Children’s republican clinical hospital - a 40-year-long path in the history of pediatric healthcare in Tatarstan

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Children’s republican clinical hospital of the Republic of Tatarstan has undergone a forty-year-long path in its development. Today it is a modern medical institution uniting a high-tech hospital, an emergency hospital and an organizational and methodological center. It is also a coordinator of pediatric healthcare in Tatarstan. However, it all began with the Government’s decision to build a modern pediatric republican center on the outskirts of the city. The article describes in detail how the hospital was built, how surgical and pediatric services were created and developed, how the staff was trained, how modern technologies were introduced, how the hospital was modernized to solve strategic tasks, what role the Departments of pediatrics and pediatric surgery have played and still play. History is made by people, so the article contains the detailed description of formation of the hospital staff and reflects the role of its first Chief physician E.V. Karpukhin who took an active part in hospital’s construction, in creation of its services and headed this hospital for 33 years. The efforts of the large team have made the Children’s republican clinical hospital one of the best among children’s hospitals in Russia.

About the authors

S A Valiullina

Research Institute of Emergency Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology

Author for correspondence.
Moscow, Russia

L A Doronina

Kazan State Medical Academy

Kazan, Russia


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