Results of a comprehensive study of expert opinion and social hygienic aspects of doctors of draft boards of the subjects of the Russian Federation


Aim. Examination of expert opinions and social and hygienic aspects of the activities of draft board doctors of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

Methods. The results of an anonymous continuous survey of medical specialists of the military-medical commissions of the military commissariats of the subjects of the Russian Federation (n=646) are presented, who directly conduct military-medical examination of the studied contingent.

Results. When interviewing experts, significant factors were found that affect the health of citizens of draft age and the quality of military medical expertise. Thus, experts assessed the state of health of modern young men as satisfactory in 84% of cases, and in 3.6% as unsatisfactory. 46.5% of medical specialists noted a positive trend in the level of moral and psychological training of the contingent. Over 14% of respondents noted a negative trend in the health status of young men of draft age over the past 5 years. 9.8% of specialists assess the level of treatment and preventive measures among persons of draft age as unsatisfactory, 25.3% of experts consider it necessary to expand the list of mandatory diagnostic studies when preparing citizens for military service. The reasons for the unsatisfactory work of the system for the prevention of diseases among citizens before being drafted for military service, according to medical specialists, are formalism in carrying out activities for the prevention of diseases, lack of subspecialists in health care organizations, especially in remote areas, and the elimination of adolescent service. The state of the regulatory framework governing the relationship of the parties during the medical provision of training and conscription to the military forces of the Russian Federation adversely affects the work of 43.6% of doctors.

Conclusion. An expert opinion of the medical specialists of the military medical commissions of the military commissariats indicates that the main reserves for improving the quality of measures to prepare citizens for military service are the expansion of diagnostic and treatment and prophylactic measures carried out before military conscription.

A A Sogiyaynen

N.A. Semashko National Research Institute of Public Health; Medical center of innovative technologies (Tellura. Ltd)

Author for correspondence.
Moscow, Russia; Mytishchi, Russia

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