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Vol 9, No 1-2 (1909)

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Giant cell sarcoma of the hip, developed from the vagina musc. sartorii
I. S. I.S.

At the present meeting of the Society of Physicians, I have the honor to report a case of giant cell sarcoma of the soft parts of the thigh. Tumors developing in the soft parts of the thigh are mostly localized in the upper 73 of it, especially in the groin region, in contrast to tumors originating from the skeletal system, which preferably develop at the lower end of the thigh.

Kazan medical journal. 1909;9(1-2):1-16
On the issue of recurrences
Shibkov A.

The study of the literature of tsyngi allows us to state the fact that in all the scholarship about tsyngi, the issue of recurrence is the least developed.

Kazan medical journal. 1909;9(1-2):17-40
Regional Volga region anti-choleric congress in Samara
Kazansky M.

Having begun to revise section II of the Rules on August 19, 1903 on the diseases in the areas infected with cholera or plague, the Regional Congress focused on the purely mechanical connection in these §§ of the epidemic, with completely different clinical, epidemic, bacteri and adopted the following resolution

Kazan medical journal. 1909;9(1-2):41-108
About local anesthesia according to personal observations in the clinic, prof. Bieg's
Opokin A.A.

The idea of local anesthesia has always attracted the general attention of surgeons as a way of ideal anesthesia. Attempts in a number of known cases to replace general anesthesia with local anesthesia, as is well known, began to be made for a long time, but over the years, interest in them has especially intensified.

Kazan medical journal. 1909;9(1-2):109-118
Appeal to comrades, medical societies and medical press

I also appeal to the comrades who have published works on medicine with the humble request to inform me for the "Biographical Dictionary of Russian Doctors" that I am compiling the following information

Kazan medical journal. 1909;9(1-2):a1-a2

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