Vol 13, No 3-4 (1913)

From the editor


On the 4th of August of this year, 25 years of scientific teaching activity of the professor of Kazan University Liveriy Osipovich Darkshevich marked.
A pet from the Moscow University, Liver_y Osipovich received a brilliant special scientific training abroad under the guidance of the most outstanding European representatives of the specialty chosen by him - neuropathology.

Kazan medical journal. 1913;13(3-4):1-2
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Anatomy of the parathyroid glands in humans. (glandulae parathyreoideae)

Sokolov N.V.


Sandstrom in 1880 discovered a new organ near the thyroid gland — initially in a dog, and eclipsed in cats, rabbits and humans. He gave the first description of this organ, indicated its position, vascularization; established its independence and difference from the thyroid gland. Opposing the glandular nature of the organ, Sandstrom proposed to call the organ discovered by him "glandula parathyreoidea", which sufficiently determined its proximity to the thyroid gland and its glandular nature.

Kazan medical journal. 1913;13(3-4):127-141
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Experiments with the cultivation of plasmodium Vivax according to the Bass method

Pichugin P.I.


Since the discovery of the Laveran parasite of the painter, some authors have tried to study this parasite outside the human body.
Thus, Laveran (1) managed in 1891 to preserve the viability of the painter's parasite in a hanging drop for 10 days.

Kazan medical journal. 1913;13(3-4):141-156
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About the influence of iodine compounds on blood viscosity

Cheboksarov M.N.


If the question of the favorable action of the iodine compounds in arteriosclerosis, especially in cases of still beginning functional disorder, does not arouse any doubts at the present time and is confirmed by a number of strictly established empirical data, it is impossible to say the same .

Kazan medical journal. 1913;13(3-4):157-164
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To symptomatology of abdominal muscle paralysis

Kron I.M.


The literature on paralysis of the abdominal muscles with polyomyelitis is still very poor. In Russian literature, as far as I know, there is no description of such a case. The picture of the disease can lead to erroneous diagnosis and pointless surgical intervention. In 1861, Duchenne, in his classic work on the physiology of movements, already described the symptom complex of paralysis of the abdominal muscles in the case of generalized paralysis in 5 years. child.

Kazan medical journal. 1913;13(3-4):165-171
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The current state of the issue of the peripheral innervation of the movements of the colon

Lehman A.E.


The large intestine, like all other organs of plant life, receives nerves of two kinds, belonging to the sympathetic and autonomic nervous systems. The first includes item n. hypogastrici with n. n. mesenterici inferiores, to the second n. n. erigentes (Eckhard) or Langley'io pelvici. The sympathetic nerves of the intestine depart from the nerve node — g. meseutericum inferius, located on the anterior surface of the abdominal aorta at the point of departure of the lower mesenteric artery; n. erigens usually (in dogs) originates from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd sacral nerves and, before reaching the large intestine, enters the nerve plexus located on the sides of the pelvic floor - plexus hypogastricus, into which it enters and also takes part in its formation a pair of sympathetic nerves - n. n. hypogastrici.

Kazan medical journal. 1913;13(3-4):171-175
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Hippocrates on the nature of man

Rudnev V.I.


In the beginning of his article on the nature of man, Hippocrates says that he will examine the nature of man only from a medical point of view, and not from a purely philosophical one. Ancient philosophers, whose scholarship was, of course, very well known to Hippocrates, argued that everything came from one beginning. So Hales considered moisture to be the beginning of everything and thought that even the gods themselves arose from it, Anaximen replaced the water with air, from which all substances are formed when condensed: water, earth, stones, etc., Anaximander believed that from the unlimited heat into the kind of fire or air, the earth emerged, from which, when dry, animal and human were formed. Heraclitus considered fire to be the origin.

Kazan medical journal. 1913;13(3-4):176-182
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Forensic medical casuistry of epilepsy

Eichenwald L.I.


The main provisions of our criminal law governing the lack of understanding of insane and insane are set out in Art. 95, 96 and 97 Code. about the order. Article 95, as it is known, qualifies crimes committed by insane births or insane, with which “committing a murder or encroaching on the life of another or their own or on fire” are confined to the home of the insane, even in their parents' case, or relatives wished to take on the responsibility of looking after them and treating them at home.

Kazan medical journal. 1913;13(3-4):183-186
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Anomalies of the spine from the point of view of its evolution

Bushmakin N.


When studying the normal anatomy of a human, one encounters at every step two or other deviations from the normal structure.
Anatomists distinguish two categories of phenomena in this relationship: the deviations are more significant and so significant that the correct sending of organs is disturbed or completely stopped, and the deviations are weak and so unimportant that they do not have a significant influence of the organ on the function.

Kazan medical journal. 1913;13(3-4):187-200
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The value of active serum in the Wassermann reaction and the percentage of syphilitics in the internal clinic

Dobrotin A.N.


