.А.


Aortic dissecting aneurysm (aortic dissection, aortic dissecting hematoma) is a disease with a high mortality rate (0.3% of all autopsies). It is characterized by a tear in the inner lining of the aorta, through which blood penetrates into the thickness of the aortic wall, peeling the middle membrane from the adventitia.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):303-307
pages 303-307 views

Use of information technologies to increase the efficiency of management of medicodiagnostic processes in hospitals

Emaletdinova L.Y.


The existing medical computer systems used in hospitals are analyzed. The factors affecting the time and quality of performing medicodiagnostic processes are shown. The problems of automated control of factors depending on the organization of medicodiagnostic process in hospitals are formulated.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):308-311
pages 308-311 views

Traumatism is a priority medicosocial problem

Gafarov H.Z., Murugov V.S.


The traumatism problem as a whole and in particular in Tatarstan Republic is considered. It is stressed that traumatism prevention should be carried out on the state level. Social nature of traumatism with losses of labour and means makes it necessery to create the organizations as interdepartmental traumatism drive commissions of administrations heads where the preventive work should be centered. The fundamental problems of traumatism suck as bone tissue regeneration, hemorrhage, lethality, endoprosthetocs require subsequent long-term studies.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):312-314
pages 312-314 views

Ways of medicosocial health improvement of children from families of social risk

Kamaev I.A., Goryunov А.V., Pozdnyakova M.A., Bolshakova O.M.


The classification of families of the extreme social risk is developed. The medicosocial examination of children from prisoners families with the resulting health improvement of 145 children studying in the boarding school is carried out. The health improvement complex included juridical, educational, psychologic and medical correction. The system proved to be sufficiently effective: for the year acute sickness rate decreases by 45,4% principally at the expense of respiratory organs diseases and respiratory and viral infections.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):315-316
pages 315-316 views

Features of the organization of drug supply for patients with diabetes mellitus in Kazan

Tukhbatullina R.G., Zyangirova S.T.


In recent years, the pharmacy service of the Republic of Tatarstan has undergone significant structural and qualitative changes, which are caused by the beginning processes of denationalization and privatization. As a result, many pharmacies acquired the status of a legal entity, including pharmacy No. 350 in Kazan.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):317-318
pages 317-318 views

State of occupational diseases in Kazan

Berkheeva Z.M., Pigalova N.B., Yampolskaya L.K., Marinnikova S.A., Mustafina N.G.


The occupational diseases in Kazan are studied. The diseases from the effect of physical factors and from overstress of separate organs and systems occupy a prominent plase. The observed tendency to decreasing the level of occupational diseases is determined by output reduction, performance of engineering and sanitary and hygienic measures directed to the improvement of labour conditions as well as decrease of the quality of periodic medical examination. It is urgent to teach physicians the problems of occupational pathology in connection with elimination of medicosanitary service in workchops.

Kazan medical journal. 1999;80(4):318-319
pages 318-319 views

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