V.D. Troshin, E.P.Semenova. Fundamentals of early diagnosis and prevention of cerebrovascular diseases. Gorky, Volgo-Vyatka Book Publishing House, 1979. Circulation 3000 copies. 208 pp.

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The monograph is devoted to the topical problem of neurology. The authors comprehensively consider the least studied, perhaps, but the most important aspect of neuroangiology from a practical point of view and in terms of social significance - early and initial manifestations of cerebrovascular pathology. When solving the set tasks, a modern methodological approach with multifactor analysis is used. The authors identified the basic principles of systematization of cerebrovascular pathology and, based on the concept of the stage-by-stage formation of vascular diseases, proposed their classification. Methodological aspects of early diagnosis of cerebrovascular pathology are considered in the light of the development of programs for mass preventive examinations of the population. At the same time, the need for widespread use of computer technology is correctly pointed out and the experience of creating functional diagnostic systems is described.

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