The manifestations of syphilis in the human body are so diverse that the principles developed by syphilidologists by specialists for its recognition can only be applied to more or less clearly expressed forms.

Kazan medical journal. 1913;13(3-4):201-218
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The role of lengthening and shortening of tendons in surgery and children's paralysis

Kerimov V.A.


A lot of the earlier acute epidemic paralysis (akute epidemische Kinderlahmung Krause) was isolated into an independent nasological unit, surgeons, purely empirically, raised the demands of life to improve the tendency of contractures to be an operative method, namely.

Kazan medical journal. 1913;13(3-4):219-223
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On the question of the origin of cystic brain tumors

Chistovich F.Y., Pervushin V.P.


The case of cystic multiple brain tumor described below is of interest in two relationships: in clinical because it gave a reason for surgical intervention for the purpose of diagnostics and for the sake of removal of a brain tumor, the exact localization of which presented significant difficulties; In the pathological and anatomical relationship, this case deserves attention both because of the multiplicity of brain tumors, and due to their completely unusual structure, which deviates from these types of neoplasms, which usually serve as the starting point in the development of the cysts of the central nervous system.

Kazan medical journal. 1913;13(3-4):224-241
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On the question of serodiagnosis of pregnancy by the method of Abderhalden

Gorizontov N.


As is known, at the present time the diagnosis of even a normal, uterine pregnancy in the first half of it, especially in the very first months, is far from always easy and it is not easy to be incorrect. The reason for this lies in the fact that in this period of pregnancy we do not have reliable signs of the last days, which begin to appear only at the end of the fourth month.

Kazan medical journal. 1913;13(3-4):241-261
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Coloring and immunity

Barykin V.


Pigmentation is one of the most important life adaptations. Green parts of plants, hemoglobin of blood, seasonal coloration of animals, sometimes for self-defense purposes, then for purposes of attacks, mating feathers of birds, in order to attract the attention of a female and grow beyond the limits of individuality - this is a whole series of important examples that are widespread and sufficient meaning of color. It is noticed that with the complication of the organization, with the sophistication of the work of the hair, the ability to form pigment decreases.

Kazan medical journal. 1913;13(3-4):262-266
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Actinomycosis lung

Morozov V.A.


M.G. in view of the fact that actinomycosis is considered a rare disease and its recognition even in a clinical setting is not always easy, I will allow myself to describe a case of radiant fungal lung disease observed in the therapeutic department of the Alexander Hospital. The biology and morphology of radiant fungi is still a lot that has not been explained. At this time, the prevailing opinion is that the radiant fungus either belongs to the group of filamentous growing bacteria, or is a representative of a special group, intermediate between higher bacteria and lower molds.

Kazan medical journal. 1913;13(3-4):267-273
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Morphology of the glandular tissue. Some details of the structure of the cells of the renal epithelium of the frog

Mislavsky A.N.


Examination of Meves (07, 08) over the chondrioma of the cellular elements of the young kurinago embryo, having established the presence of elocytic forms of chondriosis in the cells of all the three leaves of this last day, served as an impetus to the whole tendency of the revision of the a whole series of works appeared in special literature, trying to establish or establish the identity of the fibrous formations described earlier in the cell with the elements of the chondrioma, or, in those cases, when these formations are too specific in the histophysiological apparatus of their embryonic sense, to establish the genetic connection between their mitochondria and their embryonic sense.

Kazan medical journal. 1913;13(3-4):274-283
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On the question of the aftermath of the operative treatment of a spinal hernia

Larin V.N.


The improvement of a spinal hernia with the development of aseptic surgery has achieved significant success. The disease, regarding which in the past Billroth categorically expressed "noli tangevel", became the subject of wide and successful surgical assistance, and not only in surgical centers, but also beyond their limits. However, in the field of spinal hernia therapy, there are still issues of hernia. to which the opinions of surgeons differ sharply.

Kazan medical journal. 1913;13(3-4):284-301
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On the issue of twin tubal pregnancy (graviditas tubaria bilateralis)

Malinovsky M.


In a very interesting scientific relationship and practically very important chapter of obstetrics about extrauterine pregnancy, the question of twins is not the last place. Several detailed monographs are devoted to him (Schauta Neugebauer, Gmeiner, Pool and Robins, Jayle and Nandrot, etc.) and a lot of casuistic messages, with which obstetric literature continues to be replenished until the very last time. By this I do not mean to say that twins are encountered especially often during ectopic pregnancy; on the contrary, they meet here no more often than with graviditas intrauterina, and one must think that the statistical data (Veit, Guzzoni) derived for twin uterine pregnancy, to a certain extent, can be accepted for ectopic twins. It should only be noted that in this case, we are talking about cases of valid twin extrauterine pregnancy, that is, one in which both fetal eggs were the product of the same, and not different ovulation periods.

Kazan medical journal. 1913;13(3-4):301-319
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