Essential thrombopenia case treated with spleen removal

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Essential thrombopenia was called Verlhof's disease by Frаnk as a sign that there is either a decrease or disappearance of plates from the peripheral blood. The importance of the lack of plates for the diagnosis and pathogenesis of hemorrhagic diseases was especially emphasized by the American W. W. Duke in 1910 and Ghapk'om in 1915, and in 1917 Kaznelson'oM was proposed for the treatment of essential thrombopenia splenectomy. In connection with the work of Frank’a, Kaz- nelson’a and others on thrombopenia, numerous reports have appeared both in foreign and Russian literature. So, in the Russian literature, we found reports of splenectomy for essential thrombopenia of Gefter 1 case, Plavinsky 1 case, Shaak 2 cases, Levita 1 case, Costa 2 cases, Faerman 1 case. at the XVIII Congress of Ross, Klyucharev's surgeons 3 cases. and Herzen 1 case. Among foreign authors, we can cite M. Mohnzopidr, citing the author of Spencer, who collected 101 cases. splenectomy for essential thrombopenia.

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