Lateral differences of breast cancer proliferative activity (KI-67)

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Aim. To determine lateral differences of breast cancer proliferative activity Ki-67.

Methods. According to immunohistochemical study protocols analysis of material of 500 patients with breast cancer was conducted. In primary tumors estrogen and progesterone receptors expression, Ki-67, C-erbB-2 was studied.

Results.Using two-way analysis of variance, it was found that Ki-67 index was significantly influenced by both side of the tumor lesion (p=0.009) and age of patients (p=0.0002). A higher Ki-67 corresponded to right-sided cancer localization. Statistically significant age differences of Ki-67 index are marked only in right-sided cancer (p

Conclusion. Statistically significant difference of Ki-67 index in right- and left-sided breast cancer was found, significantly higher Ki-67 was detected in the right-sided tumors, Ki-67 are present only in patients before 60 years.

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A P Dmitrenko

Oncology Center

Author for correspondence.


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