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Vol 9, No 3-4 (1909)

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Polycythaemia myelopathica (splenomegalica)
Goryaev H.V.

Polycythaemia myelopathica (splenomegalica) is a clinical form, nominated for the last 25 years. Its clinical physiognomy cannot be considered fully defined; not yet established for her and a definite name; regarding the pathogenesis, only more or less probable hypotheses are still available.

Kazan medical journal. 1909;9(3-4):119-195
From the Society of Physicians under I.K.U.

One of the problems of setting the goal of higher medical education in Russia is the almost complete absence of a special institute, a special institute - repetitive courses for doctors

Kazan medical journal. 1909;9(3-4):196-198
To learn about acute leukemia
Lyubimov N.M.

The literature cited in the beginning of this work shows that acute leukemia is a relatively common disease. Frankel 1) believes that acute leukemia in Berlin is observed more often than chronic.

Kazan medical journal. 1909;9(3-4):199-218
Artificial biological wastewater treatment
Desyatov A.A.

Removal and neutralization of sewage from people and animals, various waste of the economy, factory, bathhouse, etc. water is in the last time one of the most important and difficult tasks, both cities and individual institutions, factories, factories. The ever-increasing crowding of people in small spaces, the development of people's needs, and as a result of this, a huge increase in the number of various industrial establishments, lead to the need to somehow remove and neutralize a lot of various waste, which require enormous costs for their removal, with inadequate methods of cleaning and infect the soil and rivers and make the sanitary condition of large settlements impossible to the point that their population begins to die out.

Kazan medical journal. 1909;9(3-4):219-246

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