Vol 7, No 11-12 (1907)

On the treatment of laryngeal croup with serum using intubation
Bystrenin I.N.

During the period of my management of the diphtheria department of the Kazan Provincial Zemsky Hospital, from March 10, 1905 to May 1, 1907, I observed 20 cases of laryngeal croup, where intubation was simultaneously taken with serum. These observations served as the material of the present report.

Kazan medical journal. 1907;7(11-12):1-24
Dry-air and long-term water (thermally indifferent) baths for the treatment of chronic nephritis
Undrintsev R.

Case IV. Patient M.K., 28 years old, a peasant. Was admitted to the clinic on September 15, 1906 with complaints of a strong cough with abundant discharge of either colorless, or dull yellow, or greenish sputum, severe shortness of breath, which allows the patient to sleep “only on the right side”, on “prickly fingers” legs and up to the lower back “, when the legs cool down, on the swelling of the face, penis, scroti and legs. With movement, shortness of breath increases, and heartbeat begins.

Kazan medical journal. 1907;7(11-12):25-56
On the use of mergal in nervous practice
Titsner M.E.

Riedel's chemical factory released a drug consisting of Hydrarg. cholic. oxydati and Albumini tannici six months ago and gave it the name Mergal. Mergal is a powder that comes on sale as capsules containing each Hydrarg. cholic. oxydati 0.5 and Albumini tannici 0.1.

Kazan medical journal. 1907;7(11-12):57-57
Treatment of articular rheumatism with Collargol enemas
Witthauer K.

The author, who was in charge of the obstetric department of the aforementioned hospital, had to take Kollargol with success in childbirth (Pyämia pueperalis), first in the form of Unguentum Credé, and then in the form of 2% and 5% of Sol Kollargoli, and out of 15 patients he lost only one. 

Kazan medical journal. 1907;7(11-12):58-58

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