Vol 4, No 11-12 (1904)

"The answer to my opponents"

Pervushin V.P.


With regard to my report "Measures to Сombat Alcoholism", made on 18 December 1900 at the first joint session of the Society of Physicians and the Society of Law at the Imperial University of Kazan, many of those present, both doctors and mostly lawyers, expressed a number of opinions, in most cases disagreeing with the "Provisions" of my report and being critical thereof. For lack of time, I could not answer all my opponents in the same meeting and I will try to do so now and explain why I am not satisfied with the comments made and do not consider them to be consistent with the truth as I understand it.

Kazan medical journal. 1904;4(11-12):539-568
pages 539-568 views

Cresylechtviolett as a reagent for amyloid transformation

Vinogradov K.N.


Half a century has already passed since Virchow has sharply outlined amyloid degeneration and distinguished it from a number of other degenerative processes. He also suggested a generally recognized and currently widespread reaction to amyloid iodine-sulfuric acid.

Kazan medical journal. 1904;4(11-12):569-572
pages 569-572 views

On primary tuberculosis of the pancreas

Sholomovich A.


The question of tuberculosis of the pancreas in general, and of primary tuberculosis in particular, seems to be far from being worked out at the present time, since this phenomenon is not frequent. Those of great interest are cases of this kind of disease, which can give the future researcher a rich material to clarify one of the most interesting chapters of pathology.

Kazan medical journal. 1904;4(11-12):573-582
pages 573-582 views

On radical cure of acute Empiema of the Highmore's antrum during Cooper's surgery

Krasin M.M.


Once it has been established that the patient has an acute purulent inflammation Sinus maxillaris (Antrum Highmori). The sick cavity must be emptied of the pus immediately; this abscess enclosed between the bone strings must be opened, because: I) the pus cannot suck, II) it is necessary to relieve the often unbearable suffering of the patient, and III) it is relatively rare that an immediate opening of the maxillary sinus cavity in the case of an acute empirical epyema may also be vital (the beginning of pyeomia, etc.).

Kazan medical journal. 1904;4(11-12):583-588
pages 583-588 views

On surgical treatment of laryngeal cancer and a complete removal of the larynx

Gerken N.A.


The patient whom I will have the honour to show you today has undergone a severe, disfiguring operation - removing the entire larynx following cancer. Without an artificial larynx, the operated patient not only cannot communicate with the people around him, but cannot make a single sound, not even a single moose that exists for example in most deaf people.

Kazan medical journal. 1904;4(11-12):589-603
pages 589-603 views

Eye damage with chronic leukemia

Orlov K.K.


We may say in advance that this or that change in the blood composition, which is a supplier of nutrient material for tissues and organs, must also have an effect on eye tissues - a phenomenon that has been fully confirmed in everyday clinical experience.
As I intend to describe the discipleship of eye damage in the case of one of the blood diseases, I think it is not superfluous to say a few words about the disease itself.

Kazan medical journal. 1904;4(11-12):604-621
pages 604-621 views

About treatment with salicylic drugs by injection into a vein

Rubens D.


The author cites his observations of the action of salinilic-acid soda with its endovenous introduction on articular rheumatism, various neuralgia and pleurisy.

Kazan medical journal. 1904;4(11-12):622-623
pages 622-623 views

Chronicle and minor news


By posting this report, I believe it is my duty to remind physicians that their obligations to pay 5 roubles each by October 1 for the foundation of the scholarship fund are far from being fulfilled: out of 80 people, only 34 have made a contribution.
The forerunner of the Society of Physicians, Professor A. Kazem-Bek.

Kazan medical journal. 1904;4(11-12):638-644
pages 638-644 views

